Adventuring through twisted time.

The morning hours had drifted to the afternoon and then to evening before Gwen had realized it.  She had been busy around the brothel, speaking to those that had wandered in.  There had been quite a few men that only wanted someone to speak with.  This wasn’t uncommon.  They only wished for a moment of time.  An ear to listen to their woes and troubles.  Gwen never minded these visitors.  It was a way she could let her mind drift while still appearing to remain attentive.

When the last male stated he needed to head out, she gave him her best smile and escorted him to the door.  The barrier opened and soft rays of sunshine splashed across the features of her face.  She blinked her eyes and stepped from the interior.  Her feet shuffled across the dusty path as she moved a short distance away from the brothel so she could give herself a much needed break and a breath of fresh air.

Arching her back, a sigh of relief passed Gwen’s lips as aching and stiff muscles seemed to loosen in thanks to her difference of position and scenery.  A soft breeze fluttered the light colored strands of hair around her face, causing a slight tickle like a butterfly’s wings.  She chuckled as she brushed them away while she kicked softly at the dirt beneath her worn shoes.

She needed to prepare for the King’s arrival.  He should be making his appearance any day now as it had been several since his last visit.  She would slip into her role of doting female to his Royal Majesty.  She would put on her most friendly face and be at his beck and call.  Granting him whatever he wished.  Laughing at whatever joke he told her.  This is why he always came back for her.  She had adjusted her plan when she learned of his visiting the brothel.  Gwen’s goal had been to become his favorite; to earn his trust.  The vengeful blood that pumped through her veins was patient.  She would get her revenge when the time was right.  There was no need to rush it.  She wanted it to be done right.

Gwen was pulled from her musings by the sound of voices nearing the brothel.  She peered around the corner to see people walking around, but none seemed interested in entering the building.  Taking another glance around, she decided to slip away further into the less traveled areas beyond the brothel.  She wanted to play a bit with her magic.  Something she could not do in plain view for all to see.  She also needed to gather a few items that grew freely among the vegetation and trees of the forest.

A smile curled her lips upward as she picked up her skirts, her feet practically skipping over the ground as she scurried away.  She would be quick.  Libelle would know where to find her if she was needed.  She wouldn’t stray too far.

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w/ Gwendlyn Gravington

• Gods, she smelled so divine. •
Raffaele clawed his shackled hands into the earth. His muscles screamed from the effort as he dragged himself over the cool dirt which was still damp from the night's previous rain. He was covered in mud, blood, and whatever else had been dumped on him by the men who had taken him prisoner three days prior. They had decided torturing him in varying creative ways would be their source of entertainment instead of a swift kill by the end of a sharpened blade.     

It was by sheer luck that he'd gotten away. A single mistake by one of his captors had cost the human his life, but also Raffaele's freedom. However, being chained and left in the sun without blood to keep his strength had drained him. He didn't dare to drink from the one that had dropped his defenses in order for him to escape either. Their blood was... wrong. They smelled wrong. He had a feeling they were more than the average hunter he'd run into over the years.  

The burning ache in his throat felt like he had swallowed the sun. His body was shutting down and if he didn't get any blood in his system soon, he would die. Again. Something deep within his mind told him he should let it happen. That he deserved this agonizing and torturous end given the horrible and unforgivable things he'd done in his life. Some primal instinct that he couldn't attribute to being human any longer was the only reason he kept going and he hated himself for it.

The pale light of the sun that trickled through the dense trees was fire to his skin. Darkened circles had formed beneath his eyes, the usual tan of his complexion graying. His dull and black hues moved to the deep cuts across his marred arms which had not healed given his condition and he knew there were more than a dozen just like them beneath the scraps of clothing that covered his body. He made to block out the pain of it all as the need to feed drove him onward. 

Then, a heartbeat. Strong and steady. Human, not far off.  

Raffaele found the energy to lift his head and he saw a young woman coming through the wood. His fangs instantly slid downward at the beautiful rhythm of her blood as it pumped beneath her flushed skin. A growl rumbled in his chest. The predator that he kept locked away in the deepest parts of him would rip her to shreds if she came anywhere near. He wouldn't be able to stop himself and the terrifying notion of not caring bled over his mind.

