Nerissa had been in hiding out in the forest just on the outskirts of a city that looked like it was run down and on the verge of self-destruction. She had gone into the town once to find some kind of food but learned quickly they were unwelcoming of her as the people chased her from the town claiming she was a witch. So, she stayed there watching from the outside only sneaking in the town at the cover of night stealing a few things to eat. She was lost, she had just lost everything due to her own selfish needs and she knew she could never make up for what she did.

She was hoping in the new land she could learn to move on or even find a way to break the curse that flowed in her bloods. That day she had watched a group ride into town claiming they wanted to help the town from going broke under the king’s rule. She watched as the blonde-haired male who was clearly the leader went around talking to the people of the town. Night fell and all of them had found their place at the small tavern that was the only business that had seem to do well in the town.

Nerissa found herself perched high in a tree to keep her hidden as she closed her eyes to try and get some form of sleep, but it didn’t happen, sleep evaded her much like it did every night. So, she watched the towns people gathered in a mob in the center of the town. It caused her to raise up on the branch and follow them on the edge of the tree line jumping form tree to tree and then landing to the ground as they split form the trees to the house up on the hill. She moved into the small crowd that followed the screaming mob.

She watched in horror as the humans through torches on the house screaming that they were witches. She knew she need to do something to stop this senseless murder of the woman that lived in the house on the hill. She raised her hand to the sky ready to have a heavy storm unleash when she saw the blonde man from earlier rush passed her through the crowd and into the home. She watched as he and two of the men he came with cleared the home, the last scream coming from deep in the home.

She lowered her hand as she was trying not to reveal herself to the humans more then she already had. Her hand slipped into her pocket around the seed that rested in it as she watched the door way closely. She heard the snapping on the rosters in the roof of the home, and watched as the last woman was pushed out with force and her eyes widen catching sight of the beam as it came down on the man, no one was moving to help him.

It felt as if hours had passed but she was sure it was only a few moments. She couldn’t stand by and watch this any longer, she pushed aside the people of the crowd and through the door way as she looked around. She threw her hands up in the air as water flooded over the beam and him. She was sure smoke had filled his lungs at that point. She had to act quickly or she wouldn’t be able to save him.

She pressed her hands to the ground and caused the ground below him to break up and press the beam off him as she took hold of his hands and with the strength she could muster she managed to drag him free from the burning house. She looked down to him pressing her fingers to his neck to find a pulse, pressing her other hand to the back of his neck where she found blood pouring out of him. The beam must have landed on him just right to kill him. She moved her bloody hands to his cheek and turned his face towards her.

She had learned to use the kiss of life once before on her old friend back in Redwoods and it had worked but she wasn’t sure if she could do it any more. She took hold of the seed in one of her hands as the other pulled his mouth slightly open. She leaned down and pressed her lips to him as she breathed life into him, part of herself into him so that he may live again. She wasn’t sure why she need to save him but an overwhelming need to save him had washed over her. She kept her lips pressed to his until she felt pressure pushing back and she pulled back looking down to him as he coughed out. “Welcome back.” She said lowly.

“WITCH!” was cried again and she looked behind her as the crowd came towards.

“I hate to kiss and run.” She said to the man as she rose to her feet and jumped over him as she ran off back into the woods her cloak flowing after her.

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  • Human Right Hand

    It was the warmest day of the year thus far as spring began to move into the country. With it, it seemed many of the nobles were raising the taxes even more now that people were able to produce more goods on their lands. There was a specific village who was being hit the worst a few days ride out. Devon had taken a couple of the men from the Rogues and set out with a cart filled of goods that could help the people of the town survive until they could catch up on all the demands being made from the baron of the lands.

    Devon looked over at his two companions who he was closest to even before creating the Rogues. As always, William and Milo were teasing one another endlessly, making him laugh. If there were two people in the world he could count on, it was them. They'd been through the ups and downs of the simple lives that peasants led. They'd learned from a young age how to survive by stealing and fighting. He'd never thought they'd be where they are now, but it was certainly better than that of the people who were dying in the streets everyday. All he could do now was try and help as many of them as he could with the means given to him and the Rogues.

    "Oi, we're about to come up on Mercer now. Behave yourselves till we get to the pub later tonight. Think you can handle that?" The two friends gave him obscene gestures to which he smirked and continued riding ahead of them to meet with the elder of the town. Within the hour, the three were helping unload the wagon of provisions to the townspeople who were all gracious of their visit. The same couldn't be said for the baron or any of the nobles for that matter. They didn't really take kind to Devon and the men, but it didn't stop them from doing as they pleased to help others. Running from the law was something they were used to and it always helped to have friends in other places around the kingdom.

