Adventuring through twisted time.

"And so, to protect her family she did what she swore she would never do again. Relinquishing her freedom for the love of those she held dear to a man that only loved power." 


"We can't just let you do this!"

Luna loosed an audible breath through her nose to represent a laugh followed by a faint sigh as she shook her head. tumblr_n44rzaw5xl1rfzagwo1_250.gif?w=150&h=150&profile=RESIZE_710x"We are all alpha's any of us could take your place!" Finally, Luna stopped what she was doing and spun around to face the ladies of her pack there with her. Her eyes switched between the three of them as Alexandra, AKA Duece, her 1st sentinal and co-president of their Motorcycle club continued to argue with her. She took in a breath to speak but then hummed the thought away as she spun back around to pick right back up where she had stopped seconds ago. This was what most of the day had been like up until now. Everyone went through the motions of the big day but still fought with Luna their alpha in private. Yet much to their surprise, she held her tongue. Ignored them. Or gave just huffs and puffs and various hums as some sort of response. 

"Will someone else please try and talk to her!"

Duece was quickly losing her temper now as all her pack shuffled into the room for one last moment before the evening began. 

"He doesn't just want an alpha." Everyone hushed and stilled at the sound of Luna's voice. She faced them but kept her eyes down in thought for just a second. "He wants to be a king." They all scoffed and moaned and groaned hearing this. "This? Again?" Duece threw her hands into the air with a growl "just kill him and be done with all of this!" Luna shook her head "and start a war between the north and south? We've all lost too many lives from the outbreak already. All of us, both north and south alike are just starting to get back to normality or the sense of it again."





tumblr_o22jg4kwzL1rz3s6qo4_400.gif?profile=RESIZE_710x"I'd rather just do this and unite us than start a senseless war. Besides, we all know wolves are stronger together." She shrugged and shook her head. The smile on her face fooling everyone but one in the room. "Now go! We've stalled this long enough."

And so, Luna waited until her pack left her to her own devices to hyperventilate and growl at herself. Grumbling under her breath to herself as she angrily continued to get ready until she just couldn't even do that anymore and just stopped. She sat there frozen one moment and in the next had her face buried in her hands as she breathed deeply to douse the fire burning in her soul. 

"One good thing." Luna perked up at the sound of the gentle voice, her sister appearing at her side. Lilly smiled as Luna glared at her. "Do you.." Lilly walked away and sat on the couch in the room "... Remember when I first agreed to be your beta and we went to introduce you as the new alpha of the pack?" Luna nodded "We were attacked by the other alpha's and their packs." "Do you remember what you told me afterwards to calm me down?" Luna looked down at her lap.

"One good thing. There's always at least one good thing in everything we face and everyone we meet. Find it"

Lilly bright smile returned as she stood up and walked to her sister. Hugging her even though she didn't get a hug back. "Dean can't be all bad. So find it. That one good thing." She left Luna after that, truly to her own devices now and she just stared at herself in the mirror but wasn't actually focusing on her reflection. She wasn't really looking at any one thing.


"Spade? SPADE?!"

 She opened her eyes but saw nothing but smoke and debris.


 "Luna?! are you okay?"

She saw Dean's lips move but heard nothing.

"Dammit, Luna. now isn't the time to be stubborn?! Answer me!" 

"I can't hear anything." 


She couldn't remember much after that. Just bursts of clouded, blurry moments.

"It's okay. I've got you."

"You're going to be okay!"

"Hey! Luna..." She felt a gentle touch on her cheek as she opened her eyes.

"Can you hear me?" His soft voice pierced her eardrums.



"Luna!!!" She opened her eyes and spun around shaking that memory away. "It's time. We're all waiting on you." With a curt nod and a closed mouth smile, Luna got up and walked with the gyspy who had come to get her to her place. Taking deep breaths as she found herself alone again. I could run right now. No one would know. The thought played in her mind but she shook it away. She did, however, stand there for what felt like ages. Even Mama who was the one marrying them both had come out in concern to check on her. She was just fighting herself now. Conflicted over breaking a promise she had made to herself years ago but then she recalled she wasn't doing this for her.


And so, she took a deep breath. Straightened her back and at last, walked through the doors and into her wedding. There was red powder in the air and music blaring even before she stepped. and though, there were similarities between Xander and Sonia's wedding and this one there were also very clear differences as this one had been in the making for months. She walked herself down the aisle. Unable to choose ahead of time if she wanted one of her siblings or even her father Mama's husband to do it. So she chose herself. She kept a steady gaze forward as she walked past all the wolf packs from the north and south and other people gathered here today. Her gaze though steady not focusing on anything or one. Never once looking at Dean. Even when she was standing right in front of him holding his hands.