Pounding footsteps made his head turn. The men must've found him missing along with their dead companion. Though he couldn't see them yet through the trees, he knew they were coming given his extraordinary hearing. He had a fairly good idea what they would do to him once they caught up, but Raffaele didn't know what they might do to her should she come upon the scene. 

She was close enough now that if he spoke, she would see him. "You need to run," he forced out, his voice a grinding rasp. Gods, she smelled so divine. His fangs ached and the last bit of strength his body could summon was primed on draining this woman should she take one more step towards him. The pursuing men were getting closer, he could hear their heartbeats banging around in his head which was driving him fully to his breaking point. Raffaele turned his head away from the woman as to pointlessly avoid temptation, his words a snarl towards her. "Leave! Now!"

Gwen wandered deeper into the woods in her search for a particular flower. The roots, when mixed with steaming water, made a relaxing tea that she enjoyed on more stressful days. Unfortunately, it could only be found in the depths of the forest. It thrived among the shadows cast down by the larger trees. It’s petals never seeing the sun making it a dull color and easy to miss. 

Her footsteps were light as she stepped carefully over the fallen limbs and plant life. Doing her best not to disturb all that lived among the forest. Her hand playing with the fading rays of sunshine that trickled through the branches above her. A small ball of light dancing over her open palm as she concentrated on the ground. 

A sound caused her to pause and glance up, quickly curling her fingers into a fist to douse the light. She held her breath as she listened closely, trying to decipher what she heard. Animals lived among these woods. Many not always friendly. 

A shuffle had her taking cautious steps closer, instead of further away. Gwen was curious and if it was a simple rabbit, she could possibly catch it and bring it home to put in a stew. Not that she brought anything with her to do such a thing, but that wasn’t of immediate concern. Just the thought of fresh rabbit meat had her stomach dancing in joy. 

As she carefully circled around a tree, her lips parted in surprise. A male was crouched on the ground and she could see obvious injuries on his hunched form. Soft steps were taken closer, but when he lifted his head, she halted her forward movement. Her gaze ran over him and fell to his shackled hands. A frown tugging her lips downward and creasing her brow. She wanted to help this male, but something about him made her hesitate. 

Before she could gather her thoughts, his words cut through the air like a knife. She snapped her head up and that is when she heard the other noise. It sounded like a stampede crashing through the forest. She could hear voices of men yelling at each other. She curled her lip in a snarl at the way they had to be destroying the delicate vegetation of the forest without a care. All for what?  This male?

His words registered in her brain and she looked back to him. “Too late.”  She knew if she ran, whoever was coming for him would then chase after her. While she knew these woods and could hide, that wasn’t in her. She didn’t leave someone in need of help. 

She moved in a wide circle around the male, still leery of who or what he was.  By the time she stood between him and the incoming men, she had cast an illusion. She now stood with feet shoulder width apart, back straight, and dressed as one of the Kings guards. Shiny baubles reflected the suns light, ribbons and awards decorated the front of her sleek uniform, and her boots were shined enough to see your reflection. 

A group of men came crashing through the trees and slid to a stop in front of her. They stared at each other for a long moment before one spoke. “He is our prisoner.”

Gwen arched a brow at the men, tilting her chin up and peering down her nose at them with authority and disgust. “Ah, I think you are wrong. You see, I was sent to find an escaped prisoner and it appears I have found him.”  Her words were spoken with confidence and authority. A gleam to her eyes that said not to argue. “I shall take him from here.”

The men glanced at each other, the male, then back to her. “You don’t know what danger you’re in.”

“Nor do you.”

Tension filled the air as they all stood there. The trees and grass seemed to bend away from the weight of it. Nothing breathed or stirred, not even the birds nestled in the branches. It was as if the entire forest was holding its breath in anticipation. 

“It’s your death.”  One of the men snickered as he backed up and motioned for the men to retreat. “We’ll be back for you.” His words were directed at the male before they turned and stomped off they way they came. 

Gwen winced at their retreating steps breaking more of the foliage, but she kept her stern posture. She walked a wide circle around the male still crouched on the ground. She kept one eye on the now obvious path they made until they could no longer be heard. 

Falling against a tree she let the illusion fall as she let out a whoosh of air. “I can’t believe that worked.”  She pushed off the tree and punched the air with her fists as she spun around in a circle. She had studied the guards every detail when she first started seeing the King at the brothel. She thought they could be the way to get close to him, but she learned it would never work. They knew each other too well and she would be killed or taken into custody before she achieved her goal. She was glad she could use that knowledge she had to save this male from the clutches of those ghastly men. 

