Adventuring through twisted time.

Nerissa Ironspring
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Nerissa Ironspring's Discussions

Secret Training. (Cillian and Nerissa)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nerissa Ironspring Jul 2, 2021. 2 Replies

So the deal had been made between Cillian and Nerissa. Devon second in command of the rogues would train her to fight and be a better rogue in secret. She knew if Devon knew about this he would be…Continue

Hiraeth (Nerissa and Devon)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nerissa Ironspring Jun 23, 2022. 12 Replies

Nerissa couldn’t recall the last time she had seen Devon, after all he was always busy with Rogue work. She was busy making herb paste and growing pretty flowers for those who wish to visit her shop.…Continue

Favor of Death (Tyr and Nerissa)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Tyr Fenrir- Council Jun 2. 27 Replies

The woods were something that Nerissa avoided after breaking into Kyan home and barely making it out with her life. Yet she had to go collect things for her remedies and such in her shop that Devon…Continue

The Bounty (Raffaele and Nerissa)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nerissa Ironspring Jul 28, 2022. 22 Replies

After the run in with Kyan barely making it away with her life, Nerissa found herself spending a few weeks healing, hiding in her newly opened shop that Devon had helped her set up. She was sure…Continue

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I was to give my life to the Fae. I ran instead.

Nerissa Ironspring
Runaway Princess
Nerissa Raindrop Ironspring
Nessie, nessa, rissa, nixie
20's (immortal)
date of birth
August 13th
r. Status
On The Run
princess (fromer) runaway / fugitive (currently). herbal shop owner(currently)
Redwood Forst (North America)
Back of her shop
elemental magic nerissa can control all the elements that are known with master level skill due to the seed she is in possession of.
kiss of life nerissa can breathe life energy into a person who is freshly dead to bring them back to life. this is an evolutionary trait for nerissa, she believes it's due to the fact she was to give her life for her people in death now she can bring someone back.
animalsnerissa can telepathically talk to and understand in return all animals
darknessnerissa can manipulate shadows, along with taking sight from her victim at will, manipulating darkness to cause fear in others. this is due to the seed she is in possession of.
light nerissa can manipulate light to cause a sense of comfort, and can illuminate her body at will. this is due to the seed she is in possession of.
help it growfae have the ability to heal plant life and help things grow. they can not bring dead plants back to life and feel a deep sense of pain when the earth is being harmed.
glamournerissa can't glamour herself like other fae, due to her bloodline curse, it's also the reason she looked different than her family.
4 foot 10
110 lbs
eye color
Hazel that change with lighting. changes colors when using magic.
hair color
long mossy brown that tends to be big loose bigcurls or with many kinds of braids
Pointed Fae ears she can't hide
A scar along her stomach from her run in with Kyan.M
Ironspring birthmark on her inner right thigh.
face claim
poppy drayton

history Deep in the Redwood Forest The Ironspring bloodline had been cursed to only birth males and if a female was to be born on her 18th year of life she was to go through a ceremony of the Red Dusk Trees where they were to enter the base of the Mother Red Dusk tree and give their life force to the forest that is now known as 'North America.' for centuries only males had been born to the Ironspring bloodline.

King Onyx and his wife Fern had only ever given birth to boys and by the time their fourth child was due, they were more than ready to welcome their new baby boy into the world, the one problem being that when the baby came, it was a girl. Another problem was the fact that the child did not look like either of her parents. The child was of pale skin and Hazel eyes when her parents and siblings were of Silver flesh and bright Green or Blue eyes.

Fern was set into a frantic episode at the sight of the baby girl. She lashed out at Onyx blaming him for the child being a girl, knowing the legend that surrounded the Ironspring curse. After claming his wife down they knew they had to groom Nerissa to be a pure spirit to give her life force to the forest. The news of Nerissa's birth sent the Fae of the kingdom into a state of excitement. They considered Nerissa to be a gift from the goddess to keep their prosperity going.

So as Nerissa grew she was showered with anything she could ever want. Spoiled didn't even begin to cover how she was treated. Even with all the riches spread around her she was not happy. Nerissa was told from a young age she was a gift to the earth around them, she didn't believe this. King Onyx kept Nerissa close to him though her young years till one day he noticed she was gifted with the elements of Fae magic from a young age. Most Fae tend to learn control over their powers slowly, yet here was his little girl messing with fire, and earth. Part of him was disappointed in her elements she naturally chose.

The King found her a teacher in water and air to try and make those elements stronger than the ones she chose. Yet Nerissa couldn’t seem to get the hang of controlling those elements. To the point she would be so frustrated in her father forcing her to practice when it was clear she was different no matter what. Though soon it didn’t matter. When she was in her 17th year she began to have night terrors of the Red Dusk Trees. They turned upon her and the vines would wrap around her throat taking her life slowly it was as if the trees were smiling when they did this.

She burned down her room and part of her brothers one night as the terrors began to grow darker and darker. She just wanted them to stop. Her siblings and her people feared her so when the day came and it was her 18th year the sky turned dark and the moon burned bright red. It was time, Nerissa with her father at her side traveled to the Mother Red Dusk Tree. Her people cheered her to her death. Looking upon the people she grew up with she felt sorrow in knowing that this was the day they all were waiting for.

