Adventuring through twisted time.

The woods were something that Nerissa avoided after breaking into Kyan home and barely making it out with her life. Yet she had to go collect things for her remedies and such in her shop that Devon had helped her set up. She waited until night, it was easier to use her darkness ability to blend in. The time came and she slipped on her cover cloak to help keep herself warm with the winter right around the corner. She walked out of her shop looking around to make sure she wasn’t seen as she let darkness of the shadows envelope her.  She made her way to the tree line and then started walking so light no one no matter how skilled could hear her walking.

She picked the things she needed, placing them in her basket. Humming softly when a scream erupted from deep in the woods. Nerissa paused and turned towards where the male scream was. She tightened her hands on her basket questioning if she should go see what made the scream or rush back to her home. ‘But what if someone is hurt?’ her mind questioned the small four foot eleven Fae woman. Her body moved on its own towards the sound. The closer she got she could hear the growling of a wolf and the roar of a few bears. As she came up the site fully she took in the blood everywhere, and a man crumbled to the ground.

“Oh no.” She said as she dropped her darkness around her and started to glow brightly using her ability to speak to the animals she screamed to them “GO!” The blinding light being enough to scare the bears yet the wolf stated that the man on the ground was his owner. She moved over to his massive form with the help of the wolf they were able to roll him on his back. She took in his labored breathing and the opened wounds all along him. She almost panicked but she knew what to do to help. She wouldn’t be able to make it back to the shop but lucky for him she had what she needed on her. She used her fire ability to close some of the wounds to stop the bleeding. Figuring it was better to do it while he was passed out to do that. She then moved to his head.

She closed her eyes sucking in life energy from around her then placed her lips on Tyr and breathed the life energy into his body, kissing him to keep their lips tight as she does so. After the long kiss she pulled back and watched the wounds on him heal to the point of non fatal. Letting out a worried breath looking to the wolf for a moment. “He is gonna be okay now.” she said softly before  drawing water out of the air and used it to clean up some of the blood from his face. Pushing his hair to the side. “You are going to be okay.” It was an ironic act of kindness for her. No matter how much good she tried to do it would never be enough to make up for her past selfish actions. She was lost in her thoughts as her hands rested on him.

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Mimir whined like the big baby he was, his tail so far up his butt you could not see it and he was walking funny. "I know buddy. I know." Tyr scratched his wolf's ear to give him some sort of comfort. They'd been hunting for days rounding up a group bounty only to discover the last person they needed was a child. Upon further investigation, he discovered the child was innocent in this situation so he let him go; actually, he brought him to a widow out to another town who was looking to adopt. The child was happy there and immediately started helping the older woman with her house and land, their smiles as they worked together in joy and safety made Tyr smile. Except that decision had sent him on the run, because he broke his contract to save this sweet boy, he didn't care though. 

Seeing those two happy to have a family again was entirely worth my life. Hiding in the woods would be rough as neither I nor Mimir knew these woods, I was far from home and treading lightly the deeper I journeyed inward. My panabas drawn and my cautious steps quiet, the locals all whispered about these woods urging people to be cautious or to not enter them at all. I never wanted to disrespect a town and their beliefs so I was sure that by entering here I was not doing just that. The woods we're fine to enter just dangerous they assured, they could not tell me how they were dangerous however so I was careful as crept. Minor had scouted the surrounding area and howled when it was safe, I sheathed my weapon and finally took a breath but Mimir was still scared and only stayed because of me. I twisted my mouth and called him to me hugging him to hope it made him feel more at ease "we will be alright buddy, it is just for the night." 

They found a break in the trees where the sun and then the moon would shine down on them as they waited out for their pursuers to give up on them. They would not put a bounty on his head for doing what he had done because of his title as a Fenrir so it was the people who created the bounty Tyr had hunted now hunting him and they were just ordinary people. Nothing special so they would not find him or chase him long, their pride and anger just got the better of them for now and made them think they could catch a Fenrir. Tyr scoffed to his thoughts before his big baby crawled into his lap as the cool night set in, both their stomachs rumbled and they relied on each other for warmth as Tyr welcomed Mimir into his giant fur cape. It was best not to hunt in a strange woods all on his own and a fire would likely attract attention they did not want. So now they had to wait until morning and they could go, Mimir rested himself against his owner who held him close and eventually the wolf drifted to sleep, Tyr sighed another sigh of relief that his wolf was at last calm and comfortable enough to do anything but tremble. He chuckled to himself at that thought, the Fenrir Dire Wolves were beasts of legends but here his was terrified. 

