Adventuring through twisted time.

Another day, another town. If there’s one thing that she knows for sure, it’s that she’s getting awfully tired of the monotony this has become, a cycle that’s been on repeat for centuries at this point. That damned cult keeps rearing its ugly head, at least one offshoot a decade that she’s catching wind of and she has no idea how they keep forming. She takes care to make sure she’s destroyed everything when she finds one of their strongholds, every paper and symbol and marking and table. Perhaps this means there is some credence to whatever dark god it is they follow? Is it what’s causing this cult to continue?

Her thoughts are as dark as the night outside and her mood is certainly not improving things. Since her presence in the town the natural soft rainfall has advanced into a downpour, but at least thunder isn’t rolling through the clouds yet. She’s nursing a glass of mead, hoping a sweeter, strong drink might help break through these thoughts and put her in the mood to focus on anything else but so far it’s done none of that. The men’s loud jeering is getting on her nerves tonight and behind her somewhere she can hear several of them harassing a barmaid. Normally she’d attempt to diffuse the situation peacefully but she finds that tonight she’s far from in the mood.

When she gets to her feet only to see one of the men grab the poor woman by the arm, the last straw of her temper has broken before they even realized they were in danger. “Hey asshole!” The sound of her mug breaking over the man’s head echoes through the tavern’s space and all eyes turn to them as the barmaid scampers away, fully expecting a fight. A fight is exactly what happens to, as soon as the man recovers from the stun he and his fellow harassers jump her. None of them notice the small smirk that graces her lips as they come after her, swinging with all the experience of a farmhand who’s never trained a day in his life. What she wasn’t expecting was for one of them to hit a bystander. Before she can get a handle on the situation the entire place has dissolved into a brawl, chairs being busted, people getting thrown around, she swears she even hears a table bust. All she can do is laugh.

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