She never smiled either but that never surprised anyone. It'd be more surprising and concerning if she did smile at this moment. Most everyone that knew her were surprised she had actually gone through with it and that none of her pack or anyone else interrupted when Mama asked if anyone saw a reason for the two to not be married. Luna glared at her pack then, silently warning them to bite their tongues. Some huffed and growled softly but none of them spoke because they knew better than to cross their alpha. Respecting her decision to go through with this, regardless of if they understood it or not. Her gaze landed on Dean's as she looked away from her pack. The look only lasting a few seconds before she looked away again. At that moment, she didn't show him any anger or hate. It was more of a blank stare than anything else but in remembering this day she wanted at least one moment where she wasn't glaring, glowering, or holding back a growl in her throat. So she connected with him in those seconds faintly; her guard still all the way up but not hostile or raging. Her "I do." came in those seconds, her words loud, clear and confident. Fooling anyone who didn't know this wedding had been arrangement into thinking it was real and not just a power play. 

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At the very moment our eyes met, briefly, but met nonetheless, I remembered why I was here... and why we were doing this, and suddenly I felt confused. Because I knew how I wanted to feel - but that wasn't it. I knew I wanted to feel like a King, that fulfilling feeling of complete power, because that's all I've ever wanted. 


"You know he'll never amount to anything! You gave me a sick son!" My father hissed at my mother in the study. I was sitting inside a fort I had built myself outside the house, close to the study, to be close to my father. 

"Darius, don't say that! You promised to never say that! He's our son, we can't give him away. Please... " My mother begged. 

"I know I said that but this is the fourth time he falls sick! How will he ever be able to one day replace me as Alpha if we don't know if he'll live past 7 years. Let him be someone else's responsibility...." My father insisted. Most people would think that I wouldn't understand, after all I was only six at the time. But here is where most people were wrong - I was young, but I certainly wasn't stupid. I got up out of the wooden fort and ran deeper and deeper into the woods surrounding our house. I could hear my mother calling out for me, my father too, but I didn't turn back. 

*Present Time * 

But now, almost 20 years later, when Spade's eyes looked away from me, I took that time to look at the chairs filled with members of the packs of the North and the South, the High Commission, Sonia and her husband, My father, my mother and younger siblings.... My father's expression was guarded. I hadn't invited him, but because my mother and I had remained in touch all these years, she saw it fit for her family to join her. Well, my family. My eyes drifted back to my wife-to-be, as she walked down the rest of the aisle. Her expression was guarded but somehow I knew that she would rather be narrowing her eyes and calling me an imbecile, that was her favourite word to call me, but today she wouldn't even hold my glance for more than two seconds. Our entire dynamic had shifted ever since we got back from riots against the elites. I still wasn't sure if it was because I sprinted across the bridge when I noticed that she wasn't beside me when the bomb exploded, to see if she was okay. or maybe it was because she was finally realizing that she was giving up her freedom, to be married to me. 

So when the priest finally arrived at the part of the vows, and her "I do" resonated loud and clear throughout the entire room, and suddenly it was my turn, I paused. A second passed, two seconds, three seconds, four, five...

"I do." I said just as firmly as she did. When the prest asked if anyone opposed our union, I gave a brief look around the room. Most of her pack members looked fidgety, everyone from my side looked uncomfortable - after a coincidental glare from both of us, the room stilled. 

"By the power vested in me I now pronouce you, Man and wife. You may now kiss the bride." The priest said. The room was so still, you could have heard a pin drop. I already held her hand in mine, and it took no effort to do that -- but the courage it took to slowly pull her closer and place a gentle kiss on the corner of her lips, was something I would never admit to anyone. It was so intimate, so personal, that it felt wrong to do this in front of a crowd of people that believed we were doing this out of love. The cheering and clapping from our guests pulled me out of my daze and I managed to put on my smile. A smile that said "Who of you would dare to say anything about me now?" . And I maintained that smile, through the reception, the interruptions, the introductions, even with the encounter with my mother who simply engulfed Luna in a big hug and said something to her that I couldn't hear. But the second they chased us off into the modernized bridal carriage, after we'd completed the pack rituals, that smile disappeared and it was a silent trip to the hotel we were going to stay at until we'd figured out where we were going to live. 

