"Do you wish to hear the story of how you die?"

"Life is just a game and I intend to have all the cards."
NAME Kyan Raventhorn
STATUS King of Thistlemoon Forest
DOB Born in the time when gods and magic moved about the world (Immortal)

HEIGHT 5'10" (Naturally)
BUILD Thin, lean, and toned (Naturally)
HAIR Long and brown, just passed his shoulders (Naturally)
EYES Striking ocean blue (Naturally)

Like most fae, Kyan moves about airily and silently, but walks with his head high being king of Thistlemoon. Because he has complete control of his physical appearance through his ability to glamor, one will never know what the king may look like from one moment to the next. His physical traits are all dependent on his mood which can switch in an instant as is the way of the fae. Don't expect much personal space and whatever is on his mind will leave his mouth.

Fae Magic
Kyan has the ability to use every type of fae magic with equal balance and just as much power with use of a formidable stone set in a necklace that is one of kind and only given to the king. Fire, earth, air, water, light, dark, and animals.
Kyan can change his physical traits at any given time, including the attributes of different fae. One moment his hair can be short and blue while the next he has the black hooves of a centaur.
Kyan has the ability to see into the near future, but it can always change depending on the will of people. He uses this ability to keep Thistlemoon safe as well as bargain to get what he wants out of others. He is the only fae with this capability and because it is a trait that only runs in his family line believed to be given to him by the gods, it is his right to be king.
Kyan is immortal, but can die by any mortal wound like the rest of the fae.
Kyan Raventhorn is the king of Thistlemoon Forest; a vast region in England that has been glamoured as a regular wood, but will give humans a dreadful feeling or physical sickness when they enter the treeline as to keep their kingdom secluded from the outside world. He has held the throne for centuries after his father and his father before him since the Raventhorns were given the crown.

"You may hate me for speaking truths, but please do continue to love those that smile and lie to your face instead."
The Debater
  85% Extraverted
  80% Intuitive
  85% Thinking
  75% Prospecting
  51% Assertive
TRAITS Arrogant, witty, manipulative, flighty, blunt, whimsical, intuitive, adventurous, and hedonistic
LIKES Thistlemoon, traveling, magic beyond fae, playing with people's emotions, smoking, drinking, sex, and being king
DISLIKES Humans; they fascinate him to the point of wanting to destroy them. They are his favorite play things.
Kyan is not the most likable person and he is perfectly fine with that. He isn't looking to make friends or please everyone in the room. The only thing that ever concerns Kyan is Kyan and his kingdom. He lives his life on a road of ensuring constant pleasure through the most devious and sinful things the world has to offer. Unlike most fae, Kyan travels outside of Thistlemoon Forest to venture the earth and its people, manipulating them as he goes. The king has absolutely no filter and will say whatever comes into his mind, especially because he has the upper hand in knowing a person's immediate future. Despite his mostly selfish ways, Kyan is always looking out for the well-being of the fae and will ensure their safety from the outside world by whatever means necessary.

"Or... we could get naked."
Kyan is always wearing black. He'll sometimes wear pops of color, but it will always be grounded in an ecelctic, eccentric (to outsiders of Thistlemoon), black assemble. He tends to wear things that aren't too restricting and prefers the comfort of light fabrics above all. Because of this, he tends to have an Eastern inspired twist in his outfits. Kyan doesn't shy away from wearing minimal amounts of clothing and is usually without a shirt or shoes. Several necklaces are always around his neck of different stones and crystals at various lengths, colors, and power sources along with a light fashion scarf or two. He'll usually be seen with his hair down or in a bun and possibly wearing one of several different crowns made of elements throughout Thistlemoon Forest. His body is adorned with different tattoos which have significance to his home including vines that wrap around his arms, a large tree on his back that glows when he uses fae magic called the Mapleshade which is the largest of the forest and where his family lives, runes over various locations, along with many others. Because of his ability to glamour, he'll take the characteristics of other fae and sometimes wear them himself such as horns or wings.

