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as the tales be told, this creature is a long-lived half bird half human, cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. according to the sun gods it obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. it dies in a magnificent show of flames and combusts into thin air. this creature is bound to live for five hundred years before it is time for rebirth. you may refer this creature as, “bird of paradise” as for its ability of healing powers. with one drop of their tears; illness, wounds, damage to internal organs; free from all pain, as if renewed the body. it is called a phoenix.

phoenixes come in two forms; a majestic bird with wings bigger than any angel painted with reds, oranges, and yellows throughout it’s feathers. their eyes have a deep red velvet color and their beck’s are a rounded black tip. and the other’s come as peacocks; blues, reds, and purples spread across their feathers and fire for wings. their tails are long red and purple faded into each other whilst their beak’s are small black and pointed. 

a witch that went by the name circe, fell in love with a handsome egyptian knight named aten. in a large city called heliopolis, known as the sun city, a bastard daughter ran away from home. her abusive father had found out about her witchy abilities and casted the whole city to chase her down for a steal burning. terrified and alone, circe ran  to the love of her life pleading him to save her. the knight’s loyalty would forever be to his king and would bring her prisoner to the burning. with tears running down her cheeks she allows her lover to bring her to her death. as men surround the witch she speaks of a spell, her eyes drilling at aten as the fire arose from below. circe’s last words lifted as the fire bursts over her.  

years later aten didn’t realize what circe actually said. until one night, bathing in a hot bath as the fullest moon shines big and bright through the window. aten’s skin started to boil and the water began to bubble up. looking at the mirror across from him, aten noticed how his face started to form into a bird like structure and feathers trying to bust their way through. many hours later aten was no longer a human form, but the body of a phoenix bird. circe casted a spell to curse this eternal family line with the phoenix gene and as for another downfall, once you’ve fallen in love you’ll have no choice but to smite them. cursed to forever be alone.

many, many, many, centuries later; a small family called the reed’s have successfully fallen in love and have had a newborn child, theodora. her mother ebony was a beautiful long dark haired women who only cared about others well beings and giving to others. her father mosiah was a chiseled, muscular egyptian  knight. ebony’s side was cursed with the phoenix gene. she embraced the curse, showing how she’s not afraid to love even when there’s a deadly catch. thought when the time actually did come, her mind started to trip. showing her visions how she’ll kill mosiah, over and over again. she thought, maybe if she broke the key to love, the curse would be broken. later that evening, ebony cheated on mosiah forever being her one secret. and later on in life they became pregnant, got married, and finally had theodora. ebony was thrilled to have broken the curse, celebrating with her husband they enjoyed their time together and soon became a tragedy. thought cheating didn’t break the curse, it did trigger it to kill ebony. 

as theodora got older, the death of her mother remained a mystery. at least just to her, mosiah couldn’t bare the thought of laying two tragedies on his daughter; only telling her that she died in her sleep. theodora wondered about her family and why it was so small. she walked to the local library and searched up her family tree. it all looked pretty much the same but one minor detail; a mutation gene powered by the suns energy. diving deeper into the mysterious gene, it also reads; with persons ability to go into a deep meditation focusing on on fire and sun a phoenix will greet you offering you to walk into the flames with her. a phoenix spirit is seductive, manipulative, giving you no choice but to follow. this is how the gene is activated. 

of course reading into it, theodora got excited and wanted to try it out for herself. on the next full moon her entire body will be formed into a phoenix. as for which type, the bird or peacock, her self conscious must find a key to unlock the doors and their choice lies behind. coming close to the doors the key that lays in her hand controls which form theodora will be taking. she opens the door with a blinding warm light revealing the phoenix bird. her small hand went to reach out towards the majestic animal as the light got brighter, theodora had awaken to the next morning.

the sun's rays seep through the curtains as her eyes opened widely. from what seemed like a vivid dream as her heart pounds a million miles an hour, theodora looks around herself; hands, arms, legs, and feet. all seemed normal until her eyes met with the mirror. an aura or outline of the phoenix bird itself. theodora rushed over to the mirror, touching every inch of her skin to make sure it wasn't real, the shock spreading throughout her mind finally came to a close. within seconds the bird appears in the far corner of the room. a majestic bird who is ten feet tall, but as she turned around the bird was gone only to be seen through a mirror. as the bird egged her to come closer, her whispers started to get louder, screaming, "come my child. there is work to be done.

