Adventuring through twisted time.

At the birth her name was Edith Anne Coastillon, she was born into the house of Coastillon, one of the most royal families to rule the lands now known as the United Kingdom. Shortly after birth, Edith began to show signs that she could wield great magic. This magic she carried scared her parents greatly as there seemed no way they could control it.

Her parents went looking for help but what they were met with was a Coven of Witches who had heard of Edith feeling she was the child that would fulfill a great prophecy. The witches took Edith that night and raised her as a member of their coven, thus she was named Clarice Lilith De Biville.

Clarice was trained in her magic from that day forth, she passed every task that was placed in front of her as if it was nothing. The older she got the stronger she got and soon she was the leader of the coven. With ups there comes downs though, the moment Clarice thought she could own the world she met a Sorcerer, a man skilled in magic that surpassed what the Witches could show her.

The Sorcerer went by the name Prospero, the moment he set eyes on Clarice he was obsessed with the power her body seems to hold. Clarice left her coven into the arms of this man who promised to show her the world of magic none like she ever known. For years she studied with him until the days she began to surpass his own skill causing Prospero to become jealous of Clarice.

Prospero was a very controlling man and the moment Clarice began to see that for herself, he locked her away binding her hands and gagging her to stop her from using her magic, while he found a way to keep her from using her magic. He created a set of bracelets that were laced with magic to keep her from using her own, ones she could not remove herself.

Placing them around her wrist they tighten and the x shape charm on them buried itself into her flesh. The moment the bracelets were placed on her wrist it was as if she became passive, she followed every word that Prospero gave. For years she was his slave until one of her old coven members came searching for her.

When Sapphire found her, Clarice was a shell of the woman she once knew. Ripping the bracelets away knowing they were a source of magic causing the x marks on her flesh to burn as her power was restored, but not without their side effects. Sapphire became ill for she was the one to remove the bracelets, but they were able to make their escape back to the coven.

Clarice watched Sapphire die slowly as black spread from her hands into her veins, Clarice tried every way to save her that she could think of but her efforts were fruitless. As they burned Sapphire’s lifeless body Clarice looked down to the x marks on her wrists, it was the first time she had to face the death of someone close to her. It struck fear into her as that could have been her.

Clarice stayed close to the witches but far enough away from them so they could not be tied to her. She worked on many things through her lifetime but her greatest achievement was a potion for immortality. She created the immortality potion for just herself for she feared death more than anything, but taking the potion caused her to see visions of the future….

Clarice woke up that day jumping from the nightmares that were hunting. She sat up, looking around the small cabin she made herself not from the coven she had once led. She moved standing up pushing her hair off her wet forehead, The nightmares were getting stronger trying to get her to understand what was going to happen. Clarice still wasn’t understanding her dreams though. 

Clarice walked towards the window when the smell of burning flesh caught her nose causing her stomach dropped she was sure it was Prospero coming for her once again. She stormed out of her home running through the thick trees the screams of her people filled her ears and she ran into the middle of the small town they had started seeing buildings burning her eyes turned orange as she called water to her beginning to put out the fires.

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"Is she still blocked?" Ariadne asked a stern glare and tone emanating from her as Heracles shook his head yes. No sooner had he answer her did a loud pained scream bellow out of him and throughout the whole castle, he hissed as he hit the floor the skin of his back singed and burned while Ariadne simply took a breath and let the fire consuming her dominant hand fade. "Now, imagine what that would be like if it was her magic." She watched him for a moment as he fought through the intense pain, and fought to keep Clarice from feeling it which in turn caused Ariadne to tsk and sigh as she helped her brother back onto the bed and with just a look healed what she had done to him. "I know you can not control it, but you can walk away." She watched him longer forwarding her brow when she noticed he was still not okay, quickly sitting beside him and lifting his shirt but not seeing anything, a guilty feeling forming as a pit in her stomach at the realization she had hurt him while he was already injured.


