Adventuring through twisted time.

As Asha was standing there before a male before her she growled lightly she was a gypsy and she always sometimes get what she wanted but this time after she end up going on her own from the other's of her kind. Asha thought she would give this man what he wanted by reading him but boy was she wrong so wrong. The only think that the male wanted was for her to die, as Asha was speaking to him she soon felt a sharp pain in her stomach she gasped lightly her eyes widen slightly. Asha look down seeing what he had done she was stabbed she looks up at him tears rolling down her cheeks. Gasping a little more as she placed her hands onto the wound now her breath inched slightly bring her eyes down to her hands she looks back up at him with so much fear in her eyes now she shook her head not knowing why he would do this to her. 


Was all she yelled out to him,  he laughed rolling his eyes, as he watched her fall onto her knees. The male bend down placing his hand onto her cheek slightly smirking down at her she gasped out again but she soon started coughing slightly as blood came out of her mouth. "Why you ask?" He asked her with a slight smirk upon his lips shaking his head a little more then brought the knife to her cheek as he slide it down cutting her cheek. "STOP!!" She screamed out but he just laughed even more rolling his eyes slightly at her. 

"It is always with you Gypsies huh." He mumbled under his breath he chuckled softly then she watched him stand up above her. Asha felt like her life was gonna end right there and now, she falls onto the ground tears falling down her cheeks even more. Her breath was weaking Asha watched him walk off to let her die but stopped he turned around to face her. "you are nothing but trouble Asha." he replied softly to her she shook her head a little more, he slowly walked over to her with him not knowing that he was being watched by someone else.  "Maybe i should just sit here and watch you die." 

"He said softly to her with a soft laugh upon his lips shaking his head, Asha gasped out even more louder blood pouring out of her mouth even more her eyes slightly rolled but she tried so hard to stay awake tp close but not before she saw someone right behind the male that wanted her dead her eyes soon closed in her mind she knew that she would be dying and she wouldn't see her cousin anymore or any of the rest of her Gypsy families.

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Raffaele leaned against the tavern which sat at the end of town while the faint sounds of the people inside enjoying themselves drifted on the wind towards his acute hearing. He was far into the shadows where no one would notice his presence as he liked it. Frankly, he didn't want to be out in the world as it were. He'd been shut in for nearly two years in his large estate in France with no plans of ever leaving the grounds again. It would've been easy if it weren't for his incessant chef and mentor, encouraging him to walk the world again when he'd decided that Raffaele was turning more and more into the predator nature of his being than the human side which to him had apparently begun to dim. Nonsense, of course. It wasn't as if Raffaele were lurking the hallways of his manor, snarling and attacking his staff. Vincenzo just didn't want to see him living in seclusion. Now that he'd made it out among humans, he remembered why he stayed in.

His eyes closed. His head slowly fell back against the building. The heartbeats of nearby revelers pounded loudly in his ears which caused his fangs to press in the need for release. A breath passed between his lips in annoyance. Sometimes he didn't want to fight against this urge to let the primal side take over. He could let the human side of his mind get shut away from all thoughts and feelings and just let the monster go free. That certain bliss would be worth it in the few minutes it would take to kill everyone inside that tavern, but then his human soul would never again no peace. It was the same reason he'd been keeping himself locked away. The beginnings of their kind had caused him to do unspeakable things that he could not forgive himself of hundreds of years later.

A scream suddenly erupted and made his eyes open. No one walking the unpaved road heard it, but he did. 

Raffaele went through the woods in search of the cry. It wasn't long before the smell of blood hit him squarely which caused him to stop fully in his tracks. The fangs that he never let escape came out in response, begging for a taste. Perhaps Vincenzo was right. He was out of the world too long and holding back his impulses was proving more difficult. 

With a few more steps, he came upon the scene where a man stood over a woman who looked to be unconscious or nearly so. Raffaele watched as this assailant's face suddenly changed into something more predatory. Something he recognized quite well himself. The man was just like Raffaele; a sanguine. 

