Adventuring through twisted time.

Clarice’s eyes hung on the Sapphires burning body, while she mourned the lost of her friend, the woman that raised her and saved her from Prospero. Yet the thing that plagued her mind the most was how her life could be ended just as quickly. How she was without her power so easily in that moment- watching the women's burning body- she swore to herself that she would never experience this kind of weakness ever again in her life. That she would find a way to become the most powerful being known to this realm. Her first step would be to insure she could gain immortality. Something she knew Prospero had yet to perfect in his massive amount of spell learning.

Being held captive by the mad Sorcerer had its upside, he didn’t take in account that she would remember a lot of what she read from his books. She remembered there was a section about Fae and how they seemed ageless yet Prospero himself could never get close enough to learn how they were so. Not wanting to be around her coven any longer than was necessary out of safety for them she packed up what would fit on the back of her horse, leaving a letter not starting anything more than she could no longer be part of the coven. It was better this way, for her to be alone. No one else was going to get hurt in her war against the mad Sorcerer.

So her Journey to Thistlemoon Forest began, she found herself at a crossroads not long after her journey began. She feared using magic would call upon Prospero when she wasn’t strong enough to take him. So she looked to the stars trying to recall what the book said about Thistlemoon. “The king keeps his domain hidden from the human world, under the watchful gaze of the mother tree.” she stared long at the stairs until she realized the answer was right in front of her. The stars off in the distance looked like a giant tree. With a soft click of her tongue she was off once more.

She couldn’t recall how many days had passed when she found herself there, sliding off her horse. She touched the the animals neck softly as she moved closer to the opening sure guards would be there the closer she got. She felt the veins wrap around her feet and arms, she didn’t fight the hold as she looked to the Fae who came into her view. The beauty was rather breathtaking if one would allow themselves to focus on just that. Before giving the guard a moment to speak she spoke.

“Please bring me to King Raventhorn.” she recalled the name from the passage she had read. “I would like to seek his advice and council. If he deems me unfit to help I will leave as peacefully as I came.” She spoke as she raised her hand the sleeves to her tattered gown sliding down to reveal the x mark buried deep in her wrist that were still healing. “My name is Clarice De Biville, I was held captive by a sorcerer named Prospero. A man I know your king refused to let pass into Thistlemoon.”

She kept her stance strong, trying not to show how weak she felt. She was never one to need to ask for help so this was a new concept for her. “I…” she suddenly was unsure of what to say, the Fae in front of her looked so unamused with her. She took a deep breath to calm the swell of anxiety that swirled in her. “I just have questions if your King would even be willing to meet me outside of your home.” She paused, grazing her teeth along her bottom lip in what she hoped would be a soothing manner, hoping to get some kind of response.

The stoic gaze gave her little hope she had no chance to burn, she wondered if her journey for eternal life would be her end. Yet she felt the death dealt by the Fae would come at a far greater kindness then what Prospero put her through. She would understand it, they would strike her because  they thought she was a threat. Prospero made her fall in love with him and then turned on her when she trusted him, his actions cut her deep to the point she was sure she could no longer feel those kinds of emotions ever again. Not that she wanted to feel any emotion at that point.

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Kyan opened his eyes, looking to the bright lights that dazzled in the sky. His mind instantly naming all the ancestors that represented the stars lining the darkness. One day, far, far away, he too would have a star named for him and he needed to make certain it was one of the brightest burning of all. "My king, would you like more?" He lifted his head at her light voice that sounded much like the chiming of a bell. The servant smiled to him as she bent over with the pitcher of wine in hand while he sat in the natural hot spring at the base of his home, the Mapleshade Tree. His head quirked a bit to the side as he peered down her shirt from his advantageous position, wondering if she was purposefully trying to gain his attention in more ways than one. It wouldn't be the first time he'd take a servant to bed, but as his gaze moved to her face, Kyan was at a loss when trying to remember if he had done just that with this specific servant before. 

Keeping his eyes on hers, he smiled wickedly to her and lifted his goblet to her as an answer. The fae shyly smiled and poured the wine, but could not meet his gaze as the nervousness she was feeling seemed to be rolling off her in waves. When the pitcher was emptied, she quickly dipped in a curtsy and turned to leave, but he was not through with her just yet. Kyan quickly grabbed her wrist to turn her around. "Do I scare you?" he asked, voice low and steady. He moved his naked body around to face her. She kept her head lowered and he placed a finger under her chin to meet his gaze, bringing their faces within inches of each other. "A simple yes or no will do." Her mouth parted open slightly as he leaned in closer to her until the abruptness of a recognizable voice interrupted them.

