Timeless (Tristan and Isolde)

The rolling beauty of the Irish hills that would make any mere mortal jealous upon the site, had been the land that Isolde had called home since her birth. She was a proud Irish girl and until she turned twelve she use to run around the rolling hills with her brother. Once the age of twelve her mother wished her to be more of the lady she should be in order to get married when the time was right.

She went from the wild red haired beauty  to a poise one who walked with her back straight and was shown off to suitor after suitor. Though being the only daughter of the Irish King he was taking his time choosing who she was to marry. Around her twentieth birthday word form the King of Cornwall expressing that he wanted Isolde, that he would be sending someone to escort her back to his court to wed her.


This letter struck fear into her as he felt she was losing her right to love who she wished though she hadn’t loved anyone yet and she was getting old compared to their times. She also understood her love was not hers to give and she would follow her father's wishes. She only wished to visit the shore one more time alone.

She climbed on the back of the horse the day the boat was to arrive with King Mark’s guide was to arrive and she climbed off of the horse as she stood on the edge the wind whipping around her dress and red locks like crazy she stood on the edge for a moment thinking of it this marriage would be worth it, her father thought it was the best option for both kingdoms but for her, the wild girl at heart she wasn’t sure what being a queen would do to her. Her eyes caught the boat as people filed off of it and she rocked back on her heels walking to the horse climbing back on it and led the horse down to see if she could see King Mark’s guide.

She rode up her eyes locking with the people getting off the boat and yet she couldn’t make out a face that seemed to be royal in anyway as she turned the horse around she let out a yah sound and looked back one last time smiling to the people before making her way back to the castle. Once back on royal grounds she was rushed around the castle her messy curls pulled back and she was placed into a dress she couldn’t breath because why did breathing matter.

She placed a fake smile on as she walked into the court of her father's Kingdom expecting to meet the person who was going to take her back to King Mark, but no one was there and she let out the breath she was holding “Father where is my guide?” she asked as she dropped her hand trying to hide the tone in her voice.

“We are not sure,” King Hoel said looking to Isolde brother briefly. “We are hoping the guide will be here with in the week.”

“Well then I can get out of this dress.” she turned quickly and made her way from the  courtroom fed up at the moment. She ripped the jewels keeping her crazy curls in place before undoing the outer dress leaving it on the ground running from the castle to her horse. She was not going to look this last free moment in the mouth. She rode from the castle walls and made her way back to the cliffs she loved. She pulled on her overcoat as she slid from the horse and made her way to a clear spot to watch the sun fall. She looked up to the day as it burned away feeling the warmth on her face before she laid back in the tall grass trying to forget the world for a moment.

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    Tristan smiled at his uncle as he pulled the reins above his horse's head and put a foot in the stirrup, lifting himself over the animal. It had been only a week since he'd returned to Cornwall after having helped in the small skirmishes against the Irish along the coastline in the north. "Uncle, you will never let me rest."


    tumblr_inline_nl7k0jB5Hk1rrrkde.gif?width=200The King of Cornwall looked at his nephew and laughed. "Well, boy, stop being so good at the tasks I put before you, then!" The older man walked around to the front of his horse and pet the steed along his head. Tristan looked at his uncle who was like a second father to him. The smile lines of his face were always so defined seeing as the man lived his life without much care. "This should be less taxing on you, I would imagine." King Mark stepped back as Tristan turned his horse around to begin the journey to the shore where the boats would take them to Ireland. Tristan was hoping it would be the last time he would have to deal with the Irish. The two kingdoms seemed to never be at peace. 

     "Fetching a princess?" Tristan laughed as he looked to the King. "As long as she stays to the comfort of her room on the ship, I imagine there won't be much problem." 

    Cornwall had been in debt to the Irish, but a deal had been struck. The Irish Queen's brother, Sir Morholt, had agreed that if he were to win in a duel against Tristan, the money Cornwall owed to his kingdom would be paid. However, if Tristan were to win against the Irish Knight, the debt would be released. Tristan did in fact kill Morholt, but in good faith for the deal of keeping away from war, the Irish King Hoel agreed to have his daughter, the Princess Isolde, marry King Mark of Cornwall. It would now be Tristan's job to bring the Princess here to show there was no ill will amongst their people.

    As Tristan walked his horse along the lines of people of the court who were wishing them safe travels, he came upon his parents. His mother smiled and took her son's hand in hers. "Try not to get into too much trouble, will you?" 