    Night had fallen and they had ended up in the nearby pub. The music and chatter were loud as expected, for it was the one place people could gather and forget about the troubles of their peasant life for a while. A man stumbled up against the bar and fell into Devon, causing him to have to help the older patron stand. He laughed and spilled his ale all over the bar and floor. "Easy, sir. If you're so willing to spill the drink you're paying for, I'd be happy to take it off your hands."

    "Aye, lad, it may seem as if I'd have enough, but I'd be needing more even after that," he slurred, grasping the top of the bar to stand up straight.

    Devon chuckled and drank from his mug as he looked over to his intoxicated friends who were singing with one of the bar wenches. "And why is that? Wife giving you too much trouble? Maybe it's cause you're coming here too much."

    The man laughed and put a hand on his back. "No, the wife ain't the problem. Well, of course she's a problem, but no!" He leaned closer to Devon's ear and attempted to whisper which came out just as loud as he was already speaking. "I fornicated with the prostitute witch."

    Devon nearly choked on his ale as he laughed. "Go on, man. Didn't think you all had a brothel here in this town. And witches, no less! I bet they can do things I've yet to see," he joked, nodding to the barman for another.

    "I DO NOT LIE!" He climbed up on the bar then and nearly toppled over as he called for everyone's attention. It took more than a few tries until finally everyone was curious as to what the drunk had to say. "You all know the truth. Those witches at the border of town have been stealing the men away from their wives and casting their dark magic!"

    To his disbelief, Devon actually saw the people of the tavern nodding in agreement. He rolled his eyes and grabbed the new ale put in front oftumblr_inline_oyxsvtIUml1v9n4nv_540.gif?profile=RESIZE_710x him, leaning back to watch the man in his ferverous speech. "More like you all use that as an excuse to be adulterers," he muttered, shaking his head with a smirk.

    "We.. we shouldn't be afraid! There's more of us than them!" The agreement of voices began slowly and then became more prevelant as he went on. "I say we burn them out!" A cheer rang out and before he knew it, everyone was piling out of the bar. Devon furrowed his brows at his friends who both shook their heads. 

    They followed the crowd out and saw them making their way down the road leading from town. "They aren't serious, are they?" Milo said, drinking the wine he'd taken out of the tavern. Devon remained silent, but quickly started after them as he saw the people making torches and grabbing crude weapons. 

    When the three caught up to the mob, he could see through the trees they'd already set a house on fire. They quickly ran to the home and pushed their way through the people, hearing the cries of women inside. "My God..." William muttered as they watched the house burn.

    Devon ran to the door and kicked it open, immediately seeing one of the women cowering  on the floor. Milo went to her aid as he and William continued looking throughout the house. He could tell the place had been made to be a small brothel and they continued checking the rooms for anyone inside. When they decided everyone was out, they rushed out of the house and were choking for air as the smoke filled their lungs. Picking his head up, Devon glared at all the people outside who he wanted to give a piece of his mind, but was fighting for air just to breathe properly again.

    A scream suddenly sounded and they all looked back at the engulfed home. Someone was still inside. Devon looked back to his friends before running back inside the home.

    "ARE YOU MAD?!" Milo called after him, but watched as his friend disappeared into the flames.

    Devon moved about the burning house, barely being able to stand the heat of the flames. He finally saw a closet near the back that they had missed their first time inside. He pulled it open and saw a small woman inside who was curled in a ball on the floor. "Come, we have to go. There's no time." She quickly took his hand and he guided her towards the front when the sound of cracking wood made him look up. The structure of the house was falling apart and he pushed the woman outside just as the beam came down on top of him, putting him into blackness.

    There was a sudden burning in his chest when all he wanted to do was stay in this very peaceful sleep. It was hard for him to sleep and for once it felt like this was what most people probably experienced when they went to bed at night. His eyes opened and he gasped for air, seeing a young woman above him. His insides felt like they were on fire and though he tried to speak, nothing was coming out. Devon laid out on the ground in exhaustion. The cries of the people behind him calling out witch made him open his eyes again as the mystery woman stood and spoke. When she jumped over him and took off, his friends were next to him asking if he was okay while he tried to make sense of what had happened in the chaos.

    tumblr_inline_oypljt9EFS1v9n4nv_540.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xThe next morning he woke in the tavern room, looking over at his friends who were still asleep. He could still feel the ache inside of his chest as the scene from the previous night played over again in his mind. Sometimes he hated the small mindedness of simple people. Devon went downstairs and made his way outside. He untied his horse from the rail and rode out down the path. When he reached the doomed house, there was nothing left but smoldering wood with wisps of smoke in the air, tickling his nose. His eyes flickered over to the direction the woman had taken and he ushered his horse along.