She halted her mini celebration when she remembered that she might of escaped one threat, but there was still the unknown danger watching her. She smoothed her skirts down and smiled at him. “You are free. Well, except for those.”  She motioned to his shackles. “You might be able to break into the blacksmiths shop once darkness comes and find away to remove them from your wrists.”  She lifted a shoulder in a shrug. She had no idea why he was a prisoner and maybe she should have worried about that. It was too late to think on that now. 

Her gaze met his and she saw something in the depths that made the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand on end and goosebumps appear on her flesh. She sucked in a breath and nodded her head. “Might get your wounds looked at too.” She said softly. She should be running, but a part of her was concerned about him. She knew she should leave. He had danger written all over him. Yet, here she stood. 

“Come on, Gwen. Time to go.”  She whispered to herself. 

w/ Gwendlyn Gravington

• He hadn't the power to save himself any longer as death seemed to fold over him completely then. •
Too late, indeed. The smell of the other men rammed through his senses and he was too weak to even turn to face his certain death, let alone confront the hunters and get their attention off the woman. Raffaele heard the crunching of the leaves around his broken body and sensed her hurried steps moving around him, a wall to separate him from the pursuers. What the hell was she thinking? A whiff of magic tickled his nose then just as the men had found them.    

The world tilted and greyed at the edges. Raffaele could barely keep conscious as an exchange was happening behind him while he still lay useless on the ground. The voices of the men faded in and out in their dullness within his mind, but he couldn't hear the woman. He lifted his head with the little reserve of strength that was in him to peer backwards. He must've been hallucinating. One of the knights of the realm was standing between him and the hunters, but... No, it was the now familiar scent of the woman screwing up his senses. 

The sanguine blinked in some futile attempt at making his thoughts clear. None of this was making sense and as he saw the men turning from their deadly pursuit, he let out a breath of a humorless laugh. Delirium was apparently another side effect of going without blood. 

A hint of that magic filled the air again and the knight had transformed before him. The woman stood in his place. Raffaele's brow pulled together in confusion before lifting slightly when the realization hit him. A mystic. Quite a powerful and clever one too if she was able to do that so easily. Another scoff blew through his chapped lips, but then the thirst was left to swarm him again.

"A.. sound... idea, signorina," Raffaele ground out breathily with a taste of sarcasm at her suggestions, his voice dry and broken while he pointedly looked to his shackles and bloodied clothes. He angled his head down and turned from her, keeping his attention away as not to let the monster within him win. It didn't matter anyway. He hadn't the power to save himself any longer as death seemed to fold over him completely then.  

Blackness swam over his vision and he slipped into oblivion.

Gwen heard his breathless words with the bite of sarcasm laced in each syllable.  She chuckled as she kept her distance.  She was still unsure of this male.  Just because he hadn’t moved an inch since she arrived to where he fell, didn’t mean he couldn’t be faking how weak he was.  She pulled her cloak closer around her form as she watched him for a moment, waiting to see if he would rise to his feet so she could continue on her way.  She needed to head back to the brothel soon as it was growing late.

With the next exhale of her breath, his entire body seemed to collapse on itself and fall onto the dirt beneath him.  He didn’t protect his face as it landed on the harsh ground like a person conscious of his movements would do.  She took a startled step forward, hand reaching towards him.  “Are you alright?”  Concern was evident in her voice as she shuffled closer to him.  “Mister?  Hello?”

He didn’t move a muscle as she drew alongside him.  She crouched down next to him and picked up a small branch, poking him in the side.  He remained still and didn’t lash out like she hoped he would.  A deep frown appeared on her face as she tossed the branch away.  “Are you dead?  You better not be.  I didn’t just do that for you to go and die right here in front of me.  That’s just rude.”  She huffed out a breath then stood up, looking around.  She tried to think of how far she had wandered into the forest.  What the distance was to get help.

She frowned down at the male again as she peeled the cloak from her shoulders.  “I can’t leave you here.  If those men circle back they’ll just finish the job.”  She draped the fabric over his still body and glanced around.  “What I would give for levitating powers right now.  Night is falling quickly and I won’t leave you for the beasts among these trees either.”  She kept talking to him even though she wasn’t sure he heard a word she was saying.  Circling to his head, she crouched down and tucked her arms under his shoulders and tugged him towards the tree line.  “Holiness you are heavy, Mister!”  She struggled with each backward step as she dragged him across the uneven ground until she got him safely among the foliage.  “Can you wake up?  That would be so kind and helpful of you.”

