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One and All
Rules, Info, and Updates.
1. One character per profile.

2. If you wish to start or join a house, speak to an admin for help.

3. Timeless offers CSS coding!

4. Join the editing group! We are adding layouts slowly for all members to use.
5. We are still working on getting species information up. Questions? Please feel free to reach out.
Why Timeless?
Timeless offers an interactive world where members can roleplay in a time era of their choosing.

-A Touch Of Destiny-

Timeless is a realm within a wrinkle of time that Clarice, the high sorceress, keeps watch over to ensure the converging timelines are not altered unless she deems it necessary.

While many believe Clarice is evil, she is in fact vastly misunderstood and learned a long time ago that trying to explain her reasons were lost on deaf ears. She does what it takes to lead people to their destiny whether with force or just a light push.

Whispers of this high sorceress have outlasted time itself and she has touched many people's lives in one way or another. While she locks herself away in another realm to keep the timelines from collapsing, she can be found if you know how to call upon her.
Creator - High Sorceress
Right Hand - Human Rogue
Senior Admin - Valkyrie Queen
Junior Admin - Cursed Individual
Junior Admin - Human Individual
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