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Selina Rahotep
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Selina Rahotep's Discussions

A Toast! (Harper and Selina)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Harper Bellows 13 hours ago. 5 Replies

Selina still isn’t quite sure what she thinks about the modern day. All the loud people and colors are wonderful, as is the change in society that allows people to be accepted now more than ever. But…Continue

To Catch A Thief (Richard and Selina)

Started Sep 10 0 Replies

Time. One of those things that marches forever forward and, if you can’t adapt, the thing that will leave you floundering as the world moves on without you.Selina is quite proud to say that she’s…Continue

The Chase (Quinn and Selina)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Selina Rahotep Sep 10. 2 Replies

Music and laughter is the norm this time of night for Selina. The caravan had stopped just shy of the next town and had managed to finish setting up for the night early, leaving them with plenty of…Continue


Savage love~ Did somebody break your heart?~

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Dance with me. It won't kill you.


NAME: Selina Rahotep
NICKNAMES: Sel, Lina, Lena (family only)
AGE: Immortal
DOB: April 15th
SPECIES: Gypsy/Fae
NATIONALITY: She isn't sure
OCCUPATION: Fire dancer
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Doesn't have one
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
RELATIONSHIP STATUS:In a committed relationship with herself
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BUILD: Lithe, fit
WEIGHT: 132 lbs
HAIR: White naturally, keeps it brown 
FACECLAIM: Naomi Scott
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A burn on her left wrist from iron
SCENT: Campfires, lavender perfumes, a fresh breeze

So What If I Misbehave?

POSITIVE TRAITS: Outgoing, Fun, Charitable, Charming
NEGATIVE TRAITS: Flirty, Wary, Prankster, Flighty
HABITS: Always has to be moving somehow, tends to tap her foot. Has a bad habit of chewing her nails.
HOBBIES: Reading, dancing, collecting candy, music
SKILLS: Dance, convincing people to do what she wants
DEMEANOR: Selina is known for her outgoing and fun demeanor, always the type to put on a show no matter where she is. She cares less about money than about putting smiles on people’s faces and takes an even greater joy when she can do that while giving some karma to those who would harm others. Underneath that fun and flirty side of Selina is a very intuitive side, someone who trusts in the wind’s guidance and is quite good at getting to the heart of a person. She may seem like someone who trusts easily but the truth is she’s wary of those who approach her.

Doing nothing is easy. Forgiveness is hard.

Life makes fun of us
and we should help it.

Selina was born to a rather unusual circumstance. Her mother, a young woman named Kezia could truly say she had no idea what she was getting into that night. It had started as an unremarkable night, much like any other for her caravan, that ended quite differently than the young woman had expected. How was she to know the handsome stranger was a fae when they so rarely leave their forest? She was met with another shock when that chance encounter resulted in a new family member, a daughter who Kezia named Selina for the comforting light of the moon the night she was born... and the shock of white hair the child was born with. Unfortunately, Selina would never have the opportunity to know her mother as the young woman passed away soon after having her. As though the child knew something was wrong she immediately set to inconsolable tears and though the others tried to soothe her there was no soothing to be had. Selina only quieted and finally drifted to sleep when under the care of Mama and Leander, leading to the pair adopting the orphaned babe.

It quickly became apparent to the family that Selina was not a normal child. On top of the stark white hair she was born with, her ears came to a fine point that was decidedly strange. All of that on top of being adopted, one would think Selina would grow up with self acceptance issues but strangely that never seemed to be the case. Her family’s honesty and acceptance of her no matter what helped to condition her into quite the emotionally well adjusted child. Instead of stifling her different abilities she was encouraged to work with them and see what she could do. Her happy and mischievous nature made her a perfect pair with the wind from a very tender age as well and she was constantly into some mischief or other, usually involving her being directly under her sibling’s feet whenever they were home. If one were to ask her which of her many siblings she was closest to she’d give a non-answer because she considered herself close to all of them, though in truth she looked up to Luna quite a bit for being the main encourager behind her exploring who she is. She was also quite close to Lilly who is the closest to her in age and their kind demeanors meshed well, as well as Tamsen and Fadel who often got into a bit of trouble for bringing the mischief loving Selina into their trickster schemes. Even from her youngest age she loved learning from anyone she could and that extended to the few things left behind for her from her mother. More than anything she felt an attachment to her birth mother through dance, something she knows from stories that her mother loved.