Gwen knew she wouldn’t be able to talk much longer.  She was already struggling trying to get this male away from where they were.  Her breaths becoming labored with each tug of his extremely heavy and limp body.  She ended up dropping him a time or two and shouted up at the darkening sky in frustration.  The shadows among the trees had grown longer, swallowing them in the blackness of night.  She paused to catch her breath and created a small orb of light to hover above them so she could see where they were walking.  “This is going to take us another moon at this pace.”  She muttered and grumbled as she grasped his shoulders again and started pulling.  “Can you change into a rabbit?  I promise to keep you from my stew.  I would prefer carrying a rabbit to you right now.”

Gwen wasn’t sure how long it took her, nor did she know how many times she tripped and fell.  She was sure both the male and herself were covered in bruises and scratches from the unforgiving forest.  She fell to the ground next to the still unmoving male and gasped for air.  Exhaustion swept over her and all she wanted to do was sleep, but she needed to at least get this male somewhere.

Glancing around she saw a small shelter that had long been abandoned.  She gathered what energy she had left and grabbed the male once again.  She mumbled under her breath until they reached what would be a temporary shelter.  She gently laid him down on the ground and pried the doorway open.  Sending her light orb into the small structure to check for any critters, she saw it was clear for them to enter.  “Alright, Mister.  Let’s get you inside.”

With the last of her energy, she was able to pull him into the wooden structure and shut the door.  She sank to the worn, dirt floor and sighed heavily.  “You really better be alive.  If you’re dead, I’m finding a way to bring you back to life so I can kill you again.  After you carry me around for a day or two.”  She fell to her side and glanced to the male.  “Don’t kill me.”  She whispered.  “Just let me rest and then I’ll see if I can find you some help.  I have to figure out where we are, but I’m too exhausted and it’s too dark out at the moment.”

w/ Gwendlyn Gravington

• Even in his weak state, he could likely kill her quickly. She wouldn't feel a thing...•
It seemed Hell would be welcoming him after all. Nothing but an endless black stretched before him as Raffaele felt like he was burning from the inside out. Every muscle and bone seemed to be consumed by fire and the torture of it only grew stronger with no break in subsiding. What more fitting way to condemn a person part demon than this? An eternal thirst which could never be filled.

Then a small heartbeat seemed to pulse within his head. Enough so that it brought him to some form of lucidness or perhaps that was just his beast's base need for survival. Lifting a single lid had taken more thought and energy than seemed possible and once he'd finally been able to do so, the world was dark shapes and blur. In fact, one of those shapes was small, grey, and moving erratically before him. The owner of this small heartbeat.

In a blink, Raffaele's hand darted out and grabbed the animal in an iron grip, the weak squeaks of the creature ceasing when his fangs sank within its body. Blood pooled on his tongue and slid down his throat, a surge of strength coming back into him, but not nearly enough. That was until another pulse, far stronger, seemed deafening to his ears.

The blonde woman from the woods was on the floor and fast asleep. His eyes darted around the space to finally take in his surroundings. A decrepit and abandoned home had apparently become a shelter to her and now him. The roof had caved in and the forest was now taking it back as roots and branches broke through its thin wooden walls, floor, and shattered windows, with dead leaves and debris scattered on the ground. 

He tossed the body of the squirrel aside as his attention swung back to the woman. Raffaele's fingers clenched in an effort to hold his ground because every bit of his being wanted to lunge for her. Even in his weak state, he could likely kill her quickly. She wouldn't feel a thing...  

He swallowed, his throat dry as the deserts of Nowhere. He needed out before he did something he could not forgive himself for. Making his way across the broken floorboards, he headed towards a giant hole that had opened where a wall of the small cabin had once been. Raffaele had one foot out into the open forest where night had fallen and hesitated. He turned, looking back towards the woman for a moment and cursed his stupid conscience. 