A blur moved from where he once stood behind the other sanguine. The other turned around to face Raffaele and seemed to sense that he was looking at a creature that was much older than him. It was apparent to Raffaele that this man had been turned not long ago, acting on his primal instinct, and being foolish in his actions. The brazen behavior would draw attention and that was something their kind could not afford. 

A gutteral growl came from Raffaele's chest and the man cowered instantly. In a blink, he was gone and the woman lay motionless on the ground. If ever there was a testament to the argument that his kind could be compassionate and not complete animals it was now. As much as he wanted to finish the job of what his other fellow sanguine started, he was suddenly weighing the options of either letting her die or something worse. Was it a mercy to let her go peacefully and quickly or to save her life and become like him? 

Her heartbeat slowed. The end was coming... Raffaele brought his wrist to his lips and bit down on the skin to break it open. He then pressed the open wound to the woman's lips. "If there's any life in you still, drink."

As Asha was laying there she soon heard growls coming from someone, she slightly open her eyes gasping a little when she saw them was about to fight then the other male left she whimpered lightly as she closed her eyes bring the death upon her but then Asha heard someone spoke to her, she blinked her eyelids open her breathing was still shallow as she watched him closely as she soon did what she was asked she didn't know what was even happening to her right now, but she grabbed onto Raffaele's wrist opening her mouth soon she starts to drink his blood it was a bitter slight taste but it tasted so good she kept drinking for awhile then she pulled away from him as she breathed out in a slow like angel voice. "thank you." Then she closed her eyes. Asha's heart soon stopped beating she didn't know what was gonna happen to herself she didn't even know who this guy was at all to be honest but she was grateful that he had saved her. As The Gypsy woman was laying there on the ground thinking that she was dead she knew that she couldn't breath anymore. 

After what seemed to be like a full hour or so Asha's gasped out for a slight breath opening her eyes slightly looking around when she saw Raffaele before her she gasped out a little more, sitting up she jumped up then growled softly in her throat then frown shaking her head lightly. "What did you to me?" She asked him softly looking into his eyes she falls down onto the ground sitting there placing her hands upon her face taking a deep breath again, she could smell and even hear better as well she moved her hands looking around she could hear an owl she looks over at the owl she could even see even better as well too, she brought her eyes back to her marker pressing her lips lightly together. 

"What am I?" 

Asha asked him softly her voice even end up changing as well too she licked her lips lightly her hands flew up to her throat she felt a slight burn in the back of her throat she gasped out once again. "I am so ." She swallowed hard when she spoked she looks right at him biting her lower lip gently then shook her head lightly, she takes another deep breath then she felt her fangs coming out she gasped louder this time she brought her hand up to her lips then touched her teeth or more fangs she thought to herself. "what did this guy do to me? " She was glad that he saved her life but what was she right now. 

Once the woman began to drink from him, Raffaele felt an immediate guilt. He should've just let her die and remain that way. If he had had the option so many years ago, he wouldn't have chosen this life. Vincenzo would say 'everything happens for a reason' and that this dying human was meant to be found by him; To save her. Raffaele would wholeheartedly disagree every time. He wasn't one to believe in fate, let alone being the one that was meant to save anyone for that matter. He should've just stayed locked away like he wanted and none of this would be happening.

He watched as her body contorted from the change. The pain that tore through her being caused her to scream and if they weren't so far off the path, he was sure someone from the village would come to see what was happening. Perhaps she would die still. Changing another was never a guarantee and she would not only die, but suffer further than she already was before he had ever appeared. Raffaele felt guilty for even thinking it, but a part of him wished she would just let go instead as not to become like him.

Her body went limp then and he thought she had perhaps not been able to take the change. His hand reached out to touch her tanned skin, but then she shot up from the ground, clearly beating the odds. Raffaele saw her panic begin. He slowly stood up and looked down to her as the change from a simple human transformed into that of a sanguine, tainted with the demon blood that he shared himself. There was no way they would be able to go back into town now. She would lose control the moment she heard the quickened heartbeats of the people inside the tavern once the road led into town.

"Come with me," he said simply. He turned his back and went further down the path that went away from town, not looking back to see if she would follow. Raffaele remembered when he had been turned and though he wanted to kill the one who sired him, he also felt an extreme will to always stay by her side and please her in the end. It was something he knew was built into becoming a sanguine and this woman he found would be no different, though Raffaele had never wanted to turn another person into what he was.

