Adventuring through twisted time.

And so, The Wind blew. Carrying the shrill screams of people as their towns burned and they themselves were ravaged. The scent of death floated through the air joined by floating embers. The Gypsies always came before the fall. This destruction following in their wake; Making their reputation worse. Until The Wind blew again. And so, from the shadow of the destruction, the Gypsies bloomed forth...


They treaded in with caution. Spade at the front of her pack as they arrived in this new ravaged town. She and her pack always headed out in front of their caravan to survey the land. Be sure it was safe for their families there before arriving. Spade's steady gaze took in the sight before her. In a matter of seconds, she surmised what happened here. The scent of wolves, ash and death. The fear riddled and clearly shaken survivors just trying to process it all and help each other be okay again made it crystal clear. Spade clicked her tongue. Her pack waiting for her command. She gestured her head toward the town and they knew it meant she wanted them to help where they could.

Spade wasn’t friendly. She was often feared from rumours and tales alone all built around her name.
She was violent.

She was merciless.

She was malicious.

She was sinful.

But really if anyone actually bothered to watch her. To look at and see just her they’d see she wasn’t any of those things. Though depending on the moment, she could be if that’s what was deserved. There was some truth to the rumours and stories. Spade wore her heart on her sleeve in actuality. She hid it well and the stories helped. But in moments like this that angry glare that took over the features of her face on a consistent basis faded. And the undying fire in her eyes turned down to a low simmer. The people here needed grace and while she was definitely not associated with the word, she could provide it when needed.

“What should we tell the caravan?”

“Tell them to come halfway.
The people here can’t afford
the backlash of a gypsy camp being here.
But we can help with food, drinks
and entertainment to lift their spirits.
If they come to us.”

She sent three-pack members back to the caravan. All with strict instruction to watch each other’s back. The rest stayed with her and continued to help. Spade wasn’t big as a human so she wasn’t expected to be able to do the amazing feats she could very well do. And so, to avoid people's suspension and curiosity of her she conformed to the ways of humans and only displayed the strength and speed any normal human her size would have. With the trace amounts of silver and wolfbane still lurking in her blood, it was a bit too easy for her taste.

She caught her breath with the rest of the townspeople as they all worked together to move piles of fallen and burnt wooden pillars and crumbled stone. Trying to clear the road as best they could while the people who lived here decided on their next steps. She was rubbing her hands together to get most of the soot and dirt off them when she spotted the notice board. That usual ferocious facial expression reclaiming her facial features as she forwarded her brow. She stared at the poster on the board up close before ripping it off. Curious as to why it hadn’t burnt up with everything else. The only logical explanation she could find was it might have been posted after the raid. This was her old wanted poster. Her eyes keenly searched all the information given. She hadn’t seen the poster in eight years give or take but she was sure this was the one for her head. She recognised the portrait of her wolf anywhere.

She turned the page about to be sure she didn’t miss anything but after a moment she was sure it didn’t mention anything about her directly. At least not any more. The name Spade now just reduced to “The Wolf King”. She snorted to herself. They didn’t even know the proper term. Furthermore, they didn’t even know it was a lady Lupine in the portrait. She clicked her tongue deciding to keep this and bring it to the caravan with her. Her old one was stuffed away somewhere and she wanted to compare the two to be sure.

“They say he can control other wolves.”

An old man approached capturing Spade's attention.


“One look from him is all it takes and now that wolf is his.”


“He came through here like the devil himself.
Tore up who and what he wanted.
Dragged anyone or thing he liked away.
His wolves dancing with destruction as they tore through town.
And then, they just vanished! Out of the blue like they weren’t even here.”


Spade's face changed to that of confusion. Dashed with a bit of concern and swarming with whole lotta anger. She’d only taken her eyes off the old man for a second but now he was gone. Subtly she looked for him but something told her she wouldn’t find him. He left no scent in the air or tracks in the wet mud and soot on the ground. But just like the story he sort of told he left Spade with reasonable distress she hid just as well as she hid everything else.


