Adventuring through twisted time.

Harper Bellows was in the prime of her life. She was twenty-one years old and working most of her days. Unlike the average people in her life, she decided to skip the college route. She had two jobs to pay all the bills for the house her aunt had left her. She was fortunate the mortgage was paid off but other than that work was her top priority not giving her much of a chance to work on things she liked to do. Especially her magic.

She just had made it home in time to shower and change into a quick outfit before heading on the train to head towards the diner. Her life was mainly focused on the things that life held in work. She knew about magic but had no idea what the world truly held. 

Once the train stopped she made it to the diner and changed into her apron and gave a smile to the regulars at the counter. "What will it be Joe??" She asked the regular customer. He was always a good tipper so her smile was even more radiate. Tips helped her with the little extras she wanted in life. But this day was just like any other day...

Nothing new ever happened it was always the same old-same old. 

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The ringing of a bell the signs of a new customer, the signs that things were changing
like the winds were telling a story of something new coming.
Harper looked as the bell dinged on the door like it always did when it opened.
She smiled seeing someone new and at this type of morning sh was surprised as normally newbies came later in the day for lunches and rarely breakfast. Who liked too be up this early by choice? Harper walked over to her with a smile holding her notepad and pen.

Looking up at the woman she did her best to always be kind to all the customers. The better tips were the better it paid for everything. "Good morning, My name is Harper and I will be your waitress today. What can I get for you this fine morning?" She asked the woman noticing how she sat, she looked so defined and so proper. Like a true lady. She had been always working so much most days she looked like a heaping mess with the smell of alchoal on her clothes during the nighttime hours and with flour and different things on her outfits in the day.

"Coming right up, ma'am."
She said as she began to write down the notes on her piece of paper as she spoke about her tea, glass of water and such. Something about the place you could tell a lot about people by what they ordered. Noticing how she moved and she could see a small tattoo or birthmark on her wrist she smiled.

"Nice tattoo, is there a meaning to it?" She asked speaking about it as she thought about her birthmark of the sun on her shoulder. In the right outfit, quite a few people spoke about it and asked questions regarding the tattoo, and what the meaning held.

She knew not much but her aunt always told her it was important. Important, great but she still had no clue since her aunt passed and she was all alone with that state of mind. She smiled at the young woman as she asked a question.

"Yes, quite a while, I'd say the past two years or so. Lost track of time to be honest. Things go by so fast and two jobs can take a lot on a person if you know what I mean." She said with a smile at the woman. 

"Oh, well that sounds interesting. Never was into group religions or things like that. But whatever floats thy boat."
She said with a smile looking at the woman before her. So much fondness as she spoke highly about her birthmark and what it did for her. When she asked about the job she turned her head and smiled. 

"Yes, its work but you do what you must in life. We are all dealt with such different cards." She said with a small frown, she changed it quickly and turned it into a smile. Trying to prevent any thoughts of her past entering the atmosphere.

Thoughts of her aunt always cursed her, but not today. As a chuckle passed her lips she smiled. "Well, I have to think good things and here is too hoping!" She said with a smile as the woman commented her name. 

"I will go put this order in for you now, and get your water and such, if I can get anything else, please let me know." She said with a wink before walking to the back and handing the notes to the chef, preparing her tea and lemon water before bringing it back to her.

"The fruit is on the way, I will keep you posted." 

Harper looked at her as she stated thanks she gave a small nod of her head. "Enjoy!"
She calmly stated before going on her way and doing her job. Grabbing the fruit she placed it on the table and handed it to her. "Sorry for the delay, we are slow this morning, for some strange reason. If I can do or get anything else for you, just let me know." She said with a simple nod before turning away.

The woman got into her book but seemed to close it abruptly, Harper never paid much attention to what customers did with their time but she seemed interested in this woman. Something making them both interested in each other. Looking at her before turning back to her duties of serving other customers. 



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