Adventuring through twisted time.

The cheers from the crowd on shore were unbearable, infuriating and incredibly irritating as she rode the gentle waves of the English Channel. The humans, who were no more than prey these days to siren fledgling cheered as the ever growing, rather plump King stood in front of the great ship which was the Mary Rose. Her black eyes narrowed at the scene before her, how did so many people love him, when in reality? He did nothing good for them, and completely ruined the image of the church - she surely couldn’t forget that. Yet, she assumed not many of those standing in the crowd had ever been so personally attacked by him; the look he gave her those few years ago before the waves took her would remain imprinted within her traumatised mind. He was a monster, who created a monster himself through his selfish and egotistical actions of believing he could have any woman he wanted. 

The mere memory caused Rainore to growl, her elongated fangs ached for his flesh, her taste buds begged to be coated with his blood and the sea around her dropped in temperature; so much so, the wildlife that waded around her, disappeared into the depths. For months, Rainore had dreamt of this moment, the moment she would take the life of the King yet she had never truly planned on how she was going to do it; of course, the murder, the feeding had to be slow but how she was going to lure him to her, would be spontaneous in some degree. There were rumours among the siren colonies of a darkened patch of sea in the North Atlantic, an area which seemed to swallow travellers whole; it was, even to her people, strictly out of bounds unless one had a death wish. 

Now, Rainore was considered a young siren, reckless even and her thirst for revenge was far greater than the fear of whatever was going wrong in that triangular area of sea. And so, as she cruised the waves, the decision was made - that was where she would take him and watch his life slowly depart his emotionless gaze; the other life forms on that ship… well, they were collateral damage and surely wouldn’t be missed. Finally, the show was over and the ship began its grand voyage; the waves consumed Rain and she swam beside the ship for many miles. The anticipation of his death triggered her hunger, and her song itched at the back of her throat; she knew they still had quite a while before they entered the sworn off sea - but one meal wouldn’t go amiss. 

A sweet lullaby dripped from the tip of her tongue, enticing and seductive as it danced through the air to the mortals upon deck. The harmony wrapped itself around one fragile mind and she watched him stand at the bow of the Mary Rose; she could hear the frantic cries of the other sailors, trying with all their might to pull him back - but it was simply not enough as he threw himself into the crashing waves to join her. Rainore dragged him down, twisting and ripping him apart, all the while being satisfied that fear would be poisoning the men upon deck; this was only the beginning of the King’s hellish journey, the start of what was to come in The Bermuda Triangle. 

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Dante stood behind the king of England as he relished in the sounds of the enormous crowds. The sea of faces seemed endless as the people clapped and cheered all at the appropriate moments when Henry would speak. Unlike his other countrymen, Dante's mind was far off as he recalled why they were even here in the first place. Only some few days ago, King Henry had called on him to make an appearance in the great hall for what would prove to be a ridiculous spectacle of his ever growing need to traverse the world for more riches than he could afford to spend. The New World across the ocean was the wealthy dream every man in power was determined to realize as countless ships began to prepare their voyages in hopes of finding new land and gold. Dante had hundreds of years to practice holding back the true emotions that he wanted to share once Henry had demanded he have a ship ready to sail in three days and instead attempted to persuade the overly ambitious king to give him more time to prepare for the journey, but it was no use. Henry only answered to himself, no matter the precautions others had tried to bring forth and it was Dante and his skeleton crew who would suffer for it.

So here he was, being brought back to the present as the cannons on deck boomed loudly to bring a close to the nonsensical revelry. The one and only good thing about this impromptu trip would be to get away from the charade surrounding the palace grounds. Dante had served many rulers throughout his long life, but King Henry was certainly proving to be the most dramatic of them all should he continue on the path he was headed. The knight bowed along with the small amount of sailors flanking him as the king passed by. The monarch gave him a clap on the back in farewell with some fleeting words about how this would bring glory to England making Dante bite back the true words on his tongue he wished he could speak. "I'm sure of it, your Majesty." 'As sure as I am that you will have another mistress by the time of my return.' 

The sun was high in the sky and the wind was on their backs as it carried the ship out into the open water and away from his country. Dante stood at the helm and watched as the shore slowly faded into nothing while the Mary Rose stretched her legs for the long journey ahead. He wasn't keen on playing captain of a ship as he preferred being captain on the fields of war with his other knights, but one did not say no to Henry. It was his own fault for catching the eye of his Highness in the first place and helping to light that spark which interested the king so much in creating his navy fleet, the magnificent Mary Rose being a crowning achievement all on her own. Dante did love sailing her and didn't mind it being his home out on the water, despite the choice not being of his own making.

The sailors were all running about on deck as they continued setting the ship for course. Though she could hold hundreds of men, equipment, and goods, there would only be twenty of them this crossing, including the young cabin boy and dog, so when Dante's hues fell to the one sailor who was not moving at a proper pace, he immediately took notice. The man seemed to be in a trance as he walked closer to the end of the bow. "Captain, we've readied the..." but his first mate's words faded with the wind as Dante's attention was solely on the sailor who he realized far too late was not going to halt as the man's boot took its first step on the railing.

"Stop him!" Dante pushed passed John and raced across the deck. By now the other sailors had seen what was about to transpire, but it was pointless as the man stepped off the Mary Rose without a single bit of hesitation. Dante leaned far over the railing as the waves crashed against the ship and could see the blood that rose to the surface of the water. The shouts of the concerned men soon became the hushed whispers of superstition as they all gathered around. "This voyage is cursed."