    He followed her tracks into the trees where the woods were nearly silent minus the small wildlife and chirping of birds. Her footprints were small and there certainly weren't going to be many women walking about the forest by themselves. Devon dismounted and tied his horse before going by foot through the thicker parts of the wood. The tracks suddenly stopped in front of a tree, making him lift his head up along its trunk and towards the sky. "Interesting..."

  • Fae

    When Nerissa took off she didn’t stop running till the screaming was but an echo on her back. She leaned over catching her ragged breath as she looked up to the tree she was standing in front. She could pass out right now, giving Devon the kiss of life took more out of her then it had on her own kind. She took hold of the tree before she crouched down and took off upwards. Landing on the branch that hung the lowest she bounced on it testing the sturdiness of it.

    poppy-drayton-gif-14.gifWhen the branch didn’t snap she lowered herself to a sitting position and leaned her back against the trunk of the tree as she stared off into the darkness still seeing the glow of the fire that was eating the house. She frowned deeply at the fact the towns people would be so willing to burn their own just because they thought they were different. She pulled the seed out of her pocket and looked at it. If only those humans understood they were not the only beings around.

    Nerissa tucked the seed back in its hiding place in her pocket and closed her eyes as the darkness of sleep over took her. Her body need to rest and regain its aura, As the sun hit her face she groaned and covered it when she felt the soft vibration though the tree of someone moving closer. Her mind went to the night before as she recalled she didn’t cover her tracks in her tired state.

    Nerissa moved crouching on the branch as she waited for who ever was drawing closer to her. Her eyes widen at the sight of the blonde male that she had saved the night before. Was he seeking out to harm her? She wondered though she didn’t take him as one of the simple town folk as he was saving the woman they had called witches. She turned her head slightly in curiosity as her hair was braided and away from her face letting her pointed ears stand out. She leaned back and landed to the ground smoothly as he spoke.

    tumblr_o0jw4gPZdj1qg94hko3_400.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xShe slowly stood up from the ground that she had landed on and rose her head back letting her Hazel eyes which were in the light a strange deep green to look in his “Glad to see you made it thought the night.” She said softly as she moved slightly closer. “how are you feeling?” she asked as she let her eyes move over him.

    Between their statures he was much larger not only in height but in muscle also. He seem to tower over her but that very well could be that he was over a foot taller then her as she stood at four foot eleven, so it wasn’t uncommon for humans to be taller then her, but she tended to be faster than them.

    “What brought you here into the forest?” she asked as she brushed past him and moved through the thickness of the forest around them. She could hear the soft neighs of the horse on the other side and wanted to steal a peak at the beast herself. She trees moved out of her way as she closed the space between her and the horse as she ran her fingers along the steed softly.

  • Human Right Hand

    Devon peered at the small woman as she crouched on the branch above him. She was certainly odd. He tilted his head just as she did as it was clear she was sizing him up. He was just going to offer her help down from the tree when she easily dropped lightly to the ground below next to him. His gaze went over her casually until he couldn't help but notice the pointedness of her ears. Lips parting slightly, he could only stay silent in his confusion as the girl asked how he was feeling while walking passed. "I'm.. fine," he responded automatically, though he certainly wasn't at this moment. 

    As he turned to face her while she walked through the forest, he saw something his mind couldn't quite comprehend. The trees were suddenly bending away from her as if to move aside and out of her path. "What the f..." The sound of the wood shifting and groaning as if it were alive made Devon stagger back a step just as he felt the ground beneath him tremble from their movement. The roots and vines of the trees detached from the ground and tossed dirt about before coming to rest just as fast when her small frame passed. His mouth was fully agape now and he blinked more than a few times in an attempt to make his mind catch up to what he was seeing. 

    Her inquiry on what he was doing in the forest made his gaze fall back on her, but it took him a moment to answer as he still stood their in shock. "I.. came to see what74268334?profile=original exactly happened last night, but now I'm starting to think I'm actually dead," he replied, finally getting his body to respond and slowly walk towards her. His eyes cautiously watched the trees as he moved by them to get closer to her. "I don't really remember much. My friends and I went after that mob who tried to kill those women at the small brothel outside of town. That idiot at the bar had gotten all the people behind him because they couldn't accept their sins of bedding another woman while being married. Called them witches. The house was burning when we got there. The flames and smoke.. Then nothing, not until I woke up on the ground with you sitting over me."

    Devon looked at her again and couldn't help but glance at her ears. "You saved me didn't you? How?" He folded his arms over his chest and raised a brow. "I'm not one to believe in fairytales either, but I'm certainly at a loss right now." He was a sensible man. While other children were playing, he was already working. You had no choice when you lived poorly and had to do anything to survive. There was no room to fill your head with nonsense when your reality was trying to figure out your next meal to not go hungry. He'd given up on those magical stories long ago... but looking at the small woman in front of him, he couldn't come up with an answer that he could accept as truth. 

