Adventuring through twisted time.

It was a good night. Impossibly clear as the specks of stars lined the backdrop of a darkened sky. The moon above was unnaturally bright and illuminated the shoreline he and the Rogues gathered at steps from the tavern they'd been drinking at for some time. Currently, Devon was shaking his head as three of the men were singing at the top of their lungs, barely able to stand. The sand was never a forgiving friend when one was drunk and parading around on the shore. At the end of their performance, there was a round of applause and laughter among them all just as one of the men planted directly face first into the sand. He wondered how they got anything accomplished at all sometimes.

However, there was one Rogue who seemed far off in his own thoughts. John had moved away from the group and was leaning against a rock with his back turned to their debauchery. A bottle was in one hand that continuously met his lips and from his posture, Devon could tell something was off. Even when they were in the tavern John had seemed like he was drowning himself in the sadness of his thoughts rather than enjoying the time with friends. He'd inquired if something was wrong, but the Rogue had brushed him off and said it was nothing.

John then stood and cocked back, throwing the battle into the ocean. He moved his way towards the water's edge, but just when Devon had figured the man would stop, he didn't. John went further into the dark waves and it was clearly not for a late swim. "JOHN!" Devon dropped the bottle he himself was holding and charged into the ocean after the Rogue as the others were beginning to see the scene unfolding. He dove in and reached the submerged man, wrapping his arms around his chest. Once he'd gotten them both to the surface, John continued to fight him. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"I have to see her!" he yelled, flailing and fighting to get away from Devon.

He tried what he could to subdue John, but it was nearly impossible being in the water as well as plenty of liquor in their systems until finally the others had come into the ocean to help. "See who? What are you talking about?!" Devon gasped.

"She needs me!" Seeing that his options were slim, Devon finally got enough leverage to grab him in a chokehold just as the rest of the Rogues arrived. They brought the unconscious man back ashore and laid him out on the sand with great effort. Devon, standing there soaking wet and breathing heavily, stared in disbelief, wondering what had taken over his friend into madness.

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