Adventuring through twisted time.

As Asha was standing there before a male before her she growled lightly she was a gypsy and she always sometimes get what she wanted but this time after she end up going on her own from the other's of her kind. Asha thought she would give this man what he wanted by reading him but boy was she wrong so wrong. The only think that the male wanted was for her to die, as Asha was speaking to him she soon felt a sharp pain in her stomach she gasped lightly her eyes widen slightly. Asha look down seeing what he had done she was stabbed she looks up at him tears rolling down her cheeks. Gasping a little more as she placed her hands onto the wound now her breath inched slightly bring her eyes down to her hands she looks back up at him with so much fear in her eyes now she shook her head not knowing why he would do this to her. 


Was all she yelled out to him,  he laughed rolling his eyes, as he watched her fall onto her knees. The male bend down placing his hand onto her cheek slightly smirking down at her she gasped out again but she soon started coughing slightly as blood came out of her mouth. "Why you ask?" He asked her with a slight smirk upon his lips shaking his head a little more then brought the knife to her cheek as he slide it down cutting her cheek. "STOP!!" She screamed out but he just laughed even more rolling his eyes slightly at her. 

"It is always with you Gypsies huh." He mumbled under his breath he chuckled softly then she watched him stand up above her. Asha felt like her life was gonna end right there and now, she falls onto the ground tears falling down her cheeks even more. Her breath was weaking Asha watched him walk off to let her die but stopped he turned around to face her. "you are nothing but trouble Asha." he replied softly to her she shook her head a little more, he slowly walked over to her with him not knowing that he was being watched by someone else.  "Maybe i should just sit here and watch you die." 

"He said softly to her with a soft laugh upon his lips shaking his head, Asha gasped out even more louder blood pouring out of her mouth even more her eyes slightly rolled but she tried so hard to stay awake tp close but not before she saw someone right behind the male that wanted her dead her eyes soon closed in her mind she knew that she would be dying and she wouldn't see her cousin anymore or any of the rest of her Gypsy families.

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Saving Her From Death
w/ Asha Kothari

• She would likely agree to anything he requested of her then. •

He supposed it was a good thing that this woman's current mood wasn't so welcoming. It would teach Asha to control her hunger even further when sanguine rationale insisted that this person in front of them maybe deserved to be fed on. It was just how the demon blood in them took over the human soul still trapped within their dead bodies, washing away all attempts at sympathy, empathy, and decency.    

Raffaele's face remained neutral as he looked up to the woman who seemed to be taking him in then while waiting for a response. Her impatience with Asha was in no way being hidden on our countenance. He wondered if the human ever had a reason to smile in her life as he had the feeling this was her demeanor no matter what circumstance she found herself in. They had that in common, it seemed. 

Once she looked away, his gaze turned to Asha with a few softened words in reply. "Your nerves would have you tear her apart if you let it. Don't." Raffaele then smiled towards the woman who seemed like a pot boiling over then as her impatience peaked, but then everything in her softened. The tenseness of her shoulders drooped and the stern look of disapproval dissolved. It was the natural aura he gave off being what he was. A simple hypnotic lure to bring humans to their deaths which made feeding so much easier. She would likely agree to anything he requested of her then. "We'll take whatever your finest drink and game is please."

A returned smile plastered the human's face which revealed teeth that hadn't likely been cleaned in countless days. "Of course. I'll get that for you now." She flustered then before turning and hurrying off towards the kitchen. His eyes turned towards Asha. "With practice, you'll be able to sway someone's mood. It's built within us to beckon humans into liking us and well... more if you're apt at the skill. It would make feeding easier, but it also helps with moody tavern workers." Raffaele's gaze then looked over the new sanguine across from him. "How are you feeling? The urges?"

