Adventuring through twisted time.

As Asha was standing there before a male before her she growled lightly she was a gypsy and she always sometimes get what she wanted but this time after she end up going on her own from the other's of her kind. Asha thought she would give this man what he wanted by reading him but boy was she wrong so wrong. The only think that the male wanted was for her to die, as Asha was speaking to him she soon felt a sharp pain in her stomach she gasped lightly her eyes widen slightly. Asha look down seeing what he had done she was stabbed she looks up at him tears rolling down her cheeks. Gasping a little more as she placed her hands onto the wound now her breath inched slightly bring her eyes down to her hands she looks back up at him with so much fear in her eyes now she shook her head not knowing why he would do this to her. 


Was all she yelled out to him,  he laughed rolling his eyes, as he watched her fall onto her knees. The male bend down placing his hand onto her cheek slightly smirking down at her she gasped out again but she soon started coughing slightly as blood came out of her mouth. "Why you ask?" He asked her with a slight smirk upon his lips shaking his head a little more then brought the knife to her cheek as he slide it down cutting her cheek. "STOP!!" She screamed out but he just laughed even more rolling his eyes slightly at her. 

"It is always with you Gypsies huh." He mumbled under his breath he chuckled softly then she watched him stand up above her. Asha felt like her life was gonna end right there and now, she falls onto the ground tears falling down her cheeks even more. Her breath was weaking Asha watched him walk off to let her die but stopped he turned around to face her. "you are nothing but trouble Asha." he replied softly to her she shook her head a little more, he slowly walked over to her with him not knowing that he was being watched by someone else.  "Maybe i should just sit here and watch you die." 

"He said softly to her with a soft laugh upon his lips shaking his head, Asha gasped out even more louder blood pouring out of her mouth even more her eyes slightly rolled but she tried so hard to stay awake tp close but not before she saw someone right behind the male that wanted her dead her eyes soon closed in her mind she knew that she would be dying and she wouldn't see her cousin anymore or any of the rest of her Gypsy families.

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"Want and need are two very different things," he corrected in response to her having to feed from him. "It'll strengthen you. Being a newborn means you need a lot of blood. Nothing is more powerful than from a human or from me for the time being until you've grown more into this new life you have. Believe me, I'm not thrilled about it, but it was my choice to not let you die back there, so this is the only path available. I'm sure you'd prefer that more than death. For now, anyway," Raffaele said grimly, the last few words softly and reflective of how he felt countless times over his long existence.

He rolled his eyes slightly at her request for something to wear, nodding to the abandoned, decrepit looking home they were walking back to which would serve as a place of hiding for them until she could control her thirst. "Does it look like I have anything for you to wear? I don't even live in this country. I'll find you something to wear in town when you've fed enough and I think you can be left alone." He turned to Asha and looked down to her eyes so she understood how serious he was. "You may think you can handle yourself, but the truth is you can't. You'd slaughter anyone who came walking too close right now as soon as you hear their heartbeat, man, woman, or child. You seem decent enough to know that that should never be an option, but the instinct in you now will say differently. Fighting for your human soul will always be a struggle no matter how old you get." And it was true. Raffaele still struggled endlessly. 

"You cannot see your family until you've gained control. It takes time. I'm sure the last thing you'd want to do is hurt them." Flashes of his dead parents on the floor, bloodied and torn apart appeared in his mind and he mentally buried them away as he always did. "Therefore, we stay here for now and hunt animals. When you're ready, we'll go closer to the village and see how you react around humans."

Listening to his words made Asha really upset she looked away sighing softly then took a deep breath. "Okay sorry." Asha mumbled softly pressing her lips lightly together tucking her hair behind her ear, she licked her lips a little. "I will never hurt a child." She replied softly with angry look in her eyes as she turned to look at him she growled lightly under her breath she shook it off then chewed her bottom lip running a hand into her hair she didn't know if she was very happy about this but she was really glad that she wasn't dead though. "well if you think that is a good thing that I stay with you for awhile." She told him softly pressing her lips lightly together as she sighed some more she rolled her eyes, as she would laugh softly. "well am I suppose to go with you into town or am I suppose to stay at your place while you are in town?" She asked him softly as her eyes would look over at him with a soft look in her eyes. 

Asha didn't really know what the day was gonna be like for her but one thing she did know was that she had to try to control herself if she was gonna ended up going back home to her family. She just hopped that they didn't get scared of her on what she was now she swallowed hard as her eyes looked around then started to walk with him again back to his place. "What if my family gets scared of what I am?" She asked him softly as her eyes would look over at him as she pressed her lips a little more. 

"You'd say you'd never hurt a child, but you have no idea what it's like to be around one when you have no control," he continued explaining as he folded his arms over his chest. "You're a newborn. You'll be in a frenzy as soon as a human heartbeat becomes the inevitable focus of your attention. Not a single sanguine is immune to it, including you. Including me. It's all about learning control which is something you don't have yet no matter how much you think you do. It takes years of practice. Thinking you are ready prematurely will only result in a bloodbath I'm sure you wouldn't want to be the cause of."