She whipped the sweat from my brow and I pushed her away though I did not want to. 'Did the king-' "Yes." I cut her off sternly as I pushed myself away from her entirely because even though I knew she was sorry I was still livid and I did not want to hurt her. I soon felt her looking for the wound though, checking my back and arms, torso, chest... 'I... I do not see an-' "He does not know you can heal without seeing the wound." I snarled and she suddenly put it all together 'oh...' We fell silent after that and gently she took my hand, her eyes, staring into mine as they glowed and after a few minutes of her magic running through the pain was gone. I took a hitched breath as I sat back down on the bed. She watched me a moment before nodding her head knowing I was now okay.


She headed for the door afterwards "sorry." She stopped and looked back to say watching him for a moment not knowing what else to say. "I am going to completely seal off the King's wing. Are you staying out or coming with me?" There was a moment of silence before he huffed "I have to stay out or else she would have to be locked away with me." Again a silence fell as Ariadne nodded her head understanding a very faint smile growing at the edges of her lips before she left. He sat there a moment longer before getting up and changing and then going to get Clarice. "And you just let her leave!" He growled out at the ladies who had dressed her before storming off.


I searched the castle before heading down to the hall, my livid demeanour growing wilder as I tried to keep it together. Of course, she was not here though, I knew she was in the castle at least! I growled to myself and found my sister with Ivarr Winther as they were the only two not scowling or jumping away from me in hate and fear. Murmurs filled the room as everyone glanced and scowled my way until everything just stopped. Turning on my heels my eyes widened faintly as I watched Clarice approach and for the first time since the curse hit me I actually felt my heart flutter and beat for just a second before it died again. Aria greeted her and introduced her to Ivarr 'He will be here soon enough.' She noted with a chuckled punching my arm because all I was doing was staring. 


As soon as Ariadne had spoken a guard approached both her and Ivarr whispering something to them both which caused for her to excuse them both. Heracles separating himself from everyone especially Clarice as he got a frog of mead and gulped it down the liquor not helping his anger as it should or normally would with a normal person. Finally coming back to her side and taking her to the side away from everyone just a second. He opened his mouth but held his tongue when he noticed men flocking around them both, but were quickly warded off by his growls and snarls. Finally, when they had some privacy he returned his attention to her, staring down at her for a long time wanting to compliment her but the more he tried the more it actually drove him mad. He growled to himself before taking her cuffed arm and contacted it to his as he stared into her eyes. "I can not die. Believe you me, all in this room have tried time and time again, myself included. Nothing has worked and furthermore whatever happens to me happens to you too. So please, stab me in the heart, you may have noticed you do not feel my heartbeat as you should with these cuffs." 


I halted my already hushed words as someone approached to check if Clarice was alright. "She is fine! Do you think me a fool? That I would actually hurt her in a room full of those looking for a reason to kill me?" I scowled and snarled out as the man stammered away turning my attention back to her "you hurt me and you hurt yourself." I ended our conversation with that as I marched off, keeping myself away from her as everyone stayed away from me until finally Aria and Ivarr returned and came over to me to update me on what they were needed for. I shook my head watching as they walked off to enjoy themselves. Drinking more mead and wine until giving up because it was not working, helping. A large eruption from the crowd caught my attention than letting me know without even having to look, my brother, was here at last. 


"You must be Miss Clarice." Tyr spoke walking up beside her from behind with a smile. He looked out at the crowd that had just set him free the moment he entered. Playing with the liquid in his grog a moment before looking to her and gesturing to her cuff as if to say that is how he knew who she was. "I remember when they asked me to make those cuffs. Of course, they were just normal leather cuffs before Aria enchanted them." He let out a sad chuckle " I also remember the day he swore he would never put the one you wear on someone else once Aria did not put it on herself." He took a sip from his grog before stepping and standing before her a bright smile on his "That makes you special, I am just not sure if that is a good thing or not yet." He watched her a second before smiling again " I wanna show you something..." He positioned himself right in front of her "without drawing attention to yourself, look past me and to Heracles." Gently he shifted out of her way, not drawing too much attention to what they were doing. Greeting and talking to the people who approached him with such tenderness and care. He was nothing like either of his siblings, both always so stern and serious with weights on their shoulders that were not their own weight to bear but they did. Tyr looked back to Clarice, shifting back and blocking her view again "When he is alone or it is believed that no one is looking he is free. Tells you a lot about the room and those in it though, here we are in a room full of people and yet the man whose curse keeps him trapped within himself when people are around is free to be himself." He looked back at him and chuckled stepping to return to her side again "Even if it is just for a second. I do not know what kind of hold you have on him, but he is jealous." He pointed out before someone came to take him away " Most my use his jealousy to their advantage and try and take a wall or two that he has built around himself down. You just have to be okay with hurting him to do that." He gave her a kind smile and a friendly wink before excusing himself and following the man who had gotten him to the front of the hall. The Crier blowing a fanfare much to everyone's surprise most of all Tyr's. He introduced Tyr as the room fell silent "uhmm...." Tyr began. "Had I known you were all going to throw this party for me tonight I might have dressed a bit better and come up with a speech. In any event, thank you all for coming and welcoming me so sweetly, I hope you all enjoy yourselves."