Raffaele knelt beside the mystic, his jaw flexing from the restraint. Clothing torn and dirty, she had taken an even greater effort to get them here beyond getting those men who had captured him to back off. He reached out to her and for half a heartbeat he didn't have anymore, almost wavered in his good natured decision. The sanguine shook her shoulder gently, the chains still on his wrists clinking in the quiet, to wake her up and pulled away just as quickly before impulse decided to take over. 

Gwen was frolicking in a field, sunshine splashing down on her, the golden rays highlighting her blonde tresses as she spun in a circle.  Butterflies flittered about, dancing on the breeze that brushed against the blades of grass causing them to sway with the song that played in her mind.  A smile curled her lips as she held her arms out to her side, face tilted to the warmth of the golden orb in the sky.

In the next breath a darkness overtook her joyous space.  The Kings voice rumbled across the land causing birds to take flight and the grass at her feet to wither and die.  The temperature dropped to freezing and Gwen wrapped her arms around herself, shivering as her hair whipped around her face from the frigid wind.  Her eyes narrowed as she glanced about her.  She blinked her eyes and then flames surrounded her, consuming every inch of the land.

A scream tore from her lips and then all went silent.  Nothing moved.  Darkness swallowed her.  There wasn’t even a star blinking in the sky above her.  The air was still as if everything was holding its breath.  Waiting for something.

“Be alert.  Stay aware.  Revenge will be yours.”  The voice came as a whisper across her ears.  Her brows drawing down in a frown as she turned to the side trying to find who was speaking.  “Danger lurks in shadows and in light.  Don’t fall prey before you reach your goal.”

She was shoved from behind with a force that had her stumbling forward towards a black abyss.  Her arms reached out for anything to grasp onto, finding only empty air.  Claws scraped against her back as she was shoved again, her feet no longer able to keep her standing upright causing her to careen into the inky pit.

Something halted her fall, shaking her, causing her to gasp.  With a start her eyes flew open.  Gwen sucked in a deep breath and blinked her eyes trying to figure out where she was.  Quick breaths were taken as she looked around with wide eyes until they fell on the male.  Her racing heart began to calm and she quickly stood from the dirty floor.  Shaking hands brushed at her skirts as she used the motion to escape the clutches of the dream and come back to reality.

“I’m glad to see you awake and upright.”  She gave him a smile.  “I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to carry you all the way into town.”

She noticed he had moved a distance away from her.  Her eyes swept over him and her lips tugged downwards into a frown.  His hands were still bound in chains, his clothes tattered and frayed.  Dirt and blood mixed with bruises and cuts that marred his skin.  “I’m not sure if you look better or worse.”  She whispered and a soft laugh escaped her knowing she didn’t look at her best either.  “Do you have somewhere to go?”

Gwen hadn’t moved any closer to him.  She was still unsure of the male.  It didn’t stop her from wanting to help him if she could.  She would feel wrong if she just left now that they were both awake.  The ones searching for him could come back any time.  He didn’t appear to be back to full strength yet.  It angered her that he was in this condition as it was.  She didn’t know his story.  Maybe he was a bad man, but something said he wasn’t pure evil.  She was still alive and that was proof enough for her.  Didn’t mean she trusted him fully, but it meant she wouldn’t just up and leave him without further help.

w/ Gwendlyn Gravington

• The fact she was a mystic made the venom in his mouth trickle across his tongue when he thought of her magical blood soaring under his skin.•
Raffaele backed away from her as she rose to her feet shakily. There was an obvious wariness rolling off the woman. He could tell she was unsure of what to make of him. Given that he was in shackles, covered in blood, and being chased by a group of men with the intent to kill him, it seemed that would be the obvious reaction anyone would have. She was absolutely right to fear him.

His gaze dropped to her throat where the rapid thrumming of her heartbeat pumped behind her delicate skin. The sanguine swallowed thickly and turned his back, walking over to that large opening of the structure which had once been a wall. He leaned on the crumbling wood and clenched his jaw in an effort to force his fangs to stay put as they tingled with the premise of the meal only feet away. 

"I'm not even sure how you were able to do that," he responded, his voice dry and rough. Raffaele cleared it softly, running his tongue along his cracked lips. His eyes searched hers thoughtfully, wondering if perhaps she had used magic to do it. "I'm sure any of the townspeople might just think me another drunk if you did." He smirked slightly and surveyed her more closely then.

