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Your journey starts here... Timeless is a fantasy roleplay site, for original characters, set within an infinite timeline throughout the span of history.

Members are asked to create their own, original roles based on a species of the site and send an application to its Council Member. After approval, you can then choose whichever time period discussion would be appropriate for your role in the forums and begin your mark on history! Click HERE to begin.

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NAME Cyprus Frostmourne
RP ERA Middle Ages — Onward
FACE CLAIM Taylor Kitsch NAME Colette Dubois
SPECIES Mystic (Sorceri)
RP ERA Middle Ages
FACE CLAIM Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey NAME Asha Kothari
SPECIES Sanguine/Gypsy
RP ERA Middle Ages — Onward
FACE CLAIM Karen David NAME Jasper Riverbark
RP ERA Middle Ages — Onward
FACE CLAIM Austin Butler NAME Mariela 'High Tide' De León
SPECIES Drake (Sapphire Scale)
RP ERA Age of Piracy — Onward
FACE CLAIM Ivana Baquero NAME Kamal Mallick
SPECIES Mystic (Thaumaturge)
RP ERA Victorian — Modern
FACE CLAIM Arjun Gupta NAME Dylan Cadigan
RP ERA Middle Ages
FACE CLAIM Joshua Sasse NAME Gwendlyn "Pearl" Gravington
SPECIES Mystic (Warlock)
RP ERA Middle Ages
FACE CLAIM Jennifer Morrison NAME Alexandra "Deuce" Reign Rahotep
SPECIES Gypsy/Lupine
RP ERA Middle Ages - Onward
FACE CLAIM Renee Elise Goldsberry
NAME Castro "Tab" Reign Rahotep
SPECIES Gypsy/Lupine
RP ERA Middle Ages - Onward
FACE CLAIM Daveed Diggs
NAME Alexandra "AJ" Kincaid
RP ERA Middle Ages - GAoP
FACE CLAIM Alisha Wainwright
NAME Roe "Half-Pint" Kincaid
RP ERA Middle Ages - GAoP
FACE CLAIM Luke Grimes
NAME Wolf Joseph Black
SPECIES Sanguine
RP ERA Middle Ages - Onward
FACE CLAIM Lorenzo Richelmy NAME Amara Athanasios
SPECIES Mystic (Sorceri)
FACE CLAIM Charlize Theron NAME Honora Augustin
RP ERA Middle Ages
FACE CLAIM Hannah New NAME Quinton Augustin
SPECIES Drake (Emerald Scale)
RP ERA Middle Ages - (open to the writer)
FACE CLAIM Tom Burke NAME Nicola Aston
RP ERA Middle Ages
FACE CLAIM Kristen Stewart NAME Cassia Raventhorn
FACE CLAIM Angelina Jolie



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Libelle Ryoko

Drake Empress Available

Devon Sawyer

Human Rogue Available

Astrid Winther

Valkyrie Queen Available

the timeless story —

When the Titans first created their Gods, they never imagined what would come to pass in doing so, for these Olympians soon wanted complete power over all the world, even if that meant dethroning their creators. Ruled by the strongest among them, Zeus led a battle campaign that would rid the earth of not only his makers, but of all the Gods in the world that were not his brethren.

Soon the Gods from all cultures began to realize the destruction this war was causing and they were either forced into hiding or thrown into Tartarus when opposing these Greeks. The darkness of hell began to twist the minds of those that could not escape the wrath of Zeus and not long after, they had all forgotten who they truly were when they were once above ground.

Kronos, the titan and father of Zeus, was able to escape from Tartarus and with him he took many of the Gods that could control time from all different beliefs, including Chronus, Huh, and Janus, with a promise that they would right the wrongs that were done to them. Little did the other deities know, but Kronos was solely looking for revenge against his son and would do it by whatever means necessary.

The spell to undo what had been done cost the lives of many of the time Gods as their blood was spilled dry and in doing so, Kronos altered much of the threads that were bound by the weavings of fate. The destinies of many were rewritten and the lines of time blurred and though Kronos was able to break open the gates of Tartarus for all the Gods to once again climb their way from hell, he did not prepare for the side effects that caused this interference with time to also wipe the minds of all the Gods.

Now with many of these new beings walking among the species that they in turn helped create without remembering, the world’s fate is ever changing in these broken timelines.


Eternal God Available

Luca Rahotep

Gypsy King Available

Luna Rahotep

Zeta Lupine Available


Newborn (Michael and Raffaele)

Started by Raffaele Spataro - Council in The Modern Era 1900-Present. Last reply by Michael Bradford 5 hours ago. 3 Replies

(Cont.)Raffaele gave a scoff mixed with a sarcastic laugh at Michael's response. "You have a funny way of showing gratitude, you know." His arms folded across his chest in defiance then to the human wanting him to sit down. "I guess I should've just…Continue

A Touch of Fae (Kyan and Clarice)

Started by Libelle Ryoko - Council in Ancient Times 3000-476 (BC). Last reply by Kyan Raventhorn - Council 6 hours ago. 17 Replies

Clarice’s eyes hung on the Sapphires burning body, while she mourned the lost of her friend, the woman that raised her and saved her…Continue

What Lurks Beneath [Dante & Rainore]

Started by Rainore Riverscar - Council in The Renaissance 1300-1600 (AD). Last reply by Rainore Riverscar - Council 13 hours ago. 8 Replies

The cheers from the crowd on shore were unbearable, infuriating and incredibly irritating as she rode the gentle waves of the English Channel. The humans, who were no more than prey these days to siren fledgling cheered as the ever growing, rather…Continue

Spilled Blood (Raffaele and Lily)

Started by Dice in The Renaissance 1300-1600 (AD). Last reply by Raffaele Spataro - Council yesterday. 5 Replies

Not many know the life of the wind. After all, the life of the Gypsy was not walked by many. Yet being the youngest biological daughter of Leander and Mama granted her gypsy abilities just as wondrous as her siblings. Yet she was also blessed with…Continue


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