Adventuring through twisted time.

It was still a foreign concept for Rain to get her head around the fact that she had lived a lie for a good twenty years; and now she had this whole new world exposed to her. Yet, she supposed some of it made sense as to why she was always so drawn to water from a very young age. However, now that she had this siren lifestyle, she loved it and loved the stronger personality that often itched within; she also couldn't deny she loved the hunt either. The screams of her prey. Oft. It was always beautiful. 

Yet now that she had this new life, she didn't think she would ever be the prey herself - always the predator. Rain guessed she'd have to watch her back from curious humans trying to capture her and learn from her but still. As she lay there, naked on the beach, the sand being tainted by her blood; she groaned in absolute agony. With a sharp pull, she yanked the spear out of her flesh and bit roughly into her own arm.

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Nerissa's head slowly tilted as she took in Rainore words about how the magic in her veins was unknown to her. “That is such a strange concept to me.” she said softly as she was raised knowing she had magical abilities, untrained in them since she was meant to die for her people but still she knew she had it. “You were considered a witch?” she asked curiously as she looked to her tail. “May I ask how being tried as a witch made you grow a tail?” her naivety still shining through her words as she clearly had no idea about being tried as a witch meant. “I was very sheltered when I was born.” she said shyly, folding her hands together.

It wouldn’t be the last time someone would say they wanted to eat her due to the scent her blood gave off. In fact this chance meeting with Rain is what would plant the seed of the idea of selling her blood to Sanguine and for other reasons. Yet she gulped at her words before feeling the heat in her face. “I-,” she wasn’t overly sure what to say as she watched the siren take in her scent. Thankful for the question to move past how she smelt to her. “Well my friend that I trust has been gone for a while. Doing his own thing and I need to get supplies to restock my shop. So not a choice but something that needed to be done?”

Looking at her tail taking in the black color and then looking back to her face with a soft smile. “Oh I understand! For the Fae it often goes off of ear length and eye colors to disquish families where I am from. Though it's not always certain.  Though we also have symbols that distinguish us from each other.  How did you learn you were from Aquada?” she questioned since her words seem to give the impression she didn’t know she was a Siren for a long time. “Do you have any enemies of the tail kind?” she queried as she shifted on her knees next to the tub.

Nerissa gave a big smile at the promise of venturing together for a drink. Would she finally find an alcohol she liked? She had been in the process of making her own with fruits she had found but she had no idea what she was doing also. “I would love that! I don’t get out much. Is there something that would be nourishing to you besides a chunk of myself?” She gave a weak feeble chuckle to break the tension.

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