Adventuring through twisted time.

Roni ran through the forest under the light of the moon, wrestling away from the foliage. The howling wind and  calls of wild animals encouraged her to keep running. A scream tore from her lips as branches gripped her dark cloak and clawed at her skin and dress underneath. The shadows reaching out for her created the monsters to whom she was running from.

The woman didn’t know what had happened. Their party had made a camp once dusk had fallen. As a Lady, she had kept inside the carriage as the captain of her guard had suggested. Used to finer things, the seats of the carriage seemed much comfier than the hard packed ground. Not to mention, inside she would be out of the bitter winds way. 

She had left the Baron’s household in search for one of her own kind that she wasn’t even sure existed in this time. Yet she had heard stories from others like her that she was here. Now all Roni had to do was find Avalon’s reincarnation so that Veronica could figure out just what was wrong with her! 

The dreams had begun a few weeks after her 25th birthday. They had been short, innocent things - no different than any other dream one could argue. But then about a month or so in, the nightmares had begun. They were not always present when she shut her eyes. But as time went on, they had gotten worse. So much so that Roni often was waking screaming or in cold sweats. There had even been a few times before she convinced the Baron that she needed to leave, she swore her own illusions had covered her room during her sleep. Taking images from the dreams themselves. 

Tonight had been one such awful night. She had dreamed of screams of terror and flames that soon her own screams were added too. And when she woke to look out of the carriage, she was alone. Shaking she had leapt from the carriage and begun to run away from the haunted place. Away from the thing that chased her from her dreams. Hoping to soon find the matriarch of her kind and seek her guidance.

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Looking over her shoulder as she escaped the trees of the woods, Roni just barely stopped before running into another woman who seemed to have just popped up from the ground. Her eyes widened in shock at the woman. Her presence was a relief; the   kindness was a godsend. 

"I thought… they were… he had…" Roni looked back over her shoulder again at the dark trees that shadowed the woods. The sun shine over the meadow, brightening the day through the morning mists. Nothing looked as terrifying as it did moments before. She took a steadying breath. Was anyone chasing her? She could have sworn someone… she had seen a figure silhouetted. A shiver ran down her spine.

Her eyes were still wide when she turned back to the woman. She felt the soft fabric of the woman's cape she had laid on her shoulders. "Veronica, but everyone calls me Roni" she told the woman with a shakey nod. "I'm sorry for disturbing your morning, lady… ? Have you seen a party of guards this way?" Surely they wouldn't have left her alone in the woods. But then where had they gone? And why had they left if something hasn't been there in the woods?

Roni looked back over her shoulder. Where had they gone? Sure hasn't imagined the guards this whole trip? Had the monster from her dreams gotten to them?

The woman shook her head, turning back to the slender woman in front of her. "You are very kind. Some tea would be most welcome." She replied with a small smile. A gap escaped her lips as the white equine came to them. She hasn't noticed the pure creature in front of them moments before. "Oh it's beautiful! But I would hate to take your mount. Truly you are so kind already. Allowing me to interrupt your day."

Roni walked next to the other woman and the horse. Get gaze swiveled at their surroundings as they moved, trying to get a grip on her mind that she felt she was losing while figuring out her own location. "I…" Roni started to deny the offer of good, not wanting to take more advantage of this stranger, but her stomach betrayed her with a small rumble. "I guess I've forgotten all about good this morning. A bite to eat if you have it to spare, would be welcome. Thank you."

As promised it was not a long trek to the woman's home. Roni smiled kindly at the woman as she seemed to need to explain there humbleness of the space, "I'm not here to judge. Having a comfortable space can often be more satisfying than an over extravagant one, I think." 

"Thank you again for your kindness. I must have been sleep walking and gotten lost." Roni told the woman as she tried to laugh of her earlier theatrics. There was still a chill in her bones from the experience. She wondered not for the first time if she truly was going mad. And then it would only be a matter of time before her life was forfeit. Surely it was bound to happen if she happened across the wrong person or lost control of her power. She shook the darkening thoughts from her head, "Is there any way I can help you? Or repay your kindness? I'm afraid I don't have much with me at the moment nor do I know when I'll be able to return home."

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