"Your highness." Kyan turned around with an annoyed expression as he sank lower into the water again, drinking the newly poured wine he was given. His eyes scanned over the fair haired soldier who stood before him with skin, dark like the earth. Now him, he'd slept with. "There is a woman on the border. Her name is..."

"Kill her." The guard quickly closed his mouth, but did not depart. Kyan raised a brow to him as he stood there looking rather stupid. Why were the stupid ones always the cutest? "Where is the confusion?"

The soldier shifted for a moment as if expecting Kyan to possibly burn him alive which crossed his mind in fact, but again, he was cute and Kyan was wondering if perhaps he could have both of them that night right now in the spring. "My king, she said she was held by Prospero."

How quickly things can change all with a simple name. His blue optics glanced up to the servant who still stood nearby as she clutched the pitcher and stared blankly ahead as if she hadn't been listening to the exchange between them. He looked her up and down and tried to remember her face for a later date. "Leave." She quickly dipped and hurried back inside the Tree. Kyan took a deep breath and stared at the soldier as he remembered his unfortunate dealings with Prospero many years ago. It was a shame he hadn't ended the sorcerer's life then. Tipping the goblet back, he downed the sweet wine and ascended the stairs from the spring, quickly putting on his satin robe. "Let us meet the little escapee."

Some short time later the king was standing in front of the woman who had managed to keep herself from a swift death by his guards. His eyes moved over her as he began to walk around her slowly. It was obvious to him she had been on the road for some time and could see the worn and tattered condition of her dress. Her skin was pale and hair dark, much how he liked his women.. or men. There was an air of eagerness about her beneath the exhausted layer she wore now. Kyan had not heard the name Prospero for many years after their falling out and to hear that he had taken on prisoners was not so surprising. Not that he cared about this woman in front of him, but he was intrigued to know how his former enemy was doing. Kyan stepped in front of her once again and remained quiet, holding her gaze for a long moment. "To think that you are owed any advice or council from the king of Thistlemoon Forest is laughable, woman." He tilted his head upwards slightly as if to look down on her, but then a smirk began to spread on his face. "Since you aren't allowed to leave, knowing the location of my kingdom, you are, unfortunately for you, sentenced to death." A nonchalant shrug shifted his shoulders as he clapped his hands together once. "However, since you are with some knowledge of that fool sorcerer, Prospero, I think I'll prolong your death until I deem you aren't much use anymore. Agreed?" Not that she had much of a choice or was really expected to answer. What he said was what was done. Kyan motioned for them to walk alongside her with weapons trained as they proceeded back to the Mapleshade Tree. "Place her in one of the guest rooms with guards on the doors so she may rest. For tonight, give her some food and of course willowbark sap wine first so she won't lose her mind before eating. Can't have her hallucinating from fae food while interrogating her in the morning. We'll see to her bath and clothes tomorrow then."

As two of his soldiers stood on either side of him, several remained around her while they entered the quiet of Mapleshade after their walk through the woods. The Tree was rather quiet with minimal staff walking about since it was late in the night. Their curious eyes could not help but fall on the stranger. Kyan stopped and turned to face her. "You would do well to behave while you're in the kingdom or our little arrangement will be revisted with your death moving up quicker than anticipated." With that, the king moved away from the escapee and towards his room, never giving her the opportunity to speak since her arrival into the forest.

One of the soldier's quickly took her arm and pulled her along towards one of the many rooms in the Tree. "Come along."

Clarice truly didn’t know what to expect when it came to Kyan, all she could hope was that Prospero was a bigger threat then she. As the rather pretty King took his place in front of her, she dropped her hands to her side and watched him eye her as he walked around her slowly. She didn’t move after all she knew the drill with those who had power and a stranger showed up. She would do the same. Her Green eyes watched him though every time he passed infront of her judging her looks for his own. After all She wasn’t one of his, if he wished to kill her, he could.

Clarcie narrowed her gaze at him as he told her pretty much that she had the right to be there. She would agree, and wouldn’t have dared to come into his kingdom if she wasn’t grasping for empty methods to rid the world of Prospero at that point. Even though she may have not been able to get a word in she was sure her look said everything she needed to express. Kyan was arrogant and to himself, he was untouchable. She wondered if he had ever gotten close to experience what it was like to be weak. The way he acted she was sure that wasn’t the case.