Clarice noticed his staring but choose to keep her gaze upon Ariadne and Ivarr greeting him back as she felt normal for a brief moment and not a captive. The moment was fleeting though as the two left to handle business. She was left alone for the brief moment causing her to look around the room wondering where her exit could be made if needed but Heracles soon returned to her side pulling her aside as his hand wrapped around her bare arm she looked to it clearing her throat as they looked between each other for a small moment but others causing the beast within him to surface once again. Her eyes watched as the cuffs connected once again, and they stared at each other.


She listened to his words closely hoping that in some way he was trying to give her clues of what was going on in this castle. He was right she didn’t feel a heartbeat she thought she had moments earlier but now nothing. She jumped as he looked to the male who came closer to make sure she was alright.  She tried to ground him with the cuff as he went off on the other male, her hand clasping around his wrist but quickly she let go of him. She just stared at him as he ended the conversation and marched off. She let out a long breath she didn’t know she was holding.


She looked to the floor as she took hold of the cuff trying to reach out to him to feel him but all she could get were moments, and then nothing but anger filled him in the other moments. She huffed out taking hold of wine as it passed her and downed it in an effort to feel anything then confused. Confusion stayed though as a man stood beside her with a warm welcoming smile. It wasn’t something she was used to in the castle and the fact he knew her name threw her off a bit. “Yes?” she questions and then looked down to the cuff on her wrist. “I guess he was right this has marked me as his property.”


“Funny how something we make to just be a simple cuff with magic can become something completely different.” Her fingers stroked the cuff once again as she looked up to the man once again as he moved himself in front of her. Her eyes flicked to Heracles as she watched him closely for the moment before Tyr was back in her view once again, blocking Heracles from her. “What you are telling me Tyr makes no sense. How can he be alone to be free but around others be trapped?” she looked down trying to understand.


“Use his jealousy?” she looked back to him “I am nothing to him, he had made that clear. I thought for a moment that…” she sighed softly and shook her head “He has made it clear all this cuff means to him was to save me.” She let the hurt feeling was over her before pushing it aside. “Thank you for what you could tell me I guess.” She said watching him walk off and sighed taking hold of another glass downing it before she looked around the room avoiding Heracles.


She thought for a moment on how she had to test Heracles and his so-called jealousy. His men avoided her like she was a sickness. Her eyes then finally landed on the string of males who were eyeing her, clearly other nobles maybe from another kingdom. She moved closer to them and took hold of one of their hands pulling him to the dance floor as the music started. If he had any feelings towards her as Tyr claimed, then they would make themselves present.


The dance started, and Clarice pressed herself to the male who boldly slide his hand around her and down her back slowly resting above her ass. As they moved the closer she got to him, letting her fingers move up into his hair. She moved closer and let her red lips brush against his cheek. Causing the man in turn to move his lips to brush against hers. At this point if he didn’t make it clear he wanted her, she had her answers.

Tyr wanted to say more and he was probably the only one of these three siblings that could. Except he was pulled away to welcome everyone and then pulled every which way as all guests wanted to speak with him and socialize, so though he really wanted to help in given Clarice some sort of peace of mind he found it nearly impossible to escape everyone. Then, of course, we had Heracles on the opposite side of the scale and currently the room. Sitting alone where no one looked to him, bothered him, or did anything associated with him except avoid him. Even Clarice seemed to be doing so now and honestly, he was somewhat okay with that. Finding it better this way than hurting her later. He sat there in a somewhat peace almost enjoying himself as he whittled something out of one of the candlesticks he had plucked from the table he sat at. A faint smile playing at the edges of his mouth just visible enough for any that found a way to look close enough at him without his curse reacting. Of course, no one cared to until he felt eyes on him and the little peace he had soon melted into nothingness living behind just the constant burning anger as he bowed glared daggers at his brother. Which was truly a step up for them because the last time they were together Heracles was actually throwing daggers. 


