"Fear is fickle, it only holds power within proximity. The farther away from that fear you are the safer you feel. Fear is weak because of its limits, while love knows no bounds."

Luna Pistorius

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For Love and For Power Dean
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TRAITS: Jaded, Wrathful, Vengeful, Loyal, Altruistic, Over-Protective.
LIKES: Very Little.
DISLIKES: Everything.
Adapt. It's what you do when life deals you a bad hand. What you do when you wake up one day to find your eldest brother is gone and all his responsibilities fall right on top of yours. Adapt or break as you grow and life gets worse. As the wind leaves you but carries everyone around you. Luna has always been on her own. Even amongst her family. Even amongst her pack. As a teen, she'd thought it'd be different having found her mate. But it only worsened. And when he died she thought she would too. So did everyone else. You're not supposed to live through the death of your mate. So when she woke the next day. Battered, bruised and broken it was entirely natural for all to give her what her husband had left behind. But heavy is the head that wears the crown. And with the crown came new prospects. New threats. New problems. And the last thing she ever expected a new husband. And so, suddenly she wasn't so alone anymore. But learning to trust. To love again and to not push everyone away was just another problem. 

Human: On a normal basis she purposefully walks around with an underwhelming mien. Ripped jeans. Distressed boots. Grease stained hands and shirt; often covered by her leather jacket. Her chocolate brown locks on the VERY rare occasions she wears her hair in anything other than a bun whispaly rest on her shoulders and graces the blades of her back. She never smiles or laughs and more often than not wear's a stern look on her face. Coupled with a violent glare in her eyes she doesn't give people the impression of approachability. Her wedding ring which she is oftentimes found fidgeting and playing with gives people hope or a sense of welcoming but the moment someone mentions it all things that might have been seen as pleasant about her fade. And so nothing but hostility is left. 

To come. 






Dean Pistorius

White wolf of the south · Husband 
"Power is all I want. If marrying you is how I get it then so be it." This isn't a love story. Spade met Dean while carrying out a favor for her sister-in-law. She was to go to the south with her sister Dice and bring their Sister-in-law's pack back to her. Except when they got there she found them in the Dean's ward. In a matter of seconds, he had found her weakness and left her with an ultimatum that really left her with no other choice but to marry him. 

Title · Relationship
Short Blur
NAME: Luna Ma'at Pistorius
FACE CLAIM: Priyanka Chopra
GENDER: Female
BUILD: Toned, Athletic.
HAIR:Human: Brown Wolf: Black
EYES:Human: Brown Wolf: Amber
STATUS: Married 
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual.  OCCUPATION: Pack Alpha, Garage Owner, Motorcycle Club President, Underground Street Racer, Illegal Goods RunnerHOMETOWN: Grew up lost in the wind. 

Older Brother Luca Rahotep
Younger Brother Xander Kelly
Younger Brother Theo Kelly
Younger Sister Lilly Rahotep




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"“Sometimes I feel like a walking time bomb of undetonated memories!”
“Luna… "he wanted to say something encouraging. But what? This was the first thing she’d said to anyone in days.
“Tell me the truth…” he walked in front of her blocking her view of…"
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"She laid in wait for his I do and when it came a very slight snarl showed at the edges of her lips. Even though she had just said the same thing. She swallowed the growl in her throat then gulped down the wince that dared whine out of her as he pull…"
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