She didn’t really know what she expected, though somehow she wasn’t surprised in what he said to her. Her eyes didn’t move from him as his guards did as he asked, keeping their weapons on her she gave him the smallest of smirks as he got closer to her. As if to say she may not be the most well behaved individual but Clarice was on a mission and that wasn’t to fuck with Kyan at the moment. She watched him walk way tilting her head to the side taking in how he moved swiftly. “Interesting.” she said softly finally before the soldier took her arm. “Please do not grab me.” she yanked her arm away. “I will follow and behave. I am far too tired to cause trouble even if I wanted too.”

With that she was in the belly of the beast so to say. She was lead to a room that was far fancier than anything she had ever seen in her life. Drinking the willowbark sap wine and eating greedily what they had brought her not caring if it was poisoned or not.  the Sorceress was then show to the large bed. She fell into in and slept like a rock until a small woman was poking her in the face. “What.” she mumbled out in her sleep as she sat up rubbing her eyes.

“Your bath is ready.” she said before leading her to the spring. Clarice undressed sliding into the warm water letting out a loud groan as every muscle in her body seem to relax at once. “How is this place even real.” she said as she submerged herself under the water staying there for a moment before coming back up and moving to rest her back again the side of the spring closing her eyes as she relaxed. “If this is a dream, I never want to wake up.”

Kyan pushed open the ornate wooden doors that led outside of the Tree and directly to the hot spring outside as the two guards stood watch from inside. He burst through and smiled with a large sigh as the sun hit him with a renewed energy that rippled over his skin, making it appear to slightly glow. "Beautiful morning, no?" Kyan's gaze finally dropped to the woman who'd meandered into his kingdom last night with an absurd request for an audience with him, but she didn't seem to share his sentiment. His expression changed to annoyance at that and then realized why. Humans and their ridiculous views of privacy and the naked form. "Please," he said with a roll of his eyes and slipped out of his robe. "I'll stay far over on this end and you can stay far over on that end." 

He slowly walked inside the water and dipped under the surface before coming back up and leaning back against the earthen walls. "So, did you rest? Eat some of our food?" His stomach made a low rumble and he began to turn to request one of the guard go and see what was taking so long to bring breakfast out when the doors opened again and a set of twin fae came out carrying trays. They were fraternal siblings, a brother and sister, who had hair so pale white, it was blinding in the sunlight. The young female fae stopped in front of him as her brother began to head towards his current guest. "No, no." The two immediately halted and looked to Kyan with confusion. "The lady wishes for her privacy, so you can drop her tray right next to mine." The male did as was told and Kyan sent them away as he reached for a strawberry and dipped it in the lightly whipped cream with a chocolate mousse. "You must be rather famished still," he said suggestively while slowly taking a bite of the fruit and holding her gaze for a few silent moments.

"So, Prospero. How is that fool and traitor? I've been wanting to kill him for quite some time now." He finished the sweet fruit and picked up a honey glazed biscuit, dipping it through the mousse. "The last time I saw him he was betraying me and stealing from my kingdom. Broke a rather lucrative deal we'd struck and I'm looking to ensure his death." The king took a bite of the bread just before the mousse could almost trickle off the side and into the water. He looked to the woman and shook the biscuit at her slightly as an invitation to come and get some, smirking. He rolled his ocean hues and turned his back towards her. Leaning the front of his body on the side of the spring to be covered, he grabbed a cheese square from one of the platters and ate it. "I won't look. Come and join me. We can be civil. For now." A grin pulled at the corner of his mouth at the last of his words as he reached for the wooden chalice of wine. 

He closed his eyes, enjoying the small bite and as always appreciated that there was no food in the world like the kind in fae. Glancing slightly over his shoulder to see if she was coming, he tipped the wine backwards to drink from it. "Where is that filth of a man hiding nowadays and do tell of your adventures with him." The king remained quiet to finally let her speak. The curiosity was killing him and he couldn't wait to hear all the very juicy details. "What's your name anyway, little raven?"

Clarice’s head shot up as the wooden doors pushed open and he walked in. her hands came over her body out of habit. She looked him over with the glow he seemed to not have the night before. Her eyes couldn’t help but move along his naked form as his robe fell away and her brow raised. “You intend to bath with me?” the shock clear in her voice. She had never done anything like this well not of her own free will. Prospero had full reign over her body when she was under his capture so he of course did as he pleased. It was another reason she wishes to rid him of this world. Yet that was a bitterness she swallowed and kept to herself. She reminded herself she was in his kingdom and she had nothing to be ashamed of when it came to her own body. This was their custom. So she slowly let her arms move from her body. “I mean to say feel free to join me if you wish, your highness.”