Here, we didn't have to pretend for anyone. There was no carrying her in my arms over the threshold, or all the other things newly weds did on their first night. But I did open the door and let her though first. And when we realized there was only one bed, obviously, I briefly mumbled that she could sleep on the bed and that I'd sleep on the floor. I pulled off the bow tie suffocating my neck and took off the blazer, looking for something good to drink from the mini bar. It must have been a minute or two, when I finally looked up at her, she was just standing there... looking at me. "Would you like a drink?"

I didn't wait for her to respond and poured a drink for her anyway, I handed it to her, and just as I took a step towards the balcony, without looking at her directly, The words " You looked beautiful today, Luna." left my mouth without permission. I sat on one of the chairs and faced the sky, to give her privacy to roam around the room. For once, I had nothing to say - Again, this was everything I had always wanted.


Then why the hell was I still feeling so confused?

She laid in wait for his I do and when it came a very slight snarl showed at the edges of her lips. Even though she had just said the same thing. She swallowed the growl in her throat then gulped down the wince that dared whine out of her as he pulled her close. Vulnerable. She hadn't felt this vulnerable in years. She hated. Hated it so much it hurt. It burned and flared up, but she kept that at bay too. She held her breath and braced herself as he leaned in to kiss her. Blinking in bafflement as he kissed the edge of her mouth. 

The rest of the day was just far too overstimulating for her. She shut down. Never smiled. Or laughed. Only really responding to one person. Dean's mother. Her hug had brought her out of the daze she'd fallen in to. She huffed getting into the wedding carriage. Rubbing her face with both hands. Eventually falling asleep on the ride to the hotel. "Thanks." The walked through the door he was holding for her before aimlessly looking around. She didn't mean to stare at him. She was really just idling trying to process how she was going to tell him everything she needed to. 

It wasn't until his compliment came that she fully snapped out it. Looking over at him before down to the liquor in her hands. She wanted to compliment him back. Tell him how handsome he was but her stubbornness and anger with him and this situation wouldn't let her. She let out a grimace at the cup in her hands. Not even having to taste the bitter liquid to know how much she despised alcohol. An oddity for someone who illegally ran moonshine but also a pro as it made her service impossible to defeat. She placed the cup down. Kicked off her shoes and shook out what she could. Her dress, she would need help with the zipper in the back. 

"Oh Thank you so much!" She faked her smile and laughter of joy as she took the extra covers she'd requested from room service. The concept of being a Mrs and a "bubbly bride" to full the world was going to take a lot of effort. She placed the covers in the bed and for just one second she hesitated to join Dean. But she did. "Neither of us has to sleep on the floor." She sat in the chair next to his. "We'll just sleep on separate lagers and opposite sides. One of us can sleep under the covers already on the bed. The other on top of then covering themselves with the extra covers room service just bought us." She wouldn't admit it but she hated the idea of having him sleep on the floor more than she hated the idea of him being on the same bed as her. Hauntings of the past were crashing through her mind more than she liked. More than she wanted them to. 

She started at the sunset. Enjoying the suns last bit of warmth for today. She closed her eyes and let out one last huff. "I was married once before. I was just eighteen then and he was my mate. The love of my life or so I thought. We were mated and married and shortly after he became the alpha of all the northern packs. He fought to get it. The title of alpha. Fought to keep it and eventually he... I..." Her words caught at the back of her throat as her eyes dropped from the horizon to her lap. She shook her head. Her nose turned red. But her eyes dried before she was even close to crying in front of him. She'd never give that benefit. "He dead." She straightened her back and cleared her throat looking up but refusing to look at him for now. 

"I'm telling you this for many reasons. You think this shotgun wedding is temporary. It's not. The northern tribes will not accept such an arrangement. And so your reign would've been as short-lived as this marriage. This like our vows said is until death do us part." She turned her head his way but still, her eyes never looked at him. Opening her mouth to speak but huffing it off instead a few times over. "We also must have a mate bond forged between us or you will not be able to fight for the spot of Alpha. Mama will be here in the morning to that." She growled, finally, looking at him. "Being mated is not easy Dean. You feel what your mate feels. Their pain. Hate. Anger. Joy. Sadness. Nothing is your own but your thoughts and even that sometimes can betray you." She moved closer to him "To further it all we'll find it hard to not want to be close to each other. Like we're releasing some kind of pheromone that solely attracts the other. It hurts being apart for too long. And the faintest of touches..." She gently ran her fingertips across his arm. "... Will feel like a drug coursing through your veins. Slowly becoming addictive and hard to deny." Hesitantly she moved her hand from his arm and looked away from him again. 

