Adventuring through twisted time.

Ireland had been her home for the last few years, she knew the people around her village, she had love or so she thought. Roderick had used her and cheated on her, worst of all when she found out she killed the woman he cheated on her with. That earned his wrath; he stirred the townspeople into a frenzy claiming she was a witch. The townspeople believed him because he was well respected among the community. The people beat her as she fought back their advancements but before she knew it she was tied to a stake.

The screaming from the townspeople on how she was a monster, the fire was light at the base of the stake. She had to think on her toes, even though he had been beaten blood she could still use her powers. So she focused and forced out a knockout gas, the biggest use of her powers at that point as she watched the people fall asleep. She used her hands to burn the ropes that tied her to the post. Her skin hardened in an effort to keep her safe from the flames that consumed the stake. She moved amounged the passed out people leaning over Roderick she raised her claws to kill him but she still loved him. She couldn’t bring herself to harm him.

In tears she placed a scar along his face as a reminder of what he did to her. Hoping people would assume she was dead because of the ashes that would soon be there. She took off from the town she had made her second home. With a heavy heart and wounded. She had no idea how long she ran for, all she knew is she arrived where the port was and crumbled to the ground gasping for breath as she sobbed out in pain in her tattered clothing. She wrapped her arms around her, she was no longer hard skinned she just looked like a woman who had been attacked.

She had nothing, no way to pay her way and she needed time to heal. She felt hopeless and as if she was utterly nothing. She found herself laying her head to the ground as she cried out in pain. She couldn’t stop her body from shaking, she couldn’t stop the tears she felt utterly weak. She felt like nothing, she was nothing. Roderick’s words echoed in her ear. ‘You were always just a pawn, how could I ever love a monster like you.’ She had no idea how long she had been crying or if anyone even noticed her.

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He was quiet as she spoke. She was right. He was stubborn and set on helping anyone he could. Except, there was one thing that made this different. Her safety and safe passage relied on him. "Normally, you would be right. But without me, there's no guarantee you'll make it to England safely. I promised I would. So I'll be more careful. I promise." He took a deep breath as he relished in how warm her hands were. Not fully focused on how unnatural it was since he was cold. He figured his body was colder from having jumped in the water so her hands were warmer. 

He chuckled softly as she laughed. "Just live. That's all I ask." He stared at her. Noticing the murkiness in her eyes. "Live so I know my efforts weren't in vain. Live so others can learn to know the dangers of Ireland." He moved closer to her. Trying to share what warmth he had to share because he noticed her cold skin. Unaware she was naturally cold. Or that that was a good sign for her. He took one of her hands and laced his fingers with hers. He smiled at her softly and shook his head. "I'll never change my mind but I'll understand if one day you do. If one day you fall in love with another. Don't let me get in the way."

He moved closer to her. He cupped the side of her face at last. Being so careful. Had nodded yes softly to answer her question. Moving even closer to make it easier for her. Limiting how much she had to move. 

One thing the Drake hated more than most was that he was right. She wouldn’t have gotten to England safely if it wasn’t for him. She most likely would have ended up on a slave boat if not actually murdered before stepping foot on such land. Yet he had offered her everything she needed to survive and so willingly. Without a second thought. She wanted to know why, she wanted to tell him he shouldn’t have. That he was being foolish. Yet she couldn’t because she hadn’t had anyone so nice or so drawn to her despite her off putting nature. She secretly wanted this to be the real thing, though she would never verbalize it. “All I can ask is  you try then.” Were the only words to leave her lips as she focused on warming him.

Live. Such a simple request he asked yet one she knew would be a feat for the dragoness. She had spent most of her time trying to live a life but the efforts of just being who she was so dangerous on its own. “I will do my best to fulfill this request. As long as I can do so with you.” Not knowing the moment they land in England will be the last time she sees him for a long time. The last time she would see Daniel's Face, to see his true face. The Gypsy who understands how dangerous life can be and how off put people could be to one just for simply being who they are. 

“I honestly don’t think I will fall in love with another. There is something about this,  something about you.” an undeniable connection, a thread tethering them to each other through time. “I can’t explain it. Do I even have to?” She asked softly as they moved closer to each other. She didn’t feel her wounds in that moment, All she felt was him, his heart pounding with hers. As she moved the hand he wasn’t holding around his neck. Pressing her forehead to his before finally closing the last bit of space to brush her lips to his. 

Finally allowing her lips to press to his with a light pressure, yet it didn’t stop the wave of electricity to flow into her. She let out the softest of weak moans as she pressed her body a little harder to his as she deepened the kiss.