Dante turned to face the sailors after hearing those words and immediately put an end to their squabbling with a single look. "He was clearly troubled and that's all. Offer your prayers and then get back to work." Dante's gaze moved back to the water below as he heard the others begin to do as was told when the murmurs of their words to God were through. He was not one to believe in the usual tall tales of men, but it was far easier for him to recognize when there might be some truth in their fears, and this one he couldn't help but feel that they may be right.

Rainore pulled the body into the darkness the depths offered, her teeth biting into his flesh with such ease; yet as she fed, she remained alert - any predator would be able to smell the scent of her victim. The currents would whisper the tales of blood and death and the last thing she wanted was unwanted company trying to steal her food. So in that moment of realisation, Rain soon pushed what remained of his body as far as possible, hoping the currents and less threatening predators would feast upon him quickly. She began to get possessive of the ship that rode the waves above her, her talons remained out and her fangs too; she would do just about anything to claim the ship as hers as well as the men which resided on board, despite only ever truly wanting one of them. And if, by chance other siren’s found this out, then she could only imagine what would happen, however, she supposed she just had to hope that not many would follow this course in particular; the threatening, cursed sea was close and many didn’t even dare to get this close. 

The hours turned into days, and even Rainore was getting bored of this voyage; if she wasn’t so hell bent on ruining this man’s life, she would have turned back miles ago. Yet, just as she was getting used to swimming with her eyes closed, a chilling, haunting shiver ran down the curve of her spine; it felt like deathly fingers had decided to stroke her moonlit, porcelain skin. As she opened her eyes, ready to fight off whatever had touched her, she caught the very noticeable shift in the water, the sea around her and turned darker; it was as if the light of the moon couldn’t penetrate the crashing waves above. With furrowed brows, she glanced upward to the ship which continued to cruise happily yet the feeling she got, she completely understood why her kind stayed far away from these waters. 

Rain pushed herself upward, and allowed her head to resurface a few metres away from the Mary Rose; she could see the men buzzing around upon deck; and given they were mortal, she would be concerned if they couldn’t feel the sudden shift in the air. Soon enough, her concerns began as a thick fog began to approach them from behind and despite this being exactly what she wanted, she wasn’t entirely sure she too wanted to die in the process. Yet she would be damned if she was going to turn back now; even if she wanted to, the ship that was advancing on the Mary Rose was enough to keep her in place.

Her eyes narrowed, the fog seemed to follow it, it’s sails had been ripped and torn at the seams; the actual build of the ship also looked terrible - she was no craftsman, not by any means but even she knew the ship shouldn’t be afloat given the damage. She growled slightly under her breath, if this was going to go down how it looked just by how the other ship was stalking the King, it seemed her possessiveness would lead to her protecting him instead. 

The days stretched on without a hitch. They were making excellent time across the ocean and towards the new worlds despite the horrific event that had happened on their departure. Dante had remained as impassive as he could about the man who had jumped from the Mary Rose, refusing to give any weight to the idea that this passing would be cursed; It didn't mean that he wasn't wary. Something about the haunted look in the sailor's eyes was a frozen moment Dante couldn't shake and from what he'd seen in his long cursed life, there was more to what they'd all witnessed than that man wanting to end his life of his own accord.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the cabin boy and dog as they ran across the deck. The sea seemed incredibly calm and the ship glided across the water as if in a pond. Dante's eyes moved to the charts before him as he studied their path in reference to the stars above which blanketed the clear skies. He preferred the old methods of guidance than that of a compass when he sailed and it had yet to fail him, despite the advancements in sailing over the centuries. Sailing through the uncharted waters wasn't something he was very fond of when there weren't as many men to react in case something were to go wrong and so he had lost sleep in order to ensure nothing could by staying at the helm and only taking a few hours of rest.

"Captain!" Dante's eyes moved to the boy as he pointed behind them. He turned to the stern and saw a thick, rolling fog begin to roil over the top of the sea. Soon the helmsman and John were beside him as the three men stood in silence and watched the unearthly movement. Dante tried to make sense of it. Strange weather events were completely possible when one was out in the middle of the ocean, but something about the way the fog moved... He quickly turned and took hold of the wheel, spinning her abruptly before looking back to the haze. By now the entire crew stood in silence as they watched with held breaths, to only see the mist turn with the Mary Rose as if in pursuit. 

Dante immediately began shouting commands as the sailors ran to their stations. No matter the course he took, the fog was only catching up and he couldn't help but think that this force was ushering the Mary Rose exactly where it wanted. The rolling haze intensified and soon the silhouette of a broken vessel could be seen inside as it finally showed herself under the brightened moon. Dante tried to make sense of what he was seeing as he stood in awe until their ship listed sideways, groaning under the strain of the helmsman trying to keep her straight. "Let go!" The wheel spun in response as the man released the wheel and Dante watched as it was quickly made apparent that these sailors no longer were in control of Henry's most prized ship. 

The ocean seemed to swell as the Mary Rose was on a path of her own. "To arms, men!" Dante climbed the rail and peered through the spyglass towards the oncoming vessel. She was broken through the hull and he could see no colors being flown in recognition of its country. Her sails were tattered, though she moved with great speed. The damage to her frame was beyond repair and littered with cannon fire; she should be at the bottom of the ocean. Dante lowered the spyglass and turned to their heading which seemed to be growing darker by the moment. Looking up, the stars and moonlight only grew dimmer and it was ominously quiet as they were finally engulfed in the stalking fog and the creaking of the nearby ship approached unseen.

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