She watched him join her in the water and she herself scooped the water up to run it along her face. “I rested deeper than I have in a long time. The food was richer than anything I have had before.” She spoke highly of it, honestly, it was as if she was being treated like a princess. Though she was sure one wrong step that would all change. She watched the Fae and their beauty that radiated, it honestly was unfair, as they sat the trays down. She watched the servants leave before returning her gaze to Kyan as she felt her stomach growl wanting the fruit that had met his lips. Yet she didn’t admit to him how easily she wanted to take it from his mouth and down it herself,

“A murderous rapist who needs to be wiped from this earth.” she answered as she ran her thumb along one of the X shape scars on her wrist. “I know, it's one of the reasons I seek you out. Figured you would be interested in helping or have my head. Some days the latter seems like a good enough option.” She muttered looking off. “He was always one to boast in his journals on how he bested this person or that. Since he is the “strongest magic wielder” around.” she raised her hands from the water using quotes with a roll of her own eyes. Through her eyes hung on the food with a hunger as it moved into the king's mouth. Her gaze moved to the water as he waved the food at her. He seemed to enjoy the teasing she noticed. “Will I get a warning when you no longer wish to be civil King?” She asked softly.

The food was almost driving her mad. So she moved over to join him on his side of the spring. She pressed her frame to the side of the spring and reached out taking a strawberry between her fingers as she brought it to her lips taking a bit from it slowly chewing it savoring the taste she looked to him for a moment. “My name is Clarice De Biville.” She said in a gentle tone as her raven hair clung to her back since she was leaning out of the water to reach for more food. “Well where he is hiding is kind of my fault.” She sighed as she moved to take the wine in her hand and turn around sliding down the wall so the water was covering her mostly. “Prospero was drawn to me, he wanted to teach me how to become a powerful sorceress. I soon started surpassing his teachings.” She downed the wine if he wanted her story she would tell him she stood up and placed the glass back and looked to him holding his gaze.

“Not wanting to not be the best he bound me to him.” She said as she showed him both her wrist where the X scars where from the bracelets he placed magic on. “He bound my soul to his and used me to gain more power, and to learn at the rate I learned. Among other things.” She swallowed and looked to the water for a moment. “While being bound to him, he learned how to hide in the folds of a dimension. While I can find him. Since being unbound I haven’t gained full ability of my magic. Or I would rip his head off myself. That is why I came to you for help. He referred to a King Raventhorn as his most skilled of enemies. You are the only other person he fears besides me.” She spoke before leaning back over to pick up a honey biscuit, letting the quiet hang for a moment. “Do you mind me asking, What is your first name your highness? He never referred to you other then some choice names and King Raventhorn.” she let her green eyes look him over again for a moment.

Hearing the woman finally come to take in the offerings of his kingdom, Kyan smiled coyly. He sipped the wine slowly and looked to her out of the corner of his eyes, before closing them and tipping back the rest of the drink. Propping his elbow on the side of the spring to hold his head up nonchalantly as if they were speaking like old friends, the king smiled widely to his captive as he took in every ounce of her. He couldn't wait to hear the story she was about to tell. Perhaps it might even determine how much longer he would allow her to live.

Kyan's gaze did not waver as he listened to all the details coming from her lips. He wanted to catch any nuance that might give this, Clarice, away in a lie. It was a compelling story and when the woman finished, the fae couldn't help but chuckle at the last bit of her tale. "Speaking to my ego. You're not stupid, well.. coming into my wood was most definitely stupid." The king took the pitcher of wine and poured more into his cup before turning to face her. "My name is Kyan, but you will not refer to me as such," he replied as his hand went under the water and towards her. "It is 'your Highness', or 'your Majesty', or 'my most gracious, wonderous, and most handsome king'. You get the idea."  He could see the instant hesitancy that stiffened her whole body and he scoffed, looking up to catch her gaze. "Please, little raven. I'm not that kind of monster."

Kyan took hold of her wrist and gently lifted it from the water. He examined the markings left on her wrists, the water droplets trickling down her pale skin. His thumb softly brushed over the deepened X that now branded her body and the king couldn't help but see the truth in her story. Perhaps some of it. "More powerful than Prospero. That is quite the statement." He let her wrist go and leaned back against the spring's wall with a knowing grin, trailing his fingertip around the brim of the chalice in circles. The silence hung between them for a moment while he continued to hold her gaze. "You expect me to believe that you are as powerful as you claim to be? Mind you, I know very well the magic that those chains contain." Kyan gave a short nod towards her branded wrists. "Do tell me of your escape from that filth. When was it you were able to finally get away from your master?" He straightened up a little more with the intent of treading into darker waters.

