Adventuring through twisted time.

Richard opened his eyes as the first howling of a nearby owl hit his ears as he got up he stretched out looking at the dark cave the only signs of life was the camping equipment he kept with him as he made his way to the entrance his boots echoed against the stone as he looked up at the to see the stars glimmering brightly as his mind turned to the first thing he did every night food blood using his enhanced speed he soon had his equipment he began to make his wat to an abandoned house with a garden  Richard had been there for multiple days during the night apart from his frenzy episode where he killed the dwellers inside the house had guaranteed he kept his self fed as there were daily visitors to the vegetable garden.

As  Richard arrived by the house by the forest he placed his satchel down on the porch as he looked around grabbing the shovel he had used the previous day he learnt the first four rows were carrots cabbage and potatoes but he was still having to find out what was in the other piles as he went over digging the shovel in as he tried to work out what was there every nose in the area made Richard lift his head up to see who or what it was as he looked up back at the house as he noticed a  door which he failed to investigate as he walked over pushing the door open he was met but different pieces of equipment as he gulped a little not knowing what any of this stuff did he felt like a kid again when he was learning to sword fight.

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Richard turned as he heard a voice behind him  “ yea  think I bit  off more then I can chew when i  “ Richard   stopped as he thought of an excuse “ well  my father wanted  his veg garden  kept going once her past   but to be honest I only know what a shovel is and what  the first 4 rows  are” Richard made his way over to her  “ if you  know anything id is grateful for help  and advice  your  welcome to  help your self  to whatever you like as a thank you “ Richard smiled gently as  he turned his back to her  as he looked at the mess  he raised his  hand to  his head as he scratched a little  as he went back to  turning over the potato soil as he took  a deep breath  trying not to go straight for the bite 

“ oh  sorry i forget im Richard  nice to meet you “ he  took a step to the left as he  stepped on a deliberately placed  rake as it came flying into his face as he  stepped back clutching his face “ dam it that hurt “ he rubbed his face gently as he  knelt down and began to  take out  what he thought were weeds as  he  looked at them tossing it onto the compost pile” I don’t  even know what seeds are radishes   in the shed there’s so many how can you tell the difference a little frustration  grew in his voice “ I’ve been doing this a week and it’s still how it was” Richard rose to his feet as he moved to what he thought was  the water butt as  he pulled a metal bucket  outpouring some water in as he  began to water the plants “  you may think a complete clubs  but what  are   tomatoes and beetroot “ he looked around as he sighed  putting the bucket down

“Feel free “ Richard  stepped forward as  he opened the gate as he perched his self on a wall as he watched “ I admit im totally lost and pleasure to meet you Aqua  the heavens must have heard I pray this day asking for someone  who knows about gardens “ he chuckled a little “ and tonight they brought me you “ he nodded as he listened  about the peppers and rhubarb “   yuk  never knew what  father saw in  it “   he nodded as he followed  her around the garden 

“  im fine occupational hazard in a garden “ he waited till she turned away shaking his head to make his fangs disappear   he could hear her heart  beating  as he took a breath “ he looked at her as she  asked “ of course “ he waited till  her back was turned as he  used his  speed to run into  the house returning with a writing box with the  required items “ here you go, “   Richard thought to his self  good job well done during daylight hours

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