I let a sharp breath leave my nose as place the little wax figure I had made from the candle on the table and sheathed my dagger before I did something foolish. I looked around a moment at all the people having fun, I remember when I used to enjoy this. Not the ignoring or the fact I knew they were holding back with me around but them having fun despite me. Odd thing to think and I found now I no longer enjoyed this, I mumbled under my breath to myself. Maybe I should just let Aria lock me away with the king for the night. But... But then Clarice would have to be there with me because of this cuff and that... That I did not want. I have already taken her away from her life, her home. I wanted her to have as much freedom as I could provide and allow. I was a dreadful person to consistently be around and she was linked to me I knew that only made it worse but the moment that cuff comes off is the moment I can no longer fight for her but against her. 


He watched Clarice from where he sat deeply lost in his thoughts about what he could do to make things better for her. While also asking himself WHY DID HE CARE!? It was frustrating him and naturally not wanting to admit anything to himself he blamed it all on the cuff. Watching her as she dragged the noble to the dance floor; his body clenching up no sooner had she done that. His eyes narrowing in a silent threat as if to say do not dare! Catching the growl in his throat as they begin their taunting because though it was just dancing he did not it that way. In fact, he felt a bit betrayed by her, despite not having a right to feel that way.  But she had kissed him hours earlier and now she was letting this man kiss her and touch her and though he could feel her through the cuff be was not sure exactly what he was feeling, mainly because he was raging. Shaking as he tried to keep it together, keep himself from launching forward completely ripping the man, noble or not, in half for touching her as he did. 


I was trying to hold onto myself but there was a mixture here that I had never felt before that kept me from keeping my self-control. I could feel the rage of curse coursing through me but deeper there was something else, something true mixed with it. Taking the reigns of it and stirring it forward; I could not be sure if it itself was anger or pain but I shot up with a growl regardless and tried to launch at them but was promptly stopped by all my men before I was fully out of my seat. The music playing only got louder as if to drown me out as everyone around just continued to ignore as I battled with my men to let me go, let me get to them. 


After minutes of just fighting with them, he finally broke free, but instead of attacking, he left. He barged out with a huge roar that again went unnoticed by everyone but his men and his siblings. He was gone for minutes until he finally returned, still fuming but just a little less than before. His men watched him closely as he approached Clarice and the man she danced with, brutally cutting in as he peeled the man off her like he was ripping off a leech. Pushing the man away by his face when he tried to return he grabbed Clarice and pulled her close and began to dance with her himself. Now... Now he had EVERYONE's attention because he did not ever dance, he was not supposed to be graceful, and elegant in their eyes. Yet they had forgotten him, forgot about who he used to be before the Skaði hit him. So here was dancing before them all with his eyes locked on Clarice and you know what, he was exquisite. See, before his curse, he was just a boy being raised by his mother in such a way she made him want to be a gentleman and chivalrous. He was only ten when his curse struck and his mother banished from the land yet for years he tried. Tried to keep a tight grip on the morals and values he held dear, tried well into his teen years to remain the man his mother had made him. They had forgotten his days as a knight oblivious to the silent oath he still held close to his heart about protecting them keeping his people safe, even if it meant from him. 


I pulled her as close to me as I could, not giving her a chance to escape me before bringing my mouth to her ear. "If you ever let someone else touch you like that again I will castrate and decapitate them right in front of you." I hushed out in an aggressive tone "Stay and have fun, but just for my sake please do this one thing I ask as you are mine." I said again before I spun her out away from me and into the hands of one of my men. Nothing at him to let him know it was okay to dance with her but of course not without a warning glare that said not to take advantage of the opportunity. With that I left, grabbing a keg of mead and whispering something to both Tyr and Aria before heading out the door. Once alone I left out a heavy breath and panted wincing from how painful it had been to control myself as I had. I rushed towards my room coughing up blood, a consequence of trying to control myself. "Fuck!" I growled out before locking myself in my room.


