Adventuring through twisted time.

The Modern Era 1900-Present (13)

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A Toast! (Harper and Selina)

Selina still isn’t quite sure what she thinks about the modern day. All the loud people and colors are wonderful, as is the change in socie…

Started by Selina Rahotep

2 11 hours ago
Reply by Selina Rahotep


Digging Up The Past (Raffaele and Lilah)

Raffaele looked out of the darkened car window as it was stopped at one of the many traffic lights in the downtown part of the city. The th…

Started by Raffaele Spataro - Council

0 on Wednesday


A New Friend (Roni & Harper)

"Anything can happen to anyone at any time and you shouldn't just live through the days, or you lose them. You should do what you can to e…

Started by Harper Bellows

11 on Wednesday
Reply by Roni Blankley


Last Call (Dante and Harper)

The air shifted as the night sky broke open. A crackling sound sizzled as a portal appeared and a person seemingly dropped through out of n…

Started by Dante Tristan Wayland

0 Sep 10


The Assassination of The Midnight Rose [Alexander & Makani]

“Happy one year anniversary to me” Makani grumbled once she settled back down against the hard mattress; the alarm clock left broken in tin…

Started by Makani Duncan

3 Sep 5
Reply by Alexander Crimson


New Friendship? (Ashlan and Lilah)

A few months have since she pulled out her ongoing nightmare into a new one completely. Feeling as if she barely has had any time to proces…

Started by Lilah Hale

0 Sep 2


Into the Woods (Kyan and Madeline)

Alright and… we are all set! Thank you for your purchase Monsieur.” With a graceful smile, Madeline’s charming and naturally raspy voice pe…

Started by Madeline Ezperanza-Colette

15 Sep 2
Reply by Kyan Raventhorn - Council


Whenever the Wind Blows... (Luca and Luna)

"And so, suddenly I felt the wind. As subtle as it was it was also beautiful. Peaceful. All-encompassing, and it made sense suddenly withou…

Started by Spade - Council

5 Sep 1
Reply by Luca Rahotep - Council


Stay With Me [Ciara & Dimitri]

“Feed us, feed us. Please, we are hungry, Shadow. Ever so hungry.” The eerie hauntings of the Elders whined within each nook and cranny of…

Started by Ciara Devlin - Council

24 Sep 1
Reply by Ciara Devlin - Council


Others Like Me (Ashlan & Harper)

Harper Bellows was in the prime of her life. She was twenty-one years old and working most of her days. Unlike the average people in her l…

Started by Harper Bellows

6 Aug 29
Reply by Harper Bellows



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