"Maybe now you understand my wrath and tentativeness about marrying you."

She stood up and stormed back into the room as best she could with that dress on. But stormed right back out and straight to him. She pushed him back down in his seat. Keeping him pinned with her hand on his chest and her face in his. A violent glare in her eyes. "Get out of your head. Let your heart be your guiding key." And then, she did what no one expected. She kissed him. Sitting his lip at the tail end just to spite. "You will get us both killed if you get stuck up in the mind of yours. The kiss from our wedding will certainly need to be explained to the Northern Alphas." 

And so, at last, she disappeared into the room. Rubbing her lips with her thumb mainly to just get the lipstick that was left there off. Actually growling this time when she remembered she needed help out of the dress. She refuses to ask him though. She had said enough to last them a year's worth of conversation. She also didn't want to admit she needed help. Maybe room service would do it? Or maybe she could just rip it off of her. She was certainly not getting married for a third time. 

For the first time, I was a victim of a parallax error; I failed to consider it all, and now I was in trouble. I consciously noted to myself that this was the longest time and the most she had ever said to me ever since we met and honestly I was upset; upset because I don’t think I ever stopped to consider what it would be like to have a mate. When I was certain that Sonia would be my wife I felt no fear, it was a natural feeling and I thought it would be easy. I knew her after all, but with Luna, it felt like falling down the rabbit-hole to Wonderland while crossing fingers and hoping for the best.

When she shared her story with me, I felt a layer crumble and had to fight down the urge to console her; noticing how her nose was slightly tinged red, and the glossiness coating her eyes with tears that threatened to fall but then she turned to face me and I found that I was the one holding in my breath, because I was scared that I would breathe the wrong way when she ran her fingers gently across my arm. Now I understood why she didn’t want to marry me and my mind had already begun to spin various ways on how I could get out of this when I felt her gentle lips on mine; they were softer than I could have ever imagined and her kiss was sweet. It grounded me, it brought back my breath and I found myself secretly wishing that I could spend whatever was left of my miserably glorious life kissing her… until she slit my lip.

“What the hell was that for?!” I exclaimed, but she had already stormed back inside the room. I turned to watch her fidget in pride and my usual smirk returned to my face, purposefully sitting back for a few minutes because I knew she wouldn’t ask me for help. I got up from my seat and walked quietly towards her, slipping my arms around her waist to pull her closer and kept them there for a moment to emphasize that I wanted her to be still. My fingertips grazed her shoulder blades for a moment as I began to unlace the corset. I was just about done when I flipped her around to say, “I admit, my mind might get us killed, but that’s only if your pride doesn’t kill us sooner. “ I kneeled down, lifted the skirt of her dress up and placed her foot on my bent knee only to reach up to her thigh and slowly pull her garter down. When she merely narrowed her eyes at me and growled, I responded with an innocent shrug. “They say it’s a good luck charm.” I watched her form retreat into the bathroom and winced when the door slammed shut.
I pulled off my shoes, and threw myself onto the bed, careful not to mess up the other side. It was at that moment where I realized that I wanted to back out of this, that I wanted to get unmarried – not because I had to explain why I hadn’t kissed her, or because I could get killed fighting for a position, I wanted to back out, because I was scared that I was going to fall in love. Leaving right now, seemed like a good idea, but I clearly remembered all the threats I received if I so much as laid an inappropriate finger on her. So I did the next best thing that came to mind, I slept.

I stirred awake a couple of hours later, and gathered my surroundings. The only thing needed to remind me what had happened, was the small lump under the sheets and the sound of her slow breath. If Mama was coming, and all that Luna said would happen would happen, I didn’t want it to be here, in this hotel room, where I had no control, so as quietly as I could, I skulked around the room, picking up the little we had and stuffing it inside a bag of clothes they left us, with the stealth of a mouse, wrapped her visible body parts with the blanket she was covering and carried her up and out of the room – Well aware that if she were to wake up I’d wish I was dead. Because it was still so early, and even the idiot at the front desk was half asleep, I had us out of the hotel, into the car and on the road back to my house in the blink of an eye. Every now and then, I’d sneak a look at her from the mirror and breathe a sigh of relief when I found her still sleeping soundly. When we arrived at my house, well our house, a mile or two into the woods, I pulled the same stunt as the hotel and left her asleep in my room, once I walked out, I mentally prepared for what was to come, because before we left the hotel, I’d remembered to text a member of my pack to let them, and Mama know where we were, and almost a minute later, there was a car pulling up and from the living room I saw my Beta, and beside him Mama. She walked in, touched my hand and raised her eyebrow at me, only to smack me on the side of my head. “Mother of—“

“Why haven’t you consummated your marriage yet? As if you don’t have enough trouble already with that prom night kiss stunt you pulled yesterday!” She hissed.
My Beta burst out laughing. “Keep your voice down, Luna’s asleep!” I reprimanded. “Why are you even here?” Johan’s face suddenly went grim.