After a long embrace she turned and walked into the base of the largest tree. The realm she entered was unlike any she had seen. She moved deeper in through the red sea of leaves until she came upon a pedestal with a seed on it. A reflection of herself standing on the other side. "It is your turn to give your life Nerissa." her reflection spoke. "Take the seed into your mouth and let the Red dusk fill you." She took hold of the seed and a wave of control washed over her, she didn't feel fear anymore in herself. She raised the seed to her lips to place in her mouth and paused. "No." she said to her reflection that slowly dropped the smile and eyes began to glow red as it shifted from a version of herself into a dark creature filled with hate.

Nerissa ran through the cloud of confusion out of the base of the Mother Red Dusk Tree to the crowd that had gathered to wait for her body to return dead. They all gasped as she stood there and screamed for them to run. The dark creature behind her filled them all causing their eyes to glow red and they turned towards her and so the chase began. Nerissa threw her hands up and vines formed a dome over the home she once knew, she turned on her heels and ran, she didn't stop till she was on the coast. Nerissa managed to make her way to what is now known as 'England' and has been in hiding ever since.

Though since running away, the seed she took from the Mother Red Dusk tree seemed to give Nerissa control over the elements unlike any Fae in her tribe. She was able to control all the elemental magic with the skill of an elder master but not only that she seemed to manipulate darkness and light. Yet she had to have the seed touching her skin to do these things. Having the seed on her when she slept kept the dark nightmares away that she suffered in her 17th year. So she created the seed into a necklace. Rumors of the fall of her kingdom reached her, she assumed she was the last Ironspring left alive and has disconnected herself from the world of Fae choosing to live among humans.
Positive Traits
Sly, Quirky, and Playful
Negitive Traits
Emotional, Dangerous, and Unpredictable
Woodlands, singing, magical practice, humans, charms, and stonesr
he darkness that tried to take her that ended up taking her Kingdom, Kyan The Fairy King of Thistlemoon (That dick)
connections CONTACT!FIRST Tyr Fenrir | The Bodyguard Nerissa came upon Tyr and his Dire Wolf Mimir after Tyr had been attacked by bears. She gave him the kiss of life saving him even though the scars of the bear attack would last. Tyr claimed to owe her his life. Even though Nerissa doesn't believe in these things. She asked him to be her bodyguard since a mad king seem to be after her.
CONTACT!FIRST Devon Sawyer | Closest Friend Nerissa saved Devon’s life after he almost died in a fire. She helped the rogues escape from a town with her darkness ability, yet it took a lot out of her. So Devon kept her with the rogues for a while, it was clear that Nixie was keeping a secret from Devon. Yet he still helped her settle into a town and get a shop together before returning to the rogue life.
CONTACT!FIRST Kyan Raventhorn | After Her Head Nerissa broke into the Fae kingdom to steal a plant to heal the village she was a part of. Yet he caught her in the act. Their meeting was one that made her feel many things. If it wasn’t for her blind siding him to get away she wouldn’t be alive. Yet being captive for a short time with him, brought up her questioning her past actions.
CONTACT!FORTH Rainore Riverscar | Frienemy? Our meeting came unfortunate due to the fact my magic lace spare hooked her instead of a fish. She found her laying on the beach and Nixie hopes to heal her and fix what she has done.
Plot with me?
Tumultuous - Rainore Riverscar
Favor of Death - Tyr Fenrir
Promises - Devon & Kyan & Others

Nerissa can roleplay in the Middle ages
“Ten years of shadows, but no longer. Light up the darkness, Majesty.” ― Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows

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At 11:54am on July 24, 2023,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Happy birthday, princess.

Some metal flowers for your garden and arrowheads I made, along with an acorn satchel.

The pies were... relieved from their resting place on a kitchen sill so the palace hounds wouldn't eat them. I saved them, really.

At 2:15pm on April 14, 2023,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Thank you, princess.

At 12:22pm on February 23, 2023,
Rainore Riverscar - Council

You know how to survive, huh?

Thank you for the gifts, Pesky Fae. I'm particularly a fan of the tiara. 

I think you're too sweet for me to want to kill and eat you, probably give me tooth ache or something >.> I'll be keeping you around instead. 

At 3:19pm on December 26, 2022,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Merry Christmas.

These were left unattended for an unspecified and unimportant amount of time.

Seemed only right to take them to someone that might appreciate them.

At 12:22pm on November 24, 2022,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Happy Thanksgiving

At 1:17pm on November 5, 2022,
Rainore Riverscar - Council

I can never promise such a thing, Pesky Fae. But rest assured, if you can provide on Thanksgiving and Christmas... You may see New Year. 

At 12:44pm on July 26, 2022,
Devon Sawyer - Council
At 10:53am on July 22, 2021,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Happy birthday, princess.

A necklace, a journal I'm sure you'll need to continue writing your adventures, a bench for your garden, and a wine cask I stole found mysteriously abandoned outside of the castle walls.

At 1:39pm on April 14, 2021,
Devon Sawyer - Council

Named after me? I feel special now. Tasty as always, I'm sure.

And yet, I learn that you have even more talent by that amazing drawing.

*Puts the crown on his head, tying the belt on* This will come in handy for all the not trouble I'll be getting in.

Thank you, princess.

At 10:42pm on September 18, 2020,
Devon Sawyer - Council

*Clears throat softly*

I.. uh.. made you one for a change.


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