I do not remember what happened next or how I got here, but the pain I was in would always be remembered and I doubt anything would feel worse than this, but in my dying moment I felt a kiss. At first, I am sure it is the kiss of death but I am soon overcome with immense warmth and I wince and pant into the kiss as my wounds begin to close and the life I once had comes back to me. When the kiss ends I do not want it to but I can not just yet so there is nothing I can but lay there, I feel them clean my face before I hear HER voice. At last, I take a heavy breath outside of my normal breathing and I slowly opened my eyes. AND WAS IMMEDIATELY MEET BY MY LITTLE IDIOT!! "Minor!!" I croak out unable to move my arms yet to get him off of my face. When he finally moved from my face but stayed right on top of me I was at last able to see the woman that saved me. I stared at her for a long time, I had never been in this situation before so words did not come easy. I forced myself to sit up and groaned from the pain, my clothes were all torn up and I could see the bear marks on my chest and I knew those would leave scars. "Thank you." I, at last, say as I wrap my cloak around me and Mimir tries to wiggle inside of my arms again. I wince from Mimir trying too hard and he whines when he realises it, I close my eyes and breath deep to sort through this newfound pain deciding I do not like pain. I take a deep breath and let my eyes flutter open to look at her again. "I guess I am in your debt, my life is yours whenever you need it." 

Nerissa often didn’t use her gift to bring those back from the brink of death. Only those she had an overwhelming urge to save, Like Devon and now this man whose breath became last shallow. She watched the wolf move over him and lick his face after she cleaned the blood away. She sat back feeling the weight of using that power rest heavily in her chest for a moment. She looked at the dead plants around them, they were what aided her from giving her whole life force energy to bring him back. She sat there waiting for him to come back fully. She looked to Mimir who showed his love for the male. 

She had completely forgotten she was still glowing brightly in the dead of night, and figuring it would scare him more as he woke up. She watched him look at her but it was almost as if he was looking through her. She didn’t say anything; she just watched him with wide hazel eyes, somehow he seemed so much larger then her slender four foot eleven frame. She watched how the wolf wiggled into his arm after he took in the scars.  She wished she would have been able to heal them completely but she knew she didn’t have that kind of ability even with the seed of power.

As he said thank you she gave a soft nod not sure what to say. “He is hurt.” she said softly to the wolf in his native tongue. “You have to be easy.” She then looked back to Tyr as she moved closer to him once again. She gave a shake of her head “you don't owe me anything.” She said as she took in the markings, “Your pain must be almost unbearable.” she muttered out as she stood up. “Do you think you can walk? If I can get you to my shop I can help with the pain and maybe keep the scarring to a minimum.” She surprised herself as she offered to help him more. Yet she didn’t fear him like she had others.

She stood up fully and patted her tiny shoulder. “Come on big guy get up and let's get you out of these horrid woods for the night.” She gave him a sweet smile as she said this waiting for him to get up. She reached out to Mimir and ran her fingers through his fur slowly. “He really was the one who kept you safe. He tried to get the bears away and keep you safe.” She said softly as she smiled at Mimir. “You have a good companion here.” she said gently as she looked back to him. “Now come on, I know you are in pain but I can make you feel better.” She just hoped he would trust her enough to do that.

Tyr was not focused on her, his eyes were not even open as he processed what happened and the pain he was in, he did not see her glowing or the dead flowers around them. It was not like him to be so oblivious of his surroundings however with what had just happened he was severely bemused and cold... He had never been so cold. Which brought his focus to his wolf Mimir who was balled up in his arms and on his lap sharing his warmth at hope to it made him okay again. It was because of his focus on his wolf that he noticed Nerissa talk to Mimir in his own tongue. 

I at first thought the sounds were coming from Mimir, the chatty wolf he was but then very quickly noted his odd silence and change in demeanour as he calmed down. This made me look back at the woman that saved me and I froze when it was undoubtedly clear she was the one making the wolf sounds and I could not hide the stunned confusion on my face as I stared at her. She went on to say other things and even stand but all I could seem to do was continue to stare at her. "UnBEARable..." I scoffed forwarding my brow and shaking my head. "...Thanks for that." 

He slowly patted Mimir's side to let him know he was going to try and rise "I do not mind the scars actually... But this pain...". He groaned as he got to his feet and tried to walk without her help but he could not, he put his pride to the side and leaned on her a little and froze again as he came in contact with her and his hand came up touch her arm " I can touch you... Feel you." He said to himself as they walked to where she leads, Mimir following.

She hadn’t even heard her own words in the way that he had. It caused the little fae to give a gentle laugh past her lips. “Well I did not mean to make a joke like that, it seemed it was a natural joke that passed my lips without permission.” She said softly as she reached down to pet the wolf, who was pretty much the same height as she was.  She spoke in the wolf’s native tongue again. “Who is a good boy?” she smiled as the wolf licked her face before looking to the man she had saved.