    Tristan gave a roll of his eyes and leaned down from the saddle to whisper. "You worry too much, mother."

    "It's my job in life to worry, Tristan," she replied to him, turning to her husband. "Tell your son to behave, Meliodas."

    His father stepped forward with a smirk, placing his arm around his wife's shoulder. "You worry too much, Isabelle." The man smirked and winked to Tristan. "Just get back here as fast as you can so I don't have to hear your mother crying about you every minute."

    Isabelle elbowed Meliodas in the side and the three of them shared a laugh. "Fair enough. I'll be home soon before motherfel.jpg?width=250 goes into madness." 

    As the crowd waved farewell to the small unit of troops, Tristan nodded to the King. "Start your preparations for your bride, uncle. You will soon be a husband." King Mark stood along with his parents and bid them safe travels. Tristan looked along the coast of his home where the castle sat. One of the best things about living in Cornwall were the endless amounts of beach and his uncle was quick to build the castle near it on the cliffs just above the water. His gaze went to the cloudless sky as the sun shone down on them. Their journey would at least start on a beautiful day.


    tumblr_inline_o5dtqqGzL61sj57a1_500.gif?width=250Tristan gazed upon the shores of Ireland and sighed. He had to admit, the country was breathtaking. The rolling hills of the green reminded him much of Cornwall. Looking to the docks, he could see the first ship had already arrived the day prior due to his ship's need for repairs in which they had to make port farther from the Irish castle and take the roads there by horse. He led the small company through the forest and had finally broken through the trees where he saw the castle.

    After being announced, the doors swung open and he saw the men and women of the court waiting for their arrival. He couldn't help but take notice of the hateful expressions of their knights who undoubtedly didn't think too fondly of he and his troops. It only became worse when he approached the throne and bowed to the royalty in front of him. The Irish Queen held her facade of happiness, but Tristan could see the wavering emotions behind her eyes. After all, he was the reason her brother was dead, whether it was with honor or not. Tristan then bowed to King Hoel and put on a forced smile that he had practiced for years of learning how to be a proper member of the court. "Your majesty, I'd like to thank you for your hospitality to my men and I. We are honored to bring your daughter back to Cornwall where she will be treated like the future Queen of my country should. We have a wagon to transport her back to the ship that will hold her and her ladies in waiting quite comfortably and of course we will send word immediately of our safe return to England." Tristan gestured to two of his knights who carried a chest over and placed it in front of the monarchs. "This is also a token of our continued alliance from my uncle, King Mark, with his gratitude for the wedded union to come." Tristan's eyes flickered to the Queen and he noticed her clenched jaw, but still remain poised. He smiled to Hoel and continued the game of politics. Soon, they would present their daughter and would be on their way out of Ireland and back home. It couldn't happen fast enough. He never cared for these amusements no matter how good he was at them.

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    Isolde and her family learned that the ship with her escort was to arrive the next day, that the ship that arrived the day before arrived early due to damage it had taken on. She sat in her room as she was made up for the escort and her bags were being readied for the trip they were going to take together, Not much would be packed most would be sent in time if she didn't lose the Kings favor. She sat there as she watched her red curls tucked back and she sighed softly her stomach was in knots knowing this wasn't a dream this time. 

    She walked to the Court with her Ladies in waiting and then took her place beside her mother and the frown on her face stayed as the doors swung open and in entered a young man someone far more handsome looking then she thought would be taking her to the Kind she kept her head high not looking to him as she placed the fake smile she had been taught her whole life to have on her lips. She watched as the man spoke and gave her father a chest of coin and she frowned her gaze caught his in that moment when she had dropped the smile she was to wear around everyone. She dropped his gaze looking off into space.

     King Hoel looked to the chest and smiled widely at the chest and looked to his wife and then back to Tristan "Tell King Mark that it is an accepted token, and I hope that once the wedding has taken place it will only tighten our kingdom's bond." He walked over to Isolde and took hold of her hand and lead her in front of Tristan. "This is my beautiful Daughter, Isolde, who is to wed your king." He said as he placed his hand on the back of his daughter back "I am entrusting her safety with you Sir Tristan. Please keep her safe, she is my only daughter."

     "Father." she almost said above a whisper and then King Hoel nodded and let her go.

