Adventuring through twisted time.

What could one say, time had started to flow in a way that she no longer knew what era it was truly. Though at the end of the day time was just a construct to her. She could be anywhere, anytime, always. The more she stayed in the timeless realm the more she knew leaving for a long period of time would make her sick. She was lonely. So lonely, she missed the people she had connected with, and the people she cared about from afar. A connection for one night wouldn’t be the worst.

It had been so long since she had been to any event, any reason to dress up. So why not host a ball in her realm and bring people there for a night. A singular night. They would all forget, but she could cling to the memories for a few decades.  So she made the magical invites to bring her guest to her realm, for a masquerade ball. She released her magic on her realm to convert her castle into a giant ballroom, with a whole wall lined with food and drinks. 

“Perfect.” She said to her unseen servants and waited for the guest to arrive. Music from an non existing band filled the hall. If they chose to open the invitation they would be teleported there, the moment they read the last word. Dressed for an evening of dancing and fun.  If not, the invite would disappear at the stroke of midnight their time. She walked down the stairs placing on her mask and hoped that the evening would be one of fun, and not another lonely evening.

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Music blared and shook the very foundations that the cabin like bar stood on. It wasn't unusual for Saturday nights to get a little wild, in comparison to that during the week and in all fairness, it was Mack's favourite night of the week to work. More often than not, when the punters left and staggered off home, Mack and a few of her close regulars like Bobby would have a lock in; where they would drink until at least one of them passed out on the pool table. It was nights like these that she regretted being wolf for so many years, it had seemed she missed a lot; although, arguably, the likelihood of her leaving her tribe to experience this would have been incredibly low. 

Makani had just begin peeling the unconscious body away from the pool table when she came across an envelope stuck to his arm. "Ew, I love you Eugene but you stink" She grimaced as she unfolded the now damp envelope and read the contents inside. "No, no. No thank you, a ball is really not my scene" Mack crunched up the invitation but before she knew it, she was no longer in her bar but in some grandiose mansion. She had never seen anything like it. 

Mack glanced down at the sudden pain her feet were experiencing and wrinkled her features. Not only was she in heels but also in a silver, and rather shimmering dress. "Could have at least made it black" She spoke out into the air, before hunting down the bar where she watched the bartenders make cocktails to a lower standard. In fact, they didn't want to engage with their customers at all besides taking orders and giving their drinks. Metaphorically, she rolled up her sleeves and jumped up upon the bar to help and provide some form of entertainment. 

The cool night breeze rustled through his hair and danced across Mimir's fur as the two laid in wait for their trap to be sprung. A violent scream hit the air and from their hiding spot, they knew that was their cue, launching forward with a growl and revealing themselves to the world around them. This was his life as of late the violent endless cycle of the hunt and many had feared he had finally been fully affected by his families curse. His heavy handed hack lodged his weapon into his last pry's skull immediately stopping the loud shrill scream coming from him. 

I took a deep breath and as soon as I had I found myself falling, landing in a familiar room and groaning as I came to realize this room was in my father's castle. 'I swear another Ragnarok will be started by you and Heracles alone.' Ariadne huffed as she came in to view rubbing her eyes tiredly as I rose with a huff fixing myself. "You could've brought Mimir with me." I said harshly glaring at her for only a second before gave a soft 'I did.' As a rebuttal. A whistled then and my wolf came bounding into the room like the fool he was but besides the sounds of his trot, there was a palpable silence between my sister and I. "What has Hera done?" My words slice through the silence in the room and she scoffs. 'What has he not done?'

Tyr has just cleaned up, his conversation which continued for an hour still playing heavily in his mind as he sat before the fire in his room with an untouched drink in his hands. He inhaled sharply when the sound of something rustling in the room broke his zoned out train of thought. He looked to where the sound had come spotting the invite from Clarice however, he didn't think this was for him. She often sent him or his sister letters to forward to Heracles when his curse prevented him from accepting them directly so that was his first thought. He opened the letter with the intent to forward its message to his brother as he always did but was suddenly transported and changed as he came upon the last words of the invite. He landed on his feet he was used to both Clarice and Aria's magic by now. Knowing word for word what the invite said he looked down to see what he wore adjusting himself as he began to look around for others as the clothes were a bit too snug. He saw the faint disappointment in Clarice's eyes first upon realising which Skadi had arrived. "He will be here, knowing him he probably ate your first invite." He faintly chuckles before his smile completely drops after seeing Nerissa and immediately scoops her up in a hug "I am so sorry I failed at protecting you." He says before anything else for fear that he might not get another chance. 