Raffaele's dark gaze moved out of the window and listened again to ensure there were no stray humans about the woods who would certainly be prey to Asha if a single heartbeat was heard. "You are definitely not going into town. You'll stay here and sleep when the sun comes up. You'll be drained. I'm sure you are now. Being what you are now is exhausting in the beginning as your body begins to change and adjust. Seeing as this place is clearly abandoned by its old owners, I think you should be fine here." 

He moved his eyes away from the outside and looked to her when she asked about her family. "Gypsies tend to be the most welcoming of the world given they are outcasts everywhere else. I have a feeling they will be more understanding of your current existence, but as I said, I wouldn't think about being anywhere near them for a while. Not until you've gained some control. Trust me, I have some personal knowledge on that.. as do many of our kind."

When he said that to her she sighed softly shook her head frowning a little pressing her lips lightly together. "But how do you know that I will want to hurt a kid?" She asked him softly pressing her lips lightly together running a hand into his hair then took a deep breath biting her lower lip gently as she looked down then look back up at him with her eyes. "yea I guess you are right." She giggled softly licking her lips lightly tucking her hair behind her ear giving him a soft smile upon her lips as her eyes would look down at her hands she chewed her lower lip then look up at him as she would ask him softly.  "so how do I control myself?" She sighed softly watching him closely she tilted her head to the side a little her heart was pounding into her chest but she can feel it that it wasn't beating like it did when she was human she swallowed hard then cleared her throat. 

"So I have to go to sleep in the morning." She rose an eyebrow when she said that to him she shook her head rubbing her face lightly over her face as she took another deep breath as she cleared her throat once more. 

He sighed a breath out through his lips, moving his gaze away from the window to look at Asha. Stepping slightly closer to her, he recalled what it was like himself to have to keep the natural instincts at bay when the only thing that mattered was hunger. "Practice," Raffaele replied simply. "There is no immediate fix to knowing how to control oneself until you are forced to do it. I'll bring you into town in a week to see how you fair. It's the only way to really know if you're ready to be around others. Until then, you have to work on hunting and knowing there is an option besides humans because in the end, their blood is the best you'll ever have." 

Raffaele watched as she seemed to be trying to keep up with all the information she now needed in order to survive and not become a murderer. It was a lot. Even if he rambled off everything he knew to her, a sanguine still needed to experience it all for oneself. Words were empty until their nature took over. The lessons were only there as a buffer and reminder that they were meant to keep to themselves unknown to most of the outside world.

"Yes, sleep." He walked back towards the splintered window. His eyes moved up towards the sky and he could see the colors begin to change. It would be sunrise soon. It was something all sanguine could feel naturally. "It's the time when we usually sleep unlike humans who sleep during the night. Being a newborn, you won't be able to take the sunlight. You'll adjust better to it in a few months, but even as old as I am, I still remain covered from it as much as possible. You can't be in direct sunlight for long or you will weaken and possibly die. Trust me. It's not something to test." Raffaele looked to her again and nodded to the rather unpleasant bed. "Sleep. I'll get your dress when the sun rises and come back afterwards."

When she heard what he said to her she sighed softly nodding her head lightly, pressing her lips lightly together she walked with him into the bedroom looked around brought her eyes right back over to him she took a deep breath then licked her lips lightly. "okay thank you for saving me again." Asha replied softly to him she walked over to him place a soft kiss upon his cheek then turned around she went over to the bed seat down then tucked some of her hair behind her ear as she would look at him wth her eyes. "good night." She whispered softly to him as she pulls the blankets off of her then close her eyes falling asleep once she had hit the pillows. Asha just hoped that her family would not ban her from what she is now. 

Asha sighed a little rolling onto the bed slightly, as she soon wake up slightly confused but remembered what had happen to her she shook it off. As she got up then walked into the bathroom looked at herself in the Mirror biting her lower lip she swallowed hard then turned around walked back into the bedroom lays back down snuggling into the pillow as she soon falls right back to sleep. 

Saving Her From Death

"Are you ready?"

It had been a few weeks now. Raffaele had stayed with the girl in the broken down and nearly falling apart small house which had served its only purpose in being a roof over their heads to protect them from the sun in the daytime. Even then it wasn't completely covered given the massive hole that did them no favors when the sun was at its strongest. Still, it wasn't as if they needed to move around since sleeping was all they did while the rest of the world was awake.

Asha had been impressive when it came to the hunt. He wasn't worried she would be able to find and drain a large animal when she was hungry. The instinct seemed to come naturally for her which still worried him in other ways. Bringing her around humans would be the biggest test of all and he wasn't sure how well she would do against the natural urge their kind had.

But he had promised her. Tonight was the night they would finally go into town when there would be less people milling about. He didn't think Asha could take being in the broken structure any longer and if she really wanted to, she could've left at any moment while he had been gone for short periods of time to hunt. That was the hope he held onto in trusting that she would not lose to the hunger which would no doubt make her weak when they went into the village. 

