Adventuring through twisted time.

Not many know the life of the wind. After all, the life of the Gypsy was not walked by many. Yet being the youngest biological daughter of Leander and Mama granted her gypsy abilities just as wondrous as her siblings. Yet she was also blessed with the ability to see the world with more colors than her siblings. She could see the colors that danced along the wind, the emotions it carried for her and her people. So the day the wind picked her up and twirled her to an unknown destination. Confusion caused Lilith to look to the wind as it gave off no aura to suggest where it was taking her.

So as she landed on her feet in a strange room. She took it in. It looked like a dinning room with a rather interesting style. Unlike anything that would be found in Nowhere among her people. Though her people themselves were rather unique. So she began to wander around the dining room then wandered into what seemed to be a sitting room before she found her way outside and looked up to the fading sun. “where did you bring me?” She questioned the wind softly as her eyes took in all of the colors dancing among the plants she had never seen before.

She stood there in that solace moment before she finally looked around taking in the property she stood on. It was clear that this place was owned by someone who lived comfortably in a world that often didn’t allow it. “Can you give me some kind of clue why I am here?” She asked the wind and when a gentle breeze pushed her back to the door she exited she gave a gentle sigh.  “Okay but why?” She asked again only to be pushed towards the door again. “I swear to Mama if you get me killed away from home. I will haunt you for the rest of my eternal life.” Yet another push she let out a groan.

She felt her hand grasp the door handle and move back into the room. Her eyes took in all the gentle colors as she moved through the home. “Hello? Does someone in this home need some kind of help?” She asked in a strong voice as she reached for a book that sat on a shelf. Trailing her fingers along the binding she could make out the strong hand that had held this book because of the slight different color variations. The person seemed to close this book in anger over and over again. “Interesting.” She said to herself gently as she moved deeper into the home. “My name is Lilith Rahotep. May I know who you are?” She called out hearing the shifting above her.

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Vincenzo took one of the many fruits in the basket he carried as he made his way back from the maze of gardens and into the silent home. It's massive walls seemed endless and he wondered how many miles he walked a day going back and forth through the large manor. The apple came to his mouth and he bit into the fresh fruit which was juicy and ready to be put into one of the many pies he planned on baking for the staff that day, but as he walked, something seemed to draw his attention. At first the older man wasn't sure if he was truly hearing the voice or if it was just one of the other members of the household talking over the chewing in his ears. Swallowing, Vincenzo stopped and listened, hearing the voice again. "Dio mio."

The man took the next few hallways down until he turned the corner where a young woman stood at one of the many bookcases. He couldn't help but repeat his surprise. "Dio mio." The chef's mouth fell slightly agape at her before he quickly pulled himself together. "Mi scusi, signora. Ti sei per..?" He took a few steps shaking his head at how he always forgets that the people of France certainly didn't speak his native tongue. "Pardon. Bonjour mademoiselle.. Er.. est-ce.. que tu.."

"She's not from France either, Vincenzo," Raffaele came into the room seeing the stranger in his home and keeping his dark eyes focused only on her. The moment she stepped through the doors, her unfamiliar scent had lifted through to the next floor where he sat at his desk. It held a hint of familiarity. One in which he hadn't known in so very long. His fingers tapped nonchalantly on the hilt of his sword as if in habit, but also with a nuance of a threat. The sanguine tried to size her up quickly, but he felt no sense of danger. Instead, another thought came to him. That of an old friend; One he had not seen in countless years. One he missed terribly.

"Vega," he whispered. "Jeovani. Is this about him? Is he alright?" Raffaele asked with unfiltered concern. They had parted long ago and had promised to remain far away from one another after the horrendous fallout that was forced upon them. Despite it all, Raffaele would drop everything at a moment's notice and break the oath they'd sworn that day if it came down to it. However, as the sanguine read her face, that didn't seem to be it at all. Confusion took his features then and he asked simply this time for an answer. "Who are you?"

Lily turned to face the man taking in his words as he switched between languages. Her brain processed which language to reply in to the older man only confusing her more where she was. She looked towards the new voice that filled her ears. Her eyes moved along the man slowly as she took in all the colors that took up his features. She often spent a long time staring at people because to her, and her unique eyes she saw colors that no other being did. No one was ever just caucasian, or tan. Yet different shades of reds, oranges, and brows mixed along his skin. He was beautiful to her.

Her eyes moved, dropping to the hilt of the sword and the fear swam through her chest. She was gypsy after all. She cursed herself inside of her own head as she took a natural step back from the man. Her eyes moved from him looking for an escape. Wondering if she could get the wind to pick her up. Yet not a single breeze danced around her. Why would it just drop her here and cut itself off in such a way. Her heart was pounding away as the wolf inside of her swirled to give her confidence in being able to protect herself. When the name Jeovani left his lips her head snapped back towards him.