When she sighed softly breathing slightly, she hummed lightly listening to Raffaele's words her eyes locked onto him. Licking her lips she nods her head lightly as she replied softly to him. "I am trying." She pressed her lips lightly together running a hnd into her long brown hair she shook her head some, she look over at the woman then looks back at him with her eyes. "It is getting a little bit easier not to take her blood." She laughed softly as her eyes looks down at her hands then brought them back up slightly. "Does it get easier not to tear the humans apart?" She asked him softly as Asha watched Raffaele clearfully then swallow hard she tucked some of her hair behind her ear. 

"I just want to get better so I can go back home to my people." She said to him softly as her breath slowed down a little she sighed a little more, looking down at the table she let out a soft purr from her own lips. 

Saving Her From Death
w/ Asha Kothari

• "You're lucky to have others who care for you and would notice your absence. Ones that would accept you for what you've become." •

"I wouldn't say easier," he scoffed, glancing around to all the humans that went about their lives as if there weren't monsters among them. "I can't ever say easy would be a word I would use to silence the thirst. You just learn to ignore it as best as you can. Focus on other things. Remind yourself that you were once human yourself and you weren't born with the urges that drive your immortal body now."   

The sanguine's gaze moved back to her. Asha was doing much better than he planned on giving her credit for. Yes, he tried to prepare her the best he could, but there was no training that could truly make being in front of humans for the first time as a sanguine comfortable. 

"I'm sure they are worried for you," he replied. Raffaele hummed a moment in his next thought before speaking. "You're lucky to have others who care for you and would notice your absence. Ones that would accept you for what you've become." There was an obvious note of sorrow in his tone before his maroon flecked eyes came to meet hers again. "Will you go to Nowhere in search of them first or do you know where their caravan is?"

As Asha looks down then looks back up at him with her eyes, she took a slightly deep breath then nods her head lightly to what he was saying to her. "Yes I know where they are." She said to him softly as she would bite down onto her bottom lip gently running a hand into her hair lightly then sighed softly pressing her lips lightly together. Her eyes would look down then look back up at him with her eyes. "I just feel like if I go back they would tell me to leave or something." She replied softly to him shaking her head as she tucked her hair behind her ear she licked her lips lightly, as her eyes would look around then look back at her marker with her eyes. "I am really glad that you saved me from dieing." She told him with a soft smile upon her lips she blushed lightly then press her lips lightly, as she would then say. "I thought I was gonna end up dead." She let out a soft giggle upon her lips. 

Asha wanted to learn a lot more on what she was, she hummed softly as her eyes would look down to the ground to reply softly to him. "I would like to learn a lot more." As her eyes would look back up to his giving him a soft warm smile upon her lips. 

Saving Her From Death
w/ Asha Kothari

• Your family will come around. •

"I understand," he said quietly, his reddish brown eyes glowing in the dimly lit tavern as candlelight caught within them. "Count yourself lucky though. There are many of our kind that can no longer go back to the lives they once had before they were turned. You are one of the very rare that still gets to have a life with them. Your family will come around. Gypsies are known for their acceptance because they are rarely shown the same in return. I'm sure you already know that deep down though." 

The woman who was serving them came back around and put down a plate of questionably colored meat and metal cups of ale. It was a testament to see how well she was now completely ignoring Asha and practically falling into Raffaele's lap. Just more of a lesson to teach the new sanguine on how easily humans could be manipulated. "Thank you," he said to their server, his voice like honey. She lingered a few moments longer than needed before finally turning away to another table of patrons.

Bemusement spread on his face as he looked to Asha and the human food presented. "Time for you to learn to eat as you once did, though it won't be nearly the same. It'll never truly fill you or the hunger," he explained, stressing the last word and knowing Asha would understand exactly which  hunger he meant. "Though, passing off as human, you'll find yourself in a situation where you'll be surrounded by food." He nodded towards her plate of what appeared to be rabbit with cabbage and stale bread. Hardly a good feast, but he wasn't expecting anything grand when it came to eating in a place like this. His smirk grew. "Try it."

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