“They want you, well us, at the borderlines. After they bombed the elites and they scattered, there were rumours at first but now it’s confirmed that the vampires are starting to invade. We need to mark our territory, or else there’ll be a war.” Johan explained. “You need to start showing dominance or else you won’t stand a chance at fighting for alpha.”

I merely looked down and clenched my jaw, then looked up at Mama. “Don’t even think about it, you’re not leaving before I’ve done what I came to do… and it’s up to you, but if you choose to leave without her, the distance will weaken you.”
I didn’t get a chance to say a thing because I heard some stirring and a door opening, and then the room fell silent for a moment as my wife walked in, and in a rush to head, I remembered all that happened and fear kicked in. Without a second thought, I blurted out: “Let’s just have the ceremony so I can leave. Please.”

“Sometimes I feel like a walking time bomb of undetonated memories!”

“Luna… "he wanted to say something encouraging. But what? This was the first thing she’d said to anyone in days.

“Tell me the truth…” he walked in front of her blocking her view of the window. “… Did…. Did he do this to you?”

Slowly her eyes burned a hole straight through him. “ Your brother you mean?”

He shivered at the malevolence in her voice. “ Moonpie I’m…”

She shut her eyes and snarled.

“… sorry I know you don’t let anyone call you Moonpie any more.”

“ That isn’t the reason I responded that way!”
Again he was struck by her animosity.

“You Saved my life. Call me whatever the hell you want…. But spare me your pity. I know that’s what’s coming.”


“LEAVE US!!” That voice… it… scared her.
Silently she begged Bret to stay with just one look.

“Yeah I, can’t do that.”.


“NO! She is. Luna is my alpha.” Bret looked at her and gave a reassuring smile.

“I’m your brother Bret! You can’t choose sides.”
“You lost my loyalty and brotherhood the moment you purchased that silver bullet!”


“LUNA!!” He rushed in. Sliding on the floor and wrapping his arms around her cold motionless body. “Fuck! FUCK! LUNA” He tapped her cheeks to wake her. “Come on Luna, please. PLEASE!” He was panicked and crying. Covered in her blood but he couldn’t find where it was coming from. He took a breath to calm down. He could hear her barely-there heartbeat. Feel the faintest of breaths coming from her nose. She was alive. But how’d she get like this? In the pit of his stomach he knew.

As gently as can be he leaned her closer to him to try and get a look at her back. And with a muffled whimper she woke up and clenched onto his shirt with all the little strength she had left. “HELP! HELP!!! THE ALPHA’S BEEN SHOT! YOU'RE SISTERS BEEN SHOT.” He stood up trying to lift her carefully with him but she was losing too much blood. He had his hand on the gunshot wound to halt the blood but he would have to move his hand to lift her. “Hang on Moonpie!”
Seconds later her brother and pack member Tamsen barged into the room. Carefully he lifted her allowing Bret who’d found her to keep his hand on the wound.

“How long have you been like this?”

No answer

“Come, sis, stay conscious. Answer me. Who did this?”


“DAMMIT MOONPIE. Now’s not the time to be stubborn?” Tamsen lost his patience as he rushed her to the infirmary but then realized maybe she couldn’t answer.

“L…Luna can you move? Talk?” she clenched her eyes letting the tears in them fall.
That was their answer.


"Spade? SPADE?!"

She opened her eyes but saw nothing but smoke and debris.

"Luna?! are you okay?"

She saw Dean's lips move but heard nothing.

"Dammit, Luna. now isn't the time to be stubborn?!

Answer me!"

"I can't hear anything."


She could feel herself being picked up as her concussion knocked her out. There was really nothing but darkness. No memories or dreams. Just darkness and the sounds around her.
When she jerked awake he just held her closer. “It’s okay, I’ve got you.” His words vibrating against her eardrums but not registering. It was like she was underwater. And suddenly she felt dizzy. She grabbed him as if he was going to drop her or as if she could fall right through his arms. And she did fall, unconscious that is.