     "What she is taking has been packed and is ready to go when ever you are Sir. Tristan, I know King Mark is eager to get wedded." King Hoel said as he moved to his throne. "Or if you wish to stay the night we have a room set up for you and your people." He said as he sat down "and a Feast planned. The choice is yours." He said and waved his hand to clear the room.

    tumblr_on52badZbp1vcvupko8_r1_400.gifIsolde looked to Tristan as she waited to hear if he wished to stay the night or begin the trip back, it was only late morning and they could make it back to the ship if he wished to leave tonight. She had no idea she was chewing on her lip her blue eyes locked with his as she was spaced out in that moment and she felt a blush from over her chest as she looked away walking down the few steps that kept them apart and stood next to him. "If you wish to stay Sir Tristan then I will show you to your room if you wish." She said as she stood next to him and looked up to him "I am sure you and your knights could use the rest." She spoke in her light Irish accent as she turned her gaze from his to his chest not knowing why she was being so bold with a man she didn't know.


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    Tristan nodded with a smile as King Hoel received the chest with further confirmation of their alliance between the two lands. He would be happy when all this was over and he could get back to Cornwall. Being endlessly on his uncle's campaign trail to unite the lands was beginning to take its toll on him. All the battles and lives lost over the last year was about more than he could stand seeing anymore. 

    OrlandoBloom69687.gifAs Hoel took the hand of his daughter and brought her forward, Tristan had thought he had wandered into a dream. She was more beautiful than the rumors could ever describe. His eyes lingered on hers as he heard her father speaking to him, but was too entranced to break his stare. He had seen his share of noble women, but they all played the part they were expected. Tristan could tell this princess was not the same. There was a fire behind her blue eyes and he wondered what caused them to burn so fiercely. 

    Her voice had finally broken his gaze and Tristan looked back to King Hoel. "Yes, I think we should like to stay the night and take out first thing in the morning. My men had only just arrived back at Cornwall after being on the battlefront before sending us here to escort your daughter." Tristan looked back to the princess once more and bowed. There was no reason they couldn't leave today, but there was a selfish spark in Tristan that wanted to linger here in Ireland just a little more. "I would like that, Princess Isolde." Tristan offered his arm to her with a soft smile as he noticed the small freckles adorning her face. "Perhaps a tour of the castle grounds first? Your home is very beautiful." 

    Tristan nodded to his leading officer for the men to return to the castle grounds and prepare to stay the night in the keep with the rest of the Irish knights. He turned to King Hoel and his wife, giving a short bow of his head. "We look forward to the feast tonight, your Highness. Thank you so much for your hospitality." His eyes went back to the princess. "Lead the way, my lady."

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    3a790816afb2de86bdc986c28e8c1275.gifIsolde looked to Tristan with a soft smile before she began to walk with him out of the court room as his men followed the staff to the rooms that would be set up for them. She cast a gaze over her should to them and then looked back in front of them trying to avoid Tristan gaze as her arm was wrapped around his. They walked the castle that took a good chunk of the day, but she made sure to Linger in her favorite places such as the library, the garden and lastly finding themselves in the stables. Her mother would give her ear full if she knew that she had the knight in the stables.

    "This is Ellie." She said as she ran her hand along the horses nose holding her as the horse pressed its face to hers and she smiled leaning her forehead to the horse she had almost all her life "I got to watch her being born." She said softly as her hand ran along the horses face and into the mane before looking to Tristan "It is going to be sad to leave her behind." She said as she pulled back from the horse as she turned away from them. She moved from him through the stables over to were the settles sat and she laid her fingers on hers where her name was burned in.

    "Do you have something you hold dear to your heart Sir Tristan?" She asked as she looked back catching him staring at her once again making her turn as the red blush graced her pale flesh, Keeping her back to him was the way she could hide the blush. But his eyes on her made her feel things she wasn't sure she was allowed to feel this way, with her marrying his king. It was just a crush, she reminded her self let out a soft breath until she turned around again to see him much closer then he had been a few moments ago.

    Her breath caught in her throat as her blue-green eyes looked up meeting his gaze, Her heart pounded loudly, she could feel it in her ears before she pulled her gaze to the floor "How about I show you to your room now I must get cleaned up before the feast." She moved pass him in an effort to place space between them but brushing up against him made her want to run to her room and run away. She kept walking unsure if he was going to follow her or not but she wasn't stopping unless she was by him.


