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The Middle Ages 300-1453 (AD) (21)

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Timeless Forever ( Tristan and Isolde)

The wedding dress - “I do.” King Mark said “I do.” Isolde said choking back tears as she stared blankly to the man in front of her that was…

Started by Isolde Leinster

37 Oct 9
Reply by Dante Tristan Wayland


Let's make a deal (Devon and Libelle)

Self made business woman was what Libelle was, it was something she prided herself on. She had slept with, done deals with, and stood stron…

Started by Libelle Ryoko - Council

39 Oct 5
Reply by Devon Sawyer - Council


"Did we just become best friends?" (Devon and Hawk)

He did so enjoy when the turning of the seasons began which brought the ships into the port of London. Not only did it bring more people in…

Started by Devon Sawyer - Council

12 Oct 5
Reply by Devon Sawyer - Council

Lupine Gypsy

The Wild Hunt (Devon and Spade)

And so, The Wind blew. Carrying the shrill screams of people as their towns burned and they themselves were ravaged. The scent of death flo…

Started by Spade - Council

39 Oct 5
Reply by Devon Sawyer - Council


Taking Chances (Colette and Devon)

Taking chances w/ Colette Dubois • What have we here? • "That's because you drink too much." It was hot. It should've been a normal ru…

Started by Devon Sawyer - Council

4 Oct 5
Reply by Devon Sawyer - Council


Sister, Sister (Luna and Lily)

Everyone loved the rising of the sun and the setting of it. It was often a favorite pastime for many people. A commonality that has vibrate…

Started by Dice

11 Sep 26
Reply by Spade - Council


Dripping Blood (Astrid and Vestein)

✧ Dripping Blood ✧Blood, all he wanted now was blood, but not in the way that he had wanted blood when he left on his mission under Astri…

Started by Vestein Winther

1 Sep 3
Reply by Astrid Winther - Council


Tumultuous [Nerissa & Rainore]

It was still a foreign concept for Rain to get her head around the fact that she had lived a lie for a good twenty years; and now she had t…

Started by Rainore Riverscar - Council

17 Aug 30
Reply by Nerissa Ironspring


A New Life Awaits (Verity and Devon)

A new life awaits w/ Verity Fairchild • "We lock her in the cellar. Now." • Devon stared into the coffer that held a large sum of coin…

Started by Devon Sawyer - Council

4 Aug 23
Reply by Devon Sawyer - Council


Helping Hand (Ezekiel & Aislinge)

✧ Helping Hand ✧As the night closed and the sun drew in the morning sky, Ezekiel cast his gaze to the sky looking to the smoldering pit t…

Started by Ezekiel Neo

9 Aug 23
Reply by Aislinge Ó Braonáin


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