The sun had long set. The gypsies all crawled from their tents or scampered out of their carriages as the moon rose. The giant bond fire already ablaze while the musicians tuned their instruments and the storytellers began to weave their wild tales as the people from town came in and sat before them. Spade was in her tent. Her eyes dashing back and forth between the two wanted posters. She was clearly perplexed now in private. The posters were almost identical. The old one she’d kept for years had more information than the newer one. It held her name. The status she had within the supernatural world. Distinguishing marks.

She'd heard the last of the people who knew about her original bounty had died years ago. The lacking information on this new poster confirmed it but it didn’t make her feel much better. She clicked her tongue and rolled her lips together as she tossed both posters into the giant bond fire and watched as they burned to a crisp. She didn’t stay with her people as they danced and communed with the townspeople she’d helped earlier and that brought Mama into her tent.

“So just like a thief in the night you’re leaving.”

Spade sighed at Mama’s words. Glancing over her shoulder at her as she stopped packing.

“Would you let me leave otherwise?”

The silence from Mama made Spade hum. Her silence more telling than any answer.

“You'd be safe with us!”

A long silent breath left Spade. Her facial features slowly tightening as the breath left her. “But you wouldn’t be safe with me. All things in the dark will come to light. One day someone will find out this “king of the wolves” is actually a woman. And what if someone finds out I’m a wolf? One with black fur and gold eyes and matching the physical description of the wolf in the poster? What if my old wanted poster is found lost in The Wind somewhere?”

It was Mama's turn to click her tongue. Trying to convince her daughter she’d still have a better chance with family or anyone really than on her own but Spade was stubborn and once her mind was made up that was usually the end all be all. “Well then tell me. What makes this hunt different from the last?” Mama curried and sent Spade into deep thought.

“I don’t know
there were these rogues in town. Human ones, not wolves.

They’re hunting the Wolf King; One of them had a...”


Spade stopped speaking for just a moment as she peered out the front of her tent at the rogues coming into the caravan camp now. “...sword.” Mama with forwarded brow peered out of the tent after Spade. “Is that Ex-” “-Yes.” Quickly Mama pulled the flap to Spade's tent down and grasped her daughter’s chin. Spade jumped and flinched away from being touched but stopped herself, and with a steadying breath let her mother continue.

“Moonpie in the next few seconds, we’re going to walk out of this tent and welcome those men.
How we treat them, however, is all based upon you and how you answer my questions.

With faint hesitancy Spade nodded her head. Mama riddled out a slew of questions all to do with being sure these rogues didn’t suspect her daughter in any way. Spade would bet her life on them not knowing anything about her other than her being a Gypsy. And so, being convinced that these rogues were just here to accept the invitation of food and drink and entertainment given to them earlier Mama walked out of Spade's tent with a smile. Determined to give them a warm welcome as she always did to everyone. Spade begrudgingly followed but not to welcome them. She never did.

“Smile for once Moonpie.”

“That’s not happening.”

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The Wild hunt
w/ luna

• Trust Fall •
Devon's fingers slowly grazed the hilt of the sword which sat idly before his touch. Instantly he felt the tingling of its power pass through his skin and along his arm, causing whatever magic to come alive when it knew someone from the linked bloodline touched it. He hated it. Likely the reason he couldn't link with it properly and wield it the way it was intended by his kin. There was hardly any control when he held the weapon in previous times and the fact he even came out of those instances alive was unbelievable.

He wondered if this time would be different.

Before he could even unsheathe the blade, Luna moved out from behind him with a fleeting gaze he couldn't quite figure out. He went to reach for her, but she was fast. Really fast. Devon took a step to go after her, maybe get in-between her and the animal to block whatever blow might come from its powerful frame, but it was too late. 

The force of the impact made the ground beneath him shudder as he watched the ripple press outward from their collision across the dirt and grass. He stumbled for a moment before snapping his gaze back towards the pair, all thoughts of reaching for his weapon vanishing. The low rumbling growl vibrated through his chest which made a natural instinct weaved into his blood spike, warning him to run, but  he ignored it and planted himself to the spot in awe, trying to ascertain which of the two it actually came from. From the hesitancy of the wolf, Devon looked to Luna whose back still faced him, but that was absurd... Right?

