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The Middle Ages 300-1453 (AD) (23)

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Helping Hand (Ezekiel - Open Thread)

As the night closed and the sun drew in the morning sky, Ezekiel cast his gaze to the sky looking to the smoldering pit that the fire that…

Started by Ezekiel Neo

0 on Friday


Distorted View (Hawk and Lily)

Freshly nineteen Lily felt like she needed to start finding her path in the world. All she knew was her siblings tried to gather paints and…

Started by Dice

7 on Wednesday
Reply by Hawk Black


"Did we just become best friends?" (Devon and Hawk)

He did so enjoy when the turning of the seasons began which brought the ships into the port of London. Not only did it bring more people in…

Started by Devon Sawyer - Council

7 on Tuesday
Reply by Hawk Black


Promises (Devon, Nerissa, and Kyan with special guest appearances)

"Boy, you know there aren't any ships around here going across the seas. At least not for a few months when the trade routes are more activ…

Started by Devon Sawyer - Council

0 Jul 26


Bounded from the start (Vega and Libelle)

Ireland had been her home for the last few years, she knew the people around her village, she had love or so she thought. Roderick had used…

Started by Libelle Ryoko - Council

17 Jul 14
Reply by Vega


Unwilling Captive (Clarice De Bivillie and Heracles Skadi)

At the birth her name was Edith Anne Coastillon, she was born into the house of Coastillon, one of the most royal families to rule the land…

Started by Libelle Ryoko - Council

23 Jul 13
Reply by Skaði


Favor of Death (Tyr and Nerissa)

The woods were something that Nerissa avoided after breaking into Kyan home and barely making it out with her life. Yet she had to go colle…

Started by Nerissa Ironspring

15 Jul 12
Reply by Tyr Fenrir- Council


Saving Her From Death ( Asha and Raffaele)

As Asha was standing there before a male before her she growled lightly she was a gypsy and she always sometimes get what she wanted but th…

Started by Asha Kothari

17 Jul 11
Reply by Raffaele Spataro - Council


Fire And Ice (Astrid and Luca)

“And so, though this war between cultures was a tradition the present King took a risk that would either define his people forever or destr…

Started by Luca Rahotep - Council

16 Jul 11
Reply by Luca Rahotep - Council


Let's make a deal (Devon and Libelle)

Self made business woman was what Libelle was, it was something she prided herself on. She had slept with, done deals with, and stood stron…

Started by Libelle Ryoko - Council

28 Jul 9
Reply by Libelle Ryoko - Council


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