Adventuring through twisted time.

Selina still isn’t quite sure what she thinks about the modern day. All the loud people and colors are wonderful, as is the change in society that allows people to be accepted now more than ever. But the technology is worrying for someone like her who, at this point, has lived for a thousand years. Thankfully she, like most of her people, can change the way she looks if someone starts to catch on. Moving around as much as she does helps with that though and so it’s her own face that she walks the streets with now.

Her steps are directed toward one of her favorite past times since arriving to this particular decade. The one thing she certainly can’t complain about in this era are the bars, the variety of alcohol and music is something that the artist in her appreciates. She’d heard through the rumor mill that this one is pretty good and she can almost feel the stress leave her shoulders as the loud music blasts past the thoughts in her head. Her steps are steady and sure as she heads immediately for the bar, ordering the sweetest drink they’ve got and taking a seat. The bartender is a woman which still comes as a surprise to Selina even after all this time, but she flashes the girl a friendly smile as she nurses her sugary drink.

She hasn’t been there too long before the one constant through her many years happens again. She can feel the drunk man’s body heat at her side before he says a word and she has to fight to keep from rolling her eyes or lighting his pants on fire before the smell of his alcohol soaked breath even manages to reach her nose. She turns to him with a very unimpressed glare and, in no uncertain terms, tells him to buzz off. She can practically see his anger rising to his face but she simply smirks and turns her attention back to the bartender, politely asking for another drink. “I do hope you don’t mind if I break this next one over the asshole’s head!” Her tone is overly cheery and though she’s mostly joking there’s a part of her that really isn’t.

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Well, as much as this hasn’t changed, she can at least amend that it’s gotten better. At least now there’s punishment for acting like this whereas in the past most women would have to wait for someone to step in… if anyone deemed to. She was never most women of course, hard to be when you have a relationship with The Wind, but she saw it often enough to know that she was one of the lucky ones.

A delicate brow raises as the petite bartender comes around the bar to physically force the drunken man away from her and she can’t help the tinkle of a laugh that leaves her lips at the look of dismay on the man’s face. Obviously he’s quite torn in his drunken state between forcing her off of him and not wanting to hit a woman.

She gives the bartender a gentle smile, nodding in answer to her question. “I’m quite alright. Thanks for the assist.” Her accent rolls over the words gently, the many years of travel having dampened it from the thick tones it used to carry. “You can let him go, I’m pretty sure he won’t be causing me any more trouble. Will you sir?” That smile never leaves her face and, just like he expected, he quickly agrees. It’s hard to tell what he sees in her face but the smile is almost disconcerting in its friendliness. “Though I would suggest cutting him off for the night!” She winks at the young bartender with a small laugh, waving as the drunken man stumbles off and back to whatever group of buddies he’d come with. “I’m Selina. Might I ask your name?”

The answer to that, amusingly, is not often. Most of the time mortals feel a little disconcerted in her presence, it tends to be only under the influence of alcohol that they get quite so forward. The smile remains on her face until the man stumbles away, grumbling something under his breath that she doesn’t quite catch over the music but she finds she doesn’t care. Mortal men no longer worry her, she could lay him out flat before he even realized what was happening to him.

Besides, the young bartender seems to have this well under control. Harper. She gives the woman a friendly flash of teeth and offers her hand to the petite woman, her head tilted slightly to the side. “Pleasure Harper. You handled that quite well I must say. If you don’t mind I’ll have another of these.” She motions with her head toward the now empty glass sitting behind her, the sweet drink already drained. “Besides, the look on his face was well worth the trouble!” Another light laugh leaves her lips, the gold bracelets on her wrist jingling as she motions in the man’s general direction where he disappeared.

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