"My name is Raffaele. I'll explain everything, but we can't stay here." He steadily spoke over his shoulder to her and kept his voice low since he knew the change in her would be causing all of her senses to be firing off in impossible ways. "What's your name? Where are you from?"

Hearing what he was saying Asha shook her head frowning a little but she stood up walked with him as she listen to him even more. "Asha my name is Asha and I am from the Gypsy family." She told him softly shaking her head a little more she sighed softly biting down onto her lower lip swallowing hard she soon was by his side she looks down at her dress frowning a little. "I have blood all over my dress." Asha replied in a soft tone in her voice, she closed her eyes takes another deep breath reopening her eyes. She hummed a little as she then asked him. "What am I? " She titled her head to the side blinking a little, she didn't know what was going on but she was so thirsty and she wanted the burning to stop so badly as her feet was picking up. 

Asha thought for a minute then she asked softly. "plus what even was that thing back there he was gonna killing me but you stopped him?" She had so many questions going on in her head right now and she wanted to know what was going here, biting her bottom lip a little more she pressed her lips lightly together running a hand into her hair. Soon tucking it behind her ear she waited for him to tell her what was going on, she rubbed her throat lightly clearing her throat as she replied softly. "I am so thirsty." Asha started to whimper softly as her eyes starts looking around for something anything to get the burn to stop. 

Raffaele kept the slow pace as they continued through the woods. He could hear her shuffling beside him and looked over his shoulder briefly as she complained of the thirst. He remained quiet, still. Of course she had many questions, but first he needed to do the most important thing; getting her away from town. Being a newborn would have her lose all control without the right guidance. He really, really, didn't want to be that mentor to her, but the best of his remaining humanity got the better of him. However, he still wasn't sure if he had made the right decision or if he should've just let her die there on the road.

"Well, Asha, I'll get to all your questions, but we need to get away from that thing that hurt you." It was a lie. He just wanted to keep ushering her away from potential victims that were ripe for her taking. The hunger would be all consuming and trying to stop a starving newborn wasn't exactly something he wanted to deal with no matter how weak she might become. It would be an awful and slow starvation until eventual death. A death Asha wouldn't come back from.

Once Raffaele felt he'd gotten them far enough away from the village, he came to the abandoned cabin that was barely standing. There was a large hole in the roof exposing the entire place to the elements and the earth had started to take it over again. Roots and vines covered most of the foundation which had also led to the continued collapse of its structure. It hardly took any effort to open the door as it was about to fall off its frame anyway. There wasn't much left in the one room home but a broken frame for a bed with some dirty linen, empty shelves, a chair, and wood for the fireplace. He waited for her to come inside before beginning to explain the new life she was now going to endure.

"That was a sanguine," he said flatly. There was no cause for ceremony. He was self-loathing, after all. "I'm sure there are plenty of tales among your people about them. It feeds on people. Blood is needed in order to survive. You would've died had I not intervened, despite the enjoyable feeling you may have had given the venom it was putting into your body." Raffaele leaned against the broken wooden boards of the home and continued on. "I... gave you some of my blood in order to save you. If saving is what you can even call it. I'm rather regretting the decision." There was clearly no gentleness in his words. "I'm also a sanguine." He paused for a few moments and then met her eyes. "And now so are you."

As Asha listen to him she frown a little she was a little confused on what he was saying but nodded her head when she walked with him to his place, once she was inside his house she looks around biting her lower lip. Asha seat down on the couch when she heard him start to speak she looks over at him pressing her lips lightly together she place her hand onto her chest shook her head looks down bring her eyes back up to his. "So you are telling me I am some kind of vampire but it is a different name?" She asked him softly licking her lips she takes a deep breath brought her eyes downwards tucking her hair behind her ear she sighed softly. "Than I guess I will have to learn how to control my thirst before I even go to my Cousin's kingdom." She replied in a soft tone in her voice, she looked up at him with her eyes chewing her bottom lip gently. "are you gonna teach me or something?" She asked softly titling her head a little he was really cute but she pushed it away because he is the one that turned her into a monster but he did saved her though she was really glad that she wasn't dead at all. 