  • Fae

    Nerissa noted he was much taller than her, in fact he was a tower compared to her four foot eleven frame, she was considered average height among those of her kind back in the Redwoods. As she had sized him up she noticed he had taken her in but it was the ears that seem to hold his shocking interest. She took in his pushed back blondish locks as he looked warn from the night before, she wondered if dying made a human who was brought back feel worse. He was the first human she had ever done that too. Her eyes studied him for a long moment, their color range shifted between deep brown to a green finally to their natural hazel almost yellow color.

    She looked from Devon as he mutter the automatic response, it brought the faintest of chuckles to leave her lips, which were naturally a rosey shade on their own, were slightly blue to the chill of the night she was working on shaking off as she walked through the forest. The path forming for her as her hand held the seed tightly.  “I am glad to see you are fine, at least up and moving around. Most people don’t have the advantage of life after they die. At least not in the same form prior to their death.” She spoke as if he should understand what had happened to him.

    tumblr_ozm9fdStgK1qgbxhso2_400.gif“What exactly happened last night? Are you telling me you don’t remember?” she paused looking to him as her hand stopped on the horse nose.  “You died last night, when the wood hit the back of your head it seem to kill you, or mostly kill you. When I got you from the burning house, I knew I couldn’t let you die over helping people. There are not many who would give their life so willingly for others.” she said softly her eyes moved down to the seed tha rested in her hand thinking of how she herself was not brave enough to give her life for her people. “I breathed the energy from the earth into a chi to bring you back as you were freshly dead so not far gone.” She tried to explain it the best she could. “I have only ever done it to my kind before so I was not sure if it would work on you humans.” She cleared her throat. “My clan call it the Kiss of life, it is rare for anyone to have the gift. Lucky for you I did though.”

    “Not one for magic?” she let another chuckle pass her lips as she moved closer and got on her tippy toes trying to close the gap in their height. “Strange to think that everything in life can be logic away.” She said as she then ducked down and picked up a hand full of dirt and placed it in the center of his palm that she manage to get free from his folded arms. She giggled as she held her hand to his mashing the dirt before slowly raising her hand from his the dirt begin to swirl between their hands like a tornado. “Magic and Fairytales are part of your world even if you chose to give a blind eye to it.” She said softly to him, before looking up to him, causing her concentration to break and the dirt to fall back into his hand.

    “What made you come looking for me?” she asked lowly looking at him. “Most people would just move on and be  thankful to be alive. The people in town thought I was a witch and ran me into the forest.” she took a step back from him looking behind him “Not a place I feel overly safe right now either. There are rumors of a mad king in these woods.” she muttered more to herself. “I am what is known as a Fae, that is why my ears are the way they are, but I did not look like my people, they all were so beautiful, I...” she looked down to her arms “not so much.” She shrugged and turned her back to him. “What brought you to find me.” she asked again looking over her shoulder to him once again.

  • Human Right Hand

    The man's head was spinning with the words she was telling him. None of it made any sense to him and she explained it as though it were something so simple to accept. As far as he was concerned, he was still unconscious after the fire last night and this was some crazy dream that he couldn't wake up from. Magic? Chi? Kiss of life? No, perhaps he'd just had way too much to drink at the ale house and was passed out at the bar. He'd really appreciate it if one of his friends would wake him up already. Things were starting to get more weird by the second.

    110288954?profile=originalDevon unfolded his arms and watched while she put the dirt in his palm. As it swirled between their hands, he let out a soft breath and watched in wonder. It was almost a disappointment to see it stop and he turned his hand over to drop the earth. There was a soft thrumming in his head and he touched the tender spot where it was coming from. Wincing slightly, he pulled his fingers back and saw dried blood. More and more Devon was starting to think this was the real world around him; whatever real meant, he wasn't sure. His eyes looked around at the woods in a whole new light before falling back on the small, peculiar girl in front of him.  

    At her questioning of why he had come seeking her, he couldn't help but notice her uneasiness. It was clear there was something or someone keeping her on alert. Devon glanced over his shoulder to follow her gaze out into the seemingly empty woods and wondered what it was that she was running from. Her hazel eyes seemed to change in color as the worrysome emotions passed through her. When she mentioned a mad king, Devon's brow furrowed. The only king he knew of was most certainly not in these woods. He was living lavishly in a castle far away from where they stood now. Then again, perhaps it was a king of this new world he knew nothing about.

