Baal Jostar

Name: Balthazar "Baal" Jostar 
age: 300 (looks 22)
gender: Male
likes: Swimming, books, art, drinking by the fire
dislikes: Loud people, crowds
what: Wizard
Happily Married to Lindsay <3

Height : 6'2
Body: Muscular
Eyes: Gold/Brown
Hair: Brownish blonde
Distinguishing marks: Covered almost completely in magical tattoos.
has a clear fresh rose  on his collar bone,
large color changing dragon going from his chest, over his shoulder finishing at his tail bone, color changes with his mood and feelings

Baal grew up in his family home in England, a beautiful castle in a forest far away from everyone. his natural magical abilities manifested at the age of 12 which started his education earlier than most, causing him to become very closed off and introverted enjoying the company of his books and texts more than being around people. At the age of 60 he had a deep grasp of magic even being able to extend his life beyond normal means, unfortunately his family had never mastered this feat and, other than his vampire brother Sam, he believes them all the be dead. he is now at the ripe age of 300 hes enjoying being around people more but still hiding his feelings from most, hes swapped out his castle in England for a sleek beautiful home in sunny California that he shared with his friend Joji. but as life tends to the friends went their seperate ways.



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