Juniper Whistlebranch 
Little Fae


The Good: Loyal, Quirky, Friendly
The Bad: Sarcastic, Absent Minded, Awkward


Build: 4'9. Small, lithe.
Hair colour: White..sometimes blue, depending on if she Glamours herself.
Eye colour: Hazel
Distinguishing marks: Freckles, always red cheeks & tip of nose
Faceclaim: Kiernan Shipka


++Are you paying attention? With direct eye contact and a slight smile behind her voice, Juniper can manipulate humans to do her bidding.

++Can you hear me now? Junie is able to communicate telepathically with other Fae, and sometimes tap into the minds of other races.

--Don't let me down, Junie... Juniper is almost terrified of making a promise, let alone breaking one. Like most fae, if she makes an oath and it is broken, it is able to quite literally destroy her.

--Pumpin' Iron! Iron (obviously) is a Fae's weakness. Juniper is not immune to that. 


      Tell me I can't, and I'll show you I can. 

Juniper was used to getting what she wanted. Not by force, or by magic, but by genuine hard work and determination. She had been a force of nature since the day she was born, and anyone who knew her would attest to that. "She's a spitfire, that one!" Juniper was born to two Fae who believed in love, and nothing but. They raised her to be kind, caring, and incredibly considerate. Her mother chose herbalism over everything except family, and her father was a wonderful craftsman. Being an only child was a bit overwhelming for her, but luckily there were always children around her age, so she never felt like an outcast by any means. She has always been a little more awkward than her friends, however, meaning sometimes social interactions can go ... less than favorably at certain times. Finally reaching an age where she is out on her own, she is venturing more and more, full of curiosity, meeting new people, looking for adventures, friendship, and of course..magic.



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Short blur


AGE: Appears 29
RESIDENCE: Thistlemoon Forest

Relation: Mother- 
Relation: Father-


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