    Her dismissive words to her appearance made him raise an eyebrow with a smirk. "Do fae not own mirrors?" he responded, walking passed and leaning against his horse. "Or perhaps the meaning of beautiful is different to humans. Believe me, you wouldn't have a problem in my world getting whatever you wanted." He quickly came to a conclusion that he hoped she would agree to and put his foot in the stirrup, lifting himself on the saddle. "I'm not really sure what happened last night, but I know I'm still alive because of you. So, I owe you. Life's debt and all. I don't like being in anyone's debt, but I figure I can help you out. You obviously don't want to be in these woods and I can keep you safe in my world and get you to wherever it is you need to go. However far you need to get. There's a ship leaving the London docks in a week that's crossing the ocean if that's the kind of distance you're trying to find. I'll get you safe passage." His connections were endless with the relationships he'd built over the years. "The friends I was with are back in town and we're done with our business here. We were planning to leave today which couldn't be soon enough." He'd about had it with the townspeople and their ignorance here. "Name's Devon," he leaned forward and offered a hand to help her up to sit behind him on the horse. "What should I call the fae who saved my life?"


  • Fae

    Something about the range of emotions he displayed as he slowly came to accept what she was saying as the truth. Though when someone brings you back to life it is kind of hard to ignore what they say. Her mind was far though in the moment she looked around the woods. She had yet to see Kyan or his fae only the whispers of the animals and plants seem to know of him. Almost none of them had kind words or tales about him either. She wondered if he would know what she had done. She had yet to truly accept her actions within herself. She was selfish for not giving up her life, she knew that, but was it so wrong to want to live.


    Her train of thought broke as his voice boomed from the silence that she had let fill there even if it was only for a few seconds as she trailed off about how she was nowhere near as beautiful as her family. Her eyes trained themselves on him as he walked passed her “In my world I was considered ugly.” she told him simply. “Since I left my home and walked among your kind they have treated me as such also. Calling name forcing people out of their town even you my flesh matched.” She watched him life himself up on the beautiful stallion with such grace, “So it seems you are wrong, I can not get whatever I wanted.”

    Not that she truly wanted anything then a place to make her own. She gave a slight shrug to him as she moved closer, “What happened last night is that you are brave, you risked your life for others. It was not right you lost your life in the process.” She tilted her head at him curiously as he say he owed her. “Owe me? What ridiculous notion is that, I did not save your life for a favor. You owe me nothing but to live a long happy life.” She told him but as he spoke of her not wanting to be in the woods, she cast her worried gaze over her shoulder as she weighed her options.

    She didn’t want him to feel as if she was using him if he took him up on his offer, she let her gaze drift back to him as she looked to the hand he reached out to her, she kept quiet for a moment before she moved her finger to dance along the strong line of his palm. “Do you mind, if I travel with you for a little bit till I find somewhere I can make some place to be some kind of home?” She asked softly “I can help with food and anything else that needs to be done.” She said softly “I do not wish to cross the ocean again anytime soon.”

    When she fled the Redwoods the ocean was scary even for someone who can control the element of water. “Devon.” She repeated the name could hold many different meanings and as she looked up into his gaze. “The defender.” she said softly for a moment before answering his question “My name is Nerissa.” She let her hand move tumblr_o1lvv2gisB1uxvu3bo6_250.giffrom his and began to walk on the air as if they were steps before she moved and sat her small frame in front of him. “Do you an your friends travel a lot?” she asked as she ran her fingers over the horses main and offered a soft click with her tongue and the horse started to move forward the path in front of them clearing making it a smooth ride back to town.

    “Runaround saving mankind from itself often?” her interest in him had become peaked the night before but now it was in overdrive. She moved on top of the horse to face him as if it was a natural thing to do, since they were closer to the same height on the horse. “Tell me your story Devon, what made you the man you are today?” she tilted her head to him. “What makes you tick?” there was almost an excitement about her as the points of her ears twitched slightly as her quizitave nature began to shine through.

  • Human Right Hand

    The hand he extended to help the young woman onto the saddle remained outward in its gesture as the fae seemed to move on air until she was straddled over the mount in front of him. Devon finally moved from his frozen position and took hold of the reigns in front of her just as she signaled for the horse to start moving. He wasn't sure if he'd ever get used to seeing her do these extraordinary things. The trees seemed to bow away from the riders until they made it to the main road once more that headed back into town. "Right..." He lowered the reigns with a small smile and a hint of surprise, letting the horse who didn't cooperate for most any else be led by the intriguing fae in front of him. 

    At her question of his traveling habits, Devon cleared his throat and was just about to answer until the thought was lost at her sudden movement. He watched with a raised brow as she stood with perfect balance on the moving horse and turned around to face him. She then casually lowered herself back down in the saddle, not leaving much room between them. Devon looked at her for a paused moment as her face remained neutral, waiting for the answer to the sudden flurried questions. Clearing his throat, he looked over her shoulder to see the horse was still moving along perfectly fine without needing a guide. "Uh.. yes, Nerissa. We do travel a lot." The rogue found the woman's hazel hues transfixed onto his in her curiousity. There was certainly no sense of personal space among the fae, but the oddity made him smirk nonetheless as he let his gaze move past her again towards the road. "We are no saviours. Just a couple of troublemakers looking to help out those that can't help themselves due to others in power. Myself and a few others ride out to the different towns around London and give what we can to the people that need help surviving."