visions, upon visions, showing theodora the way of the phoenix. hunting. by the time theo was nineteen, she had fully discovered a brand new world within the world she was living. regular human beings lving surrounded by the supernatural creatures; vampires, werewolves, witches, faeries, hybrids, angels, demons, whatever you were told as a child that was a mythical creature, was real. theo spent the next three years training, preparing herself for the worst. she has successfully learned how to use the art of the bow and arrow, shooting as far as 400 yards. and personal favorite, perfecting her gun skills and shooting head shots to a fast moving target. theodora had became the most feared hunter in all the land by all monsters, leaving earth to become peaceful and free of all chaos besides whatever the humans bring upon them.

but one final night changed everything for theo. she finally fell in love with a women named safari. a beautiful caramel skinned, long black haired, and crystal eyes. they were a match made in heaven, dating for a couple of years, they planned on getting married and adopting a child together. theodora was head over heels for this women. from buying a house together, to getting that perfect huge rock they call an engagement ring. as the curse lived up to its name, the phoenix arose from within, causing theo to form into a bird like creature with fire for eyes. she was aware of the curse and what was descant to happen, theo tried to fight off the bird and it's will to kill. but the feeling of killing and the eagerness to drive an arrow through her lovers heart. dripping with safari's blood, her head lifts to the mirror not only seeing herself, but a bloody monstrous bird.

the next morning, awaken in a pool of sweat, theodora looks around the room to find everything in it's normal place; no blood, no weapons, no trace of it ever being real. swiftly grabbing her bathrobe and sliding into her slippers, she rushed downstairs to also find everything in check. theo let out a sigh of relief, making herself a cup of green tea. she was so positive that her vision was only a nightmare but to only find what the real one was. she walked inside of their lovers den, to find safari standing in the shower, no movements, no soap bubbling up across the walls, nothing but quietness. theodora slowly walks towards the running shower; hot steam seeps up and down the outside of the shower walls, steam droplets form onto the mirror's and windows. theo opens the shower door to watch her lover collapse onto the floor, scratches deep down to the bone, the size of a giant bird claw. flashbacks fill her mind, almost like rewinding a tape; her actions played backwards to forwards. tears rush down theo's eyes as she weeps into the lifeless body of safari.

after the tragic events and the chilling funeral, years later theodora has lived alone, never letting herself fall for another being again. her heart was broken, shattered into a million pieces, but this didn't stop her from her job. it only made her stronger. theo searched under every rock, riddle, and scripture. there was no escape of the phoenix curse forcing theo to live in forever loneliness. supernatural creatures stayed far and wide away from theodora claiming that she is the infamous  firebird. she became ruthless, more creative and smart about her attacks. for any creature that didn't know who she was, would remember her for the rest of their god forsaken life.

nowadays you'll catch her in her apartment with a mock bird of a phoenix, as the ignorant would say. she ended up naming him river for the colors of his feathers and for his ability to move water with his mind; deep colors of aquamarine, turquoise, and teal. his eyes the color of the june gemstone; alexandrite. river is now the closest thing she has for a lover and a friend, a phoenix's bond between two is stronger than any other bond between a wolf pack or family. a phoenix will die to protect the the ones they care for. every so often, theodora revisits her home town to check on her sick elderly father. mosiah still lives alone and never remarried. the phoenix curse lays deep embedded into the reed family dna with an unknown cure burred with the damn witch herself. dare to find it?

— muse aesthetics.

— trivial basics.
biological name theodora whitney reed
otherwise known as theo, firebird, ...
species phoenix
birthday january sixteenth
marital status unattached
sexuality bisexual
occupation detective \ supernatural hunter
location heliopolis, egypt

appearance long light brunette hair \ brown eyes \ 5'4 ; petite body shape \
distinguishing marks one tattoo behind the right ear

the good outgoing , bubbly , protective
the bad hot headed , stubborn ,  blunt
phoenix abilitiesmind control: (moving objects, telepathy) , fire: (shooting from mouth, forming balls of fire in hand) , tail strength: (cut a being in half with one flip, shooting spiked feathers)
phoenix appearancefeathers ;  fire colors: red, orange, yellow \ eyes ; velvet red \ body ; large extended wings