"Target sighted." He spoke to his com and locked on through the scope. "Permission to engage?" "All clear here." The voice of his cousin spoke back through the coms and Caleb after hearing her took a breath, steadied his breath with a deep inhale. He put his finger on the trigger as he exhaled and "So there's no chance between Shira and you?" "Ahh fuck!" He missed and the computer's voice could be heard ending the simulation. "Really Kyle?" He huffed out frustrated as he stood up and began to remove his gear. "What!? She's still clearly your weakness and distraction." She laughed back through the coms as their whole Homebase began to rattle from the grunge music she played. "You were the distraction in this case." He mumbled under his breath with a huff. "How did you escape her anyway?" She asked and he just grumbled as he made his way through the base and Kylelee sighed when he was silent so she changed the subject. "You have a letter here by the way." "Oh? Who's it from?" "Pfft Ion know... A Clare Ice?"

I laughed as I climbed the last ladder "Clarice. Clarice De Biville." I said now behind her as I spun her chair and she laughed with me. 'Oops.' I plopped down on the couch with the letter in my hands, turning it over a few times because I noticed it was different from the last ones she had sent. 'So who is this Clarice?' "Uhh..." I slowly peeled my eyes off this letter or rather envelope and towards my cousin. "She's a very powerful mystic that's sent us some work from time to time." I say with a tilt of my back and forth. 'Oh, so she is how you escaped the Shira.' She teased and I groaned. "No, I met Clarice much later now will you stop talking about Shira!" I shot at her while throwing a pillow at her. I returned this letter and opened it, reading it over carefully 'will I get the chance to meet this great and powerful wizard someday?' She asks almost sarcastically and I snort. "Mystic.... and possibly... If she finds you useful without me." I looked at her as I began to vanish and waved with a smirk at the wide eyed look on my cousin's face. 

The first thing he notices when he arrives in a seated position on the floor was the long nose protruding from the mask on his face. After going cross eyed to see it he stood up and straightened the creases from his clothes. It does not take him long to find everyone else scanning around not seeing anyone he knew until his eyes fall to the wild one dancing on the bar. A mix of emotions swirl all at once seeing his childhood friend and he is not sure if approaching her is the smartest thing to do but without even noticing that he had been walking her way he was now near the bar. The question now was when did this Makani come from the past or the future? The answer would determine her response to seeing him but it was a chance he did not mind taking here. He only hopes this was not Shira from his present or she would immediately try and kill him. "Why do I always find you dancing on a bar!?" He chuckles out speaking loud enough to be heard over the music.

No one knew how to party like a Viking after a successful mission. Vestein sat in a circle with his men singing loudly as he tossed his ale back and forth. Celebrating the cleaning out of a nest that had been taking children from a local city. Becoming Sanguine was hard on him at first, on all his men but now they have overcome challenges most only stare at never dare to take on. He took a long gulp of the blood laced ale before something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He was there in a blink of an eye. Ripping the letter to shreds remembering the scent that lingered on it from a random encounter when he was with his cousin Astrid. Reading over the words, a little slower then normal due to the affects of the blood laced alcohol. He groaned. "Fuck!" 

And like the speed the Sanguine had naturally, he was gone in a blink yet this time thrown into an unknown castle ball room, in clothes that he only wore on special occasions. Taking his full hand to palm the mask that covered his face, yanking it free from his face to look it over. With a grunt he tucked it under his arm and moved into the room with all the lingering bodies. As he looked between the people, spotting Clarice, and his cousin he simply gave a grunt towards the crowd. Taking hold of one of the trays that was floating by. He walked over to eye his cousin, then Luca whom scent he noticed from his cousin. "You know. I was enjoying my night after a hunt. I hate you ruined it." Vestein picked up one glass of alcohol  from the tray in his position and sniffed it before downing it. 

Speaking in his native tongue to Astrid only, "Think we could fight our way out of here? She can't be as powerful as the rumors, no?"