    A silence fell between them for a moment and he looked to her again as her face remained the same in its intrigue only inches apart. A light chuckle escaped his lips and he shrugged his shoulders. "You're going to have to get a few pints of ale in me if you wish to learn the dark parts of my past, Nerissa." The sun was bright in the sky as the morning sun peaked just above the forest and he could see the tops of the buildings in town begin to show among the trees. Devon glanced towards her exposed ears for a moment and gently pulled the light hood of her cloak up. "You may want to have this on as we get into the village. I imagine many of the idiots there will remember your face. Hopefully, we'll be out of there soon and back to London within a few days time." His right leg swung from behind the animal's back and Devon dropped to the dirt easily to take to the slow pace they had been going, moving the reigns over the horse's head and at least look like he had some control again. It might seem a bit odd to others if they were to ride into town that way. "You mind?" he joked lifting the reigns a bit, looking up to her with a slight chuckle. "I'm getting a little jealous here."

    The road suddenly opened up wide as the large stone fountain greeted them at the beginning of Mercer. The likeness of the baron in the middle standing in a triumphant pose in his armor that had never seen a battlefield made him roll his eyes before turning towards the pub where he saw the two horses of his friends still tied up and without the cart and no sign of prep to leave. "Unbelievable." Devon let out an exasperated breath followed by a curse, leading them towards the establishment where he had the feeling his companions would be, huddled up at the bar. "I apologize ahead of time for the idiocy you may endure on the journey," he said to Nerissa, but kept his eyes on the pub. After tying the reigns to the post, Devon pushed open the door and saw the Rogues with a mug each, sitting and laughing. When they saw Devon come through the door, they called out in a cheer, along with the people they had crowded around them. He sighed, crossing the floor. It seemed they still didn't understand the concept of laying low and he had warned them what could follow if they were careless for even a second.

    134317833?profile=RESIZE_710xOn cue, the elder's apprentice came into the pub, nearly out of breath as he doubled over. "The baron.. He's called the guards."

    "Perfect." Devon's eyes narrowed on his friends as he pulled them forcibly out of their stools by the shirts. They quickly grabbed their bags nearby, moving from the bar and outside. They busily set their packs to get ready to run. "What were you idiots thinking?"

    "Free drinks from the very grateful townsfolk?" Milo commented to which Devon smacked him in the back of the head. 

    They untied the horses and Devon waved away the cart when they went to latch it to the animals. "Leave it. We'll get another one back in London." He looked back over his shoulder every few seconds to see if the soldiers were close. After lifting himself onto his horse, he noticed the others glancing back to the new companion while they hastily tried to leave.

    "Isn't she.." William started, but Devon quickly interjected as the sounds of horses came echoing through the woods. The dust cloud of the guards' horses billowed among the treetops.

    "Yes, she is and she's coming along." He beckoned Nerissa with his head to get on the horse once again.


    "Let's go!" Devon kicked the steed forward towards the other side of town and the commrades went racing through the streets with the guards closing in behind them.

  • Fae

    tumblr_inline_o1l37i7YpK1tae3h3_500.gif?profile=RESIZE_180x180Nerissa clearly forgot that her powers were not normal among the human masses, it was the reason she was ran out of the town in the first place. She came from a place that her magic was expected to be used. Yet in this manner with him she felt safer to use her magic. Though she was far more interested in why a mortal man who could die easily would just run into a burning building. She eyed him with her Hazel gaze as he spoke and then looked from his face down his body trying to see if she could see anything that stood out about him. “Oh so this is something you and your friends do often then? How have you survived this long?” she shook her head slightly to him and moved her eyes back up to his.

    Her eyes looked deep into his eyes and then raised an eyebrow causing her eyebrow to smirk at him for a moment “so you are saying you will tell me with the right motive.” she said her breath catching, as she tensed up to his touch more out of habit and then relaxed as he pulled the hood up over her ears and nods slightly towards him in agreement “Well I can do my best to hide in the shadows.” she said and then watched him slide from the orce and she moved herself to face forward and then chewed her lip softly as she nodded “Sorry sometimes I forget what I am doing.” she said letting out another soft click letting the horse go from her trance she had it under. Letting it be lead back by him. “Wait why were you jealous?” she chuckled softly at him raising a brow. “I am sure she has enough love for us both, just more for me.” she runs her fingers along the horses neck softly. “She is just such a beautiful creature.”

