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The Species of Timeless

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Led by: Devon Sawyer
Humans are the most populated species on the planet. They are the foundation of the world itself and have thrived over the course of history, touching every corner of the Earth. Some of them are aware of the supernatural, but most have no idea of their existence.


Led by: Clarice De Biville
Magic can be controlled by few of the world. Whether born with natural magic or someone who studies magic to learn to control it, these people fall into a world unlike another.


Led by: Astrid Winther
The Valkyrie may live and look like ordinary humans, but in the grand scheme of things, their duty is far greater. Hand picked by Odin, these fearless women help control the balance of souls in each realm, and oversee the fallen in battle.


Led by: Kyan Raventhorn
Fae or fairy as some call them, live in Thistlemoon Forest, rarely ever leaving their home because of their dislike for humans. Fae are made up of all different species, such as sprites and centaurs, but most appear to look very humanoid with traits like pointed ears and horns that they can glamour away.


Led by: Ciara Devlin
These girls are the embodiment of everything associated with death; all were once human and died violently before their time. Resurrected by The Matron, these death harbingers have formed a sisterhood to haunt the town and bring death to every household. They may look human, but they are far from it.


Led by: Rainore Riverscar
It was once considered a curse from the Gods to be a Siren, but as their population grows, it is becoming a blessing. These amphibian humanoids are able to blend in with life on land for a short bout of time, but they can never stray too far from the sea.


Led by: Spade
These shapeshifters can transform into all various types of wolves. They tend to always live in packs and are very protective of all their members, living under the rule of an Alpha, and doing anything to help its members thrive. They aren't fond of outsiders and are very territorial.


Led by: Hades
Gods walk among us; They're our neighbours, friends, family, and lover. Except, they know not they're Gods or are forced to bury the secret of their past while hoping to keep the peace of the future. Only time will tell if these Eternals are a gift or something darker still, lurking in the shadows of the spell that broke time.


Led by: Libelle Ryoko
Once Dragon Riders of a breed being murdered. One among them took the step to stop the endless murder, which led to the Dragon riders and Dragons to fuse as one. A rare species that had scattered through the land, with a scale upon them blessed or cursed with dragon spirits.


Led by: Luca Rahotep
These notorious travelers aren’t what one might think. Endowed with the power of the wind, they can walk through the air and dance into dreams, leaving nothing but a haunting, dusty wake. They are bound to peace, but have the power of the sky and a whole world to fight for the right to stay alive.


Led by: Raffaele Spataro
Sanguine were once humans before being bitten. They prefer to live in the shadows of the night and sleep during the day. Their constant struggle to balance the thirst for blood is a reminder of their demonic origins, but it doesn't necessarily define their moral compass.


Led by: Heracles Skaði
Woe to the ones who asked for greatness and received a beggar’s curse; Woe are they who had not asked, but still were born with a blight. On the surface they seem just fine and some may even seem perfect, but the cursed ones are fated to live a most unfortunate tale.


Led by: Brandon LeCreaux
Sometimes death is not the end for us all. Graced with life after death in the search to help others move on into the after life, Reapers were created.

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