Using their unnatural speed, the pair were leaning against the very tavern Raffaele had been when he first heard Asha dying in the woods. Stragglers of humans were walking the road now that it was late at night. The music and singing coming from inside meant there were a large amount of people inside and undoubtedly full of ale. He turned to her with a steady gaze, meeting her dark eyes. "Are you ready?"

It had been a few weeks or so that is what it felt like to Asha when she was with Raffaele when she heard what he ask she looked over at him with her dark eyes, then took a deep breath nodding her head lightly. "yes I am." She whispered sofly to him pressing her lips lightly running a hand into her hair biting her lower lip gently she watched him carefully. She couldn't wait to get back home she missed her family she shrived lightly hinking about it, she didn't know if they would open her with arms again because of what she was but she pushed it aside right now she had to keep everything under control first before she ever went back home. Asha looked deeply ino his eyes as she smiled softly at him, pressing her lips lightly togeher then replied softly to him. 

"Let's go." She nodded her head as she walked over to him standing beside him, titling her head to the side as she would run with him at a really fast speed she looked around then said to him. "I smell the humans they smell really good but I can control myself." She nods her head lightly. 

Saving Her From Death

"Are you ready?"

His eyes held hers for a few moments hoping to see if her conviction was truly there. If it wasn't, it meant the possible deaths of innocent lives and Raffaele wasn't keen on carrying around that burden. He'd already killed enough people in his life to know he was damned for the underworld. There was no need to add more souls to the body count he'd accumulated over the years.

Asha was eager and that worried him. Too soon and she would lose control, but there was no possible way to ever know if one was ready than to just go diving head first into the lambs and hope you could hold the monstrous wolf inside at bay. Peeling his gaze away, he led the way into the tavern where the true test would now begin.

It was rowdier inside the establishment as expected. A couple dozen of the townspeople were gathered and all seemingly enjoying themselves. His body remained close to Asha's. If she were to suddenly lunge for any one of these people, he would at least be able to react within enough time to stop her. Hopefully. "Come," he commanded quietly and nodded towards an empty table towards the back of the tavern where they could remain mostly hidden.  

When she followed him she nodded her head lightly walking with him her body was stiff slightly she wanted the humans blood so badly but she pushed it aside she licked her lips lightly as she walked with him to the table that he nodded towards she bite down onto her lower lip gently seating down she looked around running her hand into her hair she sighed a little as she swallowed hard then replied softly to him. "i can do this." her eyes where slightly black with so much thrist her throat was burning as well she shook a little then look at her marker as she gave him a soft smile then closed her eyes taking a few deep breaths then open her eyes once more as her eyes goes back to her noraml color. "Ithink Ican do this." She nodded her head to him biting her bottom lip a little more. 

As Asha lookaround the humans she replied in a soft tone. "as long as no one starts bleeding that is." She shook her head with a soft giggle upon her lips as she pressed her lips lightly together. 

Saving Her From Death

"You can do this."

Sitting in the chair at the table furthest away from others, his eyes scanned the tavern and its inhabitants. His senses were used to being in a situation like this. One in which he would have to dumb down the overload of noise that crashed over a creature like him and now Asha, who would have no real world experience in handling it. The way the humans smelled, every word they spoke even from several feet away, their blood pumping ferociously beneath their frail skin. It would be torture on a new sanguine and when his thirst was particularly desperate, it was torture for him as well.

However, Raffaele wasn't about to drag her into a place like this to test her will without of course having hunted previously. His eyes fell over her. He could see how hard she was attempting control and for that he was hopeful. At least she was trying to hold the demonic side of her at bay. "You can do this," he corrected her, instilling the belief that she would. "There is no other option if you want to live a normal life and return to your family." He leaned back in the chair as a woman who worked within the tavern began making her way over to see if they planned on buying something as being in a place like this meant you were not taking up space for nothing. It would be a good test for Asha.

He continued speaking lowly, knowing she would still be able to hear him despite how loud it was around them. "Gypsies are more understanding than most given their history and I'm sure they would be willing to accept you as you are family, but that doesn't mean you can slack on control."

The woman was now at the table where they sat and looked uninterested and mostly annoyed that there were an extra two more people here she would have to be helping. "What you want?" she asked, looking to Asha with a hand on her hip, the other wiping flour across her apron.

Nodding her head at what he was saying she sighed softly then replied in a low soft tone in her voice knowing that he could hear her. "She is a little rude don't you think." Asha rolled her eyes then licked her lips lightly as she looks up at the woman rose an eyebrow at her then shook her head. "Umm." She looks over at Raffaele then said to him. "What do you think would be good for a drink Raf." She giggled softly as she tucked her hair behind her ear then licked her lips lightly as she takes a deep breath then titled her head to the side she was trying so hard not to eat this woman before them she was being so rude that Asha didn't like it at all she shook her head lightly then pressed her lips lightly together. 

"She is getting on my nervous looking at me like that." She whispered to Raffaele softly with a soft smirk upon her lips then crossed her arms slightly as her eyes would look back at the woman with a cold look in her eyes she held her breath slightly so she wouldn't smell the woman's blood she was not gonna let the woman make her lose contorl she would make Raffaele happy. 

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