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❛ Death is the only god who comes when you call. ❜
• about Letalina
birth name Letalina Roseanna Wolfden

pronouns She/Her

otherwise known as Leta, Rose, Little Wolf (guild)

age 20; September 23

species Werewolf; turned

appearance Adelaide Kane

relationship status Single; Bisexual

occupation Arcane Assassin

present residence On the run

status Active
• Of Wolves And Roses •
Lady: from Bromwood
Little Wolf: the best assassin of The Guild
Wanted: the best assassin of The Guild; now on the run and actively being hunted
• past present and future •
On a cold autumn morning at the end of September, Letalina was born moments before her brother. Of course, she never knew him. Instead, she was told of her older brother. She was raised with a strong sense of family, she was shown the ways of the Wolfdens and the Withers. And soon, from trial and error, she learned her own things. One ring started it all. A beautiful blue stone set in a rose gold band. The little girl knew she wanted it and though she asked her mother, her mother refused. So the young girl learned to sneak around and would take the ring, always to put it back before her mother noticed. Of course, that was bound to fail her and soon enough, her mother caught her putting it back. ( click and scroll )

Letalina, while harboring anger at her mother for locking her in her room, made up her mind to get better at sticking to the shadows. She would take food from the kitchen and hide it in her room for a snack in the night. She would even leave the house without her parents knowing, hiding in the forests for hours. When she was about nine, Letalina begged her parents for a raven. But, all they told her was no. That she was too young for a pet. Saddened by this, Letalina locked herself in her room and imagined what it would be like to have such a beautiful bird. And in her mind's eye, she saw the inky black feathers and beaky. But, the calls coming from him were not fake. When Leta opened her eyes, perched on the end of her bed was the raven of her dreams. A sparkle of red engery around him, she named him Dial and excited ran down to tell her parents. Her mother was the first to reach, becoming upset that their God had not been the one to bless her. Her father quietly took her hands and led her back to her room and explained to her that she had magic like her mother and brother. But, it was not holy, rather arcane.

Letalina began to practice her abilities. And within three years, she had gotten very good at making herself look like other people. Including a shorter version of her father and mother. But, the happiness of the magic came to an end when warning bells went off one night. Evelien was the only one home with Letalina as Thaddaus had left years before and Aldrich was currently with the military. The two left the home with the other citizens of the city. Letalina turning to find her brother or father. Evelien never knew what happened to her that night. And Letalina has little memory after running. But, she has long claw like scars running over her right shoulder, which leads her to believe something happened.

The next time Letalina woke, she was in a cell. A woman in dark robes sat on the other side, telling her everything was going to be okay in a soft voice. The woman then told her where she was, under the city of Bromwood in the care of something she only refereed to as "The Guild". For the next eight years, Letalina was trained and revered as one of the deadliest assassins of The Guild. She was sent on missions to take out nobility, heads of state, and any currupt leader The Guild could find. But, late one night, Letalina gathered her things and left. Leaving no note for the people she had come to eat with and know as a form of family.

Now on the run from The Guild, Letalina hops from court to court, noble house to noble house, pleading with whatever God would listen to make these people care enough about her that they would keep her safe.
• muse relationships
Aldrich Wolfden — Father
Middle child, father of two, soldier of the Bromwood military. Aldrich Wolfden is and was the kind of man who would put his family first. The kind of man that believed that if his wife was happy, his life would be happy. Of his two living children, Aldrich felt as though Letalina shared in his personal beliefs he rarely let his wife know about. He knew that when Letalina started to show abilities, his family's patron had been the one to smile upon the girl and for that he was thankful. He was on the front lines when Bromwood fell and was one of the lucky ones to survive. But in doing so, gained a curse his family would soon follow in.

Evelien Wolfden nee Wither — Mother
A snobish cleric, Evelien knew what she wanted to do with her life outside of raising children. She was to protect people and help them see the light. Of course that's what her patron would want of her. Soon after the presumed loss of her youngest son and the blessing of her oldest, Evelien became a High Priestess in the church. Her children were to attend every congregation, as was her husband. And for the most part, they did. Evelien had always wanted one, if not all, of her children to follow in her footsteps. And to say she was a little heartbroken her daughter had not been blessed as well, was an understatement.

Thaddaus Wolfden — Older Brother
Thaddaus was five when his younger siblings were born. But, he was only told about his sister. Whom he said he would protect forever. And for a while he did. This was before she learned to speak and walk. As they got older, Thaddaus turned from a loving brother, to a bully. But, he still loved her. She just got under his skin, and it seemed to be a game to her. Of course, he left home to start his paladin training. Though that was put on hold while Bromwood was attacked. Thaddaus now roams the country side after finding his grandmother a place to stay.

Liam Wolfden — Unknown Twin Brother
Born moments after his sister, Liam made no sound. Leading the midwives and cleircs to believe him to be dead. Before they could bury to boy, his body disappeared. There was no search for him, they saw no need. Little did they know however, a dark force had taken the boy deep into the woods. Liam, who would be known as Stone for the majority of his life by his "adopted mother", grew up with dreams of magic and a dark deity that wanted him. Since Bromwood's fall, Liam has been traveling.
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September 23

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