When she woke up again she tried to push herself out of his arms. Fighting him for a moment before he put her down. She took a moment to walk off to the side somewhere and just hyperventilate. Her concussion was lifting and she was remembering everything. In particular, the blast that took them out. Her ears were ringing but that was all she could hear. “You’re going to be okay!” his words fell on deaf ears literally. She wanted to walk herself but when she started walking she felt that dizziness again. She rubbed her eyes and the bridge of her nose and for the first time since she was a teenager, she didn’t move away from someone else's touch. She let Dean touch her and in fact, she touched him too without hesitation. Trying to keep herself up but eventually passing out again.

“Hey! Luna?” His voice was soft and the first thing she heard in who knows how long. Her eyes fluttered open and took a minute or two to focus. She felt a gentle touch on her cheek and moved away faintly from his touch when she realized it was Dean.

“Can you hear me?” She flinched at the sound of his voice. Even though it was soft her eardrums were tender. She swallowed hard and took a breath “Yes.”


By just looks alone no one knew how deeply Luna felt everything. She played the part of heartless well. Too well sometimes. And in those moments she showed a slight idiosyncrasy of how she felt but no one paid attention. Not well enough to notice. No one knew her well enough to notice anymore. “Luna… Moonpie. Or however, you knew me as is dead. And buried.” Those words cut her deeper than those she’d said them too. But they didn’t notice.

There were moments of vulnerability though that even she found hard to hide. Faint. Subtle. Unhidden. One was when Dean took her in his arms and pulled her close at their wedding. She’d thought he was going to kiss her. And so she stopped breathing. It happened again when she touched his arm or more so in her hesitation to. As she explained what a mate bond felt like. And again when he helped her out of her dress.
Of course, she fought him. Yet when she did finally stop her breathing did too. She was perfectly still. Like a prey trying to evade its predator. Nervously, sharply she took in a silent breath. Allowing him to touch her shoulder blades and undo her dress. She shivered at the feeling of his chest vibrating against her back as he cooed in her ear. Held the hum that built up in her at the back of her throat as his deep voice whispered In her ear. But that tender moment of vulnerability was gone the moment he spun her around to remove her garter. A million abhorring things came to the edge of her lips. But she swallowed it all. Let it burn herself because that fire the feeling brought wasn’t for him.

It showed itself again but differently as he carried her to his car. It was blatant. Not hidden because she was asleep and unaware of her actions. She had snuggled up against him and even slightly melted in his arms as the cool morning air touched the exposed parts of her skin.

The last time it happened she hid a lot better. It rose up in her as he spoke about just mate linking and leaving. She crossed her arms in front of her chest. Swallowed hard so her fire didn’t burn their home down and scoffed. Looking away as she shook her head. “It’s not that easy. Being apart doesn’t just weaken you. It hurts. It drives both mates mad until one snaps and comes running back to the other.” It took her a second to look him in the eyes without burning hate blazing in them. She looked at Mama a moment afterwards but then huffed and looked away like Mama had said something Luna had hated. Except it was her lack of words that made her huff. “We can’t go anywhere when the mate link ceremony is done because…” she fought herself. Pursing her lips and flexing her jaw. “… after you find your mate. Whether that be naturally or in our case “forged” you fall in a…. Heat… to put respectfully with my mother here. During that time you can’t leave your partner’s side or for that matter think of anyone else but them and you only want to do one thing with that one person.” She cleared her voice and shifted suddenly uncomfortable and unable to look at him “You fill in the blanks.” She waved her hand dismissively.

She sighed and let her shoulders sink before looking back at him. “Now we do have a choice. We can wait it out two days here until our little heat wave passes. Or we could expedite the process and give into or lust and urges.” She made a foul face as if she had eaten something rotten. Or smelled something foul. “I’m sure Mama would LOVE that.” Mama chuckled “Yes, but what I would love more is for you to be happy Moonpie.” Luna rolled her eyes in annoyance at first but stood up straight and stared at Mama in confusion after hearing that nickname.