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    As the pair walked on the grounds of her kingdom, Tristan's eyes never went too long to what she was showing him as they always seemed to fall back on her. Her ocean blue hues brightened whenever she spoke about something that she showed passion for and that was everything about her home. From the stone walls of the castle to the lush green gardens they walked through. He even admired her for the books she spoke about. It was strange to see a woman wanting to learn so much. Isolde was clearly not molded like the other women of court which he found incredibly refreshing.


    When they made their way into the stables, he stood on the other side of her horse and pet the beast's neck. "Ellie is quite beautiful," he said looking over the horse's nose and seeing the sadness pass over the princess's face as she realized the horse would not be going with her. Tristan wanted to give her some comforting words, but what could one say to another as they were being forced to leave their world behind? She was a princess and those were the prices they paid for having such a powerful title. People would tell her what an honor and great match it is to be married to the king; how wonderful a thing she would be doing for her country's future, but in the end, she was still forfeiting her freewill for the betterment of others. It was honorable, but expected. He would do the same in a heartbeat. 


    Tristan's eyes followed her as she walked away from he and the horse. He didn't hesitate when she asked him what he held dear. "My country." His eyes dropped from the horse and he started towards Isolde in some attempts to give her solace. As she turned to face him, they stood a few inches apart and Tristan wasn't really sure what to say as his lips parted. Isolde suddenly moved passed him with a fleeting touch and offered to show him to his quarters. He let out a baited breath and watched as she led the way towards the castle, before glancing back at her ladies in waiting who stood at the other entrance of the stables and quickly started after the princess. 


    When they arrived at the door to his chambers, Tristan couldn't help but noticed the distance she was keeping herself at.tumblr_oxu6mw86al1ugciaqo2_400.gif?width=180 He cursed himself for wanting anything more. "Thank you, Princess," he said, in an effort to bring himself back to his noble training instead of calling her by her first name. He bowed with a slightly forced smile. "I'll be happy to join you and your family tonight for the feast." As his eyes looked back to hers, he dropped them just as quickly and opened the door to his room. Tristan shut the door and let out a sigh before stepping into the large quarters. It was no surprise it was a beautiful space and his trunk was already there waiting for him. Tristan moved passed it and went towards the open window, staring out into the grounds of the kingdom where dozens of workers were busy prepping for the celebration later. Everyone else looked excited as they hurried about with flowers, decorations, and food, but he couldn't help and wonder why he wasn't looking forward to tonight at all.


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    Isolde looked to him as their eyes locked when he called her Princess it felt wrong on his lips like he should be calling her  Isolde and nothing else but she curtsy to him “Sir Tristan.” she said not forcing the smile that he did himself before she moved from his door hearing it close behind him as he slid into it. She looked to her ladies in waiting as they followed her tumblr_ogf5wgLHne1ryjyz8o1_500.gif?width=250sighing, no freedom around this place. She moved through out the gardens once again and looked to the people moving around carrying things to get ready for the party that evening. She looked up to the door that led to Tristan room longingly, what was this feeling stirring inside of her, she couldn’t explain it.

    She placed space between her and the ladies in waiting by going back to the stable and mounting Ellie, She had a few hours before the feast and dance that would happened and she need to clear her head if she was going to fake smile all night. So she took off out of the stables her hooded cap flowing behind her as she passed the side of the castle where Tristan would be gazing out the window “Ya!” she called out with a soft kick to the horse side causing the horse to break out into a gallop and she let go of the reins and held her arms out closing her eyes getting lost in the brief moment of freedom. Feeling like she was flying towards the sun, but sadly flying towards the sun was not possible.

    After a hour or so of riding she returned to the grounds and was rushed off to her room, as she was told she need to look acceptable for that evening and to stop leaving the grounds alone. She frowned as she let the handmaids dress her, doing her hair though much couldn’t tame the wild locks of hers and finally she was ready and moved to her window looking to the darkness that covered the sky and she smiled up to the moon, night was a time she loved the most, it was peaceful and calming. She made her way to the banquet hall and smiled as she was the last to enter the room “And now Princess tumblr_mz73bld8HG1qfucupo2_500.gif?width=250Isolde the reason for this event.” Her father called out as the room clapped she made her way to her father’s side and sat down after a curtsy to the room.