"You saved me to be honest." She told him softly as her eyes locked onto his giving him a soft smile upon her lips. "I didn't even want to die and you saved me." Nodding her head lightly Asha lean over to herself wrapping her arms around herself. "But I am thirsty Raffaele." She replied softly to him she swallowed hard her throat was burning really badly she was now like a hybrid or if that is what she was she thought she would ask him. "Does that mean I am like a hybrid?" She looked at him with her eyes replying softly to him. "Because I am a gypsy." Waving her hand to herself raising an eyebrow a little she shook her head waiting to see what he would say to her. 

Raffaele raised his brows as she took in his words and for someone who just experienced coming back from death and becoming something completely new that was not human, she was taking this pretty well. It was like it didn't really affect her at all. Perhaps because she came from the Gypsies and they were already knee deep in the world of the supernatural. Maybe she was already used to some of the unexplainable, but clearly she didn't know much in the way of his kind, well, their kind specifically since he was having to relay the new foundings of her life. He wasn't so sure she really understood how different her life would now become.

He pushed himself from the wall then when she mentioned him becoming her teacher, pacing shortly where he stood. He didn't say anything as she continued on while his brain still tried to fight the notion of wanting to just end her life instead out of mercy or allow her some chance at having this new existence. Raffaele didn't much care for the idea that he might be the reason more humans would die if Asha could not get a hold of her thirst and choose a path that didn't end in innocent blood and lives. "Please.. stop thanking me," he said firmly, stopping his pacing to face her and make the point known before continuing in his trek.

Fingers gliding through his hair, the decision to guide her was barely outweighing the alternative and so, he took a few steps closer to where Asha sat. "I don't know what you'll be able to do eventually given your mixed blood. Your people will probably have more answers in that regard. I've only ever known my own kind, though I've heard there have been others like you in your tribe." His eyes held hers for a few moments before he cut his gaze away and stood, heading for the door. "Follow me."

Once outside, he led them passed the broken wooden fencing that lined the small property and further behind the decaying house into the woods. They were far enough away from the nearby towns now and therefore no immediate worry to the humans. "Close your eyes," he commanded, looking out into the forest. "Focus the heightened sounds. What do you hear?"

Listening to his words as Asha takes a deep breath she sighed a little, nodding her head lightly to what he was saying to her then she heard him. She got up walked out of the house with him pressing her lips lightly together, running a hand into her hair she titled her head a little when she heard him tell her to close her eyes raising an eyebrow at him she did as she was told. Asha closed her eyes then listen to everything she swallowed hard then replied softly to him. "I hear the water near by, " She paused as she listen a little more. "I hear birds and a deer drinking from the water." She reopen her eyes as her throat was burning she looked over at him with her eyes. Asking him in a soft tone in her voice. "What do I do?" Her heart was pounding into her chest she was this new whole new species and she didn't know what her tribe would even say to her when they found out about her she chewed her lower lip gently tucking her hair behind her ear titling her head to the side a little more watching Raffaele closely.

Asha was new at this and being a Gypsy she didn't know what her powers where gonna be so she pushed to a side for a while until she got something to ease her burning throat to ask him if she would have any powers she knew that she had her gypsy powers but what if she had a whole new power within her right now. Making her eyes move a little she watched everything she could see, smell and hear everything it was a whole new thing to her but she knew she will get used to it really soon. 

Raffaele watched as Asha began to concentrate, honing her new abilities now that she had become a predator like him. He too listened for all the movement of the darkened woods and picked up on the sounds she could hear as well. "Good. Come." Heading further still into the trees, he led them closer to the river that flowed peacefully. It was a source for the people in the nearby towns that flowed for miles on end. His footfalls were quiet which was something Asha would have to learn in the way she moved and so he kept a short distance away from the animal that drank from the water.