The young girl always seemed to have a strange relationship with fire as well, something that concerned her family as she could commonly be found wandering a bit too close to the flames. That all came to a head one night when an ember from the bonfire caught on the breeze caused by all the merry making and landed squarely on her skirts. Instead of panicking, Selina simply drew the fire from her clothes and returned it to the bonfire, only to give a puzzled look to the others who were understandably concerned. That night sparked an interest in what else she was able to do and with a lot of work she developed a good amount of skill over fire, even able to incorporate it believably into her dancing. She was never quite satisfied with not knowing what she might be able to do though and so she pushed herself, beginning to learn more about her other abilities and it seemed as though her family and the wind were behind her every step of the way. Her favorite ability was probably when she learned she could speak to animals and the day that she showed up at home after several hours of being off on her own with her white hair and pointed ears gone was certainly a strange one. There was a small amount of teasing that followed her revelation that she didn’t know how to make her hair stop being brown now that she’d accomplished it.

As she grew, Selina always tried to be there for her family in her own way. Be it sending a cute little animal over to cheer up a downtrodden sibling to simply being there with them and offering a supportive ear to listen without judgement, she wanted to support them the way they always had her. That support extended to whenever anyone would leave or return and eventually it was her turn to begin to travel like she’d always wanted to do. She took to the experience, as expected, like a bird to the air. She threw herself into it and became a particular joy to watch as she grew in skill, her dancing sure to make her mother proud. Of course in her spare time she continued to learn from the others as well, both in their powers and in other ways, gaining quite the sticky fingers in an endeavor to help not just the caravan but also the people she came across who might need it.

In years of travelling Selina only allowed her true features to show when she made her way back to Nowhere, ensuring to keep them hidden whenever on the road for not only her safety but also the safety of the rest of the caravan. Eventually they came to a port town near to the sea, a vibrant and colorful location that seemed to welcome their shows more openly than most. The lord of the local area called this town his home and even came to watch himself on numerous occasions, a fact that concerned Selina’s caravan. They’d all noticed just how disparate the conditions in town were, with the poor seeming in worse shape than other areas. Selina noticed too but chalked it up to the general nature of being a port town and was more fascinated with the sea than anything else. The wind is stronger by the water’s side, dancing through her hair and clothes and enticing her to frolic in the waves alongside it. This also presented her a rare chance to practice with her control over water, which she’d noticed over the years is harder than fire or the wind she considers such a friend. So, she’d find a secluded area of the beach and attempt to practice, using the moon to aid in her efforts.

They were meant to leave in the morning and so Selina was down by the beach one last time in an attempt to get some practice in when the bright orange glow caught her attention. The wind at her back, Selina rushed back only to find her people being rounded up and forced into cages, Lord Launce watching over the proceedings from horseback. Upon her arrival he grabbed hold of her, his iron gauntlet burning her skin worse than any small marks she had from learning fire, and once he had her he made her a deal. Her people had been caught stealing from his soldiers and for that they were being arrested. However, if she agreed to help him with something he would release her and the rest of the caravan, all crimes forgiven. Not seeing another way around it, Selina agreed to his terms and, with sad eyes, she left with him.

Her time there wasn’t too awful, he treated her well enough and even got the nasty burn that circled her wrist treated when he realized what the iron in his glove had done to her, though it did leave a pretty nasty scar. She knew that it wasn’t going to last though, as what he asked of her was impossible. Knowing of the supernatural but not their limits and thinking she could do the impossible, he had convinced himself that she could restore his land’s vitality and rid him of his enemies. No matter how much she tried to explain that she could not undo what years of his exploitation had caused him he refused to listen. As the days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months he grew more angry with her and more violent. She stayed only because she refused to abandon the people he had taken prisoner, even after the only heirloom she had left from her mother - a golden necklace - mysteriously disappeared from her things in the night. Lord Launce’s demeanor only grew worse however until one night she became convinced that if she remained he would be the death of not only her, but the entire rest of the caravan as well.