As soon as Heracles left a clear change happened in the room as of everyone save his siblings and men had been restraining themselves. The livelihood of the room picking up as the joyful music blared even louder than before. Heracles' men no longer avoiding Clarice and that seemed to carry out throughout everyone else as they interacted and danced with her like they had known her for years. "It is such a shame their blindness." Tyr chastised to Ariadne and Ivarr as Clarice passed them by. Ariadne grabbing her hand as stopping her because she knew she was heading for the door, for Heracles. "So they would accept me, and man they hardly know? Over a man who would die for them? Who has died for them over and over again in fact?" He sucked his teeth with a shake of his head before falsely smiling at a woman who had come to ask him for a dance and obliging her. "Give him time to cool off. You have both had a rough day. The last thing we need is for him to actually get you to stab him." Ariadne spoke to Clarice whose hand she still held. "Besides he adamant about you staying and enjoying the festivities he asked me to keep you here." She let her hand go as Ivarr began to pull her away for something "Of course I am such a busy person with a castle to run on my own, I am sure he will eventually understand how I lost you in the wave of people." And with that, she was gone, like she was never there, to begin with.

Clarice knew this moment was risky for her, for the man she dragged into it, but she need to know if this was in fact a way to get him to talk to her. She hated this, there was a man who yes took her unwillingly but he did it to keep her safe or so he kept claiming, but not being able to tell her way that was the case. She need answers and this was the only way she could get them then she would hurt him, along with hurting herself. The waves of anger, confusion… Jealous? Waved over her from Heracles it was the most she had felt from him besides the fear from earlier.


So, she kissed him not that she wanted too the noble was merely a pawn to her as she need to figure out what was going on between them, the kiss was cold and not good what so ever, it was nothing like the kiss she shared with Hera the passion and emotions between them. The nobel did take the kiss as an invitation to move his hand lower down her back to which she quickly pulled back from the kiss placing his hand back to her side. She looked around to see if Heracles had even seen but he was not insight in that moment and she wondered if she had kissed this man for no reason but as she looked back to the door as he returned in the room she quickly returned her gazed to the man who she was dancing with.


She watched as Heracles pulled the man away from him thankful to no longer be touched by some man she most of the time would not give two looks. Though as he pulled her close her breath caught in her throat as he began to dance, like a prince his movements were so smooth. She leaned into his lead as they held on to each other, he was exquisite. The closer he pulled her, the more lost she got in the dance. But then his harsh whispers in her ears reminded her that he was a beast also. “Are you jealous Heracles?” she whispered back in the hushed aggressive tone, but her eyes soften slightly as he asked for his sake to not do it again.


She wanted to ask more but she was handed off to his men and as she was twirled away from him she watched him exit the room. The moment she could free herself she did, she moved first over to the table where he had whittled the candle and she picked it up in her hands. There were so many sides of this man she did not know and yet she couldn’t help but feel anger and hurt over hurting him. After taking in the figure of the candle she was moving towards the door to go find him, till Aria stopped her.


“Why are you stopping me?” she asked sharply as she pulled her wrist from Ariadne. “He is hurting.” She said and then looked between them as they spoke of Heracles “What the fuck is going on in the cursed castle?” she fought the urge to scream and looked to the door knowing she will be making a bolt for the door if they tried to stop her. Dying over and over again for his people… she had never been more confused by someone, then she had Heracles. “I do not wish to let him cool off, he can’t hurt me without doing the same to himself in return I will be fine.” She said and then looked to her a small smirk playing on her lips “Thank you.” She said softly to his sister before moving out of the hall the dance was being held.


Clarice ran the halls letting the bracelet lead her to him and as she came upon the door, she took a deep breath and finally pushed open the doors to his room. She wasn’t sure what she would fine behind the doors, she expect animal bodies or women to be in there to satisfy him. Maybe he had many wives. She shook her head pushing the thoughts to the side as she slides in and closed the door pressing her face to the cold of the stone next to the door. She turned and opened her eyes taking in his room around her. “Heracles?” she said into the room as she looked down to the whittled candle. “Can we talk?”