The deer was still unsuspecting that it was in immediately danger. From here he could hear its heartbeat despite the sound of the rushing river. Raffaele put his arm out to stop Asha from approaching any further as the animal's head lifted from drinking, its ears twitching to find the possible threat in the dark. He didn't have to look at the newborn to know she was probably at the height of her thirst now with the prey so close, but still and would be rather weak for some days to come. Teaching Asha to hunt would be pivotal to her survival, but dangerous all the same if she couldn't control herself. "Go with your instinct," he said impossibly soft. "You're faster than it and much stronger. You can kill it before it even knows you're there."

Hearing his words Asha takes a deep breath nodding her head lightly pressing her lips lightly together, as she looks at the deer a light growl came into her the back of her throat as she would walk over to it titling her head then she runs at a high speed and jumps onto the deer's back snapping its neck and biting into it's neck feeling the blood dripping into her mouth she closed her eyes moaning at the lovely taste of the blood going down her throat. Asha finally stopped draining the deer dry as she drop it onto the ground looking over at him with her eyes. "like that?" She asked him in a soft tone in her voice titling her head a little licking her lips lightly running a hand into her hair she takes a deep breath once more biting her lower lip gently. As Asha walked over to him giving him a soft smile upon her lips. "you are a really great teacher." She replied softly to him tucking her hair behind her ear looking down at the ground she swallowed hard then gasped a little as her eyes snaps back up to his. 

"oh my goodness, I ruin my dress." 

She waved to her dress giggling softly looking into his eyes with her own shook her head she blushed a deep red upon her cheeks she started laughing a little, pressing her lips lightly together running a hand into her hair as her eyes went down to the ground trying to hide her blushing cheeks from Raffaele.

Raffaele had to admit, she was a natural at the hunt. He wasn't exactly sure if that was a good or bad thing. When he had been turned, he refused to believe what was happening to him. He couldn't accept the monster he'd become. He'd tried so hard to fight the hunger and hoped he would just die, but his maker wouldn't allow it. She kept him alive when all he wanted to do was die. That was when he'd really turned into the thing of nightmares and his sire had created the nest of killers that ravaged towns for years. It was a time he'd never forgive himself for and why he had always promised himself he would never create another like him. The lines had blurred though when it came to saving someone's life. The choice still didn't feel right to him, especially since Asha seemed to be taking it so well.

"Ruining your dress should be the least of your worries," he replied, knowing this hunt would only keep her satisfied for a few hours. She would soon need more, especially given that the only source that came from satiating her thirst was from an animal and not human. "We need to keep you away from the town while you're vulnerable in this newborn state. You won't be able to control yourself around others. It's a skill all sanguine must learn as not to become a monster." Raffaele knew the need to have human blood would eventually be so overwhelming and enticing one day that she would slip into a state she may not recover, so having her eventually take on a willing human would hopefully stop the overpowering urge to drink from an unsuspecting person and kill them.

He led Asha back to the cabin and during their walk tried to explain everything he could about what becoming a sanguine meant in terms of how her life would change. The need to have a certain amount of blood everyday. Avoiding the direct sunlight. Her heightened senses of the world. The addiction, above all. He purposefully left out the part in which she could eventually charm a human into having them do as she wanted and the venom in which would soon be created in the coming days, waiting to see more about her personality given this new existence. "You'll need to feed from me as well for some days while you practice control over yourself."

When she heard what he was saying that she couldn't go out on her own or even go home she frown lightly then said to him softly. "So you are saying that I can not go back home." Asha sighed softly looked down at the ground she brought her eyes back up titling her head to the side. "Wait you want me to feed from you." She felt like she was compelled to do so anyways she shook her head slightly then asked. "Why did I have to like always obey you when you tell me to do things?" She bite her lower lip gently runs a hand into her hand as she would walk with him back to his home she look down at her dress nodding her head lightly. "thank you for saving me really." She replied softly to him licking her lips lightly she  takes a deep breath she could smell everything and even hear everything, she cleared her throat some while walking beside him. 

"Do you have anything I can wear though?" She asked him with a soft tone in her voice something about Raffaele was sweet and caring, Asha was really glad that he was there to stop that other guy from finishing her off and saving her as well. But with being what she is now she didn't know if her family would even noticed it or if they would shun her from the family she really hoped they wouldn't though she shook her thoughts from what was going on in her mind. While she kept up with Raffaele.

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