Adventuring through twisted time.

The body in front of her falls just like the others sharing the field with them in that moment. Well, she amends as thunder cracks viciously across the sky, not quite like the others. Celica withdraws her sword from the woman’s chest, the blood washing away rapidly in the downpour around them. As she turns away a sudden wave of exhaustion and pain washes over her body, driving her to her knees. The storm begins to fade as her consciousness does, wounds from battle and exhaustion from bringing this storm on however accidental driving her into the darkness of sleep.

She comes to consciousness slowly, her mind still attempting to hold onto that darkness she was floating in. Much to her annoyance though sleep slips farther from her grasp, her body finally having healed enough to force her awake. The first thing she notices is that she’s not on the battlefield any longer, the room is dark and warm and comfortable, none of those being hallmarks of passing out in a ravaged war zone. She sits slowly, a dull ache still pounding at the base of her skull as she looks around. Normally she’d be on high alert but since she’s completely unharmed and all she figures she’s okay, at least for now.

The sound of movement from a room over is what gets her to her feet finally and she squints against the light as she opens the door. It takes her eyes a moment to adjust after the dark room, but once they do she can finally take stock of the house she’s in. She’s not as interested in that though as she is the man moving around. He seems to be alone so it’s pretty obvious he has to be the one that pulled her from that battlefield. “Hello..? Who are you?” Her voice cracks a little from disuse so she takes a moment to clear her throat before she tries again.

“Where am I?” After all, last she remembers she was in a field outside Syracuse.

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Lightning struck the ground and thunder cracked the sky open, causing rain to fall. At first, Demitri hadn't the slightest idea of why he was sent here until he stumbled on to the rain riddled battlefield. By now he was used to war and honestly, all other old gods thought he would die when Zeus was hunting them and picking them off one by one. He even bet against himself when the lots were cast, he was not blessed with an affinity meant for fighting like many of the others but in the end, it worked to his advantage. His affinities were rather infectious and in times of chaos, the world needed that peace and joy now more than ever. 

I jumped forward because I had bumped something and wanted to avoid two things. The loud crash of it hitting the floor and waking my guest and the inevitable shattering of this vase if it hit the floor, again. I caught the vase and set it down but groaned faintly when I heard my guests voice. I huffed and dropped my head before looking to her with a smile. "Good Morning. I am Dimitri I found you on that battlefield and got you out there before the reinforcement arrived. " I gestured for her to follow me as I walked outside of the living quarters of the temple and into the main area.

He looked around a moment, a frown growing on his face as he did. The temple had long been abandoned and was in shambles. Dimitri approached the statute that stood as the centrefold of the temple and let his hand grace the now destroyed fixture. " You are in Gual in the temple of Hera, or what used to be her temple." He shot a sharp breath from his nose as began to clean the rubble around the temple up. "I will not ask about what happened or your past as I really do not need to know, your name, however, is a necessity." He spoke with a chuckle in his voice and faint smile at the edges of his lips. 

A temple. A long destroyed one at that, judging from the looks of the areas outside where she woke. Odd then that the room she was resting in appeared rather put together. She has no idea how long she was out of it but to travel from the fields outside Syracuse to Hera's temple in the Greek mains means it had to have been a while. That would explain the hunger. She still appears a bit fuzzy from the looks of her, exhaustion dragging at her features and causing her to rub her eyes as she watches him place the vase down and begin to clear some rubble. As her head begins to clear from sleep she seems to be able to focus better though it's telling that her eyes never left his form the entire time despite the state she was in. Seems she was correct in her initial assumption that he pulled her from that battlefield. That's probably for the best. They'd likely assume she died even if they couldn't recover her body. There's nothing left there for her anyway.