"I imagine it was when he was at his most vulnerable and weak. His... appetite is rather insatiable." Kyan cocked his head to the side slightly, watching as his finger continued its journey around the chalice. "When he was in my realm and our dealings were through, the sorcerer couldn't contain himself around my kind. Constantly seeking out the pleasures of my fae." He let his eyes finally lift to meet hers. He wanted to be sure she was telling the truth and Clarice's reaction would be just what he needed to know this wasn't some folly brought on by Prospero in sending her into his kingdom. "I wonder, little raven, was it when he finally laid there spent was when you found your opportunity to escape?"

Clarice tried not to chuckle, keeping her seriousness about herself but the smile touched her lips as she let her eyes stay on the water for a moment longer before she looked back to him. “At the end of the day, I knew coming here could end up with me losing my head. So I would say it was tactful suicide then stupid?” she questioned with a raise of her brow before moving her face to look towards him once again. “Of course my most gracious, wondrous, and most handsome king.” She used the longest of the names he expressed she was to call him by, though she couldn't fight the stiffness that overtook her everytime he shifted or casted his selective gaze upon her boy. “I don’t believe you are a monster, I just…” she trailed off as he took hold of her wrist and lifted them out of the water.

She shivered slightly as his thumb trailing across her sensitive wrist. The deepened X marks would forever be a reminder of her time, and to show her to never let another control her actions. As he let her go she didn’t move as her own fingers touched the X marks for a moment. “A statement I know to be true but one that I don’t expect you to take at face value. I understand you know more than I when it comes to the magic that bound me. Since it was magic mixed with your world's abilities.” She spoke as she turned and moved towards the spring’s wall and refilled her glass. “I believe you do not believe a word I say, but what do I have to gain from not being truthful?” she questioned back as she took a long gulp from her wine.

When he asked of her escape she felt the frown take over her features as she looked to the water. “A dear friend of mine, found me and removed the binds. At the cost of her life. I…” she cleared her throat and didn’t move as he straightened. “I want to avenge her senseless death, along with the other reasons he deserves to die. I would ask you kindly to never refer to that man as my master.” She said as she looked to him a fire burning in her eyes as the orange tint of the magical surge ran through her, but quickly she pushed it down.

As the next few statements left his mouth she stood from being hidden under the water and her hand moved through the air to slap him across the face. “That man used his magic to place me in a coma-like state to take my virtue and then repeatedly raped me throughout my time locked in my own head. I never was able to harm him, as the magic he placed on the binds wouldn’t even let me move of my own free will. I would have done more than escaped him if I had the ability to after he lay spent, satisfied and pleased with himself. Thinking he is the best lover in the world. When in reality he is a revolting man who deserves to have his own manhood eaten by a thousand fire ants and to die slowly from poison injected under his skin slightly until it eats its way through him.” the anger in her voice taking over causing her eyes to burn a bright orange. 

The realization of her actions against the king caused her to lower her hand but not her body. She didn’t know what to say, only knowing that this very well could be death now.

As her hand came across his face, Kyan remained steadfast, feeling the sting of the response to his goading over his skin build. The deafening silence fell between them for a tense moment and then the king reached out as fast as a striking serpent when she'd finished her rant. One hand wrapped around the woman's throat and the other took a fistful of her hair, bending her backwards slightly. He squeezed without mercy as the switch in his emotions caused the Mapleshade to instinctively react and make the water of the spring bubble violently. "If you ever do that again, I will remove that hand and then every limb thereafter until I throw all the pieces over the mountainside for the beasts below to devour." He heard the doors fly open behind him and knew the guards were coming to intervene. His gaze did not waver from hers as he watched the glow in her eyes dim. "GET OUT!" 

Once their retreating footsteps were gone and the two were alone again, he let go of Clarice and reached for the chalice he'd dropped. The water of the spring calmed again as Kyan let his rage fizzle. He glared at the sorceress from the corner of his eyes before turning and pouring himself more wine while she collected herself. He watched the drink fill the cup to the brim before turning around to face her. Despite her outburst, it was in fact the reaction he had been wanting to see. It was clear to him that this was no rouse. Prospero had indeed violated this woman in ways that she would probably never get over, however, it was this that would make her stronger. It was these feelings that would make her a proper partner if they were to get revenge, as long as she could channel and control it.

"So..." his voice steadied again instead of the shaking rage it had a moment ago. "What exactly do you think I can do? I assure you I will most likely be unable to find him in this other dimension you speak of. Fae magic isn't as vast as the spells of your kind. If you can find him once your power has returned, how do you intend on doing so and what makes you think we can do it?" Kyan gulped the wine down. All these emotions was making him ornery which meant only a few solutions were available to calm him down. Choking the life out of her was unfortunately not one. "Our magic is based in nature. We draw from it along with the sun and moon. I'm not sure our ways will suit you. However, if you are looking for a safe haven for now, I will grant it to you while you and I figure out what it is you need to do so." Kyan grabbed a strawberry and took a bite, enjoying the taste that was mixed with the wine flavor still on his tongue. "Try not to make me want to kill you beforehand." 