He could sense it more now. The smell of ale, though not because she was a drunk that lived more in the company of tavern dwellers than at home. Her eyes and skin were clear of those typical signs. She was well groomed despite the obvious ordeal they'd found themselves in. The faint sent of soap and flour, but still, mostly the ale. He'd landed on her probably working at one of the taverns, maybe even a brothel.

"My belongings were taken by those men," he responded, his throat burning with every word. "Though, if you know your way back to town, I can likely find some help from The Heathen's Cup or The Dragon Lady if you know of them." The sanguine shifted his weight, looking to meet her gaze as steadily as he could, and visualizing an anchor keeping him trapped to the rotted wood floorboards beneath him so he wouldn't be tempted to taste that pulse he'd noted prior. The fact she was a mystic made the venom in his mouth trickle across his tongue when he thought of her magical blood soaring under his skin.

"I am Raffaele." He inclined his head shortly to her. "What may I call you, signorina?"

Gwen watched as the male walked over to the opening in the wall. She thought he was going to leave, but he paused, leaning against the dilapidated wooden structure. He seemed to be struggling with something and she took a step towards him. Her steps halted once she realized she should give him space. She had to remind herself she knew nothing of this male. He could be fighting something within himself. She would keep her safety a priority by giving him all the space he needed. If he chose to leave without a word further, that was up to him. She would not keep him prisoner as the other had done.

When he finally spoke, she released the breath she hadn't known she was holding. A smile curled her lips at his spoken words. "I have many tricks up my sleeve." She held up her arm and looked to the mentioned sleeve, wiggling it. "Never know what I might be able to do in a time of need. As for the townspeople, you are probably right. They might think you are my prisoner. A game played between a male and female." Laughter spilled form her lips as humor danced in her eyes. "At any rate, it will give them something to gossip about for days I am sure. Although, it might take us longer than usual if I were to carry you. You are much larger than me and I fear I'm not as strong as I'd need to be to complete the task in a timely manner."

She nodded with a frown at his next words. "Those men deserved more than just a running off. I should of demanded your items back." She clenched her hands into fists. The idea was there but not logical. She was sure they left his belongings wherever they had held him captive. In order for them to return the items, they would of had to deal with them once again, and that wasn't something she was willing to do. She also didn't want them to become wise and see through her magic. "We will find you new clothing and replace what we can."

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise when he mentioned where he could get some help. "I happen to know exactly where The Dragon Lady is and is the choice I was going to make. It is the safest place I can think of to hide you while you get your strength. Even if you had been still unconscious, I would have done my best to carry you there and stash you away in my room." Once they reached town, everyone knew who she was and where she resided. She wasn't embarrassed she worked there. It was all part of her greater plan. That was the King's favorite brothel and she had slowly become his favorite girl. Her plan had been falling into place beautifully. She blinked her eyes and snapped out of her wandering thoughts, refocusing on the male in front of her. "Yes, The Dragon Lady is where we will go to get you some help." As she focused on him, something in his eyes changed. She didn't know what, except that he looked about to fall over again.

She rushed over to him, forgetting about any fear or that she might need to keep her distance. She slid her arm around his waist and leaned into his side. "My name is Gwendlyn. You can call me Gwen, but at The Dragon Lady, I'm known as Pearl." She smiled up at him and motioned towards the hole. "Let's get moving before night falls. The forest can be full of creatures that will scent your wounds and try to attack."

She shuffled her feet as she urged them out of the temporary shelter into the forest. "We aren't too far from town. It shouldn't take us long." She reassured him. "It's nice to meet you, Raffaele. I wish it had been under better circumstances." She chuckled as she kept a slow pace so he could keep up with her. She didn't want to hurry too fast and make him fall. She focused on her footsteps so she didn't stumble. She could see them tripping and stumbling to the ground in a tangle of limbs. "We will be passing a creek if you wish to stop and get a drink." She also thought the creek might be nice to use as a quick way to wash off some of the dirt and grime. Although, he may wish to hurry and get to town and be out of the chains that had him bound. She wished she knew of a way to take them off. They had to be bothering him.

Gwen pressed more into his side as the found a path among the trees. It wasn't wide enough for them to walk side by side, but she also didn't want to release her hold on him yet. She feared he might fall over, but for some odd reason, she was comfortable around him. She couldn't explain the why she was. "Anything you need, just let me know, and I will get it for you." She stated as she steered them around a tree stump that blocked their path.

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