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Cillian Byrne
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Roleplay In Middle Ages

Connection: Best friend to Devon Sawyer/Second in command of the Rogues

Basic story: Cillian was born in Ireland in the middle ages to a woman who was shunned from her own pack for being in love with a rival pack member and becoming pregnant. Years later when Cillian was older with a chip on his shoulder, he ran into the Alpha that had thrown out his mother and killed his father, challenging him to a fight. Being overly confident, he lost within a few moves of the Alpha and instead of killing Cillian, the Alpha let him go to live with his shame. Cillian and his mother were never accepted back into either of the packs and traveled as rogue lupines over the years. They blended in with humans easily enough outside of London in a small village and started to make a quiet life, but one day Cillian came home after working in the city to find his mother murdered by a lupine. Cillian tried for years to find the killer and had suspected one of the packs from their past, but he could never find the information he needed when so many were out to kill him. Eventually he found his way into the Rogues and quickly became friends with their leader, Devon.

Cillian even though being more of an outcast he always made it seem like he fit right into places and always made friends that he could trust. He has been more adventurous and willing to do what needed to be done to protect who he loved like his mother. When you earn his trust you have him by your side and he will do whatever it takes to keep you safe when you need him he will be there. He's been different ever since his mother was murdered it changed him in ways he couldn't explain. He has devoted his life to finding his mother killer never finding the killer made him become a bit obsessive. He has not made time to find romance nor was he interested at the present time.
Sure he had a few woman handful of woman in his bed here and there but nothing ever serious. He never wanted to settle down till he could prove that he was on the right track on who murdered his mother. He has one best friend Devon he shares everything with him and that says a lot because he normally doesn't let anyone see him with his walls down. But with Devon he could see he was a good guy. Even though Devon is a human he still found that he was a lot like him very adventurous and willing to do what was needed.
Being part of the Rogues with Devon gave him a new meaning to life he saw others that were just like him. He instantly became friends with Devon and finally settled down. But still kept his walls up no knowing when or where he could get information about his mothers murder. He started to think that maybe he could have a normal life being part of the rogues. He wanted to find that special someone who could see past everything and still think he was the kind gentle soul he use to be just takes the right person to grab his attention and he has yet to find her but he knows when he does find her that his mother will be proud of him. Knowing that she will be proud of him and that she loves him gets him through the day.

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At 10:53am on May 20, 2021,
Hawk Black

"Charming them to bed" is that what you're calling your mating dance now? >.>

*looks to the ladies* no...no those looks are definitely for you mate. *pats his shoulder* act natural you've got this. 

At 6:24pm on May 19, 2021,
Nerissa Ironspring

Well maybe that just means you need to stop trying to chase the crown, but you are a rogue and trouble is your thing. *laughs lightly* oh really? Well where I am from I was actually considered the ugliest. So I say even in place of being a man Dev is better looking. Oh dear why am I trying to talk you out of being my friend. *covers face* Flowers yes! 

At 6:01pm on May 19, 2021,
Nerissa Ironspring

If we are comparing who is more of a troublemaker I have to say I take the crown. Get it? Cause I am the princess of the rogues also. Easy on the eyes? *thinks on what that could mean. Then it dawns on her and she laughed* Well come now Dev is far better looking then me, and is always nice to talk too. *smiling back* but since Dev sends you to check on me when he can't I am sure we will have a wonderful friendship. I am always down to show you my flowers! they are all so beautiful and are meant to be admired! Just let me know when you would like to stop by I can make them bloom whenever!


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