The king moved from out of the spring and reached for his robe. He needed to release and hopefully one of his play things would be around. "We'll speak some more in a while. There are some things I must attend to." Slipping the robe on, but leaving it mostly open, he reached down for the pitcher before looking back to Clarice below and rubbing his face briefly from where she had struck him. A hint of a smirk presented itself at her audacity. She was a brave one. Or again, really stupid. "I'll expect you in the courtyard midday. Don't go wandering about the Mapleshade without an escort and abide by their commands. If they tell you you aren't allowed somewhere, that is the end of it." He turned and walked off to attend to his most pressing need then, speaking over his shoulder. "See you later, little raven." 

As his hand wrapped around her throat she let out a sharp gasp as her eyes stayed locked with his. As he pulled her head back by her hair. Not wincing at the motions he struck out to show dominance with. After all she knew her action after the fact would bring repercussions. The tighter he squeezed she felt her breath leave her as her heart rate quickened in panic. No matter how often she told herself coming here was going to cause her sanity or her death. She had no control over the panic her body strived to live even if her mind would be okay with the death. “Not...a… fan… of… depression.” she panted out with her final breaths as her eyes returned to blue. The black spots dancing in her vision no longer sure where she was. The bubbles of the water reminding her she was still alive, every inch of her burning.

Her heart rate was going to slow soon but before it could, the release of his hand came, the deep breath in happened and she couldn’t stop the coughing fit that took over her body. She felt herself sink into the water like a rock to her chin as she didn’t look to Kyan. Her body was shaking violently and she couldn’t make it stop. Damn emotions. She thought to herself before she pulled her shaking hands to her chest in the water to try and gain some sense of stabilizing before she was to speak again. His ability to switch between anger and utter calmness was something else. She raised her hand to rub the bruise that was forming upon the sensitive skin of her throat. 

“The safe haven while I collect my strength is needed, yes, but you and your people can help more than you know.” Clarice said as she moved out of the water to get a glass now, wanting to stop the burning that was taking over her throat. “I know how to get the door to the realm open, I need your magic in nature to root it open so he can’t escape the folds in time. His weakness is the sun itself so during the day here will be the best time to strike.” She explained as she finally took her eyes to his as he ate the strawberry. “I have a few of his books to make a more solid plan with your help if you would grant me with your presences sometime.” She said as she watched him move out of the spring. 

Her eyes moved along with him out of habit and since he had no shame why should she not get a full view of what he wished to display. “Of course, Your Majesty.” The words left her mouth as she watched him closely. “Understood.” She didn’t plan to make enemies yet she was sure Kyan would be one that enjoyed to walk the line. After a moment before he could fully leave she called out. “King Kyan, you wanted that to happen didn’t you? To make sure I was being honest?” She kept her eyes to his back. She turned her back to him in that moment, waiting for the door to close before she crumbled fully under the water.

She wasn’t overly sure how much time had passed before she came back above the water and removed herself from the spring. She found her way back to the bed where clothing had been placed for her, Fae clothing was interesting. Showed much more than she used too. She reached for her bag and pulled out Prosper books placing them on the bed that she was assuming would be hers for her stay. She knew the answers were hidden within.

When it was closing into midday she was dressed in what was provided for her and escorted to the courtyard. Which had plants like she had never seen. She stood there admiring them as loose pieces of her hair fell around her shoulders.

The king paused as she posed the question to him. He did not turn and he did not respond. Instead, Kyan only smirked and took a drink from the pitcher before continuing on his way out of the doors, leaving his wet prints on the stone. Once they had closed behind him, he turned to the guards who remained at their post, still diligently waiting to hear his commands. They probably wondered why he was keeping her alive and mostly free in the Mapleshade, but they would never inquire this of him. It wasn't as if they deserved an answer. It would be a trifle to deal with hearing it from his parents though. He groaned internally at the thought. "See that she doesn't go wandering. You are to be with her at all times. Shifts at her bedroom door. If anything seems uneasy about her, you send word to me at once." They bowed slightly with a fist over their chests to his request before he took another long sip of the sweet wine and strutted through the halls to find himself an available lover.