“You know Vega?” She asked with confusion, taking him in once more before she gave a shake of her head. “No this is not about Jeovani. As far as I know he is still very much safe. Though he hasn’t been home in a while. Maybe we should go looking for him. Though he was never one to still either.” She started talking the thought out without much care. Before her gaze snapped back into focus. “How do you know Vega?” She tilted her head to the side as she moved to dance closer to him.

“Who am I? I guess he didn’t talk much of his family to keep us safe. I am Lily. A cousin to Vega.” She said as she let her eyes run over him before a sleepy smile crossed her face. “You are rather beautiful. The colors that make you up, I wish I had the paint to paint you.” She took a step back after studying him a moment longer. Each step is light and dance-like, showing her true gypsy nature. “How much do you  know of Vega?” She questioned with an arch of her brow knowing he was not human. His scent told her that. “What are you?” She questioned curiously as she moved, picking up something expensive and looked it over wondering why she was brought here.

Raffaele watched as the peculiar woman seemed just as lost as to why she was in his home as he was. Her queer behavior only confused him more. Perhaps too much time in the sun? Rather an odd notion for a gypsy, but as her lithe frame moved closer to him without any sense of fear from the repercussions of the action, he couldn't help but smell the sunshine on her dark skin. It was a common trait he noticed among most of her people and it didn't surprise him in the least that she knew Vega. A family member, no less. At this point, he just assumed every Gypsy was somehow related back to his old friend. Jeo's family seemed endless while he himself was utterly alone in that respect and many more. They, ever traveling as he remained mostly in solitude and in his giant home with expensive things to fill the void.

His brow rose at her mention of calling him beautiful and when she turned to study a vase that had been sitting on a pedestal since before the birth of many nations, his gaze went over to Vincenzo who looked back at him with as much confusion. Raffaele nodded to him once in silent cue to leave them which he did, but not before taking his time to take in the woman before moving through to the next hallway. When he brought his attention back, Raffaele quickly stepped beside her and wrapped his hands carefully around the artifact and took it from her, placing it back down on its home. The thought of it shattering in that moment was all he could think about before turning to face her again. Raffaele was no artist, but if there was anyone that was deserving of a portrait, it was her. Her eyes seemed like copper pools that shined like the desert sun when it reached the hour of the day where he could watch the shift into night and wouldn't have to worry about its effects because of what he was.  

Raffaele went with the easier question first as the second wasn't exactly one he was proud of. "Vega and I met many years ago. He is like a brother to me. We..." How did one explain their relationship? "..traveled a lot. Did bounty hunter work." This wasn't necessarily a topic most found appealing to talk about. At least in proper company. Usually they were the ones hiring him to catch the wrongdoers and wanted no details of how it was done, only that it was in fact done. "We parted ways," he said simply. Going into the specifics of their final days together was not something he cared to share or the nature of why he considered Vega to be family. To say he missed him was doing his brother a disservice. 

Onto the latter. "As to what I am. I'm a sanguine," he replied simply, catching her gaze. There was no use in trying to ease the answer out. Nothing could make the stigma of his kind less unnerving. He was used to the unease among many of the supernatural world, not that he cared to give the information freely, but he'd frequented some of the few places where different magical beings of the world could gather without hiding what they were. Those places never suited him. Too many of the ones going there felt superior to humans and that kind of dangerous thinking led to the deaths of thousands, human and not. 

Still, he could not pull away from her eyes, despite the shame that usually came with revealing what he was. "Are you a lupine like much of your family?" Raffaele smirked with a light scoff as he remembered just then what Vega had said about the invisible force that had given him purpose. "You were brought on the Wind weren't you? Why would it bring you to me?"

Ever needing to move or be occupied especially when she was placed in such an unsure situation by the wind. So her delicate to the touch fingers picking up the vase that she could smell being older than herself  was out of habit. As her nose had a micro twitch as the swirling complex colors made her heart swirl with delight. Should she take up pottery? It hadn’t been a thought of hers until that moment as she took in the beauty of the artwork that danced along the curves of the fragile piece of work. Her ears twitched as she heard the man who had confused her with his words earlier, really the switching between languages was hard for someone like her. She was going to turn her attention to the male and bid him farewell when Raffaele was there in the blink of her long lashes.

If she hadn’t been a skilled being she would have jumped out of her skin and dropped what he so gently took from her grasp. She didn’t fight him as he removed the object after all she didn’t own it. He was being far kinder than most in the company of a gypsy. “A fan of old things?” she said in a joking tone. Not knowing he himself was one that had been around long before she could comprehend. Her tone of voice though was like caramel, it was part of her charm they would say. What made her one of the best negotiators of their pack. Calm head, eyes for details, and caramel tones. She truly was one of the more dangerous Rahotep siblings. So as they held each other's gaze for a long moment, she felt the edge of her lips curl up into a friendly smile. 

