Adventuring through twisted time.

Lily had always been acutely aware of the world around her, her tetrachromatic vision allowing her to perceive colors and nuances others could only dream of. It was both a gift and a burden, especially now as she noticed the once-vivid colors around her tent beginning to fade. This unusual phenomenon unsettled her normally cheerful soul, like nails scratching down her irises as she stared deeply into one of the many paintings resting on the sand floor. She couldn't recall exactly which color was missing since she had named so many shades herself, but the more she stared, the more a hollow fear crept in.

In a huff of frustration, Lily left her tent, seeking the comfort of her siblings. However, she knew this wasn't a pressing issue for either Luca, the Gypsy King, or Luna, the Zeta to the Lupines. The Caravan had set up camp for a few nights, and she wandered through the sand, her hair whirling around her in the restless breeze. It wasn’t a comforting breeze; it felt as if it was urging her somewhere yet wasn’t guiding her where she needed to be. Her gaze drifted to the sky, and the unsettling feeling deepened as she noticed even less color there.

Lily meandered among the Lupines, asking after Luna, only to hear she was either on a run or hunting. Determined, she set her course for her brother’s tent. Her senses prickled as she felt the energy of someone approaching, and she reached out, catching Rajan’s hand and twirling him around. "Buy a lady a drink if you wish to dance," she teased, her smile warm but tinged with unease.

“How was your trip, Sir Raj?” she asked, linking her arm with his, giving him no chance to pull away. She led him toward Luca’s tent, sure he was on his way to report to her brother. “Did anything on your trip seem off?” she asked, casting a sideways glance at him. He looked regal, much like her brother, but he was more than that—a mystic, a magic user. “Say, do you use magic to keep your hair so perfect?” she chuckled, pulling open the flap to Luca’s tent, only to find it empty.

She released Rajan's arm, noticing a piece of paper fluttering in the wind. She grabbed it and read it aloud, “Try not to be upset, Raj. I have a date. I shall return soon. Your most handsome King, Lu.” Lily rolled her eyes, handing the note to Raj with a deep sigh. “Moon Pie is on a hunt or a run, and Sundial is off charming the winged lady. Who am I to complain about the missing colors,” she mumbled under her breath.

Despite her attempt at levity, the unease gnawed at her. She couldn't shake the feeling that the fading colors were a sign of something significant, something that needed to be addressed. But with Luna and Luca both occupied, she would have to confront this mystery on her own, which terrified her more than anything. She was the little sister, after all, and being alone was never something she had put much weight in.

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