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The Modern Era 1900-Present (13)

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Lupine Gypsy

Whenever the Wind Blows... (Luca and Luna)

"And so, suddenly I felt the wind. As subtle as it was also beautiful. Peaceful. All-encompassing, and it made sense suddenly without a sha…

Started by Spade - Council

8 4 hours ago
Reply by Spade - Council


Reaper Research ( Nova and Kjiri)

It had been a long morning.  Nova had quiet quickly worked her way through 3 cups of coffee. Today was her day off. She thought a day in t…

Started by Nova Winters

3 Jan 15
Reply by Kjiri deMoon


Easing The Burden (Everlee and Kjiri)

✧ Easing The Burden ✧Rolling out of bed Everlee gave a heavy sigh as she moved her hair back. She felt the stiffness in her body from a n…

Started by Everlee Harlow

7 Jan 13
Reply by Kjiri deMoon


Death Find Us All (Brandon and Madeline)

He had grown used to this lifestyle after many years. He felt the vibration run through him as the name appeared upon the  scroll. His hand…

Started by Brandon LeCreaux - Council

6 Jan 10
Reply by Brandon LeCreaux - Council


Into the Woods (Kyan and Madeline)

"Alright and… we are all set! Thank you for your purchase Monsieur.” With a graceful smile, Madeline’s charming and naturally raspy voice p…

Started by Madeline Ezperanza-Colette

30 Dec 3, 2022
Reply by Madeline Ezperanza-Colette


Stay With Me [Ciara & Dimitri]

“Feed us, feed us. Please, we are hungry, Shadow. Ever so hungry.” The eerie hauntings of the Elders whined within each nook and cranny of…

Started by Ciara Devlin - Council

35 Nov 29, 2022
Reply by Dimitri Ezperanza-Colette


Homeland [Brandon & Ciara]

The halls of Hallows Hill Manor were silent, not even the sound of a mouse scurrying on through could be heard; for The Sisterhood were asl…

Started by Ciara Devlin - Council

1 Nov 26, 2022
Reply by Brandon LeCreaux - Council


The Assassination of The Midnight Rose [Alexander & Makani]

“Happy one year anniversary to me” Makani grumbled once she settled back down against the hard mattress; the alarm clock left broken in tin…

Started by Makani Duncan

15 Nov 26, 2022
Reply by Alexander Crimson


The Memory of Yesterday (Hathor and Echo)

Another restless night. At least he wasn't alone. Though it still felt as if he were. His wife avoided him and he believed she hated him. H…

Started by Echo Silversun

4 Nov 24, 2022
Reply by Echo Silversun


Job Gone Wrong (Jade & Spade)

Jade had a bad habit of just leaving without a word, something that was becoming vastly more aware as she had gained control of her power a…

Started by Jade De La Vega-Ryoko

2 Nov 5, 2022
Reply by Jade De La Vega-Ryoko


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