If Dean could feel her heart now he’d feel hope. Warmth. Heartbreak. Hurt. And another feeling she couldn’t name, relief? Pride maybe? She didn’t know but she didn’t like that he had seen this response from her. And Mama called her that for two reasons “What…” she was trying to gather herself again taking a moment to think about what just happened and what she needed to say. Closing her eyes to hold back her tears. “Whatever we choose you still can’t leave. You have to go north with me first to meet with the high council and fight for your right as leader. They like to do things asap rather than wait because they want couples to then go and enjoy themselves on their honeymoon without the stress of the trial by combat breathing down their neck. But you’re already Alpha of the south. The fights shouldn’t be too hard and only takes two days. After that,…” she shrugged and looked away “… You can leave.”

“ Not without you.” Mama who respectfully since she wasn’t a wolf had been quiet this whole time put her foot down on this matter. “No!” Luna snapped and the look in her eyes told Mama everything she needed to know. This was a sour subject for Luna. And Mama, well mama was mama to many people but she was a mother to few. Luna was one of those few and one of her first and like every parent, she had made her mistakes when it came to parenting Luna her first wolf and first girl. So she respected Luna’s decision here regardless of if she didn’t agree and could see the damage it would cause her daughter in the long run.

“Once this bond is made and you’ve won your precious title. You can leave. Do whatever the hell, you want. Just don’t touch another woman because I’ll know and you’ll hurt us both. And DON’T abuse your power over my people, my family or I swear…” she held her tongue and shook her head. “In the case, I'll have to show up at the border anyway as an Alpha and your equal”. She calmed herself down by reminding herself of how he saved her. That was his only saving grace with her at this point. His only redeeming factor that kept her from backing out and finding another Southern alpha to team up and rule with. “The ceremony is private. Johan will have to wait in the car.” She couldn’t look at anyone because she was too preoccupied processing where her anger had come from. Finally, she looked at Mama one last time as if hoping she’d call this all off. She had the power to, being the one that was going to bind them but she didn’t.

Shit” Her voice was so low only a wolf could hear it.

“I need a second to change and get…. Ready…” she disappeared into their room to change out of her PJs. Promptly followed by mama who was all but convinced she wouldn’t try crawling out of the window and running.

She stuck her head out of the door before fully chasing down her daughter. “you have a few moments as free wolf left. Enjoy it before worrying about Luna gets the better of your heart. “ And so she shut the door behind her leaving Dean and Johan to themselves for a moment.


Mama held her breath. Waiting in the living room with Dean. Praying Luna hadn’t slipped out the window in the last two seconds she’d left her in the room alone. She let out a breath of relief when the door creaked open. And soon after Mama found herself, tsk-ing her daughter. “You are about to be bound to someone, not about to change a car engine.” She approached Luna slowly and with caution removed her leather jacket. “well, at least they’re no oil stains on this shirt.” She chuckled.
She tossed the jacket on the couch behind her and in one quick motion plucked her hair out of the bun Luna had it up in. Her chocolate brown locks came tumbling down; floating through the air and cascading down her back. Luna clenched up. Closing her eyes until Mama came whispering in her ear.

She drooped her head but unclenched. Unable to look at Mama or Dean. Mama gave a nod, to herself really. Turning she picked up a simple antique case and opened it revealing the two appearingly simple items inside.

She took the knife out and showed it to them both. But focused on Dean more because Luna already knew. “It’s pure silver,” Mama revealed; staring right into Deans eyes. “I have to cut the palm of your left hand. It’ll take longer than normal to heal because of the silver. “ she looked between them before stepping up to Dean first. Nonverbally she asked for his left-hand. Smiling very gently in gratitude when he gave it. She put the blade to his palm and in one quick motion made her cut. Moving quickly she moved to Luna who already had her left-hand out. In another swift motion, she cut her palm too. Luna didn’t even flinch. It was like nothing had just happened; like her thick wolf skin hadn’t just been sliced with silver.

Returning to the case she set the knife down and drew out a beautifully elegant orange scarf. It floated in Mama’s hands as if it had been caught dancing in the wind. Moving to its very own source of strange breeze. She tied one end around the middle of Dean’s bicep “Take each other’s hand as if you were giving a handshake”. She waited and when they were both ready she began. She wrapped the scarf down and around Dean's arm using it to bind their left hands together and then continuing to wrap it up and around Luna’s arm before ending the way she started by trying the end to the middle of Luna's bicep.

She held their bound hands between hers. “Look into each other’s eyes.” Luna looked away from them both looking around, clearly at war with herself. But eventually, she let out a short and very sharp and audible huff. And so her eyes met his. Except, this wasn’t the Spade the world knew looking into his eyes now. This was Luna. Just her. Her fears, her anxieties, her hopes, her wants, her longings, her loses all looking him straight in the face. It was then Mama let their hands go. “Repeat after me but keep your eyes locked on the others.