    She kept her eyes on her plate as food was placed on it as she listen to the buzz in the room the knights talking and drinking, she ate her food slowly and then finally looked up across the room and let her blue hues scan the room before locking with his and then she quickly glanced to her father who was drinking heavily himself. She sighed softly and then looked back to Tristan to see if he was still even looking at her. She was wrong she didn’t see him looking at her with a different gaze other than a man who was serving his country, she could never mean anything to anyone for she was to be married to his king, and yet her mind wondered if he meant to stand so close to her look at her the way he did. At this point she had realized her gaze had been linger on him way to long and her cheeks flushed as she looked back to her plate she took a long swig of the wine in her glass.

    The room soon busted out into song and dance and people dancing in the middle of the room. Isolde made her way to the back wall pressing her back to it letting out a shallow breath wondering if she could sneak out without being noticed as she she watched her drunken father swing her mother around like they were the only ones in the room. It cause a true smile to grace her face, for all the issues her mother and father had with being married because of their families they had fallen in love with time, maybe she would be that lucky. Now that thought caused her to frown and she turned her body to sneak out the back door.

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    Tristan lifted the lid on his heavy trunk and pulled out another shirt and vest to change into for tonight. He lay the clothing out onto the large bed and unfastened the buckle to his sword, removing it from his hip. As he pulled the shirt he was wearing over his head, the distinct sounds of women crying out came from outside and he hurried over to the picturesque window once more. Outside he saw the three ladies in waiting, who remained at the princess's side, running across the grounds. Tristan let his eyes follow out into the fields and saw Isolde had taken her horse and was now galloping decidedly away from the young women. He couldn't help but chuckle and smile widely at the girl's defiant ways. His uncle would have his hands full. At that thought, the smile fell from his face as he leaned against the window's frame and watched her ride until she was out of sight. 

    A few hours later, Tristan placed his sword back on and took the cloth from the washbin and wiped his face. There was a warm breeze flowing through the window and it called to him as he walked back over to see the moon was high in the sky. The stars seemed endless as they stretched out over the blackness of the night. His eyes lowered towards the grounds where the torches were lit in the gardens for people to walk about for the feast. It appeared they even had some games set up for the court and archery for the knights. Tristan sighed and lowered his head as he turned on his heel and headed for the door.

    The doors of the great hall were opened for him and his smile mechanically came to his face as he entered the room. Most of the court was already there and he moved about the room greeting all the nobles. Tristan eventually made it to the king and queen in which he bowed and thanked them again for their hospitality, commenting on the beauty of their castle grounds after having the private tour given by their daughter. The guests mingled a bit more until they were called to the grand table which meant the princess would be joining them soon. His heart began to pound a little more quickly at the thought of seeing her again which made him grit his teeth in response. 

    He stepped over to the his seat, which wasn't very far from the head of the table since he and his knights were their honored guests. While Tristan was pulling out the chair next to him for one of the elderly women who was mother to a duke, the doors opened again and he heard audible gasps. He turned his head and saw Isolde had arrived to the sounds of her father's announcement and applause from the people in the room. She of course was lovely, though Tristan realized he thought she was most lovely when she didn't have this facade up. When her hair was wild and she wasn't pretending for others; that was when she was beautiful.  

    When the sounds of the chairs began to move across the floor, he dropped his eyes from her and took his seat at the table. After the food had been served, he realized he didn't have much of an appetite and reached for his goblet instead. The cup had a wonderfully sweet wine in it that he thought to keep close to him to get him through the night. His eyes flickered over to Isolde and he could see right through the mask she was putting out for everyone. When his eyes fell to her mother, the queen still had her look of resolve when she peered at her daughter. He had a feeling that only she and him could see how Isolde was truly feeling. And what did it matter? He would be bringing her back to his uncle and that was it. His life would consist of keeping him and now his new queen safe from the threats of enemies. Tristan clutched his cup and drank from it till it was empty, telling himself he would stay away from the princess as much as he could.

    It wasn't long before the horns and lutes of the minstrels were filling the room. People were off of their feet and movingtumblr_inline_nux4wlrkbp1qlt39u_400.gif?width=245 about in swirls of colors. Tristan was standing in a small group of men who were speaking about the common enemies of Ireland and England when he saw Isolde begin to move towards the back of the room with a determined look on her face. "Excuse me, gentlemen." Tristan shadowed Isolde's movements from across the hall as he watched her through the moving bodies of the dancers. It became clear she was moving towards the back door that lead into the hallways which branched off into the kitchens and gardens. He crossed the floor and fell in behind her just as she was reaching for the doorknob. "My Lady, I believe the feast in your honor is not quite over yet." From her surprised expression, Tristan knew she hadn't been expecting to be seen as she turned to face him. A silence fell between them and he cleared his throat. "If you're insistent about leaving, I can't allow you to walk around without an escort. It is my duty, after all, to keep you safe and the wild tribes would love to see a princess walking about alone in the middle of the night for the taking," he said with a smile. Though his words were true about not walking about the grounds without a guard, his selfish want to be that person was something he couldn't ignore as much as he tried. His valiant plan of staying away from Isolde hadn't lasted very long at all.