On days like this, Madeline found herself alone sitting before mirror lake with her legs crossed and eyes closed, palms to the ground with her fingers laced in the grass just taking in everything around her. She could not tell you how long it had been since she had been in Thistlemoon but she was happy here; her days were often filled with time well spent with the king's little sister Doelynn or King Kyan himself. Today Doelynn was busy with her studies and Kyan was in a council meeting, which gave Madeline the rare opportunity to be with herself. She remained at the lake for two hours or more just basking in the sounds of the forest around her along with its warmth before finally retiring to the Mapleshade tree.

It was a quiet day, you could hear the faintest of sounds even from miles away, even while not trying to. I had only just picked up a book when a flutter across the room caught my eye. I narrowed my brow as I looked to where the sound had come and found an envelope on the floor. It was nowhere near the door or the windows in the room so my first thought was, a Fae was in the room with me but glamoured. So I remained where I was sitting on the floor as I carefully observed the room around me for a moment before slowly making my way to the object to observe that too. My eyes squinted faintly as I grew a little nervous upon realising it was an invite to something but it did not seem Fae-ish so my heart raced and ached at the thought that someone might know I was here. I only read the letter to see whom it was from and if by chance they might indicate enough for me to figure out how they knew where I was but instead found a name I did not recognise as questions and concerns flooded my mind. I set the invite down on the moss covered table nearby to decide how to handle this when I slowly began to vanish before my own eyes. "Wait... Noo-"

Madeline had hardly gotten a word in edgewise when she landed gracefully on her feet taking a step or two forward to be sure she did not fall. She stilled and a scrupulous look formed on her face under her mask as she looked around before catching sight of herself in the mirrored wall. She took a breath feeling quite numb honestly though the stained glass styled dress she wore was stunning and fit her way too well for her taste. She began to wander around, maybe whoever this Clarice was would tell her how she knew where to find her and maybe she would send her back before someone noticed she was gone. It did not take Madeline long to find everyone with her inclination for music, spotting Luna out of the crowd first since her mask was off before scanning again until she spotted that familiar blonde hair across the room and everything suddenly seemed to fade. Alone Madeline was quite clever and wise having been alive long enough to learn from the world and life experiences, her own and others. The same could be said for Lena but the moment these two women got together the pair collectively shared one brain cell between them. Not thinking this through Madeline grabbed her dress so she would not trip as she began to run towards Lena at full speed and football tackled her like a heavyweight tackle guard. She groaned when they hit and slid across the floor and began to laugh "that was stupid." She admitted through her laughter as she sat up only to find they had slid right next to none other than Kyan who she recognised immediately through his mask. 


Embers lick up into the night sky, shining and warm. Music strains out, accompanied by some of her favorite sounds - laughter, chatter, warmth. Normally Selina wouldn’t be able to resist getting up and dancing by the flames in an environment like this but this time something stills her. She’s not certain if it’s the peace and happiness in the air, her overly full stomach, or the enthralling fire itself but she remains in place, laughing at something one of her companions says as they all watch the others who want to dance. She hums along to the music softly, tapping her foot in time and just generally enjoying the company and peace.

The late hour has never bothered her and as things begin to wind down she gets up to walk, as is a custom for her. The world has changed so much as she watched and sometimes she feels as though it will leave her behind so these moments of just being with herself are welcome and needed to ground her so to speak. She hasn’t been walking for too long though before a soft fluttering reaches her ear, the envelope floating directly to her hand. She regards the fancy letter curiously before tearing the wax seal, paying no nevermind to the dangers that might come with an unknown letter like this, a habit that she’s been chastised for her whole life. A smile breaks across her face as she finishes the last word and magic surrounds her, whisking her away.

The last thing on her mind is her attire as she lands softly in the ballroom, immediately casting her gaze around curiously. It’s all so pretty and the giggle that bubbles past her lips as she watches people interact for a moment is perfectly genuine.

Before she can take a step toward the dance floor certain figures catch her eye, stopping her in her tracks. Her siblings have no time to prepare themselves before she’s running over and hugging all of them, squeezing. “Hi! Oh it’s so good to see you!” She hasn’t seen any of them in a while, though… now that she thinks about it, they might have seen her fairly recently. She has no idea when they were arriving from but either way her energy is nothing new to any of her family. She gives all three a kiss on the cheek before taking a step back, allowing them space, and turning to give a friendly smile to the woman she could only assume to be Clarice and the others around them.