Then, words he must've misheard left her mouth. Was she actually warning it? In the next moment, everything happened too fast for him to process properly because it was too unreal for him to accept. Devon had his speculations. Milo had given him the stories he asked for. The signs were there, but his mind never wanted to make it real. Her clothes were gone, torn to bits of shredded material. The transformation of her body turning into the very thing they were hunting. 

Devon felt the hair on the back of his neck stand. The ice rushing through him. Luna was gone and now there stood the giant black monster which had been killing and destroying without mercy. He knew he should run, but he still couldn't move. Not that he expected he would be able to get away from either of the animals anyway. All this time. All this time.

The light brushing of Luna's tail against his face and over most of his arm snapped him from his thoughts as he jumped back. His arm swiped at the sensation across his lips, but his change in position had also put him in full view of the other wolf who still seemed interested at getting Devon. He held no hesitations then as he removed the sword from its home, feeling the magic within its workings ripple over his form. The muscles in his arms flexed while he gripped the worn handle and concentrated on controlling the vibrations that hummed through it and into his core.

The wolf darted forward. What size it lacked in comparison to Luna, it made up for in speed as it dodged between her larger legs and came to an abrupt stop before changing direction to get around and dart for Devon. The magical runes along the blade of Excalibur shone brightly then as it seemed to sense the incoming danger. The monster was fast, but with the sword in hand, he seemed to be able to keep up regardless. Devon swung towards the animal and the magic pulsed outward before the metal could even connect with its snout causing him and the wolf to skid backwards in opposite directions. He dug his heels into the ground and tightened the grip he had on the sword which sung loudly in his ear, making his head ring. Forcing his eyes to focus, he noted that now the wolf was in distance of Luna who loomed over it.

When was the last time Luna had changed at her own volition?

Was it that day?

So saturated with the scent of blood. And filled with endless screaming painted across a chaotic backdrop. Oh, the bone snapping change she didn't miss. And in fact, she dreaded changing back more. For that pain was far worse. A harsh huff is strewn from her nose as her paw spreads wide across the ground. Completely covering the tracks left by the other wolf. She hardly gets a moment in this form before the action truly begins. Which was to be expected. She even expected Excalibur to be drawn once her secret was... Well, visible. 

Yet it seems neither she nor the other wolf was prepared for the power emanating from that weapon. The wolf had managed to slip through Luna's legs. An opportunity that wouldn't come again now that she had her bearings. And so, the wolf now found itself trapped. If it were smart it'd surrender. 

It was not.

Instead, it accessed each of its opponents. Looking for the right moment. Any sign of weakness. Any tells. 

Luna's golden gaze glowered at him. Forcing the wolf to bow its head slightly at her dominance. And she hadn't done anything to make it. Making it very clear to her that this wolf was of low rank among the fake king's pack. Was he trying to prove himself and not realizing just who Luna and Devon were, screwed himself over? Because what were the chances that the real Zeta and the wielder of Excalibur would be together? It quickly dawned on her this wasn't a planned attack but a rogue initiative.  One this wolf severely under calculated. 

Despite it all, she wouldn't underestimate this wolf. He was still powerful, stubborn and temperamental. And in this situation, he could easily become desperate and unhinged. Being prone to her own temper she knew she needed to focus and remain calm. Which meant ignoring the clear sense of betrayal. Confusion and maybe even fear coming from Devon. The events after this one were not ones she was looking forward to. But for now, they needed to focus because if they accidentally killed this wolf it was back to square one. 

Suddenly a quick howl ripped through the sky. Rattling the earth as Luna loosed it from her lungs. Never taking her eyes off the other wolf as she shot her short call. If she and Devon's men weren't already looking for them they would be now. And if Devon's rogues trusted her pack enough they would be led straight to them. They had time now to stall and maybe hopefully knock this wolf out. If the wolf didn't do anything stupid that is.  Just then it attempted again to skid through Luna's legs but with enough fair warning, she caught his intent. Swiping his head with enough force to send him faltering back towards Devon but it for some reason didn't knock him out revealing that this'll be harder than she thought. 

She was restraining herself to keep him alive but clearly, she was holding back too much. And she wasn't sure how much this wolf could take before he ended up dead.

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