Adventuring through twisted time.

Raffaele looked out of the darkened car window as it was stopped at one of the many traffic lights in the downtown part of the city. The thousands of people that occupied the sidewalks were in a world of their own as they walked among the many trendy stores and restaurants. Even for the thousands of years Raffaele had been alive, it still surprised him so how in the dark humans really were to the supernaturals of the world and continued in their clueless reality. Of course, this was all for the better of his kind and many others or they wouldn't survive.

The car finally stopped and his gaze moved up to the large sign over the storefront that had an intricate design made for its name. Patisserie Florentine was scrawled across the awning in many curves and swirls which covered the large front windows that expertly displayed the many French pastries and other baked goods meant to draw in the crowds. It was certainly working as the doors didn't seem to ever stay closed as people came in and out  of the cafe. "This is the address, sir."

Raffaele's attention was brought back to his driver that was one of the humans which did in fact know full and well about the supernaturals of the world including what he was. "Grazie, Antonio." The sanguine quickly got out of the back of the luxury rental, and hurried through the sea of shoppers to get inside as quickly as possible without actually moving at the speed of his species and drawing attention. The sun was high in the sky and draining, never something pleasant for his kind.

Sighing as he finally stepped inside while moving a hand through his hair, Raffaele was immediately hit with the wonderful smell of the baked goods and coffee. Not that it would ever be satisfying in terms of stopping his hunger, but he did enjoy good human food. His eyes scanned between the many bodies that stood in line in order to get peeks at the choices of pastries available. Something with chocolate sounded pleasant to him.

He sat down in one of the elaborate metal chairs at a table meant for two and glanced around at all the Parisian designing which made him give a small and crooked smile. It had been a long time since he'd been to his former home, but of course he wasn't here to enjoy the goods of the cafe that reminded him of a former life. Raffaele's eyes moved across the cafe just in time to see the reason he was there at all. The petite blonde woman he was in search of came through the doors of the kitchen carrying a tray of small sweets in one hand and a French press for coffee in the other. She was the purpose for his travel to New York and he had a feeling she might not be so keen on meeting him.

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