    Nerissa lifted her head slightly looking to the city, she couldn’t remember the last time she had been in town during the day. She leaned her head slightly forward in an effort to avoid anyone gaze. She looked  to him when he muttered out in an exasperated breath then an apology left his lips and she could only chuckle to him “Devon I have be around worst people most of my life. I am sure I can put up with your friends. She slide from the horse when he went inside moving to the other two that were his friends petting them softly forming a bound with them while she did so. She enjoyed animals they seem to have their lives figured out in ways she could never understand. She watched as people seem to be running around the town like chickens with their heads cut off. Nerissa had a sinking feeling in her stomach and then quickly undid the horses from the post of the pub knowing that they were going to need to run and quickly.

    Nerissa could feel the rumble of horses long before they were even close she kept looking back to the doors and calculated of what she could do to get him out of there and on the road faster, but she knew he wouldn’t leave his friends behind, he wasn’t like her in that aspect. She took hold of his arm as he pulled her up this time she was tumblr_o1mlhjXw7r1v4acnbo2_250.gifbehind him and she whispered to his ear “I got this.” She whispered to him as they started to ride off “Just don’t freak out.” She let out a click and all the horse under her control in order to keep them from freaking out. Nerissa turned around sitting facing the men that were racing towards them.

    She took a deep breath pulling the seed from her pocket “I hope this works.” she muttered as her eyes turned black and suddenly a thick dark fog grew around the the soldiers and kept growing thicker as she tighten her grasp on the seed she could feel the pain in her head began to grow the further they got from the town but it meant the gap between Devon’s crew and the guards was growing and the rumbling that she could only feel was from the three horse under control. She knew she shouldn’t use the dark power as it tended to hurt her just as much as other. She rolled her head forward as she watched a few drops of her blood fall to the seed and she groaned as she weakly pulled the seed back into her pocket. Letting go of the darkness that was holding back the soldiers but she was sure they were far enough apart now.

    “Dev…” She muttered as she tried to move herself back to hold on to him as she was fading quickly, but the darkness took over her own mind and she went limp losing control of the horse the moment she did. With one bounce she was thrown to the ground rolling slightly coming to a stop, blood leaking from her nose.

  • Human Right Hand

    The foursome barreled through the town as fast as they could. People were scattering out of the streets as they raced towards their only other escape from the soldiers. Devon grasped the reigns tightly as he urged the mount to move faster. If they were to be caught, he knew the baron would find some way to pin anything he could on him and his friends just to watch them hang in the square in front of the townspeople despite doing nothing wrong. The nobles would not abide those that caused a stirring in their popularity which would no doubt cause for more backlash by the people. Devon looked behind them and could see the men not far behind. He only hoped they didn't have many posted at the gates near the end of town. 

    When Nerissa spoke the soft words in his ear, he raised a brow in confusion and glanced over his shoulder when he felt the fae moving. Soon she was sitting backwards on the horse with ease. He was just about to inquire about the meaning of her words when all three horses were suddenly matching stride and moving closer to one another. His friends looked over to him in confusion as he slowly released the reigns and realized he no longer had control. "Nerissa?" 

    A thick, darkened fog began to converge on Mercer. It quickly swallowed up the streets and soon he could barely see his hands in front of him. The townsfolk were282145110?profile=RESIZE_710x screaming in a panic as they all ran for safety or cowered where they stood. Devon held onto the saddle as he turned around and saw nothing but the darkness of her magic as the shouts of the guards and rearing of the horses gave him hope that her plan was going to work. 

    He could hear the sounds of the wooden gates groaning ahead of them as the guards who stood watch opened them up to let the flooding of people flee from the fog. Soon they were barreling down the dirt path that led out of town and into the forest. Devon turned around again and saw they weren't being followed, letting out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. They were safe for now. His hands took hold of the reigns again as he felt Nerissa start to move, but it wasn't to turn back around like he assumed. She was suddenly slipping from the horse. Milo called out as she went falling, but he was too late to stop her from hitting the ground hard and coming to a stop. "Nerissa!" 

    The horses suddenly bucked and reared when Nerissa's hold over them released. As the other two tried to gain control over the animals, Devon slid from the back of his and bent down to look at the fallen fae. He lifted her head up slightly and watched as it lolled to the side with no response to his calling her name. Ripping a piece of his shirt, he wiped the blood from her face and tossed the rag aside in the grass, gathering her in his arms and lifting her up. Will and Milo had finally gotten control over the horses and he saw their expressions change when their eyes fell on Nerissa. Her hood had fallen from her head, revealing her pointed ears. "What the..." Will began, but Devon interrupted.

    "We don't have time for explanations right now. I'll tell you when we get clear of this town. Now, give me a hand." The two dismounted and he passed her off to Milo as he climbed back onto his horse. With the help of them both, he put the small fae in front of him and wrapped an arm around her while holding the regins with his other hand. "Let's get as far away from here as possible and then we'll make camp."

