Adventuring through twisted time.

So the deal had been made between Cillian and Nerissa. Devon second in command of the rogues would train her to fight and be a better rogue in secret. She knew if Devon knew about this he would be upset she was doing it behind his back, or even trying to be an active member of the rogues vs an honorary member. She just couldn’t stand the idea that she couldn’t fight off an attacker. She barely made it out alive when Kyan -that dick- got his hands on her. She hadn’t even been able to talk about that too much with Devon. She didn’t want to worry him more then he already was.

So why not seek help from the other person in the rogues she had a bond with. She had been able to connect with Cillian a little easier knowing he wasn’t all human. Later learning he was a lupine. After parting ways after making the deal Nixie managed to get bathed and to bed. Before morning came she was up and in clothes to train in that wasn’t a dress. She looked at the outfit for a moment. It was gifted to her and one she wasn’t sure she would ever wear it but here she is.

She made her way out to the forest line calling to a crow and asking it to keep look out for Devon and then she moved towards a small clearing. She sat on the ground and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath in and listening to the world around her. She pressed her hands together and started a small flame between her hands and held  it there between her palms keeping it contained as she waited on him.

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Cillian was not one to hurt his friends when he had them but Devon was a hood friend of his and so was Nerissa. She asked him to train her atleast enough to stay alive if she ever needed it. Hearing her say that she wanted to be trained and it was better then being killed he didnt want her dead so helping her would put that in the past. Her being able to defend herself. Maybe then she would feel better about being on the run from Kyan.

He made a deal with her to supply him with the most beautiful flowers from her shop. For his mothers grave site. 4 months they were going to train mornings at sunrise in the woods. He never kept anything from Devon but he couldnt live with her during at the hands of Kyan.  He met up with her in the woods bright and early first he removed his hood from his face and watched her from the trees. Holding his bow and arrow and a few other weapons. He then waited till she was not paying attention and attacked. 

He attacked her from a very tall tree and landed on his hands and legs like it was nothing holding a sword out in front of her throat. Not trying to hurt her but still giving it his all to help her the best way he could. "Lesson number one... always be on your guard."

As she sat there with the flame flickering in her hands she got lost in the beauty of the dancing flame. As the tails of the flame licked upward. She had stopped listening for him, even though she had prepared herself for a sneak attack. Since it was something that was done often enough with Devon sneaking into the shop to surprise her.

As he appeared out of the tree in front of her with a sword to her neck she swallowed hard and looked at him with wide eyes. The flame between her hands disappeared. “Well maybe if you didn’t take so long.” She shot back but a vine wrapped around the sword and pulled it from his hand and she smirked. “Maybe you should be on guard also.” She teased as she stood up and pushed on his chest.

“I knew to expect the sneak attack and still failed to catch you coming.” she sighed, shaking her head disappointed in herself more so than the fact he did it. She crossed her arms looking him over. “Alright, where do we start after always being on guard?”

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