Adventuring through twisted time.

The air shifted as the night sky broke open. A crackling sound sizzled as a portal appeared and a person seemingly dropped through out of nowhere, tumbling to the ground. Dante coughed and rolled onto his back, staring at the giant hole above him where he saw the room of the hotel he'd just been in a few moments ago, Merlin looking back at him. The old man gave him a confirming nod and then the portal disappeared.

Dante staggered to his feet and brushed himself off. His hat had rolled a few feet away and leaned against an iron post. He picked up the item and then let his gaze move up and along the pole until he squinted slightly from the light it was giving off. A smile pulled at the corners of his mouth as he backed away to marvel at the structure. Electricity. "Incredible." He'd only ever seen it in its infancy back in his time along with the imagery Merlin tried to paint him.

A sudden noise from behind him made Dante jump as a giant machine on wheels came down the long alleyway he was in. The monstrous thing rolled within a few feet of where he stood and came to a halt as its driver leaned out of the window from above. "You gonna stand there all day, buddy? I got deliveries to make." Dante's eyes were wide in curiosity as he reached out to touch the metal of the machine while it sat rumbling in front of him. "Hey! You mind?!" 

He finally looked up to the man and rose a hand in an apology while taking a step back against the building so the driver would be able to pass through. Dante stared a bit longer as the driver stopped a few buildings away and began to unload his wares from the compartment in the back. If only he had the time to have a proper look around this century and see what inventions man had made over the last almost two hundred years.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the compass which spun for a few moments before finally stopping towards his heading. He walked down the alleyway until the needle swiftly shifted to the left, indicating the building where his quest was leading him. It also happened to be the same place where the driver was making his deliveries. Dante nodded his head towards the man who only shook his in response and kept to his work while slipping through the open back door of the place when his back was turned. 

Dante could hear the loud music coming from another section of the building as he passed through endless amounts of boxes that seemed to be filled with various types of alcohol. Descending the stairs into the sub-level, the compass led him straight to a bricked up wall. He sighed, removing his hat, and let his eyes wander to the ceiling as the sounds of patrons above continued. Reaching his hand out, he touched the barrier between him and the very thing he was looking for which was so close, but so far away. He'd have to wait until the place closed before standing a chance at getting through the wall and making his way back to his own time.

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Closing time of the bar was sometimes the best. It gave her the pleasure to unwind from some of the longest days.
She would work early eight am in the mornings just to finish at the restaurant to come back to the bar and work till two am and sleep until she repeated the cycle. And even on her days off she worked hard by household errands and lived her life one hundred miles beforehand. 

As people started leaving and the music began to dwindle she had the pleasure to watch them leave. She always changed into outfits that were perfect for a restaurant and her outfits for the bar were not that. So being at the bore she wore a tight fitted black dress, showing off her curves in all the right places. 

As people began to leave it was her job to put away some of the more expensive stuff in case anyone thought to rob them, taking things down to the cellar with all the other expensive stuff. Her heart rate was coming to a calmer pace, now that the blinking lights were turned down and the music wasn't as loud, just something slight in the background so the silence wouldn't kill her.

She began to sweep at the wood before deciding to work on the alchoal things going down and to refill the shelves with the less expensive stuff. Smiling she began to go downstairs humming a calming tune. 

Dante stared at the brick wondering how he was going to penetrate the exterior. The wall was old. It had definitely been put up possibly in his time and nothing about it seemed remarkable, that is to say, he couldn't immediately feel any type of magical wards or guarding nearby. The compass needle stayed completely steady and he let a curse pass through his lips. He couldn't believe he was this close to finding the artifact, but being unable to attain it. Then again, when had anything ever come easily in his life, especially when it had to do with being a part of the Knights Templar for hundreds of years.

His eyes moved about the space and from what he could see there wasn't anything around that he could use to get through the wall. What he wouldn't give to have one of the mystics on the Templars with him now to help him get through. However, there was no chance of that. Passing through time was nearly an impossible magic and the fact that he was able to do it with Merlin's help had completely drained the powerful mystic enough that he wouldn't be able to reopen the portal again for forty-eight hours and even that wasn't an exact science. Merlin would have to find him through time once again and lock onto his position with the imbued compass and hope that he would be able to bring Dante back home. It was a dangerous expedition, but the knight knew it was worth it.

The music above began to die and the distant echoing of retreating footsteps above meant the place seemed to be closing to its patrons. Dante sighed and leaned against the brick wall attempting to be as patient as possible. Time was certainly of the essence and the longer he had to wait to be able to make his way out undetected, the less amount of time he had to get what was needed done. His eyes moved down to his pocket watch, but the sound of the door opening from above made his gaze dart up. He quickly moved behind the dusty wooden staircase and was lost in its shadows as the unmistakable sound of a woman's heels began to click down the stairs.

He silently watched the brunette move through the cellar. She seemed to be busying herself with restocking some crates when a voice from above said they were leaving and to lock up once she was done. Dante assumed that it was now just the two of them remaining in the bar and the sooner she would be done, the better. He pressed his back against the wall and remained perfectly still until the sudden whirling of his jacket pin began to sound off in the quiet. 

Dante's eyes went slightly wide, but there was no hesitation in what he had to do next. He darted out from the shadows and quickly pulled the revolver from his jacket before she had the chance to investigate where that unfamiliar noise was coming from. The barrel of the gun lifted slowly towards her where Dante held it steady. "What are you?" he asked pointedly, taking a much closer look at the woman. Of all the magical things he'd procured over his centuries of being alive, having something as small as his pin which would signal when a supernatural was nearby was one of the most useful he'd come across. His dark hues moved slowly over her as he tried to guess, but once again, time was not on his side and he didn't have the patience to wait. "Well?"

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