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    giphy.gif?width=250Isolde went to make her escape thinking she was unnoticed after all there were plenty of beautiful women in the court to keep the knights attention with dancing and promises of a moment alone to steal kisses or more. She had never been one to run off to kiss a man but she had thought about it, once or twice. She placed her hand on the door to push it open a bit and sneak away when she heart the throat clear behind her and she turned around her read hair bouncing as she looked through her curls to him sighing softly as she turned and faced  him. “I guess I am caught.” She said softly as she turned to face him looking back to all the happy faces as they drank and danced. Before letting her icy blue orbs set on him once again.

    Her ladies in waiting were too busy to try and shag one of his nights in hopes for some kind of marriage to worry about her, it was one of the few times she could have been free if it wasn’t for Tristan somehow being ever so watchful over her “This feast is to unite the kingdoms and waste money.” she said with her sharp tongue “Frankly do you think anyone in this room cares if I am here or not besides my parents who are shipping me off to marry your king.” She said as harsh as she could before the silence fell between them.

    “Well I am leaving if you wish to be my shadow and miss out on your chance with a women for the evening then feel free Sir Tristan.” She said and with that she pushed the door open and pulled the pens that kept her hair in place out as the red curls falling around her a crazy mess once again as she walked through the kitchen to the gardens that were beneath the moonlight as she walked into the center of the garden she turned her gaze up to the moon and sighed out as she heard him walking up beside her. 

    giphy.gif?width=300“Forgive me for my tongue, I didn’t mean what I said about your king I heard he is a great man.” She kept her blue gaze on the almost full moon. “Growing up a princess always being told how to walk, talk, act. And even feel because your heart is not yours to give, you a sold off as cattle as if your life only means this much gold worth, or this much peace worth.”  She looked down to the flowers in front of her and ran her fingers along the pedals softly “Sometimes I wish I was born a common girl who didn’t have to deal with it all.” She looked to him tears in her eyes before she looked away. “Look at me crying because I come from money, you must think me senseless.” She said as she wiped her tears away and then sniffled softly before.

    She stood there quiet for a long moment, she longed for a comforting touch. “I think I wish to retire to my chambers.” She said softly as she turned to face him the wind whipping around her red curls as she moved closer to him and brushed against him as she passed him moving back to the castle to walk to her chambers. “Excuse me.” she said lowly as her arm stayed pressed to his for a brief moment. “Do you plan on walking me to my chambers?” She asked lowly before pulling her blue gaze up to his.

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    Tristan stood watching as the princess once more left with her back to him and his mouth open in a loss for words. Again, she wasn't wrong in the things she was saying, save for the part about finding a woman to be with for the night. Though he imagined it would be just as easy to find an eligible woman looking for some type of nobility to be with here in Ireland as it was back home, his mind was far from such things. His hand caught the heavy wooden door as it began to close on him which seemed to finally uproot him from the spot he was stuck on while watching her flee the celebration.

    As he quickened his steps to follow her, he noticed the looks of the workers in the kitchen as they watched Isolde pass through. None of them seemed too surprised to see her going off by herself and soon their eyes fell on him as he moved to keep up with her while they remained busy about the kitchen for the feast. Tristan slowed his pace as his feet hit the soft earth of the gardens and let her move farther up ahead. He didn't want to be intrusive knowing this was a difficult time for her. Tristan gave her a moment before walking up beside her, following her fixed look to the night sky that he had been admiring earlier in the evening from his room.

    When she spoke of the duties forced upon her given her title as a princess, he broke his gaze away and looked to Isolde with a gentle understanding. "I know of what you speak. I know what it is like to have others making the decisions of your life. I was bred to be a knight and to do anything for my country and family. Nothing else mattered. I was not allowed to have selfish wants if it did not mean the betterment of my kingdom." Tristan smiled softly and rested his hand on the hilt of his sword. "You needn't apologize to me, Princess."