“If I can get you back to my shop I can help with the pain.” She said as she followed beside him, she wasn’t sure she could catch him if he fell but she could make vines pull him back to his feet. Yet soon she felt the tall male touch her arm but stopped his movements. She raised a brow at his words for a moment. “Well when one touches another wouldn’t you be able to feel them?” she gave a smile with a gentle laugh as she moved his arm around her shoulders and held his hand while she led them back to her shop.

After a little walk there back in the small village she had called home, she moved to her shop that doubled as her home also. She moved through the shop part to the back room where her bed was. She helped him into her bed realizing that he was much longer than her bed was. “I’m sorry I don’t have a bigger bed, I am very small compared to you.” She laughed softly before she pulled off what was left of his shirt and tossed it in a small fire she started in her fireplace. “I will make you a shirt tomorrow.” She said softly before she moved back to him with a bowl of water and a rag.

She cleaned off the blood on his chest as gently as she could as she hummed to herself while she did so. She could hear Mimir settle on the floor, which made her relax her shoulders. Since it meant that his master most likely was at ease. Once she was done cleaning it up. She moved grabbing an ointment, she smoothed the ointment over his chest before making him sit up and wrapped his body up before making him lay back down. “Now you should rest, you will feel better in the morning.” She smiled at him and started to pick up the mess she made.

He had come to terms with two possibilities at this point and all over the fact that she had just saved him and was continuously talking to his wolf. He believed his curse had finally reached its peak and he was now actually dead and this was some afterlife or limbo. Or he was still laying on the floor dying and the extreme loss of blood was making his mind hallucinate. In fact, he was sure that one of those two things was, in fact, the truth. Until her stood and the pain from his wounds grounded him and told him this was really happening, no tricks of the mind or death. He was truly floored being able to feel her gentle touch and being able to touch her and feel it and that one moment alone is what confirmed to him this was real. It is what kept him silent for the rest of their walk back to her small humble abode. 

I could hear her speaking but I was not fully listening because my mind was running, trying to figure out everything. How she managed to save me, how I was able to feel her touch. I winced and came away from my thoughts with a hiss as she put something on my wounds and then wrapped me up. I let her push me back onto the bed but I knew I would not stay there. I watched and waited until she turned her back and silently I made my way onto the floor next to Mimir. This was much more comfortable than trying to squeeze and fit on to her bed and plus I could be next to my wolf who quickly snuggled into me as I curled up around him. I laid there with my eyes open for a while until I felt comfortable enough to fall asleep. 

When morning came he was up before her and again he just laid there with Mimir who was up with him. He looked over to her before he finally rose and tried making his way outside quietly but he quite literally bumped into everything on his way out because of his size. He stumbled through the door clearly irritated and took a deep breath, taking a moment to watch as his warm breath swirled into the cold air and danced into the air. He plopped down wrapped in his fur cape, right outside her home as he surveyed his surroundings letting Mimir roam around the area and sniff around. He dropped his head and growled faintly to himself when she stepped outside"I am sorry if I woke you and especially if I broke something." He spoke without looking at her. 

Nerissa was working on cleaning herself up from his blood and such when she watched the large man stand from where he was  and moved into her floor. With a gentle chuckle she watched as Mimir licked his face and comforted the giant. With a gentle shake of her head she understood that he would not be sleeping in her bed. After cleaning up everything the young fae was exhausted to the point that she almost forgot to put on a change of clothes. Once done she fell into her bed and curled up into a ball. She slept quietly until the morning came.

Though she wouldn’t have a woken if it wasn’t for the sounds of the large man stumbling around her home. She jumped up ready to fight, out of habit but soon calmed down as she watched him exit looking to the wolf who followed him. With a sigh she got up and picked up her cloak to put it around her to fight the cold of the morning. She walked outside and looked out to the field behind her little shop and home, She looked over her shoulder to the room. “Nothing that can’t be fixed or worth fussing over.” She moved closer to him and sat down as if she was a leaf, gentle. She watched Mimir roam the area.

She was quiet for a moment as she shivered and tucked her body into the cape the best she could. “So you asked last night how you could feel me.” She asked in a gentle tone as her gaze never left the wolf. “Are you not used to being able to feel things?” She wondered allowed, in the world she came from she honestly couldn’t say nothing existed. “Or where you just so out of it you had no idea what you were talking about.” Her gaze turned to him as she looked up at him, even sitting next to him it felt as if he towered over her small frame. Without working though her hand came from under her cape to touch his to see his reaction.

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