Adventuring through twisted time.

Time. One of those things that marches forever forward and, if you can’t adapt, the thing that will leave you floundering as the world moves on without you.

Selina is quite proud to say that she’s pretty much kept up as time continues it’s crawl, adjusting what she does for the changes in society. She’s still a gypsy and, as such, still regarded with some suspicion but she’s more than used to it by this point. Besides, it’s not like the world has changed that much, in many ways it’s still the same that it always was. The rich still step on the poor for their money, still eat in their high walls while their people starve, and it still makes her indescribably angry. Perhaps that’s why her pick-pocketing hasn’t decreased. Or at least that’s how she’s going to frame it. She has to eat too after all.

She grins as she pockets the fancy ring she’d just nicked out of some poor passerby’s pouch, disappearing into the crowd with the ease of practice. This will help feed her and the caravan for a few weeks if they spend it correctly and, judging by the insignia, it’s even better since it’s the ring of some rich lord’s family. Perfect. The centuries have honed her skills to the point that she’ll be long gone by the time the man even notices the ring’s sudden departure.

Of course she didn’t count on the man being a sanguine. That complicates things. So when the Wind tells her about him following her later she nearly goes to confront him. Her nature takes over though and she avoids him, constantly allowing herself to be blown just out of his reach.

He’ll give up eventually. Won’t he? Apparently not. He follows them to the next town and the town after that. Either that ring meant more than she first thought or… he’s incredibly angry over being stolen from. She’s pretty willing to bet it’s the latter.

She can’t run forever though, no matter how much people will tell you otherwise. She catches sight of his face one late night, amid the crowd of drinking guests enjoying the show. Smoke and mirrors and amazement, it’s what they’re known for after all. Her role is simpler but perhaps more dangerous in the eyes of most people. She’d just finished her dance, allowing the flames to fizzle out around her as she bowed away, but he could feel her eyes on him. Now to wait to see if he’ll confront her after all this time. Selina is known for dancing too close to the flames and not getting burned. He’ll have his work cut out for him if he intends to catch her tonight.

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