    While they stood in the quiet, his mind wandered to what it would be like watching her become queen of a country she had no ties to; To be with a man she'd never met and give up her life in a home she loved just as much as he loved his own. He wished he could comfort her in words, but what could ever be convincing enough? Isolde broke the silence between them and his eyes fell to their arms as they briefly touched. Her question of escorting her back to her chambers made him take pause momentarily. It would already be quite the scandal to have anyone come out here and see them together without a chaperone let alone being seen by her room without supervision. When he looked down into Isolde's eyes, there was really no other answer he could give as he nodded his head with a slight bow and offered his arm to her. 

    tumblr_oqvnyyNppC1snykouo7_400.gif?width=250The music was still drifting through the halls though it had quieted significantly while they moved up a staircase and towards her room. They hadn't run into anyone which was either very lucky or she knew the best route to take to be undetected. Knowing how she liked to sneak off by herself, Tristan had the feeling it was the latter. When she stopped in front of a large set of double doors with intricate designs through it, he dropped his arm and faced her, still seeing the distress that rested in her features. His heart ached seeing her like this knowing her spirit was so strong and wild and it seemed to be breaking in front of him. 

    Before he could stop himself, Tristan reached out and touched the curls framing her face. He pushed them gently aside to see her eyes which had become hidden as her gaze was lowered in thought. Her face lifted at his touch and he could see the vibrant blue of her orbs seemed to be a stormier gray. His rough and battle-worn fingertips drifted slowly down the side of her soft cheek as his lips parted. "I..." He wasn't sure what he wanted to say, only that everything that came into his head would be the wrong words

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    Isolde wanted to tell him he would never know what she was having to live through, that being a Knight was vastly different then being a princess who was being shipped off to a foreign land. He in the end could have a say in who he married but she just nodded slightly, her face not smiling as she looked from him to the sky once more before looking down to his arm as he offered it to her. She reached for the edge of her dress holding it so it would not scrape the floor as she led them back up a way no one ever used. Her slender arm slid through his and she pulled him slightly as he followed her footsteps. The silence between them stretching out and she wondered if this was how it would be with her new husband. Awkward silence as they walked to their shared room. She shuddered at the thought slightly.

    The music lingered down the halls barely reaching her room once they had made their way their through the back passage and she was thankful no one was down her hall, the guards seem to be enjoying themselves that night besides the ones along the perimeter of the castle. As they stopped outside of the double doors with beautiful carving along them she felt his arm fall away, she wondered if he was thankful to be rid of her for the night, the problem princess as her mother would so kindly call her when they were alone. 

    200.gif?width=300Her mind was purged with many thoughts in that moment and she hadn’t noticed him staring at her watching her as if he could read the fear and uncertainty in her eyes. Her blue gaze looked up to him as he touched her curls gently she caught her breath and held it as his rough fingers ran along her ivory cheek softly as his own eyes seem to be filled with confliction and she parted her lips letting out the breath she didn’t know she was holding when she heard the clink of the door at the end of the hall.

    Without thinking Isolde pulled open her chamber doors and grabbed his hand from her cheek pulling him into her room shutting the door behind them pressing his back against the cold stonewall her hand covered his mouth as she heard the footsteps stop in front of her door and she looked down and heard the slight knock on the door “Isolde, Darling?” Her mother's voice came from behind the door. “Why are you not at your party?”

    “I wasn’t feeling well mother.” she said back as she kept her eyes on the door her body pressed to his without her noticing as she spoke more “I figured it would be best for me to rest up and make sure I have packed what I could while the others celebrated. You and father looked lovely dancing together. I will see you for breakfast.” She said as she held her own breath.

    The silence seemed to stretch out for a long time before her mother cleared her throat “Alright Isolde rest tomorrow will be a big day for us all.” and with that the sound of her mother's heels clicked their way back down the hall and once she heard the heavy door clink again she let out a sigh of relief when she pulled her gaze from the door to his she took a massive step back and felt the blush burning her chest and cheeks. “Forgive me.” she said as she turned to avoid eye contact with him in that moment.

    There was nothing she could say in that moment that would sound right… Every thought she was having was not one she could indulge in, and yet her mind wandered to what it would be like to feel his lips against hers, this caused the blush on her cheeks to burn brighter. She lifted her gaze to her reflection as she watched him watch her. “My mother will tell my ladies in waiting I had gone to bed, before you leave do you mind untying me?” she motioned to the corset on the back of her dress.

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