"She used her magic." Heracles spoke in both panic, anger and confusion. Pacing the floor while rubbing his face. "So you choke her?" Ariadne retorted only to get a growl while being charged at. "You are focusing too much on blocking her out!" She quickly spoke again with her hands up back away from her brother who stopped short and glared at her for her to continue. "The cuffs were meant for you two to feel each other and even though the ability for you to cut her off is an option it does weaken the integrity of the hold on her magic." She panted out pressing her back to the nearest wall. "So I can no longer cut her off then..." "Well you can, but you do it risking the hold of her magic. She is stronger than me and these cuffs were not made for someone as strong as her..."

'Heracles.' The Familiar voice calling my name pulled me from my thoughts and I could suddenly feel the peace I had here in my room slowly begin to melt away. 'Can we talk?' Her voice came again as I placed my quill down and whipped off my ink-stained hands. I grabbed a shirt as I rose and put it on before I revealed myself from around the corner to her. I forwarded my brows and sighed "I told you to stay!" I snarled out as I brushed by her and locked the door, brushing by her again to get back to the main area of my room. I walked towards the bedside table I had just been working at and applied some sealing powder the still wet ink. Hoping she would not try and read it as this particular book was all about her and my thoughts of her and how beautiful she looked tonight. I cleared my throat brushing the excess powder away and shutting the book before she could catch a glimpse of the page and put the book back on the shelf it belonged.

He was really struggling to keep calm, having always promised himself that his room would be the one place of peace for him. She was the first only person to see his room. Which was not like anything people would expect, it was clean and tidy, warm and well lit from just the fireplace alone and every wall was covered with nothing but literature. His eyes scanned the smallest wall for a second before he turned to her and pushed down onto the edge of the bed "Stop looking around." He growled vividly aggravated by her nosiness; his eyes returning to the wall until he plucked a book marked with the Roman Numeral eleven on it. He skimmed through it quickly before tossing it at her "Read the first page." He growled and turned back to the wall, refusing to look at her.

Today I woke up numb. I just can not feel anything and the normal sounds that once brought me such joy and pleasure did not this morning. The songs of the morning doves at my window or the laughter of the young knights in training in the barracks below I heard but no longer smiled because of them. As I go throughout my day those around the castle ask if I am okay and I do not know the answer, so I lie "I am fine." I tell them but I cannot feel the happiness I had the day before, I cannot taste the foods I eat, I can not feel my heartbeat. My heart... I think I have lost it. I feel no love or joy or peace today. I feel as though I am just running through the motions today acting normal but feeling far from it. Ariadne noticed something was off and made our mothers beloved honey cakes. Everyone said they were better than our mums but though I ate them I tasted nothing "They were better than mums." My words brought a rare smile to her face that was the highlight of my day. Just being able to say I made my sister genuinely smile on my birthday. Today I turned eleven and my curse took its toll but no one noticed.

I waited for a second after I knew she was finished before removing another book from the shelf marked with the Roman Numeral thirteen and launching it at her "read" I ordered without looking her way. I was trying to both keep myself controlled and yet not too controlled or my curse would take over.

Today I murdered a man; he was just trying to help and keep me from harming or actually killing my brother. I do not know what happened I just… I just could not stop myself. Like a captive in my own body, I just tore this poor soul apart with my bare hands and ran off like a caged animal to hide away. “You are just like father!” Ariadne’s words pierced my soul as her mortified face quivered into her words. So now I stand here staring at my blood covered self in the mirror and I no longer recognize myself. Is this how father felt… Feels? Is this the start of my darker decent? Even now as I try to scrub the man’s blood off my skin I feel nothing. No regret, or remorse, no guilt, no sadness. Just disbelief and eventually acceptance. I need to get away but not for my own sake. For I fear this will only grow worse and far more uncontrollable with age.

I clenched up and sighed once she was done. Too ashamed to look at her as I slowly drop another book on her lap marked with the Roman numeral eighteen. I trembled a moment as I stopped her hand from opening the book but eventually tore myself away completely, sitting right before the raging fire in the pit keeping my back to her. No one save my family and my men knew that what she was reading and even fewer knew of what she was about to read.

