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Lilah Hale
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Lilah Hale's Discussions

New Friendship? (Ashlan and Lilah)

Started Sep 2 0 Replies

A few months have since she pulled out her ongoing nightmare into a new one completely. Feeling as if she barely has had any time to process it all really. Feeling that she’s still on her own even if…Continue

Emptiness [Solo, alone]

Started Aug 6 0 Replies

Emptiness was something she’s never felt stronger till that moment. She was re-born, returned back to life for a different meaning and purpose whilst still being lost to everyone and everything, even…Continue



Name: Lilah Hale
Faceclaim: Jenny Boyd 
Age: 23
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Banshee

Emily Scotte was the high school beauty queen. She was popular, kind, and a star student that everyone loved the moment they met her. Brandon was the star football and tennis player. He was offered full scholarships to any school of his choice in their country of New Zealand and scholarships also came in from other schools across the world. It seemed like the perfect story when the pair met and started dating and fell in love. They had a group of amazing friends and dating throughout their sophomore and into their senior year of highschool. They were set to be prom king and queen and graduate with honors, the success story of their town when Emily discovered she was pregnant. She didn’t tell Brandon, keeping the secret from everyone as long as she could. She refused to abort the pregnancy and she knew Brandon had plans to go to school in Europe and she didn’t want him to put his plans on hold for her.

But, to no surprise, he found out the truth as did the rest of their town. Emily’s parents basically disowned her when they discovered her pregnancy. She moved in with Brandon who, along with his family, was nothing but supportive. She tried and tried to talk him out of giving up his scholarships and to go to school but he refused. They graduated and he took up a job at a local bar, bussing and eventually becoming a bartender to support the pair. Emily looked for anything she could to support her and Brandon but always seemed to fall short or her expectations were too high. Her and Brandon made the decision to have a small, quiet wedding. Only close friends and his family were present for it. The pair found a small house to rent on the outskirts of the city and tried to make things work. No matter how hard they tried, however, it was never enough. As her pregnancy progressed, Emily felt herself sinking deeper and deeper into a state of depression.

Emily began to drink as her pregnancy reached the final month, having complete disregard for the life growing within her. Luckily, it wasn’t long before she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that they named Lilah.. For a brief period of time it seemed like her and Brandon could slip back into happiness despite their financial and other problems but it wasn’t to last. Only a few short weeks after returning home Emily resumed her drinking, becoming violent and abusive to Brandon. Brandon was exhausted. He did nothing but work and take care of their new daughter and it was never enough. It took till the verge of Lilah being taken away for them to snap into reality. For Emily to know she had to go into rehab for some time so she would be able to return home to her husband and daughter. Brandon was able to get some support and help looking after Lilah whilst Emily was away in rehab. Months later Emily was better, she was sober and in recuperation and back with her family. The couple choose to move away to start somewhere fresh. A new start. 

Choosing to move away to New York. Brandon was given a new promotion for a job in the city and Emily was able to find a job. Along with AA meetings too, with a nursery not far from Brandon’s job. They were happy again, finding that they were able to be better people and better parents. They were young parents making many mistakes but the love and bond they had and love for their daughter is what kept them together to make things work. Lilah grew up in a loving family. A kid full of imagination and energy. She was always the light in the room, with her fiery light red hair. Lilah was a happy child, always going to have playdates with children from the neighbourhood. From a young age she loved to paint and draw, anyone was able to see she had the skill and talent. Able to sketch drawings that were better than adults when she was still young. Lilah loved finding herself in a world of her own, able to draw her imagination. Letting it come to life in a way. 

Lilah was popular in school, always being in one of the popular groups. One of the people who everyone wanted to hang around with. She was carefree, happy and always at the top of her classes too. Moving into high school, Lilah took up different extracurricular classes and groups, cheerleading, dancing, art of course. Lilah was like any typical teenager, happy and carefree and excited for what the future would hold. She’s always dreamed of going to college, to be accepted in an art program. Whether it would be New York, Paris, Rome. With many teachers commenting with the artistic skills she has, she could go anywhere. Her parents were always so proud of her, wanting her to have the life and future that they never had. For Lilah to do and be better than them, that she wasn’t wrapped up in any boys or high school crushes like they were. 

One day Lilah was walking back from the coffee shop. They had one of the late opening nights where a band was playing and one of her friends was in it. Finding herself walking down the empty streets in Brooklyn, with nobody really nearby. Only the drunks and homeless people. It was quite quiet. Lilah waited at one of the crosswalks till the light turned green, when it was safe for her to walk across. When she was in the middle of the road, a car suddenly appeared out of nowhere and wanted to drive through. He was nearly driving her over. Lilah found herself angry with the car stopping just in  front of her. Finding herself stopping and shouting at the stranger saying that it was a red light and for him having to stop. She could tell she’s pissed him off but he angered her. Lilah chose to finish crossing the road, she’s always hated when cars tried going when they shouldn’t. Another week had passed since the incident. Lilah had been sending out for the last few months her portfolios for different colleges and art programs to different cities and places. She’d gotten a letter from one of the places she’d really wanted to go. Lilah was too nervous to open it at home so she waited till she was at the coffee shop to open it with one of her best friends. 

