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Richard Watson
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Richard Watson replied to Clarice De Biville - Council's discussion Timeless Masquerade Ball (Event thread open to all)
"Richard lay back on the sofa as he sighed as he took the beer bottle to his lips as he took a swig of beer “It's official  Watson you're bored of Television “ he switched it off as he rose to his feet as he walked over to…"
Jul 26, 2021
Richard Watson replied to Clarice De Biville - Council's discussion About The Timeless Realm (Clarice De Biville)
"read and agreed"
Jul 14, 2021
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May 18, 2021
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May 17, 2021
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May 13, 2021
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"Iam avaliable  if you wish to plot "
May 13, 2021
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Apr 29, 2021
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Apr 27, 2021
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"Greetings, You look like you could be useful as a pawn. If you care to plot feel free to reach out."
Apr 27, 2021
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Mar 10, 2021
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"Read and agreed"
Mar 8, 2021
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"Welcome back, Joe"
Mar 7, 2021
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Mar 7, 2021

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Richard Watson

Richard Watson 

Occupation: former  Soldier 

 looks 30

Home town: London England

Date of birth 29th January Faceclaim - Tom Hopper

Richard was born to  Elizabeth and Jonathan Watson in the cold winter of January, London England His family were nobles in the city attending any event nobility would to any normal person they were a  happy family but behind the scenes, the home life was cold and lifeless as his mother and father palmed him off to the nanny who taught him the skills and behaviour that his mother and father would come to expect of a son with there name.

but once he  reached  his 20’s he began to feel he was missing something a purpose in life  a reason to live as he felt he could  but 2 weeks before  his 30th Birthday   a problem occurred    in France  and  his father  now in his old age  was ordered to  leave  for Normandy   seeing  a chance to explore  the first time in his life   he volunteered  to  go in his father’s sted 

A few weeks had past and Richard found himself as a Captain leading a small unit of men the unit his father would of lead defending English peasants in the lands of the frenchafter declared war against the English kingdom.

One morning  Richard was woken to a messenger shoving orders in front of his face to move to a ranch on the border of Normandy  as the french  were due to attack there without worry he gathered his men and they had begun to march day and night for   2 days to reach the named farm  but was met by a cart of the family that began to make there towards the English castles

First night back at the Castle  Richard was  looking out of the Ramparts  when a female stepped silently beside him Richard was sur

 nightfall men in armour stood at the ramparts with  pikes and  bows at the ready for the upcoming sieges the moon reflecting off the armour of the  oncoming foes as the crunching of metal stopped an eerie silence hit the battlefield before a   loud loose  erupted into the nightprised how  quiet he was  though he didn’t recognise her he assumed  she was   one of the new guests  they  spent the  rest of the night  talking to her until the sun had begun to peak  upon the horizon and without a word, she had disappeared  this continued  for 2 months  as  worrying news  had begun to  reach the camp 

  as  fire arrows  glowed into the night sky as the walls were hit by arrows and cries as  the arrows hit  men left right and centre,

The  clashing of metal and destruction continued into the night  lasting into the early hours   before the keep was lost   as the enemy  filled the castle  as the orders  to retreat  rang from the ramparts Richard was with  the girl he had spent many weeks with   to which he  now knew was called Leyla  leading her to the retreat point  when he felt a sharp blow to  his leg and stomach as the blade  erupted from him as  he fell to the ground Leyla stayed beside  him  as he watched two enemies  that had stabbed him  disappeared with out a trace Richard begged her to flee when  she suddenly  said she could save hem both with  in then  she  hugged  him and suddenly a  sharp pain  raged through his body as things started to turn black as  he felt  a liquid  pour into his mouth as the pain turned  excruciating the rest of that night   became a total blurr as  the next  night appeared  Richard awoke to  screeching sounds a mixture of waves , people walking and talking and his vision was  pinpoint accurate  as   leyla walked into the room she began to explain everything  he  was feeling and what  happened at the base  and that he would need to feed off her for a next few days  but she had already   made severalgoblets of blood for him  and she began to set  to work training  him to  cope with his  new life after a  hundred years of travelling together  Richard grew tired of  traveling   but leyla hadnt  richard had grown to be very careful while feeding an saw no reason to  to keep running so they came to a agreement to  meet each other evey 3 years to make sure  they were save and coping  in general  but  the first 3 years passed  and  richard  arrived at the agreed spot and waited    for  3 days hiding in a Inn room  during the day  and waiting at the spot at night but she never came 

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At 1:07pm on April 27, 2021,
Clarice De Biville - Council

Greetings, You look like you could be useful as a pawn.

If you care to plot feel free to reach out.

At 10:42pm on March 7, 2021,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Welcome back, Joe


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