"Off you go." Kyan looked at himself in the mirror as he got dressed, but spoke over his shoulder to the young male fae he'd just spent the last few hours or so with. His arms passed through the silky and oversized sleeves of the shirt which fell nearly to his ankles, watching as his companion passed behind him through the reflection with a devious smile. He would be heading back to the kitchens where he worked while the king had some more business to take care of. Gathering his necklaces, Kyan looped them over his head and around his neck, joining the one stone he would never take off no matter what. The Gaian stone was an extension of himself. Not wearing it felt like a piece of him was missing and a sense of vulnerability he could never stand. A pleased expression sat on his features with a final look at himself. Noting the smell of spices in the bedroom due to his temporary consort, he headed down the stairs and into the courtyard.

His bare feet touched the mossy grass of the courtyard and he could see his imprisoned guest up ahead. "Not what you're used to, I would imagine," he commented, watching as Clarice studied the multitude of plants and flowers around them. "There are many unique things that grow in Thistlemoon that do not pass our borders. It was one of the reasons Prospero visited my kingdom. Many of his spells and potions used the powerful components of Gaia's creations here." His fingertips slowly brushed over the petals of a large black flower which caused the bloom to open and reveal the rainbow colors inside. "It was how he created new magic unlike others of the world had seen before. It made him incredibly powerful as you know."

Kyan turned to one of his workers and requested lunch be served in the gardens for them before walking over to one of the chairs and sitting. He crossed his legs and looked to her with a thought. "He would've tried to take this place for himself if he could." The idea had always been there at the back of his mind, but the king couldn't be sure if his assumptions were in fact truth. Asking the man himself wasn't exactly something he could do now. He lightly tapped the table made from the wood of the Mapleshade itself while his mind worked out the past. If there was a way of knowing more about Prospero's intentions, she may know. "He tried to steal from me. He failed in his efforts. My kingdom was attacked not long after by human knights wielding powerful magic. Did he ever speak of this?" The king's blue hues flitted up to Clarice's and he could feel himself begin to tremble with anger as it started to boil inside him. Her answer could reveal what he had thought all along ever since the night their borders were breached by humans that sought their destruction.

Clarice trailed her barefoot along the lush grass underneath her feet, this kingdom was beautiful and held an etherealness about it. She could understand why they kept this secret gem hidden from the horrible world. Humans would exploit it to the point all of its beauty and resources would be gone. She wasn’t sure if she would even want to leave this place. Though the king made it even harder to want to stay. Yet even with his harshness the beauty of Thistlemoon made up for it. Her head turned towards him as his voice filled her ears and she gave a gentle nod for a moment. “Even the grass seems greener here than anywhere else I have been. Though Prospero had a hold of me a while so who knows what else is out there.” She mused for a moment as she  moved her hands behind her back to clasp her fingers together.

“Ah yes I remember some of the items he returned with from here. How he forced me to make new powerful potions with them. Even one with a potential for immortality that I manage to take in my escape.” She said as she looked over the bloom with the rainbow colors inside. Staring at the bright colors for a long moment before letting out a soft breath in awe of its beauty. How something so dark on the outside could be so beautiful on the inside. It made a smile touch her lips before she flicked her gaze to Kyan and returned to her natural state of resting bitch face. “It made him powerful, I believe it was the magic he made here that created the binds he placed me in. The binds that bound me to him.” She felt it drip off her lips like venom as she became overly aware of the X scars on her wrist.

She moved closer to the table as her hands moved from behind her back and rested on the back of the chair. “I fear he will take this place with him if he manages to complete the work he was doing before my escape was managed.” She said softly as she tightened her hands on the seat for a moment. “He was working on shrinking the forest down and placing it in its own magical glass enclosure. To use a sleeping spell to go in and out to get what he needs.” She said as she looked to him for a long moment. She thought for a moment on what he spoke about and then felt a frown on her face. “He had made a pact with the king of the kingdom he eventually took over. He did seem to have less knights after the deal was made. I just figured he used their bodies. But he could have sent them your way.”  She spoke honestly as she moved to sit in the chair seeing that lunch was on its way.

She focused on her memories for a moment and bit her lip as she looked to him. “Did they have a blue with golden trim?” She asked in a soft tone as she felt her fingers trail along the silky red material that was gracing her thighs. It was unlike any garment she had ever worn. “He did take his anger out upon me shortly after moving into the castle.” She said softly as she remembered being shackled to  the wall as he did what he pleased to her.