As though suddenly realizing she’d fallen silent for far too long her eyes snap back to Dimitri’s face and she licks dry lips before she goes to reply to him. “I would ask what you were doing on that field but… it doesn’t really matter now.” Her voice is finally starting to sound normal again since she’s using it. Always a good thing. She seems to hesitate a moment before she answers his question, as though she’s thinking over whether or not there’s any risk to offering a stranger her name. “Celica.” Apparently she’s decided that if he was going to harm her he would have done so while she was asleep. She doesn’t mean to sound ungrateful but something about her still looks a little disoriented, so it’s fairly easy to pass off as being a side effect of everything that’s happened.

She is grateful that she’s good at compartmentalizing her issues. Most people would probably not be able to focus on the now after what she’d gone through last but she seems to realize now isn’t the time to succumb to that. How on earth he’d survived that lightning storm she has no idea. To her knowledge it had slaughtered everyone on the battlefield except her so her gaze remains quite cautious, if curious as she watches him move around. “So then Dimitri… what happened?”

"Well..." He grunted out as he moved a few large pieces of broken marble out of the way before standing upright and rubbing his hands together to dust them off. "... You will have to be more specific. What happened where? Here?" He gestured to the temple around him "Or what happened after I found you?" He smiled at her brightly as he hands her a besom to help him clean and returns to cleaning while occasionally glimpsing over at Hera's statue trying to figure out how he might salvage it but ultimately he knew he would have to make all new one. 

I let out a heavy sigh as I returned to cleaning but soon heard the excited pitter-patter of running heading our way as the air carried their laughter up towards us. "Here they come!" I braced myself as the children from the town below came rushing in and right at me. They grabbed on to me as I spun around, squealing in delight before I stopped and they let go. "Alright follow me... Celica you too." I smiled at her as I lead them all to the temple's garden which I had laid out with fresh bread cakes, eggs, cheese, meat and water. The children grabbed the baskets I had ready and immediately began to pick the vegetables and fruits they wanted and needed. "People from the town come here throughout the day to gather food and fresh water they need for their families." I rubbed the children's head and chuckled as they geared up to leave "wait and watch each other as you descend back to your town." I said as the children thanked me as they left. "You will learn everyone's face quite quickly in a day or two if you choose to stay. You are welcome to stay as long or short as you deem fit and in any case please help yourself to the food I have laid out or anything in the garden." 

Good question. She gazes around the temple curiously for a moment, taking in the destroyed façade that her new companion is taking pains to clean up. That a temple would fall into disrepair such as this is practically unheard of back home so it's more likely that it was destroyed by outsiders. Either way she feels bad for Dimitri taking on the task of cleaning this place on his own so when he offers her the besom to help she takes it without complaint. "Both actually, though I was referring to when you found me. Pardon my saying so but you don't exactly seem the warrior type. Why were you anywhere near that battlefield?" A medic perhaps? With the way he's taking care of the temple that seems more likely to her but it's not like her to jump to assumptions. That's why she asked.

The quickly approaching sound of children's feet causes her to tense a little as she turns to where she senses the sound coming from. Children have always seemed scared of her, leading to an unease around kids in her. Thankfully they ignore her in favor of the figure they recognize, who seems more than delighted to entertain them. It's not that she doesn't like kids, it's more that she has no idea what to do with them. She continues cleaning while he goes through this routine, happy to fade into the background and not be noticed, but that small hope is dashed when she hears him call her name. She puts the besom down with a brief sigh then turns to follow him, the promise of food enticing her more than anything. Celica is obviously still in her head, not surprising considering everything that's happened, but the smell of food and the comforting light seems to be perking her up. She even smiles as one of the children nearly bumps into her, steadying them before sending them on their way. "I take it you provide them with all of this? It's strange considering the state of things." She's from Syracuse, used to the polished city there that's known for it's bustling populace and well taken care of buildings. This is all strange to her. She doesn't send the children off, instead sitting down and letting out a soft sigh as her tired muscles relax. She's obviously still feeling the effects from that battle. "Thank you, I appreciate that. Answers are in order before I decide anything else though, don't you agree?" Despite her words she happily reaches for some bread and cheese, beginning to nibble on it as she watches him.

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