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Welcome to Timeless
Your journey starts here.

Timeless is a fantasy roleplay site set in an infinite timeline throughout the span of history.

Members are asked to create their own, original role based on a species of the site and send an application to its admin. After approval, you can then choose whichever time period discussion would be appropriate for your role in the forums and begin your mark on history!

The links above will guide you to some of the important places on site to get you started, but never hesitate to reach out to a council member for help.

The story of Timeless.

A great darkness had spread over the Earth full of corruption and despair. Prospero, the high sorcerer of all magic, had set out to turn the world evil and cause irreparable damage for his own selfish gain to power. Clarice De Biville had done what many wouldn't dare or succeed in by taking the life of Prospero and becoming the most powerful sorceress alive.

After his death, Clarice took over his hall to learn everything she could about his intentions for the the world and in doing so found the realm of Timeless where the Loom of Fate resided. Since accessing the realm, Prospero began to weave the Loom in favor of destruction and malevolence.

The damage he had done was practically irreversible.

Becoming the High Sorceress, Clarice decided that it was her mission to undo everything Prospero set into place by becoming the new Weaver of Fate, but it would not prove easily done. She knew no one would understand beyond a select few her present mission in life. Clarice would have to meddle in people's lives and in doing so would often have to accept what others viewed her to be. The truth would be hard to understand and no one could know about the Loom for fear that they too would try to interfere with fate.

Despite the often distrust and resentment she receives from others, deep down Clarice hopes she will be able to stop the chaos that Prospero set into motion. However, it doesn't stop many in believing she is evil just as her predecessor was before her.

The Council

Clarice De Biville

High Sorceress Hiatus

Devon Sawyer

Human Rogue Available

Astrid Winther

Valkyrie Queen Available

All that is not timeless is timelessly out of date
Heracles Skadi

Cursed One Hiatus

Luca Rahotep

Gypsy King Hiatus

Noah Dragomir

Coding Elf Hiatus


Fire And Ice (Astrid and Luca)

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Stay With Me [Ciara & Dimitri]

Started by Ciara Scáth Devlin in The Modern Era 1900-Present. Last reply by Ciara Scáth Devlin Mar 8. 22 Replies

“Feed us, feed us. Please, we are hungry, Shadow. Ever so hungry.”The eerie hauntings of the Elders whined within each nook and cranny of her mind in a series of screams which beckoned her from her slumber; striking features crunched together as the…Continue

The Echo of the Gypsy (Jeovani and Zahra)

Started by Zahra Winther in The Middle Ages 300-1453 (AD). Last reply by Vega Mar 3. 5 Replies

Zahra sighed softly looking out the window of her room in her sisters’ castle. She found herself leaning…Continue

Like a Flower in the Dark... (Persephone and Hades)

Started by H A D E S in Ancient Times 3000-476 (BC). Last reply by H A D E S Mar 1. 10 Replies

"You are my light. You know you are and you always will be but pushing me away hurts. I would never admit it, never tell you but it breaks me whenever you tell me to go but I listen because I love you and would do anything to know you are happy with…Continue


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