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Music and laughter is the norm this time of night for Selina. The caravan had stopped just shy of the next town and had managed to finish setting up for the night early, leaving them with plenty of time to have their fire and merry making as normal before starting to work the next day. Much like normal Lina found her perch by the crackling fire, staring into the flames with a small smile on her face at the warmth it spoke of. Between that and the wind dancing lightly through her hair this is as close as she’s been to feeling like she was back home since… well the last time she was back home. Perhaps she’s due for another trip back to Nowhere. Ah but before she can do that she needs to visit the merchants. The children will be expecting their gifts after all.

She’s pulled from her reverie by a woman handing her food and she thanks her with a smile. This one is a newer addition to the travelling group, but she’d settled in quickly and found her place. A singer. Selina finds that her singing goes very well with her dances and the two became pretty fast friends. The festivities go on into the night, the music and singing loud and the people almost louder as they dance and laugh and tell stories. Just among themselves for tonight, the show will be tomorrow. However this time she finds herself growing tired earlier than normal, the sounds almost lulling her to sleep instead of keeping her alert like they normally would. She gets up with a long stretch, bending backwards and hearing her back pop slightly before wandering away from the warmth of the fire, toward the comforting shade of the woods nearby.

She’s always been more drawn to nature than the others, just as she’d always been drawn to fire. Determined to keep her company she can feel the wind floating her skirts and it keeps blowing pieces of her hair into her face, causing her to chuckle and take off in a chase with the wind, dodging through the branches and roots until it scoops her up and spins her, only to set her down gently on her feet in a clear spot. She’s sure her laughter scared the animals nearby but they were being oddly quiet anyway. Somewhat out of breath she takes a seat on an old fallen log, listening as an owl’s hoot suddenly breaks the silence of the night. It sets her on edge for some reason and her head snaps up, eyes glowing slightly in the moonlight as she gazes around warily. “Is someone there?” Her voice is strong, cutting easily through the stillness. Of course it’s probably just someone from the caravan but it’s never wrong to be cautious.

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If there’s anywhere other than Nowhere that Selina feels comfortable, it’s in the woods. Hearing the animals chittering to themselves, the calming breeze that is even now tousling her hair and clothes, the moonlight giving her strength. It’s not often that she’s felt this uneasiness, this chill, while out among the trees. In fact she hasn’t felt this chill since she ran from the Lord’s keep, taking her people with her.

As the dark clad woman steps out from among the branches, Selina’s brown eyes narrow. It might surprise the woman how easily her eyes snap to her figure, her fae blood allowing her to pick the woman out from the backdrop of the trees. She remains in the moonlight, now standing, watching as the woman slowly comes out into the light.

Disguised as she is, Selina appears the picture of your average gypsy. Her naturally white hair remains brown whenever she isn’t in Nowhere and her skirts are colorful and easy to move in. “Festivities can be a bit much when you experience them night after night. If you’d like to join though feel free, my people always welcome a guest.” Though her smile is kind and friendly it doesn’t reach her eyes. In her experience someone coming out of the dark woods after hiding is never a good sign and since those events she’s not exactly a trusting person. “I wouldn’t worry about me too much. I’ll rejoin them shortly.”

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