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  • Fae
    Won't be here the 9th-11th travelling for Comic Con with friends. Busy month ahead.
  • Fae
    It's convention season and to kick things off I'm going to be staffing at wizardcon (Harry Potter con) all weekend. So I'll see you on the flip side.
  • Gypsy
    Hey there! A here leaving a comment on behalf of Lu. So some time ago he had some personal items stolen, phone and laptop included. While he gets it together and resolves this life dilemma he will continue to be away though I don't know how long.
    We also apologise for not having me come and do this for him sooner. I lost the login info he gave me for Spade and I had to wait until I saw him to get this log in cause you know, no phone or laptop...

    This applies to Vega and Spade and any other account he may have I don't know about.
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