“Oh so Vega did more than run off to his lover? Here we thought he was off creating a whole family away from us. Vega on adventures without us?” The pout came to her lips though was gone in a flash as she formed an o shape for a moment. “Bounty hunter work you say? I have run away from my fair share of bounty hunters, the question is do you have a bounty on me. Mr. Brother of my cousin but not by blood.” She gave a soft laugh and then frowned. “So the wind didn’t bring me here for Vega. Curiouser and curiouser.”  she mumbled the last bit to herself, it was odd for the wind to do such a thing to her.

“Sanguine?” Her gaze focused back onto him for a moment as her brain caught the word. Tilting her head to the side as her gaze moved along him slower than the first time. Taking everything about him in, at that moment before she gave a big grin. “Can I see your fangs? This may be the only time I meet a Sanguine. Let alone one my cousin so approves of as family.” Truthfully her eyes wanted to see the colors that his fang held, the venom they released, maybe it could help her make a paint color she hadn’t even seen.  There was no fear in her eyes as she stepped even closer to him. Clearly no concept of personal space existed for the Lupine. Listening closer she realized he had no heart beat. Reaching out she touched his cheek to feel if he was cold.

“Vega telling you all about the big bad wolves in the family?” She asked with a lighthearted chuckle from her lips. “Yes, I am Lupine like most of us in Vega's family.” She gave a gentle nod of her head, before a frown finally took its place on her lips. “I am not sure why the wind brought me here. It often is kind to me and never leaves me places. So when it does, Confusion takes hold. I thought for a moment I was meant to find Vega since you know him. Yet it seems to not be the case.” She turned her gaze upwards. “And now the wind seems to be ignoring me when I ask for answers.”

Raffaele remained still as he relayed the information to her, waiting for the inevitable reaction that most had who knew of the varying supernatural beings in the world. Fear. Contempt, maybe. However, neither came. Instead the quirky woman only looked to be curious. He supposed he should've known better than to assume how she would react. After all, Gypsies weren't exactly welcomed by others. It seemed they had some common ground when it came to being seen as the outcasts. He had accepted this having been alive for as long as he had, but her people tended to be bold and sociable, meaning it was much harder for them when shunned by people. It was quite the opposite for him. Being a recluse was pretty agreeable nowadays.

As Lily came closer to him, he did not move from her, despite the oddity of her behavior. She was quite different. The complete opposite of what he was used to when people learned what he was. He never had somebody so close to him in this manner unless they were in distance of meeting his blade. His brow only scrunched as she was within inches of him now and staring at his lips intensely. Lily's sudden request to see his fangs threw him for a second as her eyes continued searching for something he wasn't sure of. "Um, no," he answered simply just as her fingers brushed lightly over his skin. He could still smell the lingering sunshine and heat on her. It was not a real feeling he had known for himself in centuries and for a moment that predator in him wanted to taste her. Badly.

The lump that had formed in his throat ached when he swallowed along with the need to feel his fangs break her open. He held his resolve, however. This wouldn't be the first time or hundreth time he'd had to keep that side of him in check and without giving away how he was actually feeling in that moment. Instead, it made it easier when her focus changed to the original reasoning of her being in his home in the first place. The Wind. "You'll find that a commonplace for most deities," he responded with a noted scoff of cynicism before stepping away and towards the floor to ceiling window that overlooked the garden.

He leaned against the wall and peered down at the pristinely cared for greenery that he had no hand in himself. His eyes lifted upward towards the sky as if the answers would suddenly be there. The concern continued for Vega. Raffaele tried to think of the many reasons as to why his cousin would be brought to him in this manner and the only thing that linked them was Jeovani. He only hoped his old friend was alright and enjoying the world. The way they had parted was bloody and horrific. "You are welcome to stay in my home until we can figure it all out." He turned to her then, throwing away the past images that flooded his mind. "Pick any room you wish. The staff will help you with whatever you need. Clothing, food. Just please," his dark eyes moved to the vase she had become interested in before with a slight smirk. "Be careful of the delicate things around the house. We normally don't have this much excitement here and I have a feeling if you are much like the rest of your family, you'll be dancing about and bringing the destruction of the many irreplaceable objects atop my shelves."

