Adventuring through twisted time.

A few months have since she pulled out her ongoing nightmare into a new one completely. Feeling as if she barely has had any time to process it all really. Feeling that she’s still on her own even if there were many others living all in the same place. Nobody really knew or could understand properly all she’s been through. Sure she knew that everybody who became Banshee had been through some sort of tragedy but her’s was a different one completely. With years off her life was all of a blur. A missing peice. One that she was happy she couldn’t remember. Not wanting to relive being spent in some sort of hell itself. One that she could never wake up from. All being out of her control. Now she was given some sort of second chance at life. Lilah couldn’t help to feel at a loss. Unsure of what to do. Still not feeling all that ready to leave the comfort of her room, to go away from the place she’s been living. Whilst she knew that she needed to go out and get some fresh air. To save her sanity or all that she had left of it at least. Lilah was intrigued to explore. Wanting to see for herself how the world has changed, all that she missed out on in her years she lost. Whilst she was able to find out from the tv and the internet it wasn’t the same as seeing through your eyes. Today was the day she decided to see it all for herself, able to finally find up the courage to explore. Maybe then she can see for herself how she’s able to readjust to it all. 

The Redhead flicked through the clothes she was given by some of the other Banshee’s. Modern clothes so she’s able to fit in. Even was left some money too to help her into the new world. Lilah found some clothes to wear, changing into them and then grabbing her things she needed and headed out. Managing to leave without being noticed by the other matrons, not that any of them really took much notice of her. She was having the most trouble re-adjusting to it all. Lilah was able to remember back to the moment she was able to realizse that she properly died and years have passed. She was so freaked for days and weeks till she was able to find a way to cope. Finiding her own coping mechamisim that always had helped before. Drawing. Art itself. Always was her way to escape. Lilah left some sketchbooks and pencils but it was not enough, already used it up. Maybe she’s able to find an art shop in the city. Lilah looked back to the tall iron gates as she was leaving the grounds almost if she was having second through but she carried on walking. Pushing past her worries of the new world she was going to find herself stumbling upon. Exploring all. Trying not to think that she would most likely walk past and be around other supernatural creasutres. Even the same species that still haunted her to this day. 

Lilah felt that she was a fish out of water almost. Not able to help but stare all around. Taking it all in. Taking in the new life, the new reality. A new way of living almost. Seeing all the changes and new surroundings. Lilah spotted a coffee shop. Choosing it as her first stop, first place to go to. Thinking it was the best place. One where she could easily fit into. As she stepped into the coffee shop she was greeted with the familiar smell that she’s not forgotten. Lilah always did love spending time in a coffee shop; it was where she used to go and hang out with her friends after school. Now it’s always changed but still the same. When she came to the till she was a bit lost of what to order, with coffee having changed. Choosing to step out of her comfort zone, asking the person behind the counter to decide for her. Lilah took her coffee and took a seat at a table that was right by the shop window. The perfect spot so she’s able to look out and people watch. 

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