— muse connections.
— hover each headshot —

— plot idea's.
plot#1; — fire dance ritual — muser a is looking for a sun patch to lay her ashes down to be reborn. after a long and emotional 500 years it was time to lay down and start fresh. muser b happens to be walking through the forest looking for some firewood for their campground. they creep through the branches trying to get a better look at the fire show as flames burst up into the air like fireworks as muser a performs a beautiful fire dance ritual, as they step closer all that is found is a pile of ash, still warm to the touch. muser b takes the ash into their tent  to investigate. during the rest of the evening, the ashes remain ashes and it slowly fires up the embers below. the next morning after breakfast, muser b finds the ashes gone and footprints leading away from the campsite. they follow the tail of ash footsteps to find a naked women (muser a). 
plot#2; — long time no see — muser a and muser b already know each other, went to school in high school. muser a is in town on a supernatural case hunting down demons or lost spirits. muser b invites muser a over for a couple of drinks and catch up. muser a agrees and makes their way over. as both muser's a and b get to talking, footsteps are heard from the floor above, leaving curious looks on each other. muser b laters explains that they have been having this trouble; strange noises, cold spots, voices of their dead loved ones. muser a then goes to investigate the house.
plot#3; — the princess wants a date — muser b has taken a trip to egypt, a long for filled bucket list cross off. upon arriving in the city of heliopolis, they explore the culture and find things to do during their spare time. muser a (the princess) is going towards the bar to have a little rebellious fun. later, muser b finds their way as well into the bar and meets muser a. they chat, get to know each other, become friends. muser a takes muser b on a tour around the city and brings them home for dinner. muser b is unaware of the fact that muser a is the princess, which is suddenly broken as her father, the king, steps into the room. her father explains how dangerous it is to bring outsiders inside the palace as muser b confesses how they were running away from a crazy ex trying to set harm to them. and of course they come running through the doors expelling their love for muser b. muser a watches the ex carefully as they're about to attack muser b, setting the princess to turn into the phoenix.
plot#4; — singing is an old hobby of mine — muser a is going out for a formal event; an art gallery. as art is her guilty pleasure. muser a get's dressed in a black fitting mermaid dress and her hair is pinned into a high pony with beachy waves and red bottom heels. making their way into the event, muser a is greeted by a platter of champagne. she then takes a look around, admiring the art hanging on the walls as well as a couple clay or stone sculptures. muser a is given a warm welcome to the crowd as they explain she'll be singing tonight for a charity; fundraising for sick cancer children to give them a normal life fighting this deadly fight. she sings her few selected songs and makes her way down to the food area, where muser b is standing by their mates, clinking thier glasses together in celebration of the whole event.(muser b's father is running the whole show). muser a makes her way towards the long table of food platters and trays, reaching down to fill her plate up until muser a and muser b touch fingers at the same piece of food. 

— guidelines 'n rules.

1. i don't do the whole 'you add, you comment'. c'mon, it's the new years i thought we were past this. but! i do abide by; you add first, starter is your responsibility and vise versa. 

2. i prefer to use one person per page, but i'm also okay with two persons per page (i'll figure this one out whilst looking through your rules or you inform me).

3. as i've said a bunch of times throughout this page; romance isn't strictly the main point. your  imagination is the most beautiful thing ever made by whoever or whatever you believe in! use it!

4. i really really prefer l o n g detailed comments. i put so much effort into my comments and i hope to expect the same. so, if you give me a crap story, i'll give you crap in return. - speaking of. my biggest pet peeves are one liners or the (example 'theo: *smiles and sits down next to you*') PLEASE don't give me this, there's literally no way for me to work with that.

5. killings, drugs, alcohol, abuse, whatever you find fit for our thread, by all means use it! ****this of course means if you're okay with it. if i have an idea in mind that uses any of this, i will surely ask you before hand.

6. my character may and will speak to as many people until proven taken. therefore, families, friends, co-workers. all perfect threads for me to work with!

7. i have the right to end a thread. please don't add me back or asking why i removed you. it's simple: i didn't find our thread fit for my character or i just don't like the vibe i'm getting from you.

8. in regards to comments: as you can tell, i put a lot of effort into my stories. it may take me all day to give one person a response or if i'm really feeling it, i'll get to all my comments. all i ask is that you're patient with me.

9. if you have any questions about my character, plots, or if i've gotten your comment. feel free to shoot me a message, i'm supperrr friendly (:

if you've read theses guidelines, please put 'firebird' in one of your comments.

— thread tracker.
Name of Thread; — w/ Character — status
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— ooc info.

hey, hi, hello! - this little section is for you guys to get to know the person behind the screen (:

my name's kirsten, birthday listed above.. ya girl's about to be 21 haha. anyway, i've been role playing for quite some time, maybe since i was 12? i don't know, but i believe i know what i'm doing lol. i'm a pretty laid back person, not too picky with threads. speaking of that! i prefer to write my threads in forum, but comments are always cool too, i just like to write a lot and give as much detail as possible. if interested & you’d like to speak on a deeper level or just chat in general, add my kik: kmariee40 or just want to have an oocc (out of character conversation) feel free to shoot me a comment - anyway, role plays are my guilty pleasure so i hope you enjoy my mind haha. ummm, i love meeting new people and making new friends so i hope i can have that experience with you guys. (':



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