Sometimes he wished he could stay Daniel forever. That this charade need had to end. Solely for the fact that life was a bit easy. He wasn't wanted. He wasn't hated. He got work easily. And now he had a wife. A beautiful one. He could tell even through her cuts and bruises. And while her off-putting aura might scare or turn off others it merely just drew him in. Sudden guilt swelled inside of him as he thought of this lie he was weaving her in. And now she was asking for time with him in England. Something he could never give her. Not as Daniel. And as Vega, he couldn't be sure he could give her the stability she deserved. He couldn't tell her any of this and he was already tired of lying. So he remained quiet. Just let her speak. 

The warmth of her hands was working to warm all of him. But that warmth was soon joined by a feeling that filled and warmed him even further. She spoke and his cheeks flushed with a bright red. Like he was suddenly drunk and it was shown by the rouge on his face. Unconsciously he shook his to her because he understood. He couldn't explain it. But he understood because he felt the same. 

And that feeling was the damndest thing. 

It was warm and relieving when he was with her now. But when he was on the deck with the captain or when he jumped into the water it was a faint chill and ache that would increase gradually the longer he stayed away from her. And it would never go away. Even when he was living as Vega. Even when he would come to believe she was dead. It would never go away until he found her again. But he just wouldn't know it was her. 

For all his worries and guilt. All his newfound feelings. All his hopes and dreams all vanished or flourished the moment his lips collided with hers.  The electrical current that flowed through him played a ballad all its own. He loosely wrapped his arms around her and closed off any space between as she deepened the kiss. Every little moan she made caused a wave to shudder down his spine. Gods he wanted this moment to last forever. But with the storm outside it rocked them too hard. He soon found himself tossed above her. Hovering as he braced his hand against the wall beside the bed. Looking down at her as he caught his breath. "Are you okay?" He shifts his weight to be sure none of it was on her. 

When he shook his head in that moment showing she didn’t have to explain more. She cooled her hand off before reaching to touch the heat of his face as she wasn’t sure she had ever made another blush. She gave a gentle flirty smile as she felt the heat on her flesh as her lips pressed to his in that long moment. She wished  she could read his mind to know what was going through it as they kissed. In her mind played a future of them growing together, having a family, having a beautiful life twisted together.

She felt more alive then she ever did in Ireland. How could she feel this alive? It was crazy how fast her heart opened to him and accepted him in. Her tongue moved from her lips along his bottom lips slowly as they kissed. Feeling his body shiver as the space left them. Her body pressed to his, feeling every inch of him against her. He kissed her with such passion and depth that she had never felt that her knees were weak and the moans left her unconsciously. 

As the rocking of the sip pressed them together bringing even more heightened emotions of their bodies pressed together she gave a soft squeal from her lips as they landed with his body over hers. Pinning her and she felt her body shiver under him as she just nodded to him. “Y-yes I’m okay.” She said breathlessly as she reached her hand up to rest against his cheek. Her body felt like it was on fire in a good way. “A rocky ride huh?” she asked softly with a gentle laugh. 

“You don’t feel as cold.” She shifted her body up to press against his to feel him against her. “Oh.” she said softly as she felt the heat of a blush take over her face feeling more than she thought she would.

A sigh of relief shot from his lips. And a blatant blush spread across his face. He had heated up not only because of her hands but also that kiss. Their closeness too. "Uh.. Sorry." He shifted off of her and sat beside her. Balling up some of the covers over his lap to hide what was growing beneath. He wasn't sure what to say. How to move forward because he didn't want her to assume sex was all he wanted. A loud crash of thunder rattled the boat. And another wave tossed them around. He wrapped his arms around her this time as a curious subtle breeze helped keep them in place. 

You could hear the muffled hollers of crewmates above as they struggled on deck. "You made me warm." He nipped her ear. Hoping it, at the moment, would make her feel useful. Also hoping it'd break that awkwardness from before. With a deep breath, he stood up. Tucking her in. "I need to help them up there but I promise I'll be back." He took a long look at her before smiling. Turning and heading for the door. He was excited. For many things but at this moment he couldn't wait to see her in the sunlight. 

And again when her face cleared up. 

Something he'd never get the chance to do fully.

He stopped as he opened the door. "I'll also ask the captain about our wedding while out there. I'm sure they'll make it unforgettable." His smile stretched from ear to ear before he left. The night was turbulent for the crew. Desperately trying to make it out of the storm in one piece. All the men were drenched and exhausted but thanks to Vega they didn't lose anyone overboard. Which put them all in his debt. The captain included. 

"Well there is one thing I'd like and we can call the debt paid..."

The captain and his crew laughed when he explained. Not because they thought it ridiculous. They were actually honored. But because Jeovani assumed they would call that even. "We'd do that without a debt to you boy." 

By the time he made it back to the room, the sun was rising. He couldn't be too sure but Bell appeared to be asleep. He hoped she was because he knew she needed it. Again he rid himself of his damp clothes and lay next to her. Freezing as she rolled into him and stealing the little warmth he had. But he didn't mind. And soon he was rocked to sleep by the gentle rocking of the boat.  

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