Kyan remained silent with her confirmation. The battle that occurred the years prior raged in his mind. The fact that he hadn't been there for when it began was something that haunted the king still. Perhaps less lives would've been lost that day, but for Prospero to dare and even think he could try and take Thistle for himself was something that made him more angry than anything else in this world. More than anything that had ever happened to him in his long and immortal life. That sorceri had played him which was a very difficult thing to do. Their bargain was just a way for Prospero to try and obtain what he was truly after; More power. He wanted to grab a hold of the faes' home and the magic it held to twist it into new abilities. The king blamed himself for not seeing it sooner. He was the one that let the man into the kingdom from the very beginning. Seeing the life drain from him slowly and painfully would be the only comfort Kyan would have. That would be the revenge he would take.

Going through the ranks of the Templars was not satisfaction enough. Crumbling their empire was pleasing, sure, but despite the torture he inflicted upon those supposed holy men, known of them seemed to know where Prospero was hiding. Clarice was the closest he'd ever been to finding a link in the elusive sorceri's location. 

Kyan had been staring off at a fixed point, lost in his thoughts, but was brought around again when she whispered how Prospero had taken his trouncing out on her. "He's a pig," the king spat. "And a coward. He ran once he saw defeat at his feet and let the Templars endure the punishment. He ran and hid away in his little castle where he could not be found. He disgusts me." The king reached for a piece of salted pork and tore it away, eating it aggressively before the platter could even be put down. A handful of other fae surrounded them then and began to place down the variety of food before them, but most importantly the pitcher of wine put directly in front of him with a goblet. Kyan poured himself a healthy amount of the dark wine as it sloshed just at the rim of the cup. He grumbled a few curses before taking a long sip and feeling instantly better.

His eyes moved back to hers as his anger bubbled, motioning for her to eat as well with a wave of his hand in slight annoyance. "What of these books you spoke of? How will they help us?" The king looked her up and down slowly again as if to size her up and determine if Clarice really would be the asset she promised in getting to Prospero. "Surely he will know of your escape and be looking for you. Sending his little minions out into the world. You were his prized possession after all. Without you he can't achieve his great power or I would imagine you would be dead by now if not to solely keep you around for his physical pleasure." Kyan said all of these points matter-of-factly without taking into consideration how it would make Clarice feel. Empathy wasn't exactly in his nature. "You seem more useful to me as bait. Perhaps you better explain why I shouldn't just use you as such."

Clarice did jump slightly as he spat out about Prospero mainly because he was a bag of unpredictably, she wasn’t sure if his rage would come to lash out at her at that moment. After all he had choked her out not but a few hours before. “He disgusts me also. As I am sure you can understand. He has lived far too long as is plaguing this world.” She said gently as she picked up a piece of fruit and took a small bit from it. The flavors of the sweetness resting on her tongue for a moment. The food here had truly been unlike any he had ever had before. Focusing her gaze on the King as he poured more wine into his goblet, She noticed the emotions in him switch back and forth. 

She took more and more bites of the food as their time sitting there passed. She couldn’t remember the last time she had anything this good. Maybe she never had anything this good. “Oh yes the books.” She said as she took a moment to swallow what was in her mouth. “While I was under his spell, I did a lot of studying and in one of the studies there is a library that none have been able to find filled with old magical items and gimories.” She took a goblet of wine to wash down the food she had been eating, she was sure it was only making the king angerier she hadn’t gotten to the point already.  “So the moment I was freed I knew I needed to find it. And I learned how to find it.” She gave a smirk. “This is why he kept me around because I was good at finding things.”

She picked up some bread at that moment. “I get it you are in control here and I understand that.” She said with a sigh as she moved on getting to the point. “The library doesn’t stay still, it moves through planes. I need your help because you have the magic of the elements needed to cause the library to still. If we do it here in Thistlemoon he can not track it. We can get inside and find the means to enter his realm with the magic inside. Now granted I know I said a book but it may be an actual item inside that rips apart the fabric of time itself and allows us to enter his realm from there, I can try to end him alone so you and your people are safe.” She said as she moved to take a bite from the bread and groaned for a moment.

“Though I have a feeling you will come with me. All I ask is you let me help you kill him. Even if you wish, I bring him back from the brink of death several times for him to suffer for his crimes.” She said as she felt the surge of power through her and bit down on her inner cheek to keep herself from losing control of the magic inside of her. “Best part is he thinks he is untouchable there so the surprise on his face when we storm his home.” an evil smirk took place on her lips as she began to lean closer to Kyan as the venom spread in her voice. “He will be so thrown off that you decided to help take him down. As he believes you are a stupid self absorb king with nothing in his head besides fucking the nearest warm body.” There was a strange rush of pleasure though her body at the thought of holding him down while Kyan cut him to pieces.  “Or use me as bait if you wish. Either way either he or I are dying.”

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