I saw my father for the first time in eight years today; I had not been home for an hour when he grabbed me. Stabbed me right in the heart in front of everyone. Showing them, confirming to all what they believed to already be true. “See. He is a monster.” His dark husky voice spoke wickedly with a matter of factly tone as he rubbed my blood off his blade. “No son of mine.” He growled as he strolled off and I fell into darkness.

I woke up today with a gasp and in a cold sweat. “Ariadne?” she looked so different now as a teenager but those silver eyes that haunted this family gave her away. She gave a faint nod to my words “you have been down for two weeks.” She said in a hushed tone and the deepness of her voice threw me; I had to take a second to fully process how much she had grown “five years Erey!” I dropped my head “I thought war and fulfilling my knighthood would help.” I looked down at the scar now on my chest letting my fingers grace over the vivid scar “did you..” “no. The curse is to thank for that!” I nodded again processing her words opening my mouth to speak again when an unnaturally loud roar came beckoning down the hall. I jumped to my feet as Aria magically sealed the door just as a heavy bang came to it. “You left for war but left a war and left your family to deal with it.” She snarled as she tried to keep the door sealed. “that is our father is it not?” I asked but knew the answer as he taunted us from the other side of the door. I swallowed hard and took my sister's hand pushing it down “get out of here. Running and hiding will not stop him. I know.” The moment she was gone the door to my room shattered from his force. His dark fur and glowing eyes, long talons for teeth and claws that sliced right through my skin with the faintest of movements. He was a monster. He was what I would become and with that thought that final settlement he launched me through the brick wall of the room and hurtling to the floor and darkness became a friend once more. I only pray I do not wake up this time.

I buried my face in my hands for a moment before rubbing my face and rising. Slowly, I approached her and sat beside her, taking her hand and intertwining our fingers letting our cuffs stick together.“I can talk about the cuffs I just….” I let a growl rip through my throat as I pulled away from “YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED CARE! You are supposed to hate me! You are supposed to keep your distance until I can let you go!” I snarled pacing back and forth before going to back to sitting in front of the fire and glaring into it. “You have you have answers. We have spoken. Now get out! LEAVE ME!” I barked over my shoulder before looking at the fire again.

Clarice looked to Heracles as he snarled at her once again being pulled from what seemed like a thought even though she couldn’t see him. She waited till he came from the corner of the room into the light. She was looking around the room before he came closer bushing pass her in a huff. She was lost in taking in how his room was completely different then she thought it would be. “I had to see you, we need to talk please.” she said as she felt a wave of nervousness pass from him to her, she looked ot him seeing the book he slid back on the shelf wondering if that was the reason he was nervous was he one to write down his life? She wondered to herself.


She focused her gaze one him as he told her to stop looking around “I’m sorry I just never thought I would see your room.” she said softly and watched him look back to the wall covered in books. When he tossed the book at her she took it and read it a frown coming on to her lips. Taking the next as he handed it to her and reading it. The pieces of what he was coming into her understanding. By the last the time she read the last one she lowered it and closed it. Feelings washing over her. She didn’t feel pity for him what most would feel for him but rather she wanted to save him even more.


For a long moment she was quiet as she had moved sitting on his bed no idea she had done so as she looked over the books on the shelf for a long moment before she spoke to him “You are a Fenrir…” she stated to him as she sat the book next to her and she cleared her throat. She watched him rub his face slowly before he crossed the room to sit next to her his voice gentle at first as the cuffs touched until he once again growled at her. His anger for her caring for him only made her wonder how long it had been since someone cared for him. She stood up as he told her to leave in an angry moment. She moved over to him and lowered herself to her knees next to him after pulling the dress up enough to sit on her knees and stare at the fire next to him.


“Tales of Fenrir have been told in my cover many times. Fenrir while a beast who was to have no control did not as for the life he was given.” she said softly as she kept her gaze on the fire that burned brightly. “You did not choose this life Hera it was chose for you.” she said before looking to him. “It does not have to control you.” She said and with that moment she moved in front of him blocking his view of the fire. “I care...Let me care.” she said as she took hold of his face.





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