She’s not proud of the fact that she abandoned the people of his lands to his destabilizing state, and the loss of her mother’s necklace was a hard blow, but her duty is to her family first. It was a long night with a bright moon when she finally managed it, having spent all her free time planning for this exactly. By the time dawn rose over the horizon and Lord Launce realized she was gone, she and her people were already out of his lands and on their way home. There was a palpable sense of relief as the wind welcomed them back to Nowhere, Selina’s just as huge as the others. She remained home for a time in order to recover from the ordeal and to help the others as well, refusing to talk of what had happened even to Mama or Leander beyond a very simple explanation and the knowledge that her necklace was gone. She insisted she was fine to anyone who asked and she seemed to be, not wanting to allow this bad experience to set her on her guard against all people. For as much as Launce and his soldiers were not the best people, she had met so many good ones as well and it wasn’t long before she was determined to set out again. She claimed she’d been stuck in one place far too long and though she makes sure to come back and visit Nowhere often, she can just as often be found exploring the world. That’s something the little ones appreciate as she always tries to return with gifts.

I Wanna Know Ya 

Brandon LeCreaux | Info to come
Info to Come
Luca Rahotep| Older Brother
As close as she is to all of her adopted family she admittedly has a hard time treating Lu as the king that he has become. To her he will forever be nothing more than her big brother who she likes to tease. Hopefully he's okay with that.

Luna Rahotep | Older Sister
Luna has forever been her confidant, one of her biggest supporters. No matter what happens or has happened, Selina will always be there for her big sister and more than anything she hopes Luna knows that.

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"The answer to that, amusingly, is not often. Most of the time mortals feel a little disconcerted in her presence, it tends to be only under the influence of alcohol that they get quite so forward. The smile remains on her face until the man stumbles…"
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"Harper looked at the woman as a smile seemed to stay on her face even though this man was getting handsy and just an actual jerk, she noted how calm the woman seemed. How many times did the woman deal with this on the daily? She looked as the woman…"
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"Well, as much as this hasn’t changed, she can at least amend that it’s gotten better. At least now there’s punishment for acting like this whereas in the past most women would have to wait for someone to step in… if anyone…"
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"Harper didn't care for the type of people that came into the bar. When they were drunk it made for not the best people.It wasn't some small-town bar that kept people under bay either. It was the type where as long as the money was coming…"
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"If there’s anywhere other than Nowhere that Selina feels comfortable, it’s in the woods. Hearing the animals chittering to themselves, the calming breeze that is even now tousling her hair and clothes, the moonlight giving her strength.…"
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At 2:49pm on October 6, 2020,
Spade - Council

Accurate!! And here's our response for when your taunting actually starts a fight.

At 4:10pm on September 28, 2020,
Brandon LeCreaux - Council

I believe we need to talk more about a plot.

At 12:22am on August 18, 2020,
Spade - Council

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Did we plot? No. But then it wouldn't be a Sisternapping if we had. 

At 2:15pm on August 10, 2020,
Spade - Council

I don't know what I'm more proud of. That your squirrels steal or that you're giving me what they stole... Actually, I'm proud of both of those things who am I kidding. 

As for the flowers...

I'll wear it only because it's from you. 

At 2:54pm on August 1, 2020,
Harper Bellows

First off love the face claim!
Secondly would love to roleplay sometime! 

At 2:53pm on August 1, 2020,
Spade - Council

Welcome home sis! 

Come dance by the fire with me soon. 


I'm clearly the better sibling. I'm not the one that disappeared.

Such blasphemy!





At 2:03pm on August 1, 2020,
Luca Rahotep - Council

Welcome Dusty Traveller!

You made it and now,

The Caravan awaits!

And always remember I'm the better sibling!



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