They knew each other? Devon wasn't expecting one of his closest friends and elusive enemies to be acquainted, let alone friendly, but it was plainly obvious as he kept his stern glare which moved from Hawk to Clarice. He would've had a mouthful more to say and nothing of it kind, but it was then the familiar airy voice of someone he'd lost only weeks before spoke behind him. Despite the gown and mask, Devon knew immediately it was Nerissa and all the grievances he had with Clarice moments ago fell away. The shock of seeing her was so jarring, he didn't even immediately react. One of the last moments they were together involved him stabbing her with Excalibur which was a decision that haunted him ever since. 

The Rogue finally forced himself to move and reached out to hug the fae who seemed detached from reality. His brow furrowed in confusion as he tried to understand, but his head turned to see more and more people arriving in the expansive ballroom. Some of the faces he recognized, but most he did not, and it was sobering him up very quickly. He'd not seen Astrid since his time getting the sword out of the hands of monsters and he'd thought he'd never see the queen after their parting. Then of course there was Kyan who smiled at him in full arrogance from across the room and if Devon had the sword with him then, he would've tried to behead the bastard there.

It was odd to see some of the others trying to enjoy themselves when he wanted to lash out. Maybe more ale would help... As soon as another large man approached Nerissa, who he had to assume was the one she'd helped after being attacked, Devon made his way to where a few others had gathered to drink in order to give them time to reconnect. If he focused on what was in his cup, he could avoid causing a scene in which he'd smash a stool over someone's head, starting with the fae king and maybe ending with a sorceri. Devon looked to the strangers before him and snagged one of the frothy mugs that floated by, tilting it back against his lips till it was empty in moments. He glanced around at what everyone else was drinking then. "Which one of these has something in it that will make me have regrets in the morning?"

It was a warm and quiet day at The Dragon Lady. Ostana was up early. Hoping to get a leg in before the chaos of the day set in. Taking the opportunity of the brothel being closed in the morning to fix some odds and ends things around the building. Then running to the market for groceries so Libelle could make breakfast ahead of everyone else waking up. Making it back long before that happens. She had grabbed the mail from the carter while she was out. Always stunning everyone in town with how she managed to haul the heavier goods back to The Dragon Lady alone. Not without getting several offers from men who really just wanted to be rewarded with her services. She always managed without help. It also went without saying that Ruby was the most expensive lady at The Dragon Lady. So people jumped at the chance to try and help her. Having high hopes about how she would thank them. 

Ostana was a bitch, however. Clever and calculating.

Mean but charming. Even as Ruby. 

So no help taken. No rewards given. Ever.

She was sorting through the letters they received. Putting the ones from admirers in the communal basket so all the ladies could read them together and laugh. There was only one left and it was for Libelle. From Daniel. Except... It smelled heavily like Vega. She hadn't smelled it on purpose but with her enhanced senses, it couldn't be helped. She sniffed it again this time on purpose to be sure. Humming to herself as it was confirmed to be Vega's scent. She looked up towards his room. Was he here or had the wind taken him? Because she was going to chew his ear off about this.

She handed Libelle the letter with hesitation. Deciding it wasn't her place to say anything. And maybe there was something between the two she didn't know. So she stayed quiet not wanting to assume, jump to conclusions or pry. She turned around and froze when one last letter appeared in her hand. She narrowed her brow. Quickly smirking when the scent of her infamous cousin hit her. Opening it without hesitation. She speeds read the invite and hums again. Turning towards Libelle "Mistress, did you get an in..." 

Halfway through her rare, calculated words, she disappeared. Arriving at the ball gracefully on her feet. She titled her head catching her reflection in the mirrored walls. Humming in thought as to why her cousin didn't choose the color red for her outfit. The reason becoming quite clear as she joined everyone in the main hall with the various shades of ruby floating around. Her vibrant gaze quickly scans over everyone. Approaching Clarice first. Kissing her on the cheek with a warm hug. Her ear percking up when the voice of the one she was trying to avoid hit the air. Vestein. She pursed her lips turning towards him. She, since the day they met, had been denying the mate bond. Pretending like she didn't feel it. She watched him for a moment before approaching. "You attack my cousin. You will start a war. And I don't think you'd like the side I'd choose." 

She slips the mask he held under his arm free. Looking it over for a second and then putting it on his face. Looking his face over for a second and then smirking. 

"Much better." She teases. 

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