Personal space wasn’t something Lily had any concept of, being the youngest of the Rahotep children and growing with wolves made personal space an uncommon amenity. Giving a big sad eye filled frown when he turned down her request. “A shame I have never seen a pair in person. Just stories from my siblings but they could never explain the coloring enough.” She took a step back pulling her hand with her as she looked around the room they were standing in. Her eyes lingering on the swirls of colors that dotted around. Unaware of the predator instinct she had poked at with her scent. 

She was in fact being careless, because he said he was friends with her uncle. She gave a huff in that moment as he moved away as she thought of the wind dropping her here, with no guidance. “The wind has never done this to me before. My siblings joke that it truly loved me the most.” She spoke with sadness, she had known some gypsies who would have been left in an unknown place by the wind as punishment. The wheels turning in her head trying to figure out what she could have done wrong.  “I do hope I didn’t upset it so much it's deciding to leave me here for the rest of my life.” She frowned deeply with her back to where he had wandered too. Her mind thought of her siblings and how they would hold together if she was unable to return.

She turned back to him once he stated she could stay in his home. It was so different to what she was often met with when it came to the wind throwing her somewhere. “Thank you, I really appreciate it. Is there anything I could do to pay you for allowing me to stay here?” She asked as she shifted from one foot to the other. She gave a hearty laugh before shaking her head. “Well I may be the worst when it comes to dancing around. So I will try and keep that to the outside areas of your home.” She moved closer, her hands taking hold of his as she gave them a gentle squeeze. “I really appreciate your kindness. It isn’t something us gypsy are often met with, when the wind decides to steal us away.”

She gave him a bright smile before letting his hands go. “I guess I should go walk around and find a room, unless you wish to show me the rooms you would rather me stay in. That away I am not running around knocking things over.” She cleared her throat knowing it was going to happen at some point even if she tried her hardest to not do so. “Out of curiosity how irreplaceable are we talking?” She started to eye things around more.

Raffaele nodded to her suggestion of showing her around, thinking perhaps it was best he did accompany her instead. He tried to think on what bedroom would have the least amount of opportunity for destruction, especially with the Wind being so close to her side. Deity or not, a breeze in any of his rooms which contained certain expensive artifacts made him feel uneasy all the same. Somehow, he had the feeling Lily would end up causing some sort of mayhem no matter what. He was starting to realize the inevitability of it given she was brought here for some unknown reason which probably meant trouble. Peace was only something he could hope for. It didn't really stay with him for very long.

"Very irreplaceable," he said, stressing the word and looking over to her with a raised eyebrow as she kept taking in all the things around her. "Hence the meaning of the word." He supposed his house was rather interesting. It was never messy. He had a staff for that. Not that it mattered; it's not like anyone was ever really making use for most of the rooms in the manor. He was usually in his study or bedroom and there were no other occupants except the staff who of course did not live with him. They had their own building not far away on the grounds which was undoubtedly nicer than what most were given as quarters. Rarely did he ever hire someone from the outside and now generations of a few families stayed here instead which Raffaele felt he could trust more Vincenzo most of all. No, there was no one else to enjoy the things of his home but him. Objects to fill the space and probably something else in him he didn't want to think on. 

They passed several rooms before he led her to the second floor, climbing the twisting staircase which passed one of the stained glass windows. Given the sun was no companion of his, he enjoyed the colorful glass which diminished some of the light, but still brought spots of beauty that passed across the stone floors. Ironically enough, gothic cathedrals were some of his favorite structures across the world and so he wanted to have a piece of it in the manor as well. He glanced over his shoulder as the colors splashed across her skin while they climbed the stairs. He found it rather hard to believe this lithe woman could really ever upset anyone let alone a deity. "Why do you think the Wind would be upset with you enough to bring you to me? I am probably not in the good graces of it given my past. I can't imagine what benefit there would be in that."

Raffaele stopped and pushed open the double doors to a bedroom which had one of the longer walls entirely made up of shelving for books and other odds and ends. He moved to open the heavy curtains which were always drawn around the house given what he was. The light spilled openly into the room which he hadn't seen in a long time. In the corner was a standing easel covered in a sheet that he removed, letting it collapse on the floor, the reason he chose the room for Lily in the first place. It helped there wasn't many breakable things in there either. 

Just then, a young woman who was stationed on this floor with keeping it clean came to an abrupt stop when she saw the door opened, clearly in a state of surprise at seeing them. He'd always known her to be a quiet thing. A mousy girl that kept to herself, but did her job well. "This is Emilienne," he introduced to which the girl bowed her head in greeting. "She can help you with anything you need. I believe they will be starting preparations for meals soon if you would like to inform her what you'd like to eat. Vincenzo will most certainly be starting the pies in celebration of your arrival." The last bit he said in annoyance with a shake of his head, not looking forward to the meddling the man would be doing. "I can inquire about where to find you some paint in town. If I recall, the lighting in here is best midday."

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