You are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give you my Body, that we Two might be One.
I give you my Spirit, until our Life shall be Done.

You cannot possess me for I belong to myself
But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give
You cannot command me, for I am a free person
But I shall serve you in those ways you require.”

There was a heavy silence when everything was done. Luna opened her eyes and drew in a heavy breath. Dropping from her toes so her feet were fully on the ground again. She blinked in confusion for just a second. Wondering, when'd she closed the gap between them? She had kissed him again. This time though it was natural and pure and she didn’t bite his lip. She backed up remembering the feeling that pulled her into him in the first place. It was like his heart wanted to kiss her again, and once her heart tuned into his longing for that she became the puppet and did as their hearts commanded.

That’s all Luna ever was. A slave to her own heart.

Mama gave them their moment before stepping forward and handing Luna a Polaroid of their kiss. “For the high council.” Luna nodded as a response. Taking the picture with her free hand before promptly unwrapping herself and letting Deans hand go. She jogged right out the front door in the next few, seconds. Mama huffed and shook her head. “Never chase her. She always comes back.” Mama stepped closer to Dean and helped unwrap the scarf. “Well, I welcome you to the family because I know she won’t.” She looked out the front door and watched her daughter for a second. “ She’s an untamed flame and I fear she’ll always be. Blow on her too hard and she’ll go out. Fan her too harshly and she’ll burn everything and everyone you love down. BUT, there is a safe zone or middle ground for her. Everyone’s is different. Once you find yours she’ll be the wildfire you need that no one can put out least they die trying.” She gave him a smile and the orange scarf she used for the ceremony now neatly folded.

Compartmentalizing. That’s what Luna was doing now. Along with hyperventilating, pacing and playing with her wedding ring. She knew how bonds worked. Which meant she knew how to keep things blocked from her mate. An unfortunately handy skill in her late marriage. So she blocked Dean from certain things; the things she hides from the world. Maybe someday she’d share with him. Maybe. Maybe if this whole thing wasn’t a sham. Maybe if it was just a normal arranged marriage through Mama, Luna would be more inclined to let herself fall for him.

Yet still, despite her spite and loathing towards him for forcing this marriage on her, she was still out here trying to protect his heart. Compartmentalizing all the things she knew would hurt even the strongest of wolves. She leaned against the doorframe when she was done. Staring down at the gash in her palm as she took a calming breath. She could feel him already, his heart. His wants, longings. She jerked for a moment. Shook out of her focus when Mama gently took her hand. Silently watching as Mama cleaned and wrapped her bleeding hand just like she had just done for Dean. “Don’t take this off until you get to the borderlines! That’s a mothers order!” she gave them both a pointed look before returning her attention to Luna.

She whispered something to her before reaching to cup her face but stopping. Luna's heart broke a little more than it already was every time someone she loved was too afraid to touch her. And she hated that this was the first thing, Dean would possibly feel from her. She slowly took Mama’s hand and placed it on her cheek softly reassuring Mama that it was okay in their native gypsy tongue.

She stayed on the porch as Mama walked to the Johan and the car. Watching as it drove off. Staying there until even she with her gypsy enhanced senses on top of her enhanced wolf senses couldn’t hear the car anymore. She slipped passed Dean and into the house then. Careful not to brush him on the way by and determined to keep her distance from him now that they were alone. She looked around the house. If this was their home now it made sense for her to get to know her way around it.

She froze when she sensed him behind her. Glancing at him over her shoulder before turning to face him when she noticed him stroking her arm the way she had the night before when she was explaining this feeling to him. It was like, static electricity making them want to stick together. She let out an uncontrollable shiver. “We won’t make it these next two days if we don’t keep our distances.” She placed her hand on his chest to push him away but stopped once she felt his heart. It’s rhythm dancing in tune with hers suddenly and beating into the palm of her hand. For the first time since they met, she was met with his mortality and humanity all at once as it thumped in her hands.

“So… You do have a heart. It’s too bad it belongs to an asshole.” She pushed him away and shoved her way past him. “You didn’t marry me for me, but for my power. You’ve got it and now we can’t hurt each other without hurting ourselves. Congrats. You won the game of life.” If her glare could set him ablaze she might have watched him burn for a second or two before putting him out just to keep from hurting herself. She sat on the couch with a book she found while she was exploring determined to ignore him and the pull of their bond. But she was already getting hot and finding it hard to focus.

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