Adventuring through twisted time.

Libelle wasn’t often one to go into the town, yet she found as the years had gone on her girls worked hard for her. The least she could do is go get things from the market when they were in between deliveries. Today was that day for her, she was often up with the sun habit really. She liked the warmth, she grew up in Australia where the heat seemed to never weaver. So she often could be found basking in it if she wasn’t cooking or working. Yet today would be different from normal as she put on her most respectable outfit. After all she didn’t plan to run the town half naked like she did in her brothel. She found herself walking the streets in the early morning sun just as others came from their homes to start their days. She paused in the middle of the street for a moment turning her gaze to the warm sun as he beat down on her tanned flesh. Taking a deep breath she got to work on her list of items she needed.

She had an Aura around her one that would make anyone run from her. It was just a curse part of being a drake. She had gotten used to it though, She used it to her advantage. As she walked from store to store she would smile at the people and they seemed more than willing to part with goods at a less than posted price. It made her chuckle to herself as she walked the streets how so many people feared her. Yet if they got past that aura they would see how utterly truly broken she was. Belle had gotten lost in that thought for a moment before shaking her head back and forth quickly no, she wasn’t going to think about Roderick. She hoped he earned everything he deserved. Letting out a frustrated sigh she took her goods and carried them back to the Brothel.

Once there she got to work opening the place. She made breakfast for those who stayed the evening, at a cost of course. She was busy making meals and pouring drinks she hadn’t noticed the day go smoothly. She undid the corset of her dress which caused her breast to fall slightly from where they had been held as she yanked down the sleeves so that she could breath better. Her eyes moved around the Dragon Lady; she knew most of the people there. After all, once some men got a taste they couldn’t stay away. The thought brought a slow smile to her face as she thought on that before she looked to the door open.

Someone new. Someone who didn’t look the type to hang around in a brothel not with how good looking he was. She moved to the bar and picked up a mug. “Come for a drink? Or a lady?” She called out to him with a coo in her gentlest of voices she could project his way. Wondering if he was scared to be in a brothel. “First time?” she asked as she poured a mug of ale. “If so first drink is on the house.” she smiled towards him slowly.

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All four walls were closing in on him. The more silence filled in around him. The longer he stared out that window. The louder his thoughts became. The smaller the room felt, the bigger the urge to retaliate right here and now grew. He was hotheaded. Stubborn and already angry. So it didn't take long for him to be utterly lost in the darkness of his thoughts. Then he heard her. Felt the warmth of her hand and the way the bed dipped with her in it. He closed his eyes and deeply relaxed. Letting his body loosen and just be completely at peace. But why? 

He felt safe with her. 

It was like the moment she agreed to stay she reached into the darkness he was trapped in and plucked him free. He hadn't let go like this since his wife. He thought he'd lost this level of calm and after completely tearing himself down in grief. He did what he thought was best. Work. Work until his body screamed at him to rest. Work until he found his father. Work until he reunited his parents. Never stop until everyone in his family had a better life and love story than him. He could stop when he died. 

But then he met Libelle and now here he was at a full stop. Contemplating everything he thought he knew. He could feel her gas enter his system again. He was already exhausted but his anger was keeping him up. Forcing him to stare out that damn window and think of what beautiful ways he could make those men scream. And so, he growled at his thoughts. He knew he would regret this because of the pain but he needed to do it. So he grabbed her and forced her to lay in front of him as he scooched and laid where she just was to give her space. And when he was done he buried his face in his pillow and groaned in it from pain. 

But she blocked the window now. So it was worth it. He took a second to rerelax. Breathing deeply with his eyes closed and trying to shake off her gas. When his eyes opened he let out one final deep breath in relief to see her and not that window. He stared at her for a while. Longer than maybe he should. Longer than anyone would be comfortable. His eyes slowly began to glaze over because of her sleep gas. But still, he was desperately trying to fight. He didn't want to fall asleep angry. 

The drowsier he became the clearer his mind saw her. Saw his wife. It's too bad one could easily tell him he was just delusional... Again. But his heart was telling him it was her. And her touch was sending sparks through his soul. 


He snarled audibly and looked away from her at last. Frustrated by himself. She did nothing wrong. Her hand was on his ribs trying to soothe him which made his next move a bit easier because she could easily hurt him if she truly wanted him to stop. He was running out of time too. He couldn't keep fighting her gas and slowly but surely it was winning. 

Today was not a day in which he won. 

With a faint growl, he grabbed her thigh nearest him. Pulling her close with it and laying it over his hip. Not leaving any space between them or anything to the imagination with the thin layers they both wore.  Keeping his fingers imprinted in her thigh. While his free hand snaked into her hair and tugged at it as he pulled her close. 