"Give me my robe. Put on my crown; I have immortal longings in me."
- Shakespeare
MOTHER Dawn Fireshade
FATHER Graystone Raventhorn
SISTER Doelynn Raventhorn (younger)
SPOUSE Single, never married, and never will. He is a hedonist in every sense of the word and is all about free love.


17 AD
The Raventhorns were chosen by the old Gods to keep magic safe in Thistlemoon Forest, granting them the ability to see into the near future.
312 AD
Graystone, Kyan's father, relinquishes the throne to his son.
1120 AD
Kyan successfully pushes back the invasion from the Knight's Templar in their attempts at getting some of Thistlemoon's magical stones.
1314 AD
Kyan watches with pleasure as his influence takes hold when his plan to erradicate the Knight's Templar for their attempts at stealing fae magic ends with a grand master's execution.
Kyan has always wanted the throne since he saw his father's power at full strength when helping to heal the Mapleshade tree after an attack by sorcerers when he was a child. Though his father and he couldn't be any more different, Graystone knew Kyan had a love for Thistlemoon Forest and trusted his son to take over despite his hedonistic and selfish behaviors. The only one Kyan seems to listen to is his little sister who has a knack for putting him in check when no one else in the world can. She with her calming nature; he with his chaotic explosions. Through the years Kyan has learned a great deal about what it takes to be a king, but always finds the time to leave Thistlemoon and travel the world to have his 'play time'. During one of his many outtings, the Knight's Templar attempted to steal some of the fae's power and destroyed much of the forest in doing so with the help of other forms of magic. Kyan and the fae were able to push back their forces, but he swore he would take revenge on every last Templar. Through the years, the king has manipulated human monarchs and the church, watching as the knights were humiliated and destroyed one by one. The king has been known to meddle in human affairs and has been the cause over many adulterous scandals to bloody battles across Europe.

"The fool who picked the deadly flower; Consumed by the beauty shall die from its power. The poison spreads through veins deep; Will put you in eternal sleep. Yet, little did you know from fear. The gentle troll could've helped here. Your sword swung true and now he's slain; When he could've stopped the burning pain. Judge not by appearance for if you do; Thistlemoon will come for you."

"Friends? I don't have friends. Only intrigues I find interesting enough to play with."
Clarice De Biville
Kyan and Clarice have a business relationship where they trade each other different potions, spells, and ingredients.
Nerissa Ironspring
Kyan has long been looking for the runaway princess. Now that he has her captive, he will be sure to uncover the truth of her disappearance and the slaughter of the Redwood fae.
Madeline Ezperanza-Colette
After wandering into Thistlemoon with a stolen fire flower, the angel is a prisoner of Kyan's, though he treats her more as a guest in his curiosity of her bloodline.

"You call them fairytales. I call them our history."
Into The Woods
Madeline Ezperanza-Colette
When Two Fae Collide
Nerissa Ironspring
A Touch Of Fae
Clarice De Biville


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    Something you didn't ask for at all, I just have no self control, so feel free to enjoy it or not.

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    *rolls her eyes at his scoff* I can tell we are going to be the best of friends. Keep up the big talk I may just have to put you in your place. *smirks back as she raised a brow to him* We do not know if my people are dead. of course you haven't heard from them in years Kyan, I barricaded them for their safety. I need to find a way to save them, I need to break the Ironspring curse. *snarls back* You find me placing your hands on me without being told to do so will lead to me slicing you up slowly. Do not test me.



  • Fae

    One to be fae if the people of my kingdom are dead that would make me a Queen, just correcting your title calling there. Two we don't know if my kingdom has been destroyed I ran before seeing the it fall, maybe my people are okay. Three if it was your life would you willinly give it up with out a fight? *Raises brow* May you shouldn't judge till you have walken in my place Fairy King. I am sure our paths will cross soon enough, The woodlands are only so big. *smirks softly* You wish to hunt me down Raventhorn? Are you ready for the fight of your life then, unlike your followers I have powers that match yours if not a few surprises also. So Catch Me If You Can. I dare you.



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    Oh look the almighty fairy king who does not deserve the crown he has.



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    You, my friend, have a starter!

    Into the Woods


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