    282138111?profile=RESIZE_710xIt was hours later as Devon sat near the fire, pulling out some of the cheese and bread from their provisions in his bag. The sun was starting to set and the three had been mostly quiet after he had explained to them as much as he knew about Nerissa. Milo seemed to be taking it a little more in stride compared to William as he saw the two of them glancing over at the unconcious fae every few minutes. She still hadn't woken up and he wasn't sure what more he could do. He stood up and walked over to where she was now laying on his blankets, seemingly asleep, though he couldn't help but notice her face seeming to strain every now and again as if she were having a bad dream. It didn't matter how hard he tried to wake her, nothing seemed to work. Sighing, the rogue moved a piece of her hair from her face as the cool night air blew by. "Whatever you're dreaming about, I hope you're fighting like hell to wake up."


  • Fae

    Nerissa could hear her name being child while the darkness shrouded her mind and stretched at her. Knowing the the nightmares were not going to stay at bay. She tended to be well at keeping the darkness from invading her thoughts as she slept because she never let herself touch it. Though today had been different, she wanted to save the man who even though he had no clue who she was or way she was, planned on helping her. She could feel her body being shifting around and while she wanted to express she would be okay, but nothing would leave her lips.

    tumblr_inline_o1l2v6CyX01tae3h3_540.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xIt wasn’t long till she could no longer feel his arms around her, as her skin went cold. She could no longer hear him talking to his friends from the ale house. It was a deafening silence that took over her body, no sounds of animals or wind, it would drive anyone mad. Nerissa stood there in the blackness looking around for any speck of light. “Hello!” she screamed out but her voice was distorted and echoed back to her in a high pitch scream. She whimpered out as she moved around in the darkness trying to find her way out.

    Something came into view though as she kept moving through the dark until she stood in front of the massive tree that was covered with red leaves. She looked beside her seeing her mother and father there, tears on her mother’s face. The scene in front of her was just how it was the day she entered the mother tree that day. Her mother in tears, her father saying how much of a warrior she was. Though this time she watched his mouth move and no sound come out. Nerissa pulled her gaze back up to the tree before stepping closer to it. Maybe she was thrown back to fix her mistakes.

    tumblr_inline_o1l37ggdsZ1tae3h3_500.gifShe picked up the edge of the elegant dress she was wearing, walking through the tree and stood there, it was different it was only surrounded by darkness. Till a version of herself, well mostly herself formed in front of her. The version of herself had claw marks all over her, her eyes milky grey as if she were blind and it hissed out “yoooooooou diiiiiiiiid thiiiiiiiiiiis.” The dark version of hers claws lashed out, wrapping around her wrist, yanking her out of the base of the tree to see her people there, the darkness oozing out of their mouths as they walked around in a zombified state. “The tree is not happy with yous, thinking you could take what you were to give your life for.” Her claws digged into Nixie arm. “They have five years at the most before the ooze fully takes hold and they come for you, your little dome will not hold up to the hoard.”

    The dark version of herself tossed her in the middle of her zombified people, and the began to turn towards her. Hands grabbing at her, ripping at her flesh as they screeched. “No! No! No!” Nerissa screamed as she shot up from where she had been laid. Her breath rapid as her eyes darted tumblr_o2mpjul7TZ1umnudao2_500.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xaround, she pushed the blankets off of her not caring in that moment who she woke as she walked and stood in the middle of the camp they had sat up. Her eyes taking everything in, her ears hearing the sound of what was normal, the cold wind whipping on her face. After a moment she was convinced she was safe and fine, she was not in the redwoods.

    She lowered herself on the ground, pressing her hands into the dirt there closing her eyes taking a deep breath. It took a moment to ground herself and remember everything that had happened turning around to find his men asleep while she was thankful she did not wake them. Her eyes fell on Devon, he must be exhausted still, she thought to herself as she watched him sleep in the dying light of the fire. She moved closer to where he laid noticing he was not covered. Her eyes drifted back to where she woke up from sighing softly muttering to herself “I didn’t save your life just for you to freeze to death.” She pulled the blanket that had been covering her over him.

    She noticed that morning wouldn’t be long, she owed them for not leaving her on the ground. Her hand reached up touching the slightly sore spot on the back of her head. She rose to her feet and began to walk off into the woods, she figured finding a few rabbits would do for breakfast, along with the food she could grow. She picked berries as she moved through the forest, managing to find a few rabbits she made her way back to the camp site.Nerissa moved back to the fire skinning and setting the rabbits up to cook.  Taking the berries she had collected and pulled the seeds out and buried them in the ground making them grow new bushes rapidly. Humming to herself she was lost in picking the massive amount of berries she had grown.

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