Again he kissed her. But not like the first time when he was delusional. Though some could argue. And not like a few minutes ago when she was just trying to get her gas into his system. No, no, this was a kiss from a husband to a wife because in his tired state with all the surrounding evidence his heart knew she was Belle. He let her hair go before his lips fell from hers as he, at last, fell into a heavy sleep he couldn't fight anymore. But he still held her thigh to keep her close. She could slip away though. The entire time he made sure she could stop him if she wanted.

He woke up a few hours later and slipped out of bed. Quietly moving around the room as Libelle slept. He was still in a towel so he changed into a pair of breeches. They had also been sleeping on top of the duvet so he gently peeled it back from under her and covered them both with it as he rejoined her in bed. Taking her in his arms and slowly drifted back to sleep. 

It's too bad he didn't remember that beautiful kiss. Just thought it was all a dream. 

Feeling the angry gypsy let his tense body relax under her touch was strangely comforting. She kept her hands moving and her body pressed to his letting the gas out to hopefully find the peace he needed to rest and heal. She was expecting him to fall asleep pretty quickly so as he let out a growl, confusion crossed her face. Then she was no longer behind him but in front of her. Her hazel eyes were large as she stared at him for a moment. She could see the pain cross his face as he did all these quick movements. Something she would scold him for the next day.

His gaze was gone though in the pillow and she watched him relax again. She stayed still watching his actions not sure what to really expect since she had never seen him this way before. He was always so put together. Yet that softer gaze looked back to her and she herself relaxed not realizing she had been so tense moments ago. Worried about him, she moved slightly closer to place her hand against him again to trail her warm fingers along his flesh slowly. She watched him fight the gas knowing it was useless but didn’t speak up on that.

As she watched his face,  it was all so confusing she had never seen someone go through such a range of emotions so quickly. The loving stare, the confusion, the frustration. She wondered if she made the wrong choice by crawling into bed with him. Maybe he really needed to be alone. She was thinking of how maybe she could send up….

Her thoughts were taken over as he took hold of her thigh pulling her in, over his hip and she felt the shiver up her spine from his fingers imprinting their outline on her thigh. Then came the hand in her hair which caused an audible moan from her as her body reacted to the harshness of his touches in ways she had never reacted before. What was happening, then his lips came and she felt that spark, that electricity shooting through her body. She hadn’t felt that since Daniel. Her body pressed to his as she kissed him back. Deeper wanting more and yet she felt his lips fall away. 

“Wait.” she spoke softly but knew that her gas had taken over and she stared at him as he slept. There is no way that he was Daniel. She blinked a few times telling herself over and over again that it was just a trick of her mind. She shifted to lay there lost now in her own thoughts of the past before sleep took over her. Not waking up when he moved around the room and tucked her under the blankets holding her to him as they slept. 

When the light came through the window she groaned as she rolled into him to avoid the light wanting to sleep longer in his warm arms. “Jeovani.” she mumbled into his chest. “That kiss was…” she felt blush come over her face once again. “It was…” she wasn’t sure how to put into words what it was to her.

Libelle spoke but Jeo was peacefully asleep. Hearing bits and pieces of her already incomplete sentence. Kiss? He didn't remember the last kiss. Only there first which he was still sorry about and then again when she was trying to administer her gas into his system. Was she still upset about that first one? Trying to set more ground rules between because she was worried about what he might do the closer they got? Or was she offended about how scared he reacted when she was just trying to share her gas with him? His tired mind spun around and around. He shifted and whined in his sleep because of them. 

Until at last, his peaceful rest was too disturbed. He woke up and took a deep breath as the pain in his ribs registered. He'd broken a few bones before. Ribs included. But never this many. And never this severe so the pain was new. Gardner to manage than usual. She was buried under his chin. Nestled against his neck and chest. He kept her there for a moment enjoying the closeness. But eventually leaned back to see her face. "...k..." He stopped himself as his mouth closed and he studied her face. She didn't seem angry so now he was even more confused. "...kiss?" He forwarded his brow as his eyes bounced between hers. 

He groaned in pain before she could answer. Accidently gripping her in response. Realizing then his hand was still on her thigh that was still wrapped over his hip. And the moment he clasped it flickers of last night flashed into his memory. His assertiveness and aggressive behavior. Her moan. The spark that ran through them both as their lips met. "Oh." He let her go. Clearing his throat as his nose and ears reddened. "That kiss..." He looked away. 

"I promised I wouldn't kiss you without your permission again. So for that, I'm sorry. We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." He assumed she was going to warn or threaten him once again. 

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