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Cassandra Summers
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Hearing The Siren Song (Cassandra and Cillian)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cassandra Summers Nov 13, 2021. 2 Replies

Cassandra missed her parents. She hasnt seen them since she was a little girl. She was now 24 years old and she was missing them like crazy. She didnt want to go back alone because she would have…Continue

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Cassandra Summers
Listen To My Siren Song & Get Lost In The Darkness


The Good: Adventurous, Sweet, Honest
The Bad: Mysterious, Dark,


Build: Sporty, Curvy
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo Of A Shell With Her Parents Names On Her Leg
Face Claim: Britt Robertson


Siren Song Abilities~ Grants humans to fall into her trance and do her bidding to whatever she pleases. When she has her tail and wants to transforms to human its quite painful but it can be done when she wants. In the water she has the ability to swim as fast as she can go even in the strongest of waves and current.


Cassandra was born as a siren in the ocean. To her parents Mae & Calvin Summers both sirens. Her father was a royal guard until a war broke out and her father was framed and thrown in a prison. Her mother told her to run and stay a human on land. Cassandra never went on land before she was nervous to be on her own. Her mother was soon captured. At the age of 10 she was on her own. Finding refuge on a land called Paris, France. She found a family who took her in till she was 19 when she learned everything she could about human life. She stays in the ocean at night but doesnt venture far into the ocean because she didn't want to break her promise she made to her mom that she would never return to the depths. She goes in lakes and pools and things like that but its not the same. She felt at home in the ocean and the animals she missed them. She missed singing her siren song luring humans to their death.


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Short blur


 Name: Cassandra Isolde   Summers
 Nicknames: Cassie, Cas
 Species: Siren
 Age: 24
 Status: Single           S.Orientation: Straight
 Occupation: Journalist 
 Residence: The Ocean, Paris,   France

Father: Calvin Summers
Mother: Mae Summers

Cillian-Hearing The Siren Song

Cassandra can role-play starting from The Middle Ages era and after that. My favorite is the Renaissance!!

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At 10:00am on November 13, 2021,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Okay, would you like me to start it off or did you want to?

At 9:15am on September 23, 2021,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Sure. Did you still want to go with your idea of her song being used on one of the Rogues?

Did you come up with a reason for that yet? Will the Rogue know what she was?

At 10:11am on July 13, 2021,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Hey Cassie. Sorry I missed your thread request. It didn't give me a notification for some reason.

Let me know if you're still interested and we can discuss further.


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