Lilah was so nervous to open the letter, her hands were shaking in anticipation. All her worries went away when she saw at the top Congratulations you have been accepted. Lilah couldn’t wait till she told everyone and her parents of course. Soon hurrying back home, she was nearly back till someone stepped out in front of her. Lilah tried to step away from the stranger but each time she did her following in suit making her more annoyed. Looking up she could see it was the man from the other week, then she felt his hands grab onto both of her arms stopping her from being able to get away. The man started threatening her, saying how she pissed him off the other week and wasn’t one to forget or take things likely. The man Caious took Lilah hostage, kidnapping her. Caius was a Sanguine,  who took Lilah as revenge to an underground lair in some place. Where other Sanguine’s kept their hostages. Caius started to feed from Lilah using his hypnosis powers so she was obvious to it all, a lost soul who was treated almost as a slave. Just a walking blood bag. He was addicted to Lilah’s blood as it was so memorising, different from all the blood he’s tasted before. 

This carried on for years, Lilah being out of it all of the time. Her parents were devastated finding that she went missing, putting up flyers and having her put on the missing people list. That she just disappeared in thin air all unknown she was kidnapped and held against her will. Now Lilah wasn’t a teenager anymore, a young adult. The Sanguine kept her under his mind control so she wouldn’t fight or run away as they were too addicted to her blood to let her go. One night an enemy coven attacked, taking all of the Sanguine’s by surprise, they were able to manage to escape. Well most of them but the human’s along  with Lilah were not so lucky. The whole place turned into a massacre with the rogue Sanguine’s being thirsty. Draining every human in sight, it was like a blood bath. Lilah was murdered violently, living years in torture. The police found them weeks later, able to identify Lilah and inform her parents. Who were devastated to find out what happened to her, how she was tortured for years. That she was kept locked up for years. At least now she was back with them and they were able to bury and say their goodbyes to her properly. 

All Lilah could remember was the darkness for weeks, then the feeling she was trying to breath for air but was choking as she was trying to but she was trapped. Lilah was trying to get out, trying to dig her way out from the place she was in. Almost clawing her way out. She was finally free, looking around to see she was in the graveyard. That she’d been buried. As Lilah was lost and confused more seeing a woman stood at her graveyard. The woman welcomed her with open arms trying to help her, happy to have her. Yet it all felt very weird for Lilah as she was taken and introduced to Hallows Hill Manor and her new species was explained to her. Lilah was taken to another locked room, the Scream Chamber. Locked and restrained. Lilah was all alone, just quietness, till all the screams happened and began. It all was torture for her, breaking the young girl even more than she was. The Matron made Lilah a Banshee, using her to their advantage how she was lost and confused with years of her life all being a blur to her. Now she was a Banshee who could break at any moment. 

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September Activity Check at Onsite

September 1, 2020 to September 14, 2020
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Sep 2
Lilah Hale posted a discussion

New Friendship? (Ashlan and Lilah)

A few months have since she pulled out her ongoing nightmare into a new one completely. Feeling as if she barely has had any time to process it all really. Feeling that she’s still on her own even if there were many others living all in the same place. Nobody really knew or could understand properly all she’s been through. Sure she knew that everybody who became Banshee had been through some sort of tragedy but her’s was a different one completely. With years off her life was all of a blur. A…See More
Sep 2
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Aug 18
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Aug 8
Lilah Hale posted a discussion

Emptiness [Solo, alone]

Emptiness was something she’s never felt stronger till that moment. She was re-born, returned back to life for a different meaning and purpose whilst still being lost to everyone and everything, even herself. Lilah could remember it so clearly waking up in the coffin. Seeing everything but darkness unfolding all around her. With not much space to move let alone breathe. She could feel a sense of being suffocated, swallowed whole almost. Panic had hit in with her, like it would for anyone else…See More
Aug 6
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"Hey Lilah, Welcome to The Sisterhood!  Time to warm up those vocal cords of yours, it's time to scream the city down. "
Jul 8
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"Hello, Nora. Welcome to Timeless. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have."
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At 1:54pm on September 23, 2020,
Raffaele Spataro - Council
At 7:07pm on September 5, 2020,
Tyr Fenrir- Council

Always open to plot, let me know if you have any idea. If not we can brainstorm. 

At 3:22pm on August 8, 2020,
Libelle Ryoko - Council

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Ciara Devlin - Council

Hey Lilah,

Welcome to The Sisterhood! 

Time to warm up those vocal cords of yours, it's time to scream the city down. 

At 1:36pm on July 6, 2020,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Hello, Nora. Welcome to Timeless. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.



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