Please read through these rules and then sign underneath with your agreement. If you have an issue with the rules below, please reach out to an Admin to express your concerns.

♢ Timeless is an 18+ site. ♢
♢ Even though Timeless is a 18+ site, we do ask sexual content be kept private. ♢
♢ Comments cannot be made private on this platform, BUT forums can be made private. CLICK HERE to learn how. ♢
♢ No bullying anyone for any reason. ♢
♢ If you feel as if someone is bullying you, please take screenshots and provide to an admin. Nothing can be done without proof. ♢

♢ One character per profile. Up to twelve profiles are allowed per member. ♢
♢ Each profile has to provide proof of active roleplay in order for a new account to be approved. ♢
♢ You can choose what species you want to be! CLICK HERE to learn the lore of the species you have chosen along with a few traits that are common. The rest is up to the role player. ♢
♢ With this platform, personalizing your page was strictly HTML editing, but we have found how to add CSS to profiles. CLICK HERE for links to help personalize your page. Reach out if you need any help. ♢
♢ DO NOT REMOVE the credit from anyone's codes that you are using. If you remove the credit, you will be issued a warning. If it happens again, your account will be suspended. ♢
♢ DO NOT take Timeless exclusive codes to any other site. You will be warned only once.♢

♢ Forum roleplays can be made private if you wish. ♢
♢ Please place the names of the members the forum is between in the title. ♢
♢ Try and place your thread in the most accurate time era. ♢

♢ Join The Absent group. CLICK HERE
♢ Monthly activity checks will be done (via data pulling) and accounts that haven't been active in the last month will be removed and will have to reapply. ♢

♢ How to work Chat. CLICK HERE  
♢ When there is a roleplay happening in main chat, please be respectful. ♢

♢ If you wish to advertise a site you are on, like IH or ECRP, please just place the link to your page. ♢
♢ If you wish to be an affiliate site